Colin Farrell Dishes on Rendezvous with Girlfriend

Colin Farrell Dishes on Rendezvous with Girlfriend

Hi. Hi stranger. Hi. So your son Henry is backstage. He is. He is adorable. He’s adorable. I mean– He’s a lovely human being. So you got in– I don’t know, it wasn’t trouble. But it really got
a lot of pickup. When you were here, you
talked about a manscaping– Oh Jesus. A situation that went wrong. I don’t know that it went wrong. But it was a choice
that I didn’t know I was making
while I was making it. Right, one side was
shorter than the other. And it ended up
being, as you called– A landing strip. A landing strip, right. Yeah. So– A landing strip gate. All right, exactly. Landing strip gate. So, but that got
a lot of pick-up. Yeah. But it was for a good cause. You got money for charity. I wouldn’t have been talking
about my pubic region if it wasn’t for– Yes. The money that you
so generously– Yeah. Then gave to– Right, no need to
say the word pubic. But um– Well, we cant’ take it back now. An now you– Although you can edit
it out, of course. You’ve made me say it now. So– Exactly. Yes. Double the trouble. No, it was for a good cause. And you were very
generous in the $10,000 that you gave to
CHIME Institute. All right, we have been texting
a little bit back and forth. And when I was talking to
you, you were in London. You were shooting a movie. Dumbo. Dumbo. Yeah. Which, great cast, too. Yeah, great cast, Danny Devito,
Eva Green, Michael Keaton, and a bunch of actors. And both sons came
to see you there. James came to see me. And Henry came to see me. And they were both– I thought they’d, you
know, when I told Henry that I was doing
Dumbo, I thought that it would get me
some brownie points. And he went, mm, ah, Dumbo. Him He did this. Ssss, mm. So I think I missed the cool
window by about two years. Oh, no. Because he’s all of
eight now, of course. So– Right. I don’t think Dumbo was
cool enough for him. But both boys came and
both boys were swiftly really bored by what they saw. Yeah. Yeah, because there was
no animals in the film. You’re following a
tennis ball around. And they’re going to create
the elephant after the fact. So they just came to the set. And they thought the
sets were beautiful. James had to look
around for a second. He was looking for animals. He saw there was no animals. He was, eh, OK, gone. Yeah. And then Henry came to the set. And he was watching the monitor. And I went up to
him and I asked him, do you want to to
to the craft service and get a drink or a
snack or something. And he went, anywhere but here. Wow. So they’re not going to end
up in this business, for sure. I hope not. Yeah. But that’s good though. You probably don’t want
him to be in this business. I don’t– they– both my boys
can do whatever they wish to do and wherever the path of
life takes them, really. As long as they’re– That’s the right
answer as a father. Yeah, as long as
they’re– honestly, as long as they’re happy
and they’re discovering life and they’re ideally
surrounded by decent people, which we can’t always
control but, you know, just good in themselves. Yeah. Well, you’re a good dad. I don’t know about that dad. You’re a real good dad. You are. I’m away for a long
time, you know, it’s– I know. Yeah, like five months,
five months on the road. It’s– I’m going to say my life
is tough or anything like that. Don’t worry. I’m not feeling
sorry for myself. But you know– No, that’s a long
time, five month. Yeah, five months
away from my kids. And then both moms, who are
incredible mothers, you know, it’s a good bit. And it’s a lot for my boys. And I miss them both so much. So, you know, they come
and visit and stuff. But it’s not– thank
God for Face Time. I was going to say, Face
Time helps with the kids. But what about dating? Because if you’re
gone that long, it’s really hard to
have a relationship. It’s hard to have anything
solid in your life or with any kind of consistency. But my girlfriend, she travels
a lot as well with work. So oftentimes we’re two
ships passing in the night. But we make sure to find a
port that we can rendezvous at. Dock. I did– I didn’t know if
you were going to continue. For meaningful conversations. Or you were gonna– Yeah, yeah, no. It’s– You were gonna– No, it is, it’s tough. It’s tough. But we make time. Pull your boat into the dock. I didn’t know you were gonna– I didn’t– Don’t starting getting
all pubic on me now. Don’t start getting
all pubic on me. So is she– Can’t bring her anywhere, not
even her own studio apparently. Is she in the business? No. No, she’s not. No. She is not. But she travels? She travels a lot in her work. And she works very hard. And, but, yeah, it’s been
quite a while now so we– Yeah. Well, I’m glad
that you’re happy. I am, yeah, no, I adore her. So you were telling me– because there’s a movie
called The Lobster that you did a while back. Yeah. And I love this movie so much. And I made my brother watch it. Because he had never seen. And I was like, oh my God,
you’ve got– it’s the– I think it’s so strange. But it’s so funny. It’s so hilarious. And this movie, you told me
you were doing another movie with the guy that directed it. This is not like The Lobster. This is– Did you see it? Yes, I did. Are you OK? It’s– yeah, it
is stranger tha– The Lobster is strange. Yeah, strange sweet. the
lobster has a sweetness to it. Yeah. This– That’s really– This is dark strange. This is really dark. Yeah. I don’t even know how to– It’s hard to come onto a show
like this and sell it really. It’s– Everyone should go and see it. It’s bleak, strange,
dark, and depressing. Yeah, yeah. In that order. It’s not the feel good
movie of– you know, where– No, it’s not. But I don’t want to– I do want to encourage it. Because I love– Matinee tickets are cheaper. Creative. I love– and the
title is misleading. There’s no killing of a
deer or anything in it. No. But it’s– Worse. How do you– yes, exactly. Worse. So how do you explain
what this movie is? Please. You just– Tell, no– Play back exactly what
you said, and we’re off to the races, number one
at the box office, for sure. Hi. I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities if
you’re into that sort of thing. Ah. Oh. God [BLEEP] . [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. What i say because i don't know about colin he looking nice and funny so i just watch and enjoy and and Love u Ellen 💞💞
    From pakistan!!!!!

  2. dear ellen, thanks for inviting BTS to your show, i love BTS so much. please tell to them that i'm alive i'm breathing tell that i love them. they should know that. and i hope your couch fits for 7 member

  3. I wouldn't describe the lobster as"hilarious" it has humor in it but is a very deep and well thought film to make you rethink things

  4. my finger holds my Son, a Cherub Angel asleep… one night my chosen bride cried about how awful her Country is. Then I felt her face, wet, and her tears were sincere.
    this tiny Cherub Angel felt my heart beat changes awoke and watched me watch her cry.
    she said out loud… Jesus I am too tired to keep on worrying about you and your chosen ghosts a place to call home.
    I'm too old to spirit Walk for y'all and I need a place to live. some food, and clean clothes.
    why can't you all find someone who also LOVES you and tell them to come get me off these streets?
    then after a short time she apologized for speaking harshly.
    she does this often when I tell her to hitch hike with 18 wheelers.
    when a 18 wheeler driver finally will obey my voice she gets instantly better and says I'm so sorry Jesus I fussed you out… I know your trying to get somebody who will care.
    and all the drivers did who obeyed me and picked her up off the sidewalk. for 17 years now.
    type here using her precious hands rites is mostly all she and I have done now for 5 days. I pick who what to say and then she just obeys me… over and over again… it's how she and I play.
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    many 18 wheelers have passed my chosen bride up and later had Serious Wrecks.
    if a driver refuses to obey me and give her a ride and food if she's hungry… he will suffer a horrible death because I send him Death Angels for insubordination that haunt his ass to Death.
    be aware Jesus Christ is King!

    television radio internet is too unreal boring and so is your show. bye

  5. Hah…I love "The Lobster" …I have watched it several times….I love the fact that Mr. Farrell, has such a broad spectrum! DUDE!

  6. Giorgios Lanthimos is "the guy who did the Lobster", would expect more from Ellen, and she reportedly loved the movie.

  7. "the guy" Ellen is Yorgos Lanthimos one of the most inspiring directors of his generation.. Next time pronounce the name of people that may not belong to Hollywood

  8. Whenever I see him in interviews, he's so charming, boyish impish. I so love that man….all the more when he is on Ellen! They seem to be really, really good friends. And wow….I guess that irish hunk gains more attractivity and sexyness the older he gets! He's my all time SOGGY DREAM since ages and will last! 😉 <3 <3 <3 Colin forever! And Armie Hammer! 😉

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