Cleveland Browns at New Orleans Saints | NFL Week 2 | Tecmo Super Bowl LIII [2019]

Cleveland Browns at New Orleans Saints | NFL Week 2 | Tecmo Super Bowl LIII [2019]

Hey, we’re back one more time, you know I said I wasn’t gonna do it but I’m gonna Play through the first quarter of the Lions game here. I just want to see what happens over here But hey, if you didn’t know I’m playing every game in the 2018-2019 NFL season in Tecmo Super Bowl with the updated rosters two sets of playoffs and you know one from the teams to make it from my season one from the teams to make it from The regular season and you know, I’ll probably end up playing all the playoff games anyway And definitely gonna be playing the Super Bowl So, please drop a like comment subscribe and hit that Bell to see more dropping new videos You never know something gonna be free recordings. So we’re gonna be live just like this one So this games already ended and as my boy Jess here stated the Saints won 21 to 18 Let’s see if we can what happens here. We’re gonna head to the field play that game No, we’ll probably pop in during the halftime of the Lions game to see what actually happens there See what the refs cap for us, so I got a lil dual-screen I’m I said I’m watching live game while playing this game thinks rats will give me that coin flip Mine has just kicked it away, but we’re gonna play as the Browns against the same Doing that underdog stuff here. Let’s see if we can reverse Reality See what we got here, let’s get signed up What’s going on here And my both teams, is that what’s going on did I screw something oh my goodness. Oh My gosh. All right. Well, let’s just load this again and fix this Man, I am a dumpster truck today. Let’s check our team control and see what’s going on. So Cleveland okay, and Saints, where are you? So we haven’t both set. Let’s flip a coin. Let’s then see and you know what screw it I’m going to be the Browns. Let’s see if we can redo undo reality There we there we go Game start there we go That was my bad that was my bad There we go, there we go there’s our coin flip kicking it off One more time here man, two games in a row we’ve had some technical Difficulties, but what do you expect? I don’t make any money for doing this. I’m just having fun See how this goes here Underdog this way oh It’s gonna be a tough one though, the Saints are especially compared to the Browns pretty There we go, push him back push them back push them way back Third and 20 let’s get that safety or a stop here. Hey, there we go. Give us that ball. Give us that ball There we go, ooh, ah you got me Elkins one sign him up And his tie game in the Minnesota game still It’s always good for overtime wear them down before they have to play the lines. There we go. There we go That’s a touchdown getting signed up tip of the beard. Eeeh Come on no shenanigans. There we go, extra point successful 7 nothing Browns are taking out the saint so far Come on there we go. Holding behind the 20 Come on there we now yeah, that’s right incomplete sign you out Lucky bastards Mark Ingram is not that good There we go at the 15 Come on there we go. There we go. We that’s gotta sting All right Feeling pretty good about myself here. Stop them from scoring second and five. We’re up by seven I’m not a first down though not enough for a first down And that’s not either You know what screw it we’re going for it we’re the Browns Probably a really bad idea But you know what we went on sixteen last year. We just got a first down though Get off of me first and ten, let’s do it again first and ten, let’s go Anyway, we’re up by 7 at the end of the first More than anyone could expected but I think they’re winning this game of real life pretty early Come on buddy you got this. Oh, no you dump truck There we go didn’t even have to help with that Thank You AI There are second and 20 come on get that safety ah Here we go two extra points on the board sign this up Give us that ball back Nine to nothing. Thank you And that Looks like the 49ers just went up by three against the lines there Lines we’re pushing them back out. I’m watching I got the game on a second screen to get out of bounds. There we go But man, we’re down You know, it seems like Maddy Stafford. He’s got that fourth quarter dream going on. He just wait wait Looks like a nice lead you have there be a shame if you lost it in the fourth quarter Come on and get that ball you fool Second and 10 up by 9 Yardage here not what I wanted but better than zero yards Third and seven, we get seven on this bad boy Yeah Maybe not Alright I guess we’ll punt this one away Yeah three points that’s nothing to Lyons Madi Prater, he can scored three points from the other end zone Those touchdowns they get us it’s our offensive line. Really I think My guys there we go no first down yet minute left in the court in the half Two yard, stop Get up you bored you lazy fool All right 37 seconds See if we can stop them from any points They’ll probably get at minimum three, but they might get a touchdown here, which is very concerning There we go. Block that pass get it out of here Okay, let’s block this now They got it, all right nine to three this is this is a good one, okay There we go, all right, see what we got, let’s see what we got here. Oh Yeah, that’s right Madi Prager I was amazed when they got rid of them But yeah, do Madi freighters gold me god that’s where he got his a Record-breaking field goal. It was a 62 yards and mile high that’s one place that definitely note need to go See a game is my life. Okay? Let’s check out these stats here. So they’re killing us on the run yards 95 244. We’re getting them on the past 51 22 They have an extra first down three to two nine to three hits a barnburner to get game 25 to 20 on the completion rates Interception each, let’s head to the half and hey If you didn’t know clean every game of the 2018-2019 NFL season any Tecmo Super Bowl with the updated rosters? Two sets playoffs one from the teams that make it from I’d eaten breakfast the teams to make it in the regular season And I’m playing all the playoff games anyway, and definitely playing the Super Bowl. So hey Drop a like comment subscribe and hit that Bell soon. We’re dropping new videos. So we’re gonna be pre recording something live Just a like this one. We’re streaming all day. We have plenty of games to go through We have six more games left something like that But we’ll see. Wow, you’re in the crowd that’s not where I wanted to pass it to Let’s try this one out here Come on got this no Okay, we only have a six-point lead we cannot be given away interceptions and garbage Come on push them back push them back push them way back Second and 15. Let’s get a couple more of those stops here. There we go. That’s another one Calhoun There we go quick business give us that ball back give us that that ball back You’re like that Dipsy game alright At least three points on this bad boy get that out of here not an interception though, okay a Couple yards not Anything to call your mama about 39, but that bridge down here. He’s getting the field goal range, hopefully We need to get some points on the board There we go, there we go first down first and 10, let’s do it again first and ten, let’s go You got it you got it. No, you didn’t get it. Yeah damn bummer Whoo not enough for first down, but we’re damn close 51 seconds in the third No Yeah, I guess I’m going for the field goal here I Can’t be playing games like this. Oh shit hands. Let’s see if this goes in. Oh Come on Shoes went for it Okay, we need some stops here we need some stops here There we go, push them mat push them back push them way back We still got a quarter left, hey we got some neat nicely heated stops there What a game nine to three Pat pat pat A managed after just got to play. I know I’m watching this and it did Oh touchdown the man step Sign him up. Sorry, I’m watching the game on the other screen here gala day Earning his pay now. It’s time for the Browns a good save Got it you can get it. No, you didn’t do it you damn bastard Me up I Guess we’re gonna have to punt it away. We have it. This is a game This might actually end up close clap in real life where the Browns were up and ended up losing. We’ll see There we go We need some defense at least we need to stop him from some big boy points Oh, I don’t know if the lines are gonna get that touchdown. We’ll see. Oh nice some of them pay attention Yeah, I just got to watch this replay foots in foots in Did the toe hit I don’t know Well, if it’s anything I know the refs hate Detroit So they’re not gonna give it to us and we’ll end up fumbling or getting an interception. We’ll see Come on incomplete See what Mike Pereira has to say he hates the Lions too everyone hates the Lions Come on That’s right incomplete garbage the homeless man get that garbage out of here give us that that ball back There we go now past the 50 That’s not the play I wanted to play but we played it anyway Minute and a half we need points Any point? Shit. Okay, no, wait, no interception there Hey, oh no no, come on give it to us you bet. Hey, we’re in field goal range now though Yeah. Yeah, we’re in field goal range All right Let’s do it getting signed up. All right 12 to 3 Hey, that’s the way then the game minute left They cannot win, well, they can’t but they’re not gonna They’re gone four passes now, they gotta be they’d be fools not to there we go There we go, what would you thinking Let’s get a safety for good measure here just mud. Oh, yeah lucky bastard got a holy almost went right back into it Can we get some two points for fun here fourth and 25 That’s right end of the game sign you out 12 to 3 now, that’s a game let’s see what we got here So they beat us on the runs 92 72 We beat them on the past fifty one two, twenty two, three three first downs on each side twelve to three now That’s a score that you don’t see very often 10% to 14% For the quarterback their two interceptions two one What a game we did it say like I said I’m probably gonna take a quick break pop in during halftime of the Lions game Then we’ll finish the rest of the games after that But if you didn’t know hey I’m playing every game of the 2018 2019 NFL season in Tecmo Super Bowl with the updated rosters to set to playoffs one from the teams that make it for my season One from the teams to make from the regular season. I’ll end up playing all the playoff games Anyway, definitely gonna be playing the Super Bowl So hey, please drop a like comment subscribe and hit that Bell see when we’re dropping new videos some are going to be pre-recorded and something going to be live just like this one say Sign you up and thanks for watching You

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