Claustrophobia FREAK OUT: Panic Attack in a Slot Canyon

– This little place, will seriously play with your head. (bell rings) (upbeat music) We’re here today, to climb
through St. George’s Crack. (laughs) Also known as the St. George Narrows. Or also known as Pioneer Park. We’re gonna be going through it today with Leiden and Lincoln. And bring Opa along this time. Manon can’t because,
alas, her leg is broken. Look at those kids. (upbeat music) There’s two ways through
St. George’s Crack. One, you can go up The Crack. Or two, you can go down The Crack. I prefer to go down, myself, because it’s a little easier. We’re gonna go explore the upside first. Is there an upside to St. George’s Crack? (upbeat music) – This is the hardest part for me. Because you have to climb up through a skinny, skinny, skinny part. Coming down is easy, but up is hard. – [Jacob] I’ll tell you
the hardest part for me, is right there where I can’t really fit. – I’m up, I think. Maybe I’ll fall down this thing. Okay, I’m good. – [Jacob] Good job. You’re gonna just fly right through it. The kids can just make it up so easily. It makes me jealous. So this is about as far as I dare go. I’m gonna go to the top
and start heading down. And I’m gonna take my dad with me, see if he can go through it. Hee! – I would do this with you
if I could bend my knee. – [Jacob] Yeah, right. – I would. – [Jacob] You would do it? – I have done many times before. I’ve only cried once. And I would do it. – Okay. This is my dad, also called Opa. He’s gonna go through The
Crack for the first time. And, you think he’ll make it? – Actually I’m feeling
pretty good about it. – Okay, cool, he’s pretty confident. And he brought his special shoes just to make sure he would. Look at those toe shoes! Ah man, all that toe flexibility’s really gonna get you through this. What’s your biggest concern? – Getting stuck and having
someone tell my widow. – Yeah. (laughs) – One fun thing to do, as you’re hiking up here to the top, is to come over to The Crack and take a look down. And see who’s climbing. Or who’s trying to
weasel their way through. Oh, there’s my kids. Hey guys! – [Children] Hi! – Be careful. All right this is how narrow it is at the very top there. Take a look at that. That’s it, right here, look how narrow it gets here. It’s windy but do you wanna watch Lincoln jump over a 30 foot cliff? Here he goes, check it out. 30 feet, straight down. Lincoln, how you feeling? – Good. – [Jacob] You ready to
make this epic jump? – Yeah. – [Jacob] Let’s see it. One, two, jump! Ohhh, yeah! Nice work dude! – Thanks. – [Jacob] How do you feel? – Good. – Good. If you have any claustrophobia, it’s pretty dang scary. I think someone’s a little nervous. – To be mindful of one’s breath, is to be aware of one’s life. – [Jacob] It is a beautiful
view from up here. You ready, lead us out? No problem, this is easy. – Come on, one more. – [Jacob] Do we have a clear shot? All right, coming in. – You won’t see until right before. – We’re going in for real. I don’t know how I’m gonna
do this with one hand. Good luck Opa. I forgot to take off my belt. Let’s get down here, you got this. Make sure you keep your
head facing forward. It helps, mentally. Or maybe you can keep your
head facing backwards. Mind over matter, baby. Mind over matter. When I get down here,
I’m taking off my belt. – My belt, not my butt. – All right, getting to the opening. We’ll see if we can coach my dad down. Okay Opa, made it to the cave. Let’s see what you got. Once you get down here, there’s a pretty cool little cave. But it’s probably too dark to see. So there’s our opening. Lincoln’s heading down with my belt. Taking a load off for me. Okay Opa, just keep your eyes on me. Keep moving forward. Don’t think about anything but me. Let’s go, just walk sideways – You said, “Let’s go,” like 20 times. – What? – You said, “Let’s go,” like 20 times. Okay, let’s go. – [Jacob] I’m only trying to pump him up. Just walk in sideways. You can do it. What did he say, Leiden? Let’s go! – Let’s go. – one man down. We tried to get him, but this little place will seriously play with your head. I brought a tape measure. Which I’m actually scared to take through. So that just kind of tells
you how tight this is. – [Leiden] I’ll take it through. I can take it through. – Okay, Leiden’s gonna take it for me. And that’s good. But when we get to the
tightest spot I wanna measure. Because when you actually
get to that tight spot, it’s pretty terrifying. And you don’t wanna have
anything in your pockets, even a tiny little tape measure, or cell phone, or anything else. So, with Opa gone, we’re gonna go for this. You guys ready? – [Opa] I’m not dead yet. – He says he’s not dead yet. He’s dead. – [Lincoln] It’s one foot, right here. – One foot, right there. – [Leiden] And that’s
like the fattest part. – That fat part’s one foot. I’m gonna be the only
adult going up today. Whooo! Okay, I can feel my nerves getting me. Starting to make me feel kind of angry. Not angry but scared. Scared angry. I can see these kids. – [Linclon] I think there’s
like bats and spiders. – [Leiden] I think this
will be a tight spot. – [Jacob] Measure right
here, Leiden, if you will. Right here to here. All right, so there to there, we’re looking at just over
nine inches, nine and 1/2. I think he’s a little tighter, keep going. It’s not hard for her to go down, skinny little butt. Okay Leiden, this is a
tight spot right here. Measure right where your hat is. Here we go, a little tighter spot. – Probably about eight inches. I can’t, I can’t, now I can’t turn around. – [Jacob] Can we get through Leiden? – Yes. – [Jacob] Okay, let’s see it. Go for it. Impress us. – Impress you, whatever. – I think she made it. Here’s the bad part. I can tell I’m gonna have to breathe out of my lungs in order to make it through. Because you can see, my
chest isn’t gonna make it. I’m glad my dad didn’t do this. I don’t know what would
have happened at this part. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to hold the camera. So that’s as much as you
get to see me struggle with this camera. I’m gonna hand it off. Whooo. It’s so terrifying. So if you see my hand, kind
of using my hand up here, to kind of hold myself up. And try to pull myself through. One, two, three. (laughs) Whooo. And that’s how it’s done
ladies and gentlemen. Right through The Crack. All right, (laughs) what a rush! Whoo! What was the tight spot there Leiden? Seven inches? Oh man, I think if it
was six point nine inches there’s no way I would
have made it through. Yay! Manon, do you feel like
you’ve been waiting forever? – Oh well. – It was hard. The St. George Crack ladies and gentlemen. Yay, insert applause here. (audience applauds) Now what to do about Opa? I gotta go find that guy. I spotted him, he’s eyeing up the beast that defeated him. Opa found something. This is really what was scaring him from going down The
Crack, I’m pretty sure. That, my friends, is a rattlesnake. – Whoo, that’s scary. I never seen a real
rattlesnake in my life. – Pretty exciting times
today in St. George’s Crack. We saw the rattlesnake. And I actually made it through. Very happy, very proud of myself. Just a little mental strength in there. Let’s go get some food. See ya’. – [Leiden] Come back soon. (upbeat music)

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