Churches – Haunts of Religious Demons

Churches – Haunts of Religious Demons

Churches are the haunts of religious demons.
Every church has its own brand of Christianity and the members of that church subscribe to
that brand of deception. Dear friend, the Gospel of Jesus Christ leads us to DISCIPLESHIP,
to OBEDIENCE to JESUS CHRIST. It does not make us a part of an organization, it makes
us part of the Kingdom of God because we FOLLOW and OBEY JESUS CHRIST. We are in a real relationship
with the Living God. Churches are organizations run by people and they just serve people,
they don’t bring them closer to Jesus Christ. They are run by DECEPTION. They use the BIBLE
that testifies of Jesus and tells us to follow Jesus Christ and obey Him as LORD, they use
that, to deceive people. That is what the devil does. He uses the truth, he twists it
for his own benefit and that is what church organizations do. The real church of God,
the Body of Christ is not an organization. It is those people who follow Jesus Christ.
There are no godly people in churches. Godly people who are serious about following Jesus
Christ will not stay in a church, they will get out of that corruption because churches
are run by corruption. They are part of this world, they are not part of the Kingdom of
God. Dear friend, do you belong to JESUS? Are you a DISCIPLE? Do you LISTEN to HIS VOICE
and FOLLOW HIM? Have you come to OBEDIENCE to JESUS CHRIST or have you become part of
a club that calls itself church? You NEED JESUS my friend. GET TO KNOW JESUS and FOLLOW
HIM, OBEY HIM if you want eternal life. GET OUT OF CHURCH, that is the haunt of religious
demons that deceive people. Only Jesus can give you eternal life. Get down on your knees
and call out to Jesus UNTIL He answers you and you KNOW that you’ve met the Living
God, and follow Him. May Jesus bless you.

48 Replies to “Churches – Haunts of Religious Demons”

  1. You are right to insist on send ing people to Jesus.
    -He is the image of the invisible God
    -All things were created by Him and for Him
    – In Him all fulness of Deity lives in bodily form
    -He is the mystery of God in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge
    -He is the Light
    -He is the Truth
    -He is the Way
    He is The Good shepherd
    -He is The Life
    -He is the resurrection
    -He is eternal Life

  2. lol no not every church has a demon.. you are 100 percent wrong.. no you dont have to go to church to be saved.. But not all churches are bad.. example my church is not bad.. I know my pastor I eat with him .. I know where he lives.. when i go to church God is with us all.. he is in that church.. his spirit is in that church… My church is beautiful.. Church is not corrupted.. show me where in the bible does it say all churches are corrupted…

  3. don't tell people there going to hell because they go to church.. church is where the body comes together… church is where I go on Wednesdays to keep me away from negativity.. a place where I can go and be with people who Love The Lord.. a Place where we can make the praise of God be known.. the spirit speaks through my pastor.. and he always has a word for sorry that you had a bad experience in church.. but not all churches are like yours

  4. @finalcall07 example.. I moved back to Houston tx not knowing why I came and I asked God why he brought me back.. The first day back at church an evangelist was visiting and prophesying to everyone.. He came up to me and laid his hands on me and said.. " I brought you here! I brought you back! This New Generation needs you! God spoke though this man.. and told me everything I wanted to know.. it brought me to tears.. because I do christian rap also.

  5. @finalcall07 I do here him.. But not all the time.. the church is not Just there for me.. its for others who don't know God… what if they don't know God.. But when they come into a church God speaks to him through somebody.. Ive seen it happen alot of times

  6. @OneGospelManyGifts Trust no man, ever man is a liar. Hear from Jesus for yourself. His sheep listen to His voice, not to strangers.

  7. Right on Brother. I used to belong to a church, they wanted me to go out and bring in the lost. I did this untill I realized I wasn't spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was spreading denominational church doctrine. Which blinds peoples minds and leads them away from Christ. Fills them with lies and false promises.

  8. @SlaveOfJesus144000 Here is a testimony of the demonic catholic church: The Testimony of Charlotte Wells – Get the link in the description area of the video, just above, below the transcript. They are of satan.

  9. @SlaveOfJesus144000 Catholic monasteries and convents are prisons where men and woman are incarcerated, abused, sexually and physically, killed and destroyed. They are the slaves of the priests and the hierarchy that live lavish immoral lives. The Catholic church is a satanic organization that has enriched itself through witchcraft and deception, lies and murder. The Vatican is the headquarter of satan. Look at the wealth, gold, while many are dying of hunger. It is an abomination to God.

  10. @SlaveOfJesus144000 They treat you as a guest, all window dressing. Did you read that link, that testimony of Charlotte Wells? Did you read how the priests rape the young nuns, how the babies that are born are christened and then killed, thrown into lime pits? How the nuns that refuse the priests sex are assaulted, locked up without food to die?

  11. @cpepe22 Did you read the link above in the description box? The Testimony of Charlotte Wells – Get the link in the description area of the video, just above, below the transcript.

  12. @SlaveOfJesus144000 It is obvious to see what the clergy of the Catholic church are after, money, adoration of people. They steel money with their confession boxes. Half the real estate in the world belongs to them. And then still the poor deceived people want to kiss the popes filthy hand.

  13. @misterx123456 The true body of Christ, the real church is alive and functioning, just not in in the fake imitation of satan. What makes you think that those in the church organization are "saved?" If they had the hope of salvation they would be following Jesus and be rejected, persecuted by the false church. Disciples of Jesus are not welcome in the churches of men.

  14. i guess you haven't had a good experience with church, have you considered forgiving them? Even if they are criticizing you it doesn't make it better doing the same back and start your own war against something that might actually be and always have been the work of God like Gamaliel might have said it. There are a lot of broken churches, but not more then there are broken Christians and Christian teachers. Revelations and the letters from Paul were all sent to guide and wake up the churches.

  15. Aren't you afraid of blaspheming and working against the Holy Spirit? Even Jesus said that a Kingdom that is in war with itself is not much use, why are you attacking your own brothers and sisters like that instead of leaving the judgement to God and rather encourage and build up? How can you so confidently work against the body of Christ? Why do you try to tare down what Paul gave his life for, to plant and nurture the fellowships of the saints. Isn't God saying "stop" soon? This is going far..

  16. There are churches used the enemy and there are churches not used my the enemy, there are healthy churches the preach the gospel of Jesus. Some churches don't like you, some like, they don't HAVE to be evil if they don't like you and you're convinced that you're the perfect disciple of Jesus, maybe there's just something wrong with your character. The church was a healthy fellowship in the beginning and there are still good ones that help each other grow in character and Jesus-likeness.

  17. The story of Charlotte is sad beyond words, but even she is not condemning anyone, she has made peace and forgiven and even pray for her "former enemies". I have stayed at a convent in Philippines for weeks with a team preaching the gospel, the safest place in town and we had 21 military soldiers with weapons protecting us from the guerrilla. I tell you, that's a different story then the satanic prison of Charlotte. There are also functioning churches leading people to Christ.

  18. @BboyArts Paul did not plant churches, He preached Jesus Christ. Paul gave his life for Jesus, not for organizations. The churches were assemblies in houses, caves, small numbers meeting, always in persecution. The true body of Christ has always been persecuted. The true body of Christ has one leader, Jesus. They are all disciples, who listen to His voice and follow Him. We must make disciples, not to build churches.

  19. @Wiserdom A disciples of Jesus follows Jesus and does not belong to a church organization. He belongs to Jesus. He listens to His voice and he follows Jesus – Jesus said: "My sheep LISTEN to My voice and they follow ME" John 10:27. If you truly follow Jesus, you will be persecuted, dear friend.

  20. @Wiserdom I don't fight anybody friend, I bless them and want to see them all in heaven. I pray for them. I am not hurt, I feel for them, they don't know what they are doing and where it will take them if they do not repent. May Jesus bless you.

  21. I have a friend who doesn't really believe in God but this is what he told me.

    "Most people that regularly go to church and over praises God has the very worst attitude.You can't blame me for not believing him 'coz I also have my belief and I'm not against Christ 'coz as long as you know what is right then that is fine and you're not stepping anyone. I know he knows what am doing."

    I'm not an english speaker, sorry for my english. 🙂
    I believe in God but I also agree with my friends thought.

  22. I believe there are plenty of false churches, as well as several good ones that truly do follow Christ and want to save souls from eternal damnation. I also, however agree that we should be disciples of Jesus and follow His voice and go to those that do not believe and speak out to them. Jesus Himself said, "…for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance".

  23. Pt2 – So I think that believers should gather together with one another and spread God's word and help those that do not understand, to understand because not all priests are bad and some truly seek Jesus and speak through the Holy Spirit, but what Jesus wants from us all is to help sinners repent and to follow Christ themselves.

  24. Is it wrong if he doesn't believe in God but he has the thought of "As long as you know what is right, then you're not stepping on anyone then it's fine."

    I mean, for him not having God? Is it wrong?

  25. If we know the right way and refuse to follow it we only have ourselves to blame. Is that not so, dear friend?

  26. Jesus lives in individuals who follow Him, they ARE the body of Christ, the CHURCH, the temple of the Holy Spirit. The church is not an organization that build buildings of stone. Jesus is not in those temples of idolatry.Jesus said: FOLLOW ME. Are you following Jesus or are you building church buildings? HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH not men. Do you know Jesus? What is your testimony?

  27. church does not have to be a building, or a personal gospel. but if u desire true church, call followers to your house, or to the corner of s street, and prase god, lifting up hands of praise to him. church is having fellowship, with all who are willing, at ANY PLACE, AND ANY TIME!! 🙂

    Glory be to the living god.

  28. Many Spanish people men and women practice black magic and other different very dangerous techniques, using torture, for the only reason that they say to be sadistic and called themselves demons so they are predators. These groups kept they activities very secret, they stay indoors all the time and not ordinary person has idea of what is going on, in that sects houses, they have groups all around the world.
    They kill many human beings, every day, by torching them in terrible way until dead. Through these crimes these satanic (or other evil rituals) take people under control and made them useless, in the way that they cannot understand what is happening, because the attackers are terrible witches, they take control of people mind, they called the mind power (driving then to depression, anger, panic attacks, violence or any other illness) and also they destroy religions using rituals for example setting fire to a human beings and at the same time visualize other people while the victim is in terrible pain, the atrocities continuo until the victims are dead,  The technique of praying while committing the crimes is because in this way- the people who next in the list -do died in terms of black magic, other ways the victims will be protected by their own religions and they will not died, for this reason all religions powers are destroyed 
    by repeating the prayers at the same time they torture is going on working different and awful rituals from African and many other countries -on people  These horrible groups use mind techniques such visualizations, and produce dreams, and prevent the victims from sleeping. They watch and spy on people trough mind concentration and other techniques.  They have destroy Christian (Jesus) rituals by crucifying people and giving them terrible pain, such as frying the people foot, because they say that the Christian lady should be destroys, they read all the bible passages while committing the they terrible activities.
    I pray and play many times a day the cymbals, and bells because the vibrations destroy any satanic ritual or black magic. They use hypnosis, telepathy, and so on; they send tobacco smell, blood smell, perfumes or horrible smells. They also interfere between employ and employs and made people to lost they contract, jobs, money and so on, as well as keep people separate from they friends wives husbands -just to make them feel lonely
    These evil people destroy the water by visualizing the water seining it rotten, and they destroy with negative energy that includes the enter planet rivers and all water sources. As well they visualize all sources of food.
    They destroy and torture animals too.
    Those people are in groups in many countries and they are Spanish drink human blood and eat human meat (flesh).
    They use all evils figures that exist all around the wall, they are able to give illusions such a video that the person can see and feel things as such could, sweating, hot……….
    They also help people to achieve their gold, by giving they ideas, visions and so on –But- then later they ask for payment back which all ways included dead, of the person that have received help, in most violence and in-imaginable pain.

  29. Praise JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! organizations bother me to no end i need JESUS and am IN LOVE with the  Truth

  30. May God lead you to the Church established by Christ in the Apostles. The Church was created by God at Pentecost and continues today. This Protestant talk about "churches" is a mistake, You are in error. There is One Church, there always has been. Your statement that there are no Godly people in Church is of Satan. Repent and reflect carefully about whether you should leave these videos up on youtube. You will be judged by God for every word you broadcast. May god lead you to the truth. Do not be misled by Protestant or Roman Catholic heresy.

  31. Really you talk thru Holy Spirit bro. God bless your ministry wonderfully. Praise the Lord. Glory to JESUS. Amen

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