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You may be seated this is the case of house vs. Webster and Myles Jones Thank You Jerome good day everyone Mr. House You’re a church pastor and bishop who may have fathered a child with a woman. Who’s 28 years younger than you Yes, sure now miss Webster you admit you were involved with three different men during the time you conceived your daughter Including mr. House Now the second possible father you’ve identified. Mr Myles Jones is nine years older than you and he’s currently waiting outside of the courtroom. Yes So mr. House first explained to the court. How did this all start? Between you and MS Webster. It started with me leaving an assignment that I had in Jacksonville moving to Buffalo New York take on a new assignment as it passed them to my Bishop from also traveling pastor but I’m also a man I want to stress that right away that I’m a man and I have manly needs so it doesn’t mean That I won’t see a woman but I’m also a pastor I met her we’re beginning to talk gonna enjoy each other I like the company. We share some tragedies together. She went through a tragedy. She lost a mom. I went to tragedy I lost my child and it’s just kind of brought a connection. There was a connection I thought she was hot and I we exchanged numbers never exchanging numbers. I decided that I wanted to follow up on this So we set a date for the following week, and we went out and you know, we just had a great time together Did you think it was a committed relationship? No, you did? No, that’s time begin to go along I begin to think that you know, maybe in the right atmosphere We could probably you know, make a relationship and go a little bit further as time went along. So MS Webster Please tell us a little bit about the relationship as you saw it. We met through my aunt we met at a church He it was supposed to be like a Bible study thing But instead of that it was like more they let on too sexual unprotected sex As their I didn’t meet her at a church. I met her at a fast food joint and we exchanged and we Looked at each other and quickly she became a hoochie and that’s what it was all about Bishop house is that proper language to use for a young woman? Well, you know in Hosea chapter 4 God Well, we’re not in Hosea chapter 4 we in paternity court and I’m the judge and in this courtroom We’re gonna respect women now. You can tell the story without calling her name’s So you’re saying you? Met her at a fast food place She’s saying you all were at church, but regardless you decided to be in a sexual relationship Was that more than a sexual relationship was just a hookup it was a booty call and you agreed with that that it was just not only me the three other people was just Casual No commitment, no commitment. So MS Webster you were in fact sleeping with someone else during that time Yes, that was it. And Who’s that person? Mr. Malzone. Mr. Myles Jones. Now, who is he? How did you meet him? Was this boyfriend? What was yes, he was a boyfriend we knew each other for five years But it was on and off relationship. I knew nothing about that your honor at all what so halfway and so you knew mr Myles Jones before you ever met Mr. House yes Okay, and so admittedly you were having sex with both of these gentlemen. Yes. Yeah All right Jerome I think it’s time that we meet. Mr. Myles Jones I’ll bring you up here right next to judge sit on Welcome sir. Thank you for joining us Please state your name for the record Andre miles Jones, mr. Miles Jones. All right. We are here with miss Webster and of course, we are discussing the fraternity as it relates to little Amelie on Yes so was this a relationship or was this just casual sex what were you guys do was at first it started off as casual sex for about Two to three weeks and then I started to catch up endless You know, she told me that she started catching from us also, so we made a serious relationship So you decide to make it serious, but at some point she starts sleeping with mr. House Did you know that you know had no idea? And So MS Webster, you seem like you the only person in the know But there’s some differences your honor where I think you sure would mean when she’s with him. I think she’s with me for money Well, how do you think that one you know? Because things could be the things that the things that I could do. Did you do it? I did, you know she’ll tell you that our phone was off your phone what Bank grows on small and I kept hers on small as well to my Father we know we don’t have any problems giving some child support now take me to the moment You find out you pregnant when I found that I was pregnant. I was trying to contact mr. House His phone was disconnected first one I never knew he left town and then I didn’t need to give in contact to tell him and so after I had my baby Which he denied her to the fillers. He’d ever he denied her. He he wanted a DNA test He like he didn’t want nothing to do my if I has money to be awful when I accidentally diapers I mean everything where was they cuz they was nowhere near the bottom diapers. I’m the one that turned That’s what I step If you want more episodes of paternity court make sure to subscribe and click on the notification bell What happened mr. House will you just up and left time? No, in fact, I hung around for several weeks even after my assignment ended and I never got a phone call from her You left the window open if she really wanted to reach you She’d be able to find she would be questioned when you left town Did you know she was pregnant had no idea at all whatsoever. She never told me she was pregnant when he was in town I didn’t even know I was faking I just found out less than 30 days ago at the most that she had a baby her aunty called my Superiors in my organisation and I got a phone call saying there’s some woman saying that you left her with child in, New York I made the phone call and I was told 30 days ago just 30 days ago All right I’m just saying we’re here because I made the phone call to come when I found out immediately when the Artie called me and told me immediately I called What was happening with you at this time So you find out she’s pregnant right how I came over and like on a regular hookup to go meet up whatever was gonna go out, you know, do what we normally do and then she said to me, you know, I’m pregnant I said Really? I said how long she’s like I’m about five to six months I said so trying to tell me that his mind. She said the six months before you told him. I Didn’t know at all. So when you told him I’m pregnant. Did you then tell him and you’re the father? No, I saw him It’s a possibility that he can be my baby’s father So you can understand now why I have serious doubts on why and what you told me was that I was your father And there’s conflicting testimony here You said she told you you were the father. Yes, when I asked her she told me she was working I said oh Well, do you think I’m their father? She was like, well, you are the father. That’s why I’m telling you because When I saw him It was a possibility. And when at that when I had he was there he even wanted me to give her last 90 things are the kindest in my heart. I think he did the same thing Let me look at this birth certificate Well, I haven’t even seen the birth certificate, but I did sign some papers at at a Milian’s birth Yes And I told you that your name was going on there because it was a possibility that she was not a baby father But I’ve been here since day one Nothing exempting listed under the name of father. Thank you, but you made her last name? Myles Jones That’s my last name. Yes Thank you very much. That’s his last name. I was there I was there ever since she told me she was pregnant She was six months. I was there I made sure she a good I made sure she needed like if she need the money for anything Feet rubs back rubs. I was there a Milian is three months now. I’ve been there since day one and before day one Seems like you’re a little motional now. No No What he’s saying is true is that grass issue? So he has been there. He has been there Were you there when she was born? Yes, then what was it? Neither? He contacted me if he was all happy family Because there was a possibility possibility Why would I not I want to know who my baby father is why not? Call your Baby Since you triple plan and there’s another possible guy as well to remember his triple plan Let’s look at it for what it really is. She’s tricking She’s sleeping with this guy sleeping with me sleeping with somebody else if she was happy Then there would be no need for me to be there is Annie my baby need her father not a maybe a father So therefore I contact you because there was a possibility that you was my baby father So I contacted you to let you know and so miss Webster what it sounds like is you realize you’ve made some serious mistakes Yes, and we realized you were sleeping around with way too many men. Yes, I have and now You need to fix this and a part of fixing it is facing it, right? I Commend you for having? the strength to just come in and face the level of You know shame you could probably be feeling over this isn’t that something a woman wants to say out loud? but the truth is if you don’t know who your child’s father is you gotta be honest and just say He’s any man to figure it out you and I can I just say this I hope you can respect the fact though that I’m not being malicious, but I have reasonable have reasonable doubt. Oh you absolutely did and they laid that out today Understand it’s time to do whatever needs to be doing that kid why he has doubts The baby look like is mine. She looked like his mom Oh, so you feel like your child look like his looks like his mother. Yes When you look at mr miles Jones Do you feel like your child looks like him at all my family saying your family saying sure for money honest You’ll always look like my mother look like me – like Bruce Lee what money I never received any money So where’s the money coming from? I don’t understand it. Mr. Miles Jones. Yes. You’re actually hoping This child is yours. Yes. I am and as you look at the child this beautiful, baby Emiliana, do you see yourself? No, you don’t know I do She looks just like you you look at the nose look at your nose Don’t she’s cute. She’s Young and so mr. House Seriously when you see the child this beautiful, baby Do you see yourself for any traits from your family in all honesty? Because I went through the tragedy and I lost a six-year-old daughter. She was killed as well. I Just guard my emotions I don’t want to see anything and when the truth calms the truth this comes I just keep that barrier there. I feel like it’s safe for me So your thing is it’s easier and safer for your heart. Not to hope yeah when I was younger I didn’t have one. So you get to this stage in your life. You just think okay. That’s maybe over word and done So an initial beginning I was hoping that she was mine But I just want to guard my emotions especially after hearing what I heard today That’s honest. That’s honest. Um You know, I think we’re about ready for the results These results were prepared by DNA diagnostics and they read as follows In the case of house V Webster Myles Jones Pertaining to whether mr. House or mr. Myles Jones is the biological father of three-month-old Amelie on Myles Jones It has been determined that Mr. Myles Jones You are Not her father And my eyes that still my daughter So you plan to still be here for you Amelia, I’ve been here this this long why stop Do you want to watch paternity court on TV go to paternity court dot TV to find your local listings In the case of house V Webster Myles Jones as it pertains to Mr. House it has been determined by this court that You are not Miss Webster, do you know who your child’s father is? Yeah My ex-boyfriend Your Honor I just feel that our great injustice is done I Not know who you’re sleeping with and accused people I Just think it’s wrong. I think an apology is definitely do. I’m sorry, I think What you’re saying is true and she knows she made a mistake I could see in her face she’s disappointed and probably feeling pretty Sad right now that’s terrible for baby Amelia, but the blessing is is that she’s got a man here Who loved her when she was born and is going to continue to love her afterwards and He’s pledged to be there for her With that said I wish you all the best of luck Court is adjourned Miss wets up to the bench, please. I don’t know if you two want to continue to try to have a relationship But most importantly in this courtroom we say it takes DNA to be a father, but it takes love to be a day and She’s got her daddy. He wants to be her father And you have to help him by getting yourself together I’ll be checking on you. Take care You

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