Christchurch, New Zealand shooting victim’s son: ‘He’s a martyr’

Christchurch, New Zealand shooting victim’s son: ‘He’s a martyr’

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  1. A martyr of what? Being killed in a terrorist attack doesn't make you a martyr unless this is a war and you are a terrorist yourself.

  2. He was killed my brother because of the evil politicians and their media companions that pushed hate of Muslims around the world to the foolish people much of them in the west. They sanction opression and evil they are the children of lucifer. And they will join their king lucifer in the heareafter. But your father died a martyr may he rest in peace.

  3. Daily Mail is reporting the shooter went to North Korea and Pakistan for an unknown reason and could be a product of MK Ultra…would not be surprised.

  4. there should be only posts criticism of nz law preventing immediate execution upon conviction and the list of revoked leftist 'wisdom' attempting to explain the concepts of fairness justice right wrong good evil as best as their 'democracy' can. lol.

  5. Something not right with all of this . When I watched the full video of him doing the killing it was like it was staged im not a 100% but I remember saying to my self this isn't real and all the weighting on the guns no one would do that but I have seen it before in the USA by someone on the left? No nothing's adding up to me

  6. This dude is lying. Idk why but he is. I took tons of courses in psycology….. this is possibly an actor paid to say what he is saying…… but why…….

  7. Yeah yeah yap yap yap martyr this martyr that.
    All these people sending flowers to the site and crying over what happened- I wonder how many of them will feel when the Muslims have their revenge?
    Because it’s going to happen, you all know that they will be plotting right now to maybe attack a Mall or college, that’s how they work. Wait and see.

  8. Yes your father is a shaheed! These commenters have drops of blood on their fingers as they type their hate.

  9. Democracy will die because the lying mainstream media, corrupt politicians and social media tyrants have made it impossible for anyone to have an open and honest discussion about what ultimately led to this horrible tragedy.

    Islam is not an ideology of peace and tolerance, but were not allowed to say it because it might offend people.

    Facts don't care about your feelings and neither will the jihadist that want's to cut off your head because you will not submit to their barbaric ideology.

    This was a revenge attack carried out by people who were terrified for the future of the western world and they will continue to happen at an ever increasing rate untill either the west is left in ruins with millions dead from a terrible war, or untill we are allowed to face the problem head on and put a stop to it and that problem is global jihad.

    If you don't do the right thing and help stop it your just as guilty as terrorist Islamist or white supremacist that does the killing.

  10. I’m seriously appaled by the amount of islamaphobia and just hate in general thats in the comments. We’re here to respect and learn from the persoective of those affected by an appaling terrorist attack. Your close mind is not needed here and is what caused this to occur in the first place, please please please try and get help, learn about cultures unfamiliar to your own and open your mind. Your hatred is unwelcome but you can still change

  11. See all these "feel good" stories flooding the internet?
    They will lead you by the emotions like a little dumb animal.

  12. the Prime Minister wants to disarm her citizens so they cannot protect themselves from hostile Australians on vacation.

  13. Jonnie malayil it was Christians who killed millions of Iraqis who left those kids orphaned it was Christians who left woman widows whose husband's was their only breadwinners Christians who is to be blame for all the worlds war it was the Christians thank God all the USA soldiers who fought in Iraq either killed themselves or suffer from depression or have lost their limbs do you godless people think God sleeps

  14. What happened to muslims in NZ is exactly what Muslims have been doing to innocent people around the world for 1400 years. No sympathy. No tears.

  15. The Kiwi PM is a transgender baphomet u scumbags are worshiping a false idol… play games with God find out what happens! and now that warning has been issued.

  16. March 12, 2019  12:37 PM

    When German Federal Police officers talk about
    what it's like to accompany a migrant on a deportation flight, it's easy to
    feel a sense of shame for this country's immigration apparatus. The officers,
    who are regularly attacked on the job, share how they're often spit on with
    blood or pelted with feces. A meager 1.20 euros ($1.36) a day is meant to
    offset the cost of general wear and tear for the suits they are expected to buy
    themselves — and have to wear during deportation flights. Their employer will
    only pay for laundering "if the clothing has been particularly dirtied
    (blood/saliva/urine) while

    There's more: The cost of onboard meals is taken
    out of the officers' daily travel allowances, which are already negligible.
    After the officers return from, say, an exhausting 72-hour trip to Asia or
    Africa, they must then painstakingly log their work hours. Several people told
    DER SPIEGEL the hours they spent flying home weren't even counted as "work
    time," since their superiors considered them to be "travel
    time." Sometimes the officers are forced to put in 20 to 30-hour shifts
    before even seeing a cheap hotel bed. "When we're in Afghanistan, standing
    around waiting for the next thing to happen, sometimes they'll deduct that time
    from my hours as a break," says one Federal Police officer.

    The officers are also required to pay up front
    for costs incurred while working abroad — "and then I wait weeks until
    the government reimburses me." When officers return from a deportation
    flight, beset by jet lag, they're often expected to report for normal duty the
    next day. That's because there is no such thing as extra time off due to jet
    lag in the service regulations. On top of that, escorting officers invariably
    have trouble getting their full shift bonuses — since they aren't home and
    can't take part in rotating schedules. In the end, they earn less money than
    they might have if they had simply stayed in Germany. That's the reality,
    though most people rarely hear about it.

    The trials of civil servants who stick their
    necks out for Germany and keep its constitutional democracy running smoothly
    often go unnoticed, especially amid the appalling disorganization surrounding
    deportations. That Germany's asylum landscape is full of holes is nothing new,
    but it's becoming more clear just how deficient the system is. After the mass,
    uncontrolled migration of 2015 and 2016, it will take years for a sense of
    normality and order to set in.

  17. where's the footage gone ?

    RIP to all victims but I want to judge if a mad man , or 2 , did it or our own government?!

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