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  1. Dear God the ending to that season still hurts. With how they beat the Cards and how crazy that season was…best season I've ever witnessed.

  2. Man I will never forget this year or the super bowl and how freaking sad I was after. Grossman actually had a very good year considering his size issue. If he was as tall as Cutler he would have been a great qb. (At 14:04 look at the dudes shoes, he has his 13s *Jordan's turned into cleats lol)

  3. Its crazy how the dolphins ended the bears undefeated season in during the 05-06 season the same way the did in 1985 such an enigma yet a coincidence

  4. Now this is what happens when the Bears do not play the Super Bowl in the land of Jennifer. However the Bears were flat out dominant in the regular season. They won a majority of their games in the land of Jennifer, but the Seahawks made it interesting in the divisional playoff. The Bears let the Saints come marching in up in the land of Jennifer, but when it was over the Saints went limping out. Ballgame over. Bears win. Super Bowl bound.

  5. I was in 8th grade..I cried when we lost. Hester’s opening return had me knowing we were gonna win but we didn’t.

  6. I've been reduced to watching videos of the glory days. Hopefully, this year is the beginning of the return to those glory days.

  7. Devin Hesters opening kick return for a TD just goosebumps and chills…after i saw that i honestly thought the bears were destined to win…but peyton manning found a way

  8. I Still remember an amazing stat I heard during this season. At the halfway point when they were 7-1, they had the best point differential of any team in history after 8 games


  10. So the Bears had two straight games against the Giants and Jets, both at the Meadowlands, that season. I bet they stayed there that entire week?

  11. I remember this team Thomas Jones Man he rush ball super bowl I thought bears where going win Crush me dat year they didn’t

  12. Alot of people hating head coach Lovie Smith. He's the only head coach after Ditka who got us to a the Super Bowl. Yeah we lost, but we got there…

  13. 1:09 What the hell is the name of that SONG! it's nfl films i know that but i can't never find the actual name of it…

  14. No 1985 defense was great not the 2006 defense– Something named prhill made this — totally UNFAIR comment —

     that mid 80s team was repeatedly exploited in the secondary — pass rush made all the difference back then and even there they had to usually line up 8 men on Line of scrimmage

  15. I was in 5th grade during the 2006 season and I still remember how incredible every game was. Best season i have ever seen. The Cardinals game was nuts on MNF! The Super Bowl was also crazyyyyyy

  16. Whenever the Bears find success, it’s never because of a great offense-it’s ALWAYS because of a phenomenal defense (specifically featuring LBs like Singletary/Urlacher and edge rushers like Dent/Mack), a capable running game, and great special teams.

    It will be interesting to see if the formula can be repeated to another Super Bowl title in today’s pass-happy NFL with rules mostly geared against defense…

  17. Fun Fact: Bears are the only team ever to come back from down 20 points and win without scoring an offensive TD…

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