Chef Showdown | Season 5: Episode 3 | Topgolf

Chef Showdown | Season 5: Episode 3 | Topgolf

– Meet Kristine Leahy. Host of FS1’s Fair Game
with Kristine Leahy. – That’s me! – Let’s hit the table! Go get ’em. – Best of luck. – Looks like chef’s
gonna go into the fryer. – I’m a little concerned because I think it might fall apart. – I’m getting nervous for them. – [Scott] Well, it’s nerve racking! – I just felt like, you can’t do that if your breath smells like garlic. (upbeat big band music) – [Scott] On this season
of Topgolf Chef Showdown, we’re bringing back eight familiar faces to press their luck for
a shot at redemption. Welcome to Topgolf Chef
Showdown, Las Vegas! (dramatic music) – Let’s find out who’s
joining us here in Las Vegas. From season three, Chef Tim Schanshick. – I was on season three. Made it to the finals, and got edged out by Cheryl from Naperville. – Chef Cheryl. – All right! – Being that close, I’m definitely ready for some redemption. Not making it to the finals this season would be devastating. – From season two, Chef Ary Copeland. – I competed on the second season. My first round, I had to say goodbye. – Chef Douglas. – Thank you. – Congratulations! – Great job! – I was super nervous. I couldn’t even hold a knife correctly. I’m coming in, I feel
like, much more confident. What I think I bring is I cook from the heart. I’m always exited to get cooking. – Before we get cooking,
Seve is meeting the chef’s at Topgolf’s Las Vegas
for their quick challenge. – Welcome chefs! Hi, how are ya? – Hi Chef. – Are you feeling lucky?
– Always. – I hope so, ’cause we’re
hitting the craps table. Well, more like the craps pool. We’re playing a game of high score. Each round, we’ll start
by rolling two dice into the pool. You can keep the points your roll, or you can roll one or two dice again. The first chef to win two rounds, takes the advantage in the kitchen. You ready? – Ready.
– We are! – Ary, you’re up first. All right! – I want to re-roll the one. Yeah! – Tim, you’ve got to beat that. – Let’s go! I’m gonna re-roll that two. – That’s it. Ary, you take the win for this round. – Yeah, go!
– Nice job, Ary! – New round. Tim, Ary wins this round, she wins it all. – Got it! – You ready? – Ready! – Let’s do it! – Oh, that’s awful. I’m gonna re-roll both. – Good luck, buddy. – K, so Ary, all you gotta do is roll better than a three. – I think I got this. – Good luck! Yeah!
– Hell yeah! – Eight!
– I got an eight! There we go, game over! – All right, step up and place your bets. Are you guys feeling lucky today? – Yes. – That’s good, because we have
one great challenge for you, but first, let me introduce
you to our guest judge. Meet Kristine Leahy, sports personality, and host of FS1’s Fair
Game with Kristine Leahy. – That’s me! – Yeah. – I’m excited guys! – Nice to meet you. – Time for your challenge. Over here you will see
baskets of ingredients. We’re looking for you to incorporate the ingredients from the basket into a unique and sharable appetizer. But, which ingredients? We’re gonna leave that to lady luck. – I want some of that action. – You want in, chef? – I’m just gonna go right there. Right on black. – The number hit will
determine weather you must use the low, mid, or high number ingredients. The red twelve. You are in the low number basket, chefs. That basket contains cauliflower, corn cereal, and chili paste. Now Ary, since you had the hotter hand in your dice rolling earlier today, you can swap out any one
of your basket ingredients for an ingredient from a different basket. – Just one ingredient.
– Just one, okay. – All right, you have
30 minutes on the clock to make a shareable appetizer. Let’s hit the tables! Go get them! – Best of luck! – So we had to use cauliflower, corn cereal, and chili paste. I like all that stuff.
– I agree with ya. – Ary, are you gonna
swap out any ingredient? – Nope. Gonna be fair. – Oh, wow. – Gonna be fair. – I don’t wanna change anything ’cause I want this to be a fair game. I see a rib eye, and I decide
to make grilled rib eye steak, charred cauliflower, and romesco sauce. I’m gonna try to recreate
a couple of the flavors that I have growing up with my grandma. I wanted to get the steak on
the grill as soon as possible ’cause I want to give it time for a rest. – If I had the advantage, I’d probably be getting
rid of the corn flakes, but my mind is already
made up what I’m gonna do. – Tim, whatta you got over there? You got cream – I’m doing a beignet. – A beignet, with peppers? – A beignet is like a donut. I’m gonna make savory
summer vegetable beignet. With avocado, prim
fresh, and arugula salad. I’m gonna use the cauliflower
in my beignet mix. – So, a beignet, really well
know in New Orleans, right? We’re you get them
covered in powdered sugar, it’s like one of the
best things in the world, but in this case, a savory direction. – I get the rice going on the stove, ’cause that’s obviously
going to take the longest. – Tim is doing something I’ve
never really seen before. This beignet, he’s adding rice to it. – Rice in a beignet is not normal, but it is normal down in
Charleston, South Carolina, where I learned how to make beignets. – Let’s just say it wouldn’t
be among the first things that I pull from a pantry. So, we’ll see. There are just about 20 minutes left. A third of your time is gone. – Wait, she is literally
putting a pepper on the fire. – To char the exterior skin. – That’s safe? I can do that at home? – Yeah, absolutely. – To make my romesco sauce, I start with the red bell peppers. I want them nice and
charred so I can peel them. I’m burning my fingers. The traditional romesco sauce, it’s mostly almonds with peppers, spices, olive oil, and garlic, but I’m going to use pistachios instead, and peanuts. There’s a lot of flavor in them. – Not a little bit of
garlic, a lot of garlic. – So, garlic forward. – Garlic forward. – I decided to incorporate Sriracha for a little bit of a kick. I learned to make the romesco
sauce with my grandma, so for me it’s a very emotional thing. Yeah. – To make my avocado and prim fresh, I just take a little bit of sour cream, lime zest, the lime juice,
and just kinda mash it up. I also add the Sriracha. – He’s making a sauce with
the avocado and chili paste. – I’m looking for just
a little bit of spice. I think people just
don’t want it to spicy. – Chef’s you’re at 15 minutes. – To make my cauliflower,
I just cut he florets, put some olive oil, salt and pepper. – I feel like cauliflower
is making a come back. Right? Like it’s so popular right now. – I keep it simple because
I want all the flavor to be in the sauce. – When the rice finishes cooking, I put it inside my beignet mix. I’m happy with my consistency, then I add the corn flakes. I’ve never done it before, and I’m a little concerned because I think it might fall apart. – Looks like chef’s
gonna go into the fryer. – See how this holds together. This could very easily,
everything could just kinda fall apart in the fryer, right? – It really could. – Ten minutes on the clock, chef’s! – The minute I feel like my steak is the temperature I want, I take it off the grill and let it just rest. – Remember this is a
sharable item, chef’s. – I’m trying to aim for that kinda guests, that we have here in Vegas that just wanna get some nice steak, and get the party going. – How you doing, buddy? Good? – I’m good. I think adding a little salad garnish on top of the beignets
gives it a little acidity, and that wow factor. – Chef, whatta got in that bowl? – A little Dijon, red wine vin. – Oh, he’s doing a vinegarette. – I just emulsified by
hand with vegetable oil. – Under five minutes,
chefs, under five minutes! – Are those peanuts? – Yes, peanuts and pistachios. – I love pistachios. – To make the topping for my cauliflower, I put in the blender, pistachios, peanuts, and the corn cereal. That dish needs some crunch. – Once the beignets start floating, I know the dough is cooked
all the way through. I take it out of the fryer, and I’m really happy the way it looks. The corn flakes was a happy accident, because they made it even lighter then I normally make beignets. – Two minutes chefs! – Ary is slicing her steak. Can you see the temp on that chef? – I can’t. – I don’t know if she
allowed it to rest enough. – I looked at the clock. I’m really hoping everything
turns out perfect. Ah, so nervous! – I get the arugula, toss
it into the vinegarette. – I’m getting nervous for them. – Well, it’s nerve racking! – [Together] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! – Step away! – Good job!
– So exciting! (upbeat music) – Chefs, you were asked to
create shareable courses utilizing the basket you were given. Chef Tim, what did you make. – I did a summer vegetable beignet with a little lime, avocado creme, and arugula salad. – So, where are the basket ingredients? – I have the cauliflower
and the corn flakes in the beignet, and the Sriracha is
incorporated into the creme. – I think it looks really pretty. I love donuts. This isn’t a donut, but
it’s a cool take on it. – Thank you. – I love the texture of it. There’s still a little bit of a bite in textural contrast,
with that al dente rice. – I taste the corn cereal
in the beignet dough, and I think it’s so perfect. It’s that little bit of a crunch. The cauliflower, I’m
such a cauliflower fan, and obviously that was very present here. – You went light on the
chili paste in your sauce. – Sriracha so powerful, I didn’t want it to take over the other ingredients. – I would have liked to
have seen a bit more heat. – Instead of the green pepper, you could have used a jalapeno, and still brought enough
heat to the party. – Yeah.
– Right? – I would definitely order
this with my friends, if I was out playing a little golf. I think it’s so good, all together. I love it. – Well done.
– Thank you. – Chef Ary, what’d you make for us? – So I made steak with romesco sauce, charred cauliflower, and to finish it with a little bit of a crunch. – We said sharable appetizers. This feels like an entree. – Usually when people come
and visit us in Vegas, they ask for a steak. Can be shared, can be sliced. I think it works
perfectly as an appetizer. – Okay. – You cooked the steak perfectly. The cauliflower was cooked perfectly. – I love the sauce. I love that this is something
that your grandmother used to make and you
gave it your own twist. – It kind of tastes homey. It makes me feel really happy, and I loved it with the cauliflower. – The layers of flavors that you have, you know, you get the red peppers, you get the pistachio, you get the peanuts. There’s a nice hint of spice inside there. – You know the only thing
is very garlic forward, would you say, and that fresh garlic, it’s really coming through. – Where’s the corn cereal? – I added it for extra crunch
in the charred cauliflower. – Yeah, I like that exterior texture. That’s a nice touch. I didn’t realize the corn
cereal was there as well. It’s really good. There’s a lot of good flavors. You guys leave us with a very
difficult decision to make, because one of you that
cooked a really good dish, is not going to make it any further, so. – Very tough decision. – Good luck, buddy.
– Good luck. – Thank you, chef’s.
– Thank you. – I was scared with the corn flakes. – Yeah, it was like, what
am I gonna do with this, that it doesn’t look like,
you know, breakfasty. – Yeah. – I think we got it right, though. – I think we did to. – So very strong round for these chefs. – Yes, it’s going to be
a difficult decision. – I just love how Ary made something from her grandmother’s recipe. I just felt like, you know, a guy wants to take a
girl on a date to golf, and puts his arms around her,
like shows her what to do. – Yeah. – You can’t do that if your
breath smells like garlic. – Tim, you know, I
really liked his approach with that beinget, but that sauce could have been amped up in
flavor a little bit more. – Agreed. – All right, so, how are we
gonna make this decision? I mean, is it, the best flavored item? Is it the dish we want to eat again? – There’s a lot to consider here. – I think we should hash
this out a little bit longer, then we’ll get the chef’s
in and let them know. – Sounds good. – Chef, your a great competitor, bring it in. – Chef, I’m gonna like you, too. I feel this. – Let’s do it. – Chefs you left us with a very difficult decision to make. Both of you made really good food, and it was hard for us
to come to this decision. But the chef who is moving
on to the finale is, (dramatic music) Chef Tim. Great job, chef! – Congratulations, buddy! – Thanks! – Good job! – It was a little nerve racking. Chef Ary’s a great competitor. She brought it all. I wasn’t sure. It could go either way. Both dishes looked fantastic. – I’m actually feeling really happy. I was very comfortable
with the dish I made. There was something that has
been carried on with my family. So, it make me entirely
happy, just to cook that. I’m super proud of what I made. – With his win, chef Tim becomes our third Las Vegas finalist. – Good job, brother. Pretty good stuff. – Feeling confident. Last time in the finals,
I was over thinking it. This time, keep calm, and
just do what I know how to do. – Just us next time on the Topgolf Chef Showdown!

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