Charlie’s Angels (2019) | Official Trailer #2 | Experience It In IMAX®

Hello? You’re in great danger. Get out of there now! Open safe house 6. Welcome to the Townsend Agency. I run a covert group with exceptional women. Some guys are like, lady spies. We work outside the rules… in secret together. You may not know we exist, but we are always watching. Who steals humanitarian aid money? Who are you? You are in the presence of Angels. So, you wanna train to be an Angel? Hell yeah. Give me my wings. Let’s go! Where do you think you’re going? You need to land this bird, Houghlin. What?! Later. Here we go Sit down, keep your hands where I can see them. Really not supposed to be touching things in here unless you’re supposed to be touching things in here. You’re adorable. Jane, is that you flirting with a handsome nerd? The best part isn’t taking down international criminals, it’s you guys. And the day drinking. That’s what I like the most. Take her to the closet. My God. So I can just take whatever I want? Borrow. Is that an actual rule? Angels, time to go to work.

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