Chanel WOC vs. Saint Laurent (YSL) WOC Review | English Subs 大牌WOC比拼

Chanel WOC vs. Saint Laurent (YSL) WOC Review | English Subs 大牌WOC比拼

Hello, everyone! I’m Sophie. Welcome back! Today I’m gonna be doing a comparison review of Chanel WOC and YSL WOC. WOC is a wallet with chain. It can be used as a mini purse. For me, the biggest usage of WOC is that when you carry a large tote or a backpack, you can put your valuables like phone, cash or key in the WOC, and carry the WOC in front of you, so that you have your valuables in sight and easy to use. If you are a minimalist, the WOC is very lightweight and easy to use. Both Chanel WOC and YSL WOC are very pretty and popular. These WOCs will definitely compliment your outfits when you carry them to parties. I will review them in several aspects, like size, structure, style, leather, pros, cons, price etc. First, size. They are almost the same in size. YSL WOC is slightly taller in height. The lengths are the same. The depths are almost the same too. In terms of capacity, almost the same. I tried. Things that fit in the YSL WOC can fit in the Chanel WOC. Let’s see. My phone. A slim card holder. A lipstick. And my car key. Almost full. Let’s transfer all the stuff to the YSL WOC. Phone. A card holder. A lipstick. And my car key. Just fit. Let’s talk about the structure and style. Chanel WOC has the classic quilting design. A Chanel logo at the front. Snap closure. There are 6 card slots inside. A pocket with zipper. A small pocket at the front. A small pocket at the back. The back of the lining is canvas while the front of the lining is leather. It has a leather-threaded chain link strap. The strap is not removable. You can wrap the strap around the flap to change the strap length. YSL WOC has a chevron design with a logo at the front. Snap closure too. 6 card slots and a small pocket. A pocket with zipper at the front. No pocket at the back. The lining is leather. The chain can be removable. You can adjust the chain length like the Chanel WOC. Simply wrap the chain around the flap. Although they are similar in size, Chanel WOC has more pockets. So Chanel WOC is better in organizing things. Let’s talk about leather and hardware. This Chanel WOC has black caviar leather and gold hardware. The caviar leather is the same as that of the Chanel classic flap bag. Feels very luxurious. Has a perfect shine. YSL WOC has the grained leather. The leather is stiffer than the caviar leather of Chanel WOC. From the side look, YSL WOC is thicker when it is empty. Chanel WOC is thinner when it is empty. Both have shiny gold hardware. The hardware of YSL WOC is more yellow and shinier than that of Chanel. A closer look. Let’s compare the chain length. The chain length is longer on Chanel WOC. I’m 5’4”. Chanel WOC looks longer on me. YSL WOC looks slightly shorter. Pros and Cons. Pros. First, they are both lightweight. Chanel WOC is slightly heavier than YSL WOC. Second pro. They are both versatile. You can use them as wallets inside large bags. Or use them as mini purses. You can change the chain length by wrapping the chain around the flap to compliment all kinds of outfits. YSL WOC is better in that the chain is removable. So it is more convenient to be used as a clutch. Third pro. The leather is durable. If you choose caviar leather for Chanel WOC, it is really really durable. I have a Chanel classic flap bag in caviar leather. I’ve used it for 3 years and it still looks like new. Love it. YSL WOC has the grained leather which is durable too. Cons. First, it’s difficult to open and close. There is a zipper on the inside of the flap, so sometimes the zipper end comes out when you close the flap. So the closure is not tight. The zipper end sticks out and doesn’t look nice. It is snap closure. It’s quite difficult to snap it precisely when you are in a hurry. When the bag is fully loaded and the side stretches out, it’s difficult to close the bag. Sometime the snap closure opens itself. YSL WOC has snap closure too. So it has the same problem. Especially since the WOC has stiff leather, it is more difficult to close when the WOC is not fully loaded. Second con. They both have poor values for the money. YSL WOC retails for about $1200. Chanel WOC retails for $2100. So expensive for small purses like these. YSL WOC is almost half the price of Chanel WOC. But YSL WOC has far less resale value than Chanel WOC. So if you are looking for an investment piece, I would suggest Chanel WOC. As it is classic, never out of style, and holds the value better. While YSL WOC is trendy now, but has less resale value in the future. I haven’t used both WOCs. I tried them on just to make sure. Overall, I prefer Chanel WOC. Because the leather is softer and more luxurious. It is slim and easy to carry when you only put very few things inside. The design is more classic and elegant. Never out of style. Has higher resale value. But I’m still considering keeping it or not. Because it is very expensive, and it’s such a pain to open and close with snap closure. This year, Chanel has a WOC with turn lock closure. Similar to the closure of classic flap bags. I prefer the design of the turn lock. But that WOC only comes in lambskin which I don’t like. I don’t know if Chanel will have a WOC with caviar leather and turn lock closure in the future. That would be much better than the current WOC. Looks like that I will continue to look for my perfect WOC. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. Thanks! Well, that’s my review for Chanel WOC and YSL WOC. I hope you enjoyed it. If you like it, Don’t forget to thumbs up, and subscribe! See you next time. Bye!

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  1. This is the best comparison between the two bags that I have seen online as I am torn between the two WOCs, I'm still not sure but I'll be trying both on in a few weeks time

  2. Such a useful video! Sophie, can you tell me what units the scale is when you weigh the bags? Is it lbs or kg? Thank you !

  3. is that an iPhone 7 or plus that you are using? i have a plus and want to get a woc and don't know if it fits:$

  4. Thanks for this informative review. I didnt know that Chanel is bringing out a turn lock woc, good to know now ! Best wishes from India 😀

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