Central Saint Martins at King’s Cross

Central Saint Martins at King’s Cross

I’ve just walked into this building and
it looks amazing it’s like a cathedral of the arts or cathedral to the arts. My message to people starting out at King’s
Cross would be to embrace this change. It’s like building a colony on a new planet. The UK is still viewed as the most creative nation in the world. This is a new investment, not just in the
college and not just in the teaching staff, but also in the area. It’s about teaching people to use their minds and think about the world in a certain way. And that’s the great tradition I think,
that British, and specifically London art colleges have got. It’s really an art school where fashion happens to be a department in it rather than a fashion school. It’s the cosmopolitanism of London it’s full of all kinds of experiences and cultural experiences and you can really express yourself. Music and fashion and the way people dress,
the way they eat, the way they dance… You know, everything happens in London. I think that location is going to be one of London’s most important, most exciting, most rigorous hubs. I moved to the UK when there was nothing, it’s now very buzzy, lots going on, maybe it gives you more freedom… Joining Central Saint Martins was probably the best thing I have ever done. Fashion, commitment and hard work. And a bit of luck! Perseverance, dedication and loving what you do. Do the things that excite you and move you. And celebrate that this is the beginning of a new chapter. Don’t compromise, learn, don’t be big headed I mean Montaigne said it beautifully, the French philosopher, ‘no matter how high the throne you’re sitting on, you’re still sitting on your own behind’.

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  1. And so? In my course I feel like I am in the Shit Hole. Seriously, Who ever decide my course's room is serioulsy shit, because they don't care about it? example* My working space was design to be a storage room and not a working room! Screw this building. and guess what? a guess what? the college can't even provide a basic structure need, such as printing! also, my course space has to be book out by other courses in able for other courses to use, and none of other'course's space can be book!

  2. i wish i was going to this college….
    hopefully in 2 years when i have finished my vocational school for fashion here in vienna….

  3. you will have to really engage with your subject area. almost fuse together with whatever your applying for.

  4. you will have to really engage with your subject area. almost fuse together with whatever your applying for.
    good luck.

  5. I literally cannot put into words how much I want to go here one day. To be surrounded by such creative individuals and be able to make the art that I love, having complete creative freedom, the very idea just feels me with such emotion and happiness!

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