Catholic Saints (Decision That Lead To Heaven): Speaker Ken Yasinski

Catholic Saints (Decision That Lead To Heaven):   Speaker Ken Yasinski

(gentle music) – One of the central teachings of the Second Vatican Council documents is something called the
Universal Call to Holiness. And what is that? It basically means that we
can all be a great saint if we want to be. We can all become holy. We can all grow in deep union with Jesus. Now, what’s the problem with this? (laughs) Well the problem
is, it looks good in theory. It looks good in the Second
Vatican Council documents. It looks good in the Catechism
of the Catholic Church. It looks good in scripture. But when it comes to our lived experience, it just seems so far from our reality. We compare our lives to the saints’ lives, and we think, I could
never be like one of them. We place them up on pedestals. Well, because they are on pedestals, sometimes those statues. (laughs) I could never
live my life like them. I mean, how, me holy? It seems impossible. So how do we deal with that tension? Well, one of the things that we can do is we can look at the lives of the saints, study their lives, and then
ask ourself the question, what worked for them? What are the decisions that
they made in their life that caused them to grow
in deep union with Jesus, and then can we apply those
same decisions to our own life? Now everything that worked, for example, for St. Therese of Lisieux
might not work for you. For example, she was a
cloistered Carmelite nun. Translation, she didn’t get out much. (laughing) So everything, that cloister thing that worked for her, isn’t necessarily gonna work for you. Because you’re not cloistered unless you’re a nun sitting in a convent, looking at your iPhone. I’m guessing you’re not. So that part of her spiritual
life isn’t gonna work for you, but what will work for you? Well, you see, that’s a great question, because holiness leaves clues. So we study the lives of the saints, and we think, what are the clues that they have left us
that led them to heaven, that led them to great union with Jesus? So here’s a huge clue. If you study the lives of
the saints, over 2,000 years, you’re never going to
find a saint that’s said, you don’t really have to pray everyday. (laughing) Those saints do not exist. So often we treat our prayer time as something that we do
when we’re in crisis mode, but the saints didn’t do that. They prayed daily, and that’s a huge clue. St. John Chrysostom said, “It
is simply impossible to lead, “without the aid of
prayer a virtuous life.” So we need virtue, we have to acquire it in our life to become holy. So that we must ask ourself the question, are we praying daily? Often times we pray in crisis mode, but the saints didn’t do that. They didn’t pray just in the valley. They also prayed on the mountain top and everywhere in between. Do we? Because all the saints are
in agreement with this. Prayer was an absolute
priority in their life, and if that worked for them,
it’s gonna work for us, in terms of growing in
great union with Jesus. So what’s another big clue out there? Well if you look at the lives of the saints over 2,000 years, you’re never gonna find a saint that says, you know what, going to Mass on Sunday is a nice option but not necessary. You’re never gonna find
a saint who said that. St. Faustina said, “All that is good in me “is due to Holy Communion. “I owe everything to it. “I feel this holy fire has
transformed me completely.” So question my friends, are
you going to Mass on Sunday? And are you going outside
of that, perhaps daily? This is also very common
practice of the saints, and again, if it worked for
them, it’s going to work for us. Another huge clue that
the saints have left us is that you’re never gonna
find a saint in 2,000 years who discouraged reading scripture. (laughing) In fact, St. Jerome said, “Ignorance of scripture
is ignorance of Christ.” So again, a question for you. If you wanna grow in holiness,
do you wanna become a saint? Do you wanna grow in
deep union with Jesus? Are you reading scripture, are
you reading the word of God? ‘Cause God’s word can transform our life. Another huge clue that the
saints have left us is this, you’re never gonna find a
saint who said, in 2,000 years, reject the teaching
authority of the church. Pick and choose the
teachings of the church that maybe might fit your
preference and your lifestyle. You’re never gonna find
a saint who said that, and that is a huge clue. So my friends, do you struggle with certain teachings of the church? The tendency is to pick them up and to throw them away when we struggle. The saints didn’t do that. What the saints did is
they studied, they prayed. They tried to find out
the why behind the what. So if you’re struggling
with a certain teaching of the church, and you’re
kind of doubting it, my encouragement to you
is do what the saints did. Pray, seek God, study,
ask, look for answers. St. Augustine said, “He who
does not have the church “as his mother, does not
have God as his father.” You’re never gonna find
a saint who became holy by rejecting the teaching
authority of the church. When we look to the lives
of the saints, they prayed, they had a regular sacramental
life, they read scripture, they submitted to the teaching
authority of the church. When it comes to working
out our own salvation and trying to grow in
great holiness with Jesus, it seems foolish to travel
down a road that is unproven, to fix our soul upon things that have not been revealed to be true. You see, it just seems to
make eternal common sense to follow the example
of holy men and women who we know got the S-T dot at
the beginning of their name. You see my friends, holiness leaves clues. (gentle music)

19 Replies to “Catholic Saints (Decision That Lead To Heaven): Speaker Ken Yasinski”

  1. Ken I like your video. Much truth here. Your understanding of Vatican II is sadly flaud. Your statement that we can't pick and choose the teachings of the church is so true. Yet V2 abandons so many dogmas it is not possible to avoid the errors unless you willfully turn a blind eye. If you want to be a saint and go to heaven get out of the counter church. Our Lady of LaSalette.

  2. Ken, thank you for this video. Holy men and women like you inspire me to strive for Sainthood. I'm not going to lie until recently, I was one of those people who mostly prayed only at night and sometimes throughout my day. Recently, I've began to start my day with the Rosary. It's truly changed my life. Offering all the intentions of my heart to Jesus is a great way to start a day. Then at night still pray but not as stressed, because I know God has heard what's on my heart. Also Recently, my spiritual director has recomended I read little bits of the Gospels before bed, and God has really been speaking to me. I know I'm no where near Saint hood, but definitely feel closer to God.
    Sorry for the long message. God Bless, and praying for you Ken

  3. Thank you very much.. I do wanna become a Saint but yeah in this day and age, it is very hard!! With the advent of technology, you can just watch porn in just one click of a cellphone.. Addictive Vices can be bought everywhere and very few good examples from people can be seen that tend you to be more practical than virtuous, money-oriented than God-oriented, lustful than pure and selfish rather than selfless.. But yes, Prayer especially the Rosary and the Holy Eucharist as the highest form of sacrifice really helps… St. Jude and St. Isidore please pray for us. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us…

  4. I want to be a saint. A small saint. I will be patient. Right now, I am soooo bad. Taking one small step at a time. Good luck to us all. I am asking Jesus to make me one. It is so hard. I went to confession today because last Sunday I wasn't able to take the communion. I was so sad. Thank you for the tips. I love you brothers and sisters!

  5. There are so many things to be said about this video. Please understand I am not trying to be crass but this is life or death we're talking about. Eternal life or death.

    If you want to see perfect example of what leads to heaven, look at the Apostles. Look at Paul. He was instructed by Jesus Himself. Salvation is not by your works – by praying, going to mass, reading Scripture. Those are fruits of having already been saved. Those are signs that the Holy Spirit is dwelling in you and you are a true believer.

    Man has nothing to do with his own salvation. Ephesians 2:8 says 'for it is by grace that we have been saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.'

    Salvation is a heart change toward God – true repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    Sir, you are leading people down the wrong path. You are not leading them to eternal life. The Catholic mass is full of blasphemous false doctrine. You should be telling people to sprint away from it.

    As for the saints you speak of, nobody has any proof that they are in heaven today. Just because the catholic church says they are, does not mean they had the true heart change or were true followers of Jesus. Point them toward the apostles, or better yet, Jesus. Those are assuredly in heaven.

  6. Great Getting to meat you at St. Josephs's church last night in Mississauga. Your words truly inspired me to be a better version of myself. I am going to be a sponsor for one of the candidates. Any tips on how to be a role model in the catholic faith for the candidate and keep them on the right path?

  7. I would rather call our (true holy) saints liars, or demonic, or even the Devil himself, than to even agree with the Vatican II sect which teaches that it's ok to call the true Catholic Church a liar by the people who reject Her dogmas, who say that the Blessed Virgin is a sinner (by the so-called born-again "Christians" and Protestans), who say that the Lord Jesus is not the Savior (by the Jews), who say that the true God is not three Persons in one Divine Essence (by the Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.) and who say that the Catholic faith is not necessary for salvation contrary to what has been taught by the true popes and saints of God (by all the rest of the world). The Vatican II sect is the end-times counter church as prophesied by Pope Leo XIII, St. John Bosco, St Francis of Assisi, the real Sr. Lucia of Fatima and many other holy and true servants of God, and by the Blessed Virgin Mary Herself. The Vatican II sect is the prophesied abomination of desolation in the end-times. It takes so much of a bad-will not to be able to recognize the unimaginable heresies and demonic activities of this church of Satan. We were warned in the Holy Scriptures to "get out of her, My people." It's up to you to decide or else lose the opportunity for all eternity. Sr. Lucia said, "We must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the Devil."

  8. The clue is they acted like sons of God.we need to start showing others that we r sons of God by are good deeds and have compassion n forgiveness before they even wound n hurt us.

  9. Most of the Saints were MARTYRED for their faith. If one should approach me and ask if I am a Catholic with a gun pointed at me, I will never deny him. Now THAT is a Saint, and most Saints died because they would NEVER renounce their faith. Did you forget this?


    THE 5 SOLAS,

    I can trace each of these doctrines only as far back as the Reformation and no further. If you cannot name 2 person in each century, then I can only conclude that these Gospels and Doctrines are indeed inventions not contained in Holy Spirit inspired sacred scripture.

    The reason the Zell test is given is so that it can demonstrate the following…
    1) your beliefs were held as true by the early Church
    2) Christ promises that he would be with this Church to the end of time… meaning that this church must hold these doctrinal beliefs in perpetuity
    3) The Church must be a visible entity to all like the light from a city on a hill… it should be well known to have existed as a beacon to all.

    If you cannot provide a comprehensive list proving that the Reformation wasn't just a hodge podge of invented doctrines found nowhere prior, we will have no choice but to declare that your whole theology is built on the constantly shifting sands of time with no foundation. While ours is built on a rock – how firm a foundation.

    Of course the Early Church Fathers didn't all agree on every point of doctrine. That role is reserved for the entire assembly of Bishops who come together in Council and guided by the Holy Spirit, meditate, discuss and debate the questions at hand, just as it was done in Holy Spirit inspired sacred scripture. When the question at hand is ruled on, each and every member of the Church are to accept that ruling as if Jesus Christ Himself had made the ruling. Because it is Jesus Christ who speaks through the Apostles and their sucessors, the Bishops.

  11. another clue, get along with other people who want to be saint. Spend time with them

    Thanks Ken for this Video

  12. My brother i do not understand why you put so much emphasis on men, and not fully on Jesus…All with the exception of Christ Jesus are the descendants of Adam which means we inherit his sinful nature…Even our very bloodline is contaminated by sin, for this is why the angel Gabriel told Mary who figured she had to have a relationship with a man to bare God's Son…Gabriel had to explain to her God only needed to use her as an incubator too bring His Son into the world…Jesus was conceived by the Holy Ghost, therefore He came into the world by an immaculate conception…He was not connected to her umbilical cord therefore He was not contaminated by sin…why do you speak so highly about nuns and saints who were placed under the curse and penalty of death, opossed too Jesus who had never sined, therefore death had no claim to Him so He had to lay His life down…My brother if you get your information from any other source than the Holy bible, then there's an error…There is no such a thing as a holy man or woman…The bible says all have sined and came short of God's glory, which means we all deserve death…If we talk about heaven then our focus can only be on Christ who is the way…And pertaining to a holy life we can only achieve it by God's Holy Spirit…After Jesus was resurrected from the dead He told His disciples I must go back to My Father, but I will not leave you comfortless…He said He would send His Holy Spirit back who would convict the world of sin…Your message should be about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit!!!

  13. Ephesians 2:8,9. That is the ONLY decision that leads to salvation. It's not what we do. It's not our righteousness, it's not our prayer time, it's not going to mass on Sundays. It is believing in Jesus' all sufficient sacrifice on the cross that saves us. Only Him. Not of ourselves so that no one can boast. Faith + NOTHING. Anything added to that is works based salvation and is a false gospel.

  14. I'm a new sub, you have amazing content! Notifications are on! 👌 👍 Love the marriage series too! Please make the videos longer! Hope you upload even more frequently! God bless!

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