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  1. I love her talk because she packs her presentations with so much information and guidance but I wish she would be less crusty in her responses to people (listen to 1:30 on).

  2. yes we're opening up intuitively to our Inner-Being. our goal is to be in alignment with our Source, so we can receive the guidance and the impulses. Our Inner-Beings have already created vibrationally what we have asked for and are guiding us to the path of least resistance. Most people that pray do so from a place of yearning and hoping for a desired outcome. there is no need for that type of request when you know that we only need alignment with who we really are, which is Source Energy God in a physical body.

  3. You're amazing Carol! I've been following you since the 90's. You're always reinventing yourself, learning and growing. So grateful for your information. Wow such a great point about living detached…the Buddhists practice this. I'm just now scratching the surface of detachment. One more thing I've started saying to myself and it's serving me well is…what others think of me is none of my business ! Namaste

  4. Great video. I saw you in Toronto. At the end the question about fear – I think because we can feel fear we give it power.

  5. Carolyn, I haven’t heard one of your talks since you wrote Entering the Castle. I so enjoyed spending time with you today. It so thrilling how the universe delivers in its infinite ways. I’s especially grateful for the new insights on prayers. I was laughing the whole way thru this talk. Perfect timing. Thank you I so needed to hear this talk. My new prayers will be so much fun. I only new one before, it always started with giving thanks and ended with please give us/me the strength to meet the challenges that are before me/us. It was just so refreshing to hear your no holds barred straight talk!

  6. Wow there are so many beautiful words to describe the way i felt after this conversation. life talks to us all the time and once we listen we do ourselves a great favor. im guilty of being sucked into the drama that's unfolding around the world right now. it keeps me up at night as i feel for others and the future of this planet. Its like feeling the weight of the world on me. God please, be here now we need you now!!!! makes me wanna go pray. love your work! Thank you.

  7. One should be careful around the homeless. I had one threaten to hit me. A lot of them are violent and unhinged. A woman was just bludgeoned to death by a homeless man yesterday. It happens all the time. Please educate yourself before your bad advice gets more killed.


  8. i remember the cows in the middle of the road, the attics(addicts) and cellars (sellers) and your angel on the couch. i went to your lectures in Indianapolis, have a lot of cassettes from the 80's. Just Thank You.

  9. Wow I’m going to pray like crazy, and listen and be aware. After finishing watching I went up to my 22 year old son and gave him a big hug and told him I loved him. To my surprise, he didn’t flinch and he even smiled 🙂

  10. Very good Caroline Myss. I almost didn't watch because of the length of the video, but I did watch and was happy to watch. I think I was about 98% agreeable, which is very impressive on your part. Awesome. Thanks.

  11. I really enjoyed this. I had never heard of her before. Very enlightening. I did have unease in her response a woman's question about fear. It felt invalidating and somewhat attacking. I would have not found her response to be helpful. But she made it clear she is not good a connecting. It showed. Kind of tainted her whole talk. I did resonate with many of her points, however.

  12. T H I S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OM Gawdess…..can (we) get a WITNESS!! this is the SHIFT of the METAphysical "communities"..RIGHT HERE…Be here now…U CALLED my A*& out on the Carpet CM…THANK YOU!!! ding ding ding///we got a Winner…Pay ATTENTION!!!!

  13. pull in the anchors people!!!hahaha expectations ARE anchors!!! WOW!!! TELL THAT to the Law of ATTRACTION freaks….ahahh..DISCERN ment

  14. mucho respect dear friend and teacher but your observance of emotions=attachment is a judgement. I have learned that emotions are part of the important information of and with energy. Look further.

  15. Wow what a uplifting experience I just had listening to this woman that I never heard of,,,,,its a good day when the Universe has your back thank you Carolyn Myss . How great of A-day this was I just randomly pick this lady on YouTube just to hear someone new as I was relaxing at home . Yes I will pray more differently now and ask God to show off knowing Miracles are in my daily routine.

  16. I appreciate the encouragement you are giving on prayer and the points about the evolution of humanity! As for the attachment I can feel what another is feeling, physically, emotionally and energetically…THIS IS NOT sentimentality nor emotional attachment, it is though the REALITY of ONENESS! Oneness is experienced through the horizontal opening in the spiritual heart, not the emotional heart and not through the vertical axix. As for the points you make about mystical experiences it sounds too black and white…I have had many extraordinary miracles/mystical experiences. I believe they serve as a break/crack in the hold of the identified self/ego/dualistic mind. I was not self loving when I had the first mystical experience. The first and subsequent mystical experiences actually solidified my faith in GRACE or a higher power. So it is not an absolute rule that one love self in order to have them, as I said that was not my experience As they are not in my control and come on their own I was/am convinced of their actuality, no one can nor could have talked me out of their reality! I have seen where others are opened by a miracle then shut down and their prior mind set re configures to some degree, but never completely back to it's position prior to the miracle.

  17. In pursuing invisible acts of power… Some of my greatest tragedies have been my greatest teachers, like being run over by a commuter train as a younger child – that was easy… and my bi-polar journey. The common denominator in these :"spiritual emergencies" is "religiosity". Helloooo! 🙂 <3

  18. You spoke about "footsteps in the snow"… I had footsteps, in gumboots, in the adjacent room, they then walked into my room and around my bed. My eyes remained closed, but they communicated that it was quite incredible that I was awake and "aware" of all of them.

    I am EC… Energetically Conscious 🙂 thank you Carolyn for verbalising so beautifully.
    I have used Bach Flowers and Reiki for years now. I did have to do the medical route for a few years, in and out of mental hospital. Oh and it DID all begin with me telling God not to piss on me, when synchronistically the rain moved in under the awning for a moment, just to wet me briefly. That was a day many years ago. It was also because I had completely opened up with my Reiki II course. I was convinced I had a "direct line" to God and I picked up the actual telephone … I thought my Reiki master would start taking dictation… 🙂

  19. Much of what seems to be dark is not dark. It is the broken religious concept that demonises far too many things that are normal bodily functions. One needs to break free of the jail and zoom out to get proper perspective, for the judgement factors come from being a VICTIM of this world system. It is broken, not as it should be. We are here to fix it, not go along with it. By kindness and love we create paradise here on earth. Its just a matter of convincing everyone that it is possible and it will be great for all, so that they become part of the solution from perpetuating the problem.

  20. This is a great, great talk! So wonderful to listen to you again, Caroline, always! I need this right now. Thank you so much.

  21. Heaven is experienced in moments of great love and joy. the euphoria of unbridled passion that holds no prisoners for its glory but illuminates the divine nature of an un-corrupted moment. And even in the silence of blissful peace when you are fully present with no agenda and no unwanted baggage. Heaven like hell is a state of being in a moment of experiential awareness where reality is either inviting or holding you prisoner and your only redemption is in the faith and love you have chosen to guide you through it all. Heaven is the mercy, grace and gratitude that sustains and nurtures the ever evolving soul. Thats my definition.

  22. Never heard of you. Total resonance with talk. But let me share an experience I had as a young teenager in the 80s that aligns with 1.08. For some weeks I had ask with great passion, " how in all of existence could you have ever allowed the murder and suffering of little children, women and old men in those gas chambers. How do you call yourself a God and allow that". In the shower I got my answer. It smashed through me and I lost my breath. These words/feelings were profound. It wasnt the words, it was the universe of knowledge behind them. The words are easily misinterpreted. The answer "because it doesn't matter!". In that staggering moment I understood fully that physical life is more of a construct, a plasticine model than the absolute that we believe it to be. Nothing is truely broken. It might feel very real here. While it's important, valuable and to be lived fully, it is not the be all. YOU are the be all. That is unbreakable.

  23. My heart and spirit are always touched immeasurably listening to you Carolyn. Thank you so very much for being the voice of Spirit to us. I am grateful for you. Sending you many blessings and love

  24. I thought from the title this was going to be somebody telling me why to live in Canada. You just never know with the English language. Oh well.

  25. In my opinion Myss is not centred, lacks compassion ( a critical spiritual need), evangelical and aggressive, and most of all downgrades meditation, which is the reason she is like this..meditation from which deep connection eventually comes, leads to better prayer, intuition, wisdom and insight and results. While some themes are useful and correct ( focus on the now) and her words are strong, but come from a heart that is undeveloped, and lacks compassion. She ridicules individuals in an audience. She uses a market niche, useful for those majority, who do not want to do the real work. The kingdom of god is within, how do you think one gets there?Listen to Peter St Shasta. Compare the hearts of these two. She is the outcome of her beliefs and approach.

  26. I saw this talk live and it was SO uncomfortable at 1:31 when she got mean with the lady who asked the question. It rubbed me completely the wrong way.

  27. I was terrified to release my ideals and faith in a male God. It took me months of meditating on the idea that God is everything or it is nothing. Eventually I saw God aka Holy Spirit was like the numbers or code running through everything in the movie The Matrix.
    I return to my fear based thinking on occasion but overall I’ve managed to live an open and free spiritual life ❤️

  28. Thank you so much, Caroline! I saw you years ago in Seattle.. Your work continues to inspire and lead us toward truth and self-responsibility and spiritual awareness. May God and the Angels continue to bless you and your work.

  29. The mystical Laws are our true soul abilities when we know who we are and what we can do! check out www.laserreiki.com for more information

  30. wow you are really explaining the end of the old age and beginning of the new. I am impressed to hear this, and thank you for confirming that starting my prayers were a good thing.

  31. I've followed Caroline for years now… initially i found her hard and abrasive to take… but I've seen her evolve and change over the years…and i totally Love her now. She packs a solid spiritual punch , with a dose of reality and "harden up princess no nonsense talk" …and quite frankly i think i can do with a dose of it!!! LOL I thank my angels for directing me to this video today as im laying by the pool on vacations…as its exactly what i needed to hear!! An amazing healing talk..Thanks Caroline!!

  32. Yaaaahooo
    So wild.
    I have been a fan of C.M for years. Ar beginning of this I wondered if she believed in the ascension we are going through. Hearing her speak to so many is thrilling. God bless. You give the rest of us called to speak about it and teach others more strength and umph.
    Many thanks, jxo

  33. I’m in the darkness now. Trying so hard to connect. I was injured by a medication! Brain and nervous system damage…. praying for 3 years straight. The pain and symptoms are evil. There’s a definite evil element in mental illness treatments. I have never experienced anything so evil. Truly the devils play ground. Ty. God bless you.

  34. how silly… give a western person a quiet moment and their gone? Meditation saved me as a young girl.. that place of quiet where my mind stopped the incessant chatter was integral to my sanity and staying on the planet.

  35. What she describes at 14:44 the ecstasy while communing with Spirit followed by a grand mal seizure happened to me. I’ve never heard any one talk about it until now. I too do intuitive work professionally, have helped people heal, have a very big spiritual life that I still keep private.

  36. Hi Caroline when are you coming to Australia? I am so glad I am listening to you today. Hope to see in person in Australia. Blessings.

  37. Everything but the meditation part…? I have been a fan for years. But I am confused at that statement, did she mean in her past or she doesn’t believe in mediation now?
    – fellow crystal bowl / sound healer / believer in calm sleep / mediation music lol

  38. "Pray like you're crazy." Nice to see Carol let her guard down about her personal life and know that people are indeed at her workshops to pray and maybe even meditate.

    "All of the children of God are special, and none of the children of God are special." ACIM

  39. By the way Islam is the only religion which actually tries to explain that God is not a man. There are versus which clearly say that Nothing is like him and that we cannot even begin to comprehend what God is. Please study the religions in detail especially in the point you are trying to make. With that said, you have encouraged me to stick to my prayers so I thank you!

  40. Yes the heavens are shifting! But boys that think they are girls is another spell. As well as brain washing. As well humans are being altered through chemical warfare in our water and foods.

  41. Inspiring…Not agreeing with all she said, but never the less inspiring. lots of love to you Caroline…you are with out doubt a shining star

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