– In the days, weeks, even
years after Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Forces,
rumors continue to pop up about what really happened
to Bin Laden’s body. On May 2nd, 2011 Bin Laden,
the founder of Al-Qaeda and real bad dude was
shot and killed in a raid on his compound in Pakistan led by the US Navy’s SEAL Team Six. DNA confirmed that the body
was in fact Bin Laden’s, and he was prepared for
burial, then interred at sea all within 24 hours. Immediately people and
publications of varying legitimacy questioned why Bin Laden was buried so quickly after his death? What was the US Government
trying to hide, they asked? Was it actually Bin Laden who was killed? Or was the US trying to
cover a botched mission by claiming to bury Bin Laden? In fact, the reason Bin Laden’s
body was buried so quickly was not because the US
Government had actually killed the wrong person, or no person at all and were trying to cover it up, but because Islamic burial
tradition dictates washing, shrouding, and burial of
a body within 24 hours. Now the the US Government
hasn’t always upheld Islamic burial ritual for
corpses in their care, but in this case it behooved
them to act quickly. And the sea burial made
sense, given they didn’t want the grave site to turn into a shrine. The body of Bin Laden was
moved to a US aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, at
an undisclosed location, where the body was buried at sea. Very few witnessed the burial, some sailors on the ship didn’t
even know it was happening. In a secret email, obtained
through the Freedom of Information Act, Rear
Admiral Charles Gaouette wrote to top military officials. This is him emailing. Traditional procedures for
Islamic burial was followed. The deceased’s body was washed
then placed in a white sheet. The body was placed in a weighted bag. A military officer read
prepared religious remarks, which were translated into
Arabic by a native speaker. After the words were
complete, the body was placed on a prepared flat board, tipped up, whereupon the deceased’s
body slid into the sea. Send. This explanation, when it was made public, did not stop the conspiracies. Nothing stokes a
conspiracy like the corpse of an international terrorist. Mandvi, a coastal city in western India, claimed that Bin Laden’s body
washed up on their shores days after his death,
prompting speculation that Bin Laden’s body had
not been properly buried by the US government and
just been dumped somewhere. The India Times claimed that
they had on good authority that Bin Laden’s body had
not actually been given the Islamic burial reported
by the US Government, but that the body had in fact
been torn apart by rifle fire, the body parts thrown in
a bag and then scattered over the Hindu Kush
mountains via helicopter. If we learn anything from this, it’s that it’s hard to
bury the body of a criminal or terrorist without a scandal. Case and point, on April 19,
2013 Tamerlan Tsarnaev died after being shot multiple times
by the Boston area police. Only days before, on April
15, Tsarnaev and his brother had perpetrated the
Boston Marathon bombings, killing three people and injuring
hundreds, many gruesomely. After Tsarnaev died, his
body went unburied for weeks, nobody wanted his body. Funeral homes didn’t want to take him, cemeteries didn’t want to bury him, protestors threatened violence to anyone who would help Tsarnaev’s
family care for the body. As this this all went down in the media, Peter Stefan, a funeral
director at Graham Putnam and Mahoney Funeral Parlors
in Worcester, Massachusetts, was paying attention, knowing
that Tsarnaev’s corpse would likely come into his care. He was known for serving
the poor, homeless, or seemingly unburiable. Stefan said we’ve had gangster
funerals, we bury traitors, we bury mass murderers. In other words, we turn down nobody. Tsarnaev’s body was initially
taken to another funeral home, but when they expressed fear of protestors that were threatening to burn
down their establishment, Stefan made arrangements with
them to receive the corpse. They drove Tsarnaev’s
body to a parking lot in the middle of the night, with the nameplates taken off their van. There, without police escort of any kind, Stefan quietly took
possession of Tsarnaev’s body. But despite all this
secrecy, word got out. Inundated with reporters and
protestors, who asked Stefan questions like, why, why would you choose to do something like this? Stefan responded “The
fact that I’m burying him “doesn’t mean that I’m condoning anything. “I’m just burying a dead, human body. “If you take an oath to
bury the dead, you do it.” Stefan and his team received
threats, were spit on, had rocks thrown at them. Protestors camped out in
front of the funeral home, telling Stefan to burn the body and toss the remains in the garbage. Most notably, the Massachusetts government kept their distance. Every cemetery Stefan
contacted turned him away. Finally, after six days
at Stefan’s funeral home, a private Muslim cemetery in Virginia agreed to bury Tsarnaev’s body. All burial costs were paid
for by Tsarnaev’s uncle. And though the community
expressed some concerns that fanatics might descend
upon Tsarnaev’s grave, endangering the community,
all has stayed quiet and uninterrupted at his grave site. So why are we so troubled
by the burial of people like Tamerlan Tsarnaev or Osama Bin Laden? Or the idea that their burials could be in any way respectful? After all, in death they’re
rendered impotent, inert, 180 pounds of bones and flesh. But do we fear the symbols they become? Do we believe their punishment
should extend into death? Maybe it’s that burying a terrorist is somehow folding them
back into the community they attempted to destroy. I’m not sure what the answer is here, but I do hope that if
as a funeral director I am ever faced with the situation
that Peter Stefan was in, that I would have the
courage to act the same. I don’t think we live in
an eye for an eye society, or that we should. We don’t desecrate your body
because you desecrated ours. I think what happened to
Tamerlan Tsarnaev was correct. He should be buried in
his cultural tradition, not with honor or lionizing
or special treatment, but quickly and quietly. And I think the government
should have stepped in, as they did with Bin
Laden and not just hoped that a private funeral home would make it go away for them. They are incredibly lucky Peter Stefan and the people at the Islamic
burial ground stepped up. If any of you are thinking
about going to our event, Death Salon this September at the historic Mount Auburn Cemetery, Peter
Stefan will be speaking about his experience with
Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body and burying other dead at
the margins of society. What do you think? How can we handle these
specific scenarios? Keep it respectful,
Mother doesn’t have time to moderate the comments all day. She’s busy. This video was made
with generous donations from death enthusiasts just like you. Busy.


  1. just wondering what the protesters thought was going to happen to the body lol just throw it in a ditch and let the deadly pathogens from a dead body leak into the water and soil and kill more people? Ok, makes sense

  2. Nothing against funeral directors, they have a job to do, but I stand by my ideas that those that have committed disrespect against others, deserve no respect in their final arrangements. The garbage dump being fed upon by seagulls is where they belong.

  3. With all due respect I don't think the body of a terrorist should be treated with respect. Sorry, you don't torture and kill people en masse and expect your corpse to be respected.

  4. Respect to those folks. In the end, bodies need to be dealt with. If those people hate the guy so much, his funeral could be a time to throw a party. Ding dong, the witch is dead. That sort of thing. But let the professionals do their job.

  5. The burial at sea method seems to me to be the best way to handle a difficult. situation. No grave protesters, no potential shrine.

  6. I’m Eastern Orthodox and it’s forbidden for an Eastern Orthodox body to be cremated or hydrologically destroyed. It must be buried. What would happen if an orthodox person with no money died? Could they be cremated ?

  7. I know this sounds fucked up…..but terrorists don't deserve a respectful burial. At all. They didn't care about the lives of others so why should we care about their death? Throw them in an unmarked grave.

  8. I had made a fairly inapprorpiate comment about osama but then what you said at the end made me delete it lol. Love your videos

  9. I don't think it's quite fair to say "it's just a dead body" when we advocate so hard for respect after burial. The same way we can look at a loved one's corpse as a "someone" and not a "something," we can look at the corpse of a terrorist or serial killer as an abhorrent person and not just a dead corpse. I think it's natural to wish to destroy every part of someone that destroyed someone else, and people shouldn't be shamed for wishing that. That's not to say I would condone throwing rocks or burning down the establishment of the poor person designated to take care of the corpse (I respect the hell out of Mr. Stefan), but I personally don't think its beyond unreasonable to be upset about a respectful burial of a murderer.

  10. If i where the US Military, the US elite, or the US devision of "illuminati"
    and i actually had killed Bin laden
    i would make sure to take photos of the dead body. lots of them.
    and immediately send them out to the world
    if i had missed that "detail" i would have had myself to blame for not being believed.

  11. If you commit a horrific crime I'd say we bury them all in the same spot huge unmarked grave or scattered unmarked grave or if it is all in a mass grave Just label it human scum or on a prison graveyard

  12. I've been binge watching your videos for a couple hours now, I have to say I absolutely love your content and I find your jokes very funny. Keep up the great work 🥰🥰

  13. Bless Mr Stefan. What did the protesters expect? That the body not be disposed of? Just let the jackals tear him limb from limb and then rot in the streets? That the corpse be desecrated? I get it, protesters think that the body should be cremated and the ashes placed in the garbage. But you cant do that with a muslim body. I suppose the protesters thought that burial would somehow "honor" the body.

    Maybe as people, we havent evolved in our beliefs since the days when cremation was viewed as desecrating the corpse.

  14. This reminds me of something I heard once.. "once someone dies he is no longer the enemy, he is merely a man"

  15. it would make sense to throw them in the ocean also I understand hating someone but harming someone because they're burying a body is dumb. stupid ass protesters

  16. I live in the County in Virginia Where Tsarnaev was buried. I remember how upset locals were about him being buried there. It was done with all civility.

  17. It’s ridiculous in a society that cares nothing about children being blown apart by US bombs that we behave like that towards those who bomb us. It’s a racist, bigoted society that we live in.

  18. I feel it doesnt matter anymore after said horrid person is dead. Its JUST a body now. A BODY they cant do harm anymore.

  19. As you said, it's a body. It's not going to harm anyone. Whatever awful things its owner did can't happen again. Get the job done quietly and quickly and then the living can move on.

  20. So, I have been binge-watching your videos and I absolutely adore these so much. One thing that you said that really made me pause was seomthing along the lines of "Are we worried or scared of refolding these people back into society by affording them respect in death?" and that just made me think of Jung and the idea of the Shadow archetype and part of humanity – terrorists have a specific Shadow part of humanity to fill and we should be encouraged to re-fold them back into our society, back into the society that they tried to tear apart. Love love love your content and thank you for making it!

  21. I really hate terrorism, but osama bin laden is a very admirable man.. Because he still stands on his views and principles even if it meant his death.. It's like heroes too.. But in an opposite sense..even if he's the humanity's enemy, he's still respected.. Your opinions and ideas may differ,and you may be enemies but even in death respect should still be inhibited..

  22. Terrorists should just be buried at sea, imho. The US Government should intervene immediately, confiscate the body, bury it at sea, end of story. Why should any funeral director be subjected to harressment like this? Our federal government should just make it a law if you terrorize and kill our people, no special treatment, no religious washings, prayers, etc. Just bury the killer at sea with a few cement blocks. Easy.

  23. Regardless of what they did when theyre alive, they are nothing but a dead body. Something needs to be done with them and by agreeing to help with burial/cremation it doesnt mean you supported what they did, youre just doing your job. The alternative is letting them slowly rot in cold storage???

  24. Videla, the most representative head of the Junta in Argentina's last dictatorship, died years ago. Some celebrated, some where sad, most were just: no dead brings happines, even if they don't bring sadness.

    He was buried through his beliefs (catholic) in a secret place under a false name. Neither the press nor the society tried to find where his body is.

    He spent his last years in prision, looked down by the same society he thought were nothing more than his servants. He new what was going to happen once he died. He was already punished, and his family wasn't related to his crimes, so we let them suffer in peace.

  25. I call bullshit on that classified osama sea burial. If they did a muslim burial for him rhen why do iy in secret? Why bother?

  26. Yeah I would have spat on his nasty corpse. On another note, I would be so down to have my body torn apart by rifle fire and scattered over the kush mountains by military helicopter. That’s metal af and I would be honoured.

  27. I think people want some sort of justice, which is the reason for this nonsense. I think it is far more punitive to bury quickly, quietly and without any fanfare at all. They got their 15 minutes of fame, let that be all they get.

  28. Of course, I do not think the funeral directors, morticians, etc. should be harassed. That is absolutely ludicrous, and I don't even understand the logic there. On the other hand, WHERE we inter them is of great importance imho. If there is a chance that some of these places become shrines we should be cautious of it and thus not allow it.

  29. Yes, we should respectfully bury those terrorists and murderers of innocents. After all they did the same for all those people right? You remember those innocent strangers whose families will never get to see them again, because their lives were snuffed out by these people who you think should be treated with respect! Yes in life they were terrorists and they deserve to be killed. But in death, abviosly there no longer a terror to people, or are they? Are there memories terror, what they did and such? And in response to their burial in respects to their beliefs, well those innocent people they helped destroy, they didnt mind them being killed in ash and blood, I dont think their beliefs were respected? Now you think they should be respectfully buried…. give me a break! Really!

  30. That has to be hard most of the time people are in thier feelings and we all know what happens when that happens they want to console themselves with revenge or judgement. But the funeral director saw a body…one that needed to be buried…nothing more nothing less. Morticicans are death scientist they have to keep their heads clear in order to take care of situations that would probably give the rest of us nightmares.

  31. My opinion is of course my own but I do not believe that a terrorist, domestic or otherwise, should be BURIED on US soil. An attack on innocent civilians is an attack on our country and thus they should not be here. I think cremation would be the only consideration, but burial…. no. The service is irrelevant, religious or otherwise, a ceremony I think is a last right, but the actual burial on US soil is an insult to this country. A ceremony will last a day. Itll be over and done with, goodbyes are said. Burial however, that's permanent. That's everyday that they insult and mock us as we choose to keep him here.

    But that's just my opinion.

  32. Interesting. It's the hallmark of civilized people to properly dispose of everyone's remains in accordance with the conventions of the culture. Tossing bodies on garbage heaps, desecrating corpses, etc., would be an unworthy act, and Mr. Stefan appears to be a dignified, civilized man. His critics could use some enlightening. He did not condone the action of Tsarnaev; he did his job and behaved in accordance with the dictates of his profession, and according to the cultural norms we Americans espouse as setting us apart from barbarians — or at least, that we used to espouse.

  33. Criminals should be buried in numbered plots without head stones. The funeral should be short and dignified but without eulogizing.

  34. I agree his body should have been buried. All human bodies regardless of what kind of people they were should receive a timely burial. People had a right to be angry for what he and his brother did but to not allow a funeral home to receive the body by protest and threat is unnecessary. God will deal with him in His own way. We don't live under the Old Law of Moses any longer. That has been over for more than 2000 year's. We live under the Law of Christ if you are a Christian. His family had the right to bury his body in keeping with their tradition which was most likely Islamic.

  35. Sailor lore tidbit: Burials at sea are announced respectfully on Navy ships. The command "Bury The Dead" is spoken over the 1MC shipboard PA system shortly before the service. This allows the religious a chance for a timely prayer for the departed (It's usually a Navy Vet.) and the curious or devout to watch and participate in the service. I'm guessing this "courtesy command" was skipped for a few bad guys over the years.

  36. Like the guards on “The Green Mile” said, “He paid what he owed, he’s straight with the house”. Everyone deserves to be treated with, at least, glancing dignity.

  37. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was not only shot by the police, he was run over by the car his younger brother was escaping in. So younger brother either contributed to his brothers death or desecrated his corpse.

  38. What he did in life will be remembered always but he's not going to hurt anyone anymore. The fact that we as humans can have so much animosity towards a dead body just because they did shitty things in life is ridiculous. If anything it should give closure to everyone. Everyone deserves the right to be buried no matter how shitty they were. It's only going to get worse as more people are vocal and don't ha e a problem protesting but all this bullshit beating a dead horse with the Boston bomber cost 6 funeral homes and those workers their jobs. Will we ever stop and realize we are beating dead horses in cases like this. Idk but we should take a step back and realize that death is closure and just leave the families involved alone.

  39. Did the more emotionally mature members of local society have the guts to go out there to counter-protest the children, rather than leaving Mr. Stefan to face them alone?

  40. Burial isn't just for the dead, it is also for the living. Imagine being some of the family someone who loved the person the dead used to be. They still deserve to see an end to it be respectful. They deserve to have some kind of closure even tho in those situations itll never be complete its still something.

  41. Really late to the discussion but once a person dies, they’re gone. Everything after that is for loved ones. In a case like Bin Laden, most of the people mourning him were probably terrible human beings. The Boston Bomber still had parents who seemingly were not involved. His funeral was not about him, but about them.

  42. Good on Stefan. As an absurdist, I believe that once you die there’s nothing anyone can do about what you did in life. You’re just a dead and rotting body. That’s it. What the Tsarnaev brothers did was atrocious but after Tamerlan died, there’s nothing you could do to him that would make a difference. Dzhokhar was sentenced to death after being found guilty of 30 different counts, and rightfully so. But after he does take the chair or the injection, his body deserves to be culturally respected because it’s a body.

  43. As much as I like to shove terrorist in junk yard you just can't we bury or burn quick where no one knows a nameless grave,these creeps on society also had a mother and loved each othe well and innocent of evil that been done those people need feel sorry for

  44. I think you nailed it when you mentioned, burying the body of a terrorist allows a sort of shrine for their admirers to visit. This has been the concern for many criminals throughout history. Society seems to favor cremation and a scattering of ashes, so one location is not specified.
    In today's society of media frenzy, individuals are quickly crowned with fame by the sensationalizing of not only news broadcast but by social media exposure. So it isn't any wonder we would naturally fear further sensationalism after death, with a grave site to visit. I'm sure it's been done already. A selfie of some dumb kid looking for attention.
    If you are a person who only wants to memorialize the victims, or just wants to forget the whole thing, you don't want the possibility of crazies gathered around a terrorist's grave site, honoring their icon or plotting their own crimes against humanity.
    We also seem to view occupying land/territory is that lands invitation or acceptance of those who dwell there. So again, not great for someone looking to bury a criminal. But that's not really reality at all. I mean we all have to go somewhere, someday. Right?
    I find it ironic that we as the surviving population want both to see proof of a body to ensure death, but we don't want the body to exist at the same time. Seems ripe for conspiracy no matter what.
    I have to hand it to anyone who does this difficult work. While we want our pain to disappear like music, that's just not how it works.

  45. Could you do a video or video series about what happened to the bodies of the victims of 9/11? There aren't a lot of resources about what happens to the bodies of loved ones in situations like this.

  46. So we bowed to islamic traditions, kissed their asses and buried a dirtbag with the intention of not offending muslims. Now they are invading our country, taking everything over and screaming racism and filing lawsuits because a subway worker didn't change her gloves between sandwiches. We just have just brough him home and strung his carcass up on the flag pole at ground zero, gave a finger to the whole islamic world. We would be right where we are now except we can hold our heads up that we didn't show the world how weak we are.

  47. Now there are medical professionals refusing to care for LGBT people, or refugee people or women who need medical prescription abortion pills. They say it is against their sincere religious belief. When I was in nursing school I was taught that everyone deserved unbiased care. I've treated guys with swastikas tattooed on their arms. Naked lady tattoos. Downright mean junkyard dog types, angry old ladies, drunks, mentally ill people. Everyone deserves care. Everyone deserves to be buried. That's my take.

  48. Once the terrorist is dead, they're dead. The person they were ceases to exist. They just become a bag of meat and bone, just like you and I. What happens to the body after that is inconsequential, aside from not wanting the grave to become a shrine for other evildoers.

  49. I don't think the body should have been treated in such a way. He's dead. He holds no more power. He most likely still had family that mourned him, whether they were angry with his actions or not they should have been allowed to mourn properly. It wasn't about him anymore, but allowing friends and family to grieve.

  50. Well I think that when you die, your spirit leave the body so the body is then just empty so for criminals just cremate or buiry the body in an unmake grave or nothing special. I like to believe that it's the evil persons soul that will have to deal with Luscifer. So don't worry where the body ends up .his soul will get torchured for what they did.

  51. The body isn't anything anymore once it dies. It's a piece of flesh. Meat. A thing. The fact that people would freak out over burying the body in a traditional way is crazy. The person you hated, has already been eradicated. He can't hurt you anymore. All that's left is the shell, so let it be and let others take care of the body.

  52. It’s a real Bielefeld situation, any proof you give can be “disproved”

    Pictures: fake

    Videos:fake or another place

    People who live there or were present: paid actors

  53. I think the idea is that since the terrorist didnt respect anyone or have any decency in life, that they do not deserve the respect in death.

  54. Brutus put it best in the movie “The Green Mile” when he said, “he paid what he owed. He’s square with the house again.” The body, once deprived of a soul, is a tool with no use. There is no point in punishing a tool once its owner is gone.

  55. Burying a body should never be a big ordeal. I want more Peters in the world. Seems like if there were more like him we might have fewer terrorists anyway.

  56. Bin laden didn't deserve a proper burial. He deserved to be humiliated and defiled at the highest level. The fact that he got a better funeral than many of the 2000 people he killed is infuriating

  57. I see a problem in our society where we either want revenge or we want to forget about "evil" people or horrible things that's happened.
    First: I think everybody deserve a funeral and their family – no matter what the person did while alive – deserve the funeral as well.
    Second: Being able to see a grave reminds us of that person and what they did and I'm a huge believer in the idea that not forgetting can help us now and in the future, becoming better people ourselves and keeping in mind that we must continue to work together to prevent us/society to create such people and /or allow such incidents to take place ever again.

  58. To me, a burial for a terrorist is showing some level of respect for them. Fuck em. I like the rumour where he got torn up by rifle fire and thrown out of a helicopter.

  59. I'm on team bury the body quickly and quietly, preferably via cremation and some measure of secrecy to discourage the whole shrine/graverobbing/desecration issue

  60. I agree with Caitlin,and the two brothers lived by my niece . At one point they and the police were fighting in front of her apartment, but that does not mean I have to threaten someone doing their job. I lost my husband to violence over what we are,and lost friend at Pulse,so I could easily act this way,but be it secular or religious to act this way just seems beyond irony.

  61. I think the reason some people believe that burying terrorists or giving them proper burials is a bad idea is because they kinda become martyrs for other extremists and having them buried makes it feel like it could be easier for possible terrorists to sympathize with the dead person or something. But idk thats just speculation.

  62. I truly agree with you. It has me wondering what they did with the recent terrorist we killed. Trump was very disrespectful about his death and how it happened. And I'm sure he didn't care what they did with the body. Just like planning to show the video of his death. It's disgusting and immoral how cultures are disregarded by the government and citizens in anger
    Everyone deserves to be respected once they are gone

  63. Because in the United States, we believe in respecting the dead. No one wanted to give Tsarnaev that respect. But that is how you show you are not a society of animals or depraved humans. By respecting the dead of those least deserving respect.

  64. Not help his family with his burial? His family is innocent. They didn't hurt anyone & 2 them, he is still family. Even if 1 of my babies did something horrendous, they'd still be my baby & I'd still love him/her. The family can't always know what a loved one is doing, so they shouldn't be punished

  65. Extremely evil people still have people who love them. Common decency says they shouldn't be held responsible for the dead person's behavior. The sooner they are buried, the sooner they are forgotten.

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