Captain Marvel: The Real, Genuine Outrage | Jack Saint

Captain Marvel: The Real, Genuine Outrage | Jack Saint

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to be talking about Captain Marvel, the Marvel superhero film. That should be a nice inoffensive topic to grapple with shouldn’t it? He said, knowingly. So for those of you not aware, there’s been quite a bit of a fervor online relating to the release of this film, which many have decried as the fall of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and on a larger level, indicative of the fall of mainstream cinema as a whole. And there have been a lot of videos about this. A lot of videos. A lot. And though many of these videos talk about the film itself, many focus particularly on the actor playing Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, for comments she has made surrounding the film’s release, and her quote/unquote, reputation among the cast and crew. So with all these videos with such strong opinions about how bad all this is, there must surely be some very credible facts they’ve dug up, that make the level of controversy surrounding Larson and her film all very reasonable. For this video, we’re gonna first be looking at what exactly is being talked about, and then afterwards what it might mean that this is the reaction. So, uh, Let’s do the first one. Oh, before I go, just wanted to mention that this video is sponsored by Skillshare. I know what you’re thinking, typical Jack Saint In his typical Jack Saint style. Selling his soul for a quick buck. Well Skillshare is an online learning tool used by a wide variety of people across a variety of disciplines. Boasting over 25,000 classes teaching you skills in the fields of art, business, design and more, it’s hard to be surprised over 7,000,000 creators have signed up already. Would you like to learn how to draw lots of different styles of skulls? John Brommet has a class on just such a thing. With an annual subscription of less than 10 bucks a month, it’s a great deal for a lot of learning. And if you use the offer code listed below, you get two free months of the service. Anyway, “Just for once in your life have a conversation, and after that conversation, while you might not agree with the person you had the conversation with, at least you will have a better understanding of where they are coming from, and hopefully they’ll have a better understanding of where you’re coming from. That’s what happens with conversation and dialogue. Unfortunately, the far left, the SJW freaks, they’re not interested in conversation, they’re interested in attaching dangerous labels to you. And I am Boycotting Captain Marvel. Now do I hope to tank the movie as an individual? No, I don’t. I don’t know what’s gonna happen with the movie and I have no control over that. I’m simply saying me as an individual, I’m choosing not to spend my money on this product, because this product is overrun by identity politics and social justice warrior nonsense.” This fellow here is called Geeks Plus Gamers, but for the purposes of this, we’ll just call him Mister Gamer. Mister Gamer has himself built quite a reputation for being at the forefront of the Captain Marvel and Brie Larson controversies. With over a hundred and fifty thousand subscribers, having produced over 100 videos talking about her and her film. Yes, that is correct. Over 100 videos within the last year. So where did all this begin? Well, Mr. Gamer got his start with the more usual comic book fan thing. A lot of reaction videos to superhero movie trailers, Maybe the occasional review of a new film or some such. Of course for Mr. Gamer, The Last Jedi ruined everything. Taking umbrage particularly with the film’s director Rian Johnson, Mr. Gamer made it his mission to use his channel as a platform for his sheer dismay at the existence of the eighth Star Wars film. Videos were released such as: “Star Wars – Rian Johnson Needs To Be Fired” Will Disney Actually Fire Rian Johnson? “Rian Johnson Is Just Trolling Us Now” “Disney Listen To Us, Rian Johnson Needs To Be Fired” and, the most damning of all, “Nobody Wants Toys From The Last Jedi” “But something about the way the film was presented just did not make you want to go buy the toys.” Incidentally, this is my favorite thumbnail from this era of Mr. Gamer. Really sums it all up. As conversation about The Last Jedi had started to die down, some would say after the algorithm stopped favoring videos about it quite so much, conversations about Marvel started popping up, particularly about the recent release of Black Panther, and its praise as the first Marvel superhero movie with a black protagonist, and primarily black cast. Mr. Gamer didn’t really have too much to go on there – He did do a video talking about one of its writers expressing interest in how social views have shifted over the last decade, pointing out that while black protagonists have become more palatable to a large mainstream audience, misogynistic multi-millionaire businessmen have not. Mr. Gamer responded thusly: “Are you — Are you freaking kidding me right now? So instead of being appreciative of the platform that Iron Man helped build, and put Black Panther on so Black Panther could enjoy the success, instead of you just being appreciative of that, you decide to try to connect Tony Stark and his success to your hatred of Trump. One of the main reasons you have the platform you have is because of Iron Man. So instead of trying to use Iron Man to hate on Trump, just be appreciative of the person that helped get you here.” Now, we could go on a nice long talk about this specific video – The notion that this team should express gratitude that a story like Iron Man “paved the way” for Black Panther to exist. You know, “Oh thank you Iron Man, for showing that a mainstream Hollywood film can star a black man, Just as long as it’s backed up by four other mega hit franchises about white men.” Much to unpack, but this video is about Captain Marvel, not Black Panther. So why bring this up? Well, Mr. Gamer is sort of subject zero of this whole controversy, and both his interests and his rhetorical strategies Wind up being an excellent representation of many critics in this particular outrage. So this is a good way of outlining them before we get into the meat of things. In this case, a writer expresses fairly milquetoast political views – “Donald Trump is bad, and it’s good that society has gotten less misogynist.” And here, Mr. Gamer will interchangeably argue, partially that the view itself is wrong, but for the most part, not really. His focus is on the identity of the writer, and as such his main arguments will be that it was an irresponsible use of his platform, it’s fiscally irresponsible for him to express those views, and that people don’t want to hear the views of that particular person. And to be clear, when we talk about Mr. Gamer or anyone else here, it’s only for these purposes. To use as representative examples of this broader movement. I neither condone nor endorse any direct harassment of these people. With that in mind, let’s buckle into what I like to call The Sins of Captain Marvel. Number One. The unearned presence of women. ” And Kevin Feige, the great Kevin Feige, he’s now getting in the situation where it’s all about the women. It’s all about the women, we have to give you job because you’re a women, not because you earned it, not because you are the best person for the job, because you’re the gender we want to push into these films –” So as Mr. Gamer demonstrates here, what really flicked on the alarm bells about the film early on was a statement by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, about diversity. At the 2018 Produced By Conference, Feige was asked to comment on the precedent set by Captain Marvel’s director Anna Boden, the first female director across the 20 Marvel films that had currently been produced. When one questioner remarked that it would even things up if the next 20 were all directed by women, Feige responded, “I can’t promise 20, but a heck of a lot of them will be.” Mr. Gamer abutted this with a hypothetical: one that I personally love, because it really establishes the thought process here. Essentially, ” This is going to create worse Marvel films, because now they’re not looking for the most talented people, they’re looking for women.” “– major applause. Major applause, because hiring the best person for the job, that is not what you should do. You should hire gender. And, It’s just kind of incredible because he then goes on another six minutes, still with this hypothetical, and he somehow manages to never move forward to the obvious reply you could make to that statement: Why can’t those talented people… be women? Because, as we all know, being talented and being a woman are not mutually exclusive terms. You can be both talented, and a woman. And the weird thing is, despite the fact that the population is 50% female, and despite the fact that there sure are a lot of women working in Hollywood nowadays, they’re still woefully underrepresented in mainstream cinema. I mean in the example we’re just looking at here, Marvel had done 20 films up to this point, and this would be the first female director. 1/2 of the population, but only 1/20th here. If you had 20 apples, that would be like nine of them going rotten, with the rotten apples in this case, being heterosexual men. And the interesting thing is, Mr. Gamer goes on to further push us towards that question of why there would be this dichotomy, by giving a counter example of the highest paid female fashion models versus the highest-paid male fashion models. You see, in this one particular industry, the wage gap is inverted, and Mr. Gamer relates this to a simple matter of supply and demand Now, I don’t know enough about the modeling industry to really say if this is a consequence of supply and demand. I’d probably be more interested that among the rare exceptions to the overwhelming career wage gap in men’s favor, one of the biggest ones is the career built around… looking nice. But do you see what we’re talking about now? We’re not talking about female representation among directors in Hollywood, now we’re talking about what might affect the wages in an entirely different industry. What does modeling have to do with directing a Marvel film? Better yet, What does the consumer demand for female fashion models have to do with the consumer demand for female directors? Female fashion models tend to look a certain way, and they’re hired based on that. Is Mr. Gamer claiming here that it just happens to be that consumers are saying, “Ah, good, I’ve really enjoyed the fact that this was directed by a man!” And that influenced supply and demand, and that’s why all the directors are male? Or, are we going back to the false dichotomy between talented directors and female directors, and it’s a supply and demand where audiences want talented directors and not female directors? We don’t have any answers to these questions because Mr. Gamer is never really interested in discussing why there was this very clear, significant imbalance, which is sort of fundamental to understanding why we would want to correct it. You know, if the tide goes out, it’s good to know whether that’s because the planet is dying, and the sea is disappearing, or just because that’s the time the tide goes out. So what we’re just left with, is this lingering sense – These women directors they’re talking about, they didn’t earn their way in, like the men did. It’s fiscally irresponsible, they’re getting in the way of supply and demand by giving these jobs to women… As long as we ignore the circular logic of assuming audiences didn’t want female directors, because the films they watched, didn’t have female directors. Number Two. Brie Larson’s Vendetta Against 40-Year-Old White Men. Of course, even before Mr. Gamer and company were airing their concerns about the direction of Marvel, one casting choice was already getting everyone in quite a stir, After Brie Larson, who had been signed on to play Captain Marvel, said something about social justice. “Earlier this week USC Annenberg’s inclusive initiative released findings that 67% of the top critics reviewing the 100 highest-grossing movies in 2017 were white males. Less than a quarter were white women, and less than 10% were unrepresented men. Only 2.5 percent of those top critics were women of color. There is an insanely low chance a woman of color will have the chance to see your movie, and review your movie.” In case you didn’t catch that, what had happened was Brie Larson had won an award at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy event, a combination of her work in activism and her acclaimed performances in the last few years. While accepting said award, Brie decided to speak about representation, and particularly about how more could be done in the film industry to include a wide variety of perspectives – not just more women, but more women of color, with Larson citing data showing that, among other things, white male critics make up 67 percent of top critics reviewing the top 100 releases over the last few years. While women make up less than a quarter, and women of color, an even lower proportion than that. Quite the disconnect compared to the relative distribution of the USA. As pointed out in the report, this leads to funny things like even films explicitly being advertised with a female demographic in mind, often being overwhelmingly reviewed by men among the top critics. Going off of these findings, it seems fairly self-evident that the demographics being increasingly catered to in cinema, are not getting fair representation among the critics reviewing them. As Larson puts it, “if you make a movie that is a love letter to women of color, there is a chance that a woman of color does not have access to review and critique your film.” In fact, the chances of them not being the critic assigned to that film, are about 95.9%. Oof, all these numbers and statistics… Starting to make my head hurt. But at least this all seems very straightforward and agreeable. She even clarifies that this was obviously not about her hating white men, just in case. So, I’m sure nobody’s going to — (music) “Clearly you just don’t want white dudes to have an opinion. You don’t want white dudes to go see your movie, right? That’s exactly what you’re saying. How about none of these white men go see your movie? Well, I can just tell you I don’t only speak for myself. This one’s not going to see your movie. Not at all. So, unfortunately as part of her speech, Brie Larson made the statement: I don’t need a 40-year old white dude to tell me what ‘didn’t work for him’ about A Wrinkle In Time.” That’s a rare treat there by the way, the actual full quote. For some reason, even in articles directly quoting the video, they tend to leave out bits or just fabricate parts. Now, in context this seems like a pretty inelegant way of making the point we’ve already made: that there are films made to speak to specific experiences that aren’t getting a fair critical representation, and A Wrinkle In Time being no exception – A film which very specifically speaks to the anxieties of young girls, and especially young girls of color, with a broad message about empowerment. And I say inelegance because, yeah, if we’re being honest with ourselves, it was a pretty awkward way of making this point. It would be very easy to, say, twist this into making it look like you’re dismissive of what 40 year-old white men have to say about anything ever, or even that you don’t think the opinions of a 40 year old white man should ever matter at all, and unfortunately, Mr. Gamer is a 39 year old white man. “Am I allowed to have an opinion of your movie? Because you’ve already said you don’t care about the opinion of white men. And it’s kind of funny because so many white men have built this franchise that you have just easily walked into. What about the little boys? Are little boys just not allowed to go see this movie?” Now, at no point was anyone told they weren’t allowed to have an opinion about films. Even if we take Brie Larson at her most literal, at most she’s saying she doesn’t personally care about your opinion, talking about one specific film. And when we look at the whole point being made including the parts where she repeatedly clarifies this isn’t about having an issue with white men, the fairly sloppy wording sort of clarifies itself for the simple point really being made – Films are now being made for a wider array of perspectives than ever, wouldn’t it be nice if those judging the films sort of matched that, at least a little bit? This is not an attack on 40 year-old white men, unless we presume the reasons that demographics so overwhelmingly dominates media criticism is purely supply and demand too, with nothing to do with the abundant workplace discrimination in decades prior. I would hope Mr. Gamer can at least acknowledge that in the 70s and 80s, when many of these critics were getting their start, women of color certainly suffered heavy discrimination, and this may influence the positions we see now. You might even say, to correct this historic discrimination, we would need to consciously consider offering more opportunities to non white male perspectives. But this would once again be missing that Mr. Gamer isn’t really criticizing Larsen’s actual position, he’s arguing with a malformed version of her beliefs, in which white men are bad, calling her view, once again, fiscally irresponsible, and unbecoming of her place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “White men have built this franchise that you have just easily walked into and been put on a pedestal. You’ve done none of the work , you’ve done nothing to build this universe, but yet you have no problem coming into it and trashing the people that have built this platform, for you to get on that platform and talk down to the evil white men.” To bring in our second guest of the evening, this style of argument is best summarized by your friend and mine: The Quartering. “We don’t care. We don’t care what you have to say about politics. Given the option, you should pass on these questions. Because you are abusing the intellectual property of Marvel to gain a platform, and then you use it, instead of being a friend of the fans Who are, unfortunately for Brie Larson, a lot of older white dudes. Why won’t you just shut up, okay?” So there we have it – they’ve abused this platform given to them by comic book fans to give their opinions on things when asked for them in interviews, all while they could have just refused to say anything, because, you know, we disagree with that. Captain Marvel might have been an amazing movie, but because Brie Larson is an absolute garbage human in real life, I won’t see it. And here’s the thing: It’s really easy up in your ivory towers to say ‘Well, there’s just another angry manbaby!’ Okay, fine. Keep saying it.” For the most part, discussion has, up to this point, at least appeared to center around specific disagreements with political positions, primarily the belief that extremely disproportionate representation in Hollywood and the media is the result of anything other than, I suppose, the whims of the market. But we are seeing a shift here, just as we saw the shift away from really responding to the things that were being said, a shift from the positions, to the individuals making them. “Well recently she has now doubled down, as I predicted back in June, that these comments would come back to bite her in the… non-existent butt, because Marvel is literally hiring a butt double. Number Three: Brie Larson’s Smile and/or Bum. “Now I’m not one, I’m not even really a butt guy, I’m more of a boob guy, but I mean, I think we can be honest here, that Brie Larson is lacking in the butt department, and you can see a while back — “You ready?” “Higher further faster, baby.” “Yeah, we’re gonna show these boys how we do it. We’re gonna go higher, further, faster, baby! We’re better — we’re better than those stinkin’ mens, of course, it wouldn’t be a Captain Marvel trailer without showing just how wooden her face looks, see the… aviator glasses on her right there, kind of hides her dead, Wooden eyes. She has a kind of half-cocked smile, cuz she’s literally forcing it out, It’s like they had to inject, like Botox into her to get like that half a smile out of her right there. That’s the Captain Marvel way.” (music) “And then of course there’s that Deadwood face right there as she gets up from the ground, from all of that, all of those mens, and all that patriarchy–” Weirdly enough it wasn’t long after these very legitimate political disagreements that reactions to Captain Marvel teasers and its production became, some would say, negative. “Let’s start with the Superbowl ad. it begins with Larson’s woke friend stating: ‘we’ve got to show these boys how we do it.’ Captain Egomaniac responds with ‘higher further faster,’ and then finishes with ‘try to keep up.’ When she gives a smile, really it’s nothing more than a smirk, which I’d say she probably did on purpose. She comes across as so unbelievably pompous in this trailer, and it’s probably one of the most irritating and teeth grinding things I’ve seen in a very long time. Marvel what the hell are you thinking?” And, if you’ll go along with me on this, It may have had something to do with a lot of these people not personally liking Brie Larson. (music) “I just don’t like Brie Larson. I do not like her at all.” Among other things, the fact that Brie Larson did not have a large bum was one sudden point of contention. You see, in the comic books, Captain Marvel looks like a comic book character, but in the real world, Brie Larson just looks like a 3D human woman. Strike one there. And to top it off, she didn’t really smile very much in a lot of these trailers. Very, very unusual, and almost certainly the result of Brie Larson’s poor acting ability, and not because it’s quite standard to put a lot of serious looking hero shots in movie trailers, even movie trailers for Marvel movies. Certainly not because there’s an explicit theme of the story that Captain Marvel has been told repeatedly to bottle up her emotions. Again, it all just sort of comes back to Brie Larson in increasingly odd and obscure ways, like The Quartering repeatedly mixing up the character Captain Marvel, and the actor Brie Larson, almost as if he doesn’t realize she is, in fact, playing a character in a film. “I know a renegade soldier when I see one.” “There’s that look.” (music) “There’s the look! There it is again! The exact same look.” The many face of Brie Larson. Now, is this saying people weren’t allowed to be critical of Captain Marvel? Yes, it is. I can’t imagine the kind of shameful person who would do such a thing. But I at least hope we can agree, having watched these clips, that feedback might be a little bit tainted by some other force going through these critical minds. “Marvel is getting woke, and we all know the saying: get woke, and you go broke.” And of course, this led to: Four. Censoring My Constitutional Right To Post My “Want To See” Rating On Rotten Tomatoes. On February 2019, just prior to the release of Captain Marvel, Rotten Tomatoes announced it would be removing the “Want To See Rating,” essentially a rating users can put on unreleased films, to ideally give a rough understanding of how excited audiences are for the film. Though they had claimed this had been due to a common confusion users had between audience scores and Want To See scores, leading to the occasional impression Want To See scores in any way reflected the quality of the film, the coincidental timing of this was exposed for what it really was, an SJW conspiracy to silence differing opinions. Differing opinions on what, exactly? Well ostensibly about a Marvel superhero film, right? That’s what this was all about – These fellows just want to express their opinions about a film, with no ulterior motivations that might make this metric on a film review site a bit pointless. “It really started getting a lot of attention because of Brie Larson’s comments, and because of Brie Larson’s comments, over and over again, she won’t stop with the comments. Over and over, so fans are voicing their displeasure, going “I don’t wanna see this movie.” It was at once a 96%, and then it went all the way down to a 26%. and now it is gone. The ability to speak is no longer there because they didn’t like the opinions that were being shared.” Did you notice that there by the way? Did you notice how Mr. Gamer just went straight from ‘these people aren’t willing to listen to opposing viewpoints,’ to ‘Brie Larson won’t stop with her comments. And so we will boycott the film.’ You’d almost get the impression they were trying to use the threat of a financial loss as a means of controlling what others say. Interesting, that, maybe there’s a conclusion in it. And as we reach the Captain Marvel post-release zenith, and Brie Larson being brought on to do interviews with the Avengers prior to Endgame, it really was a golden age. Among the highlights was this video from Mr. Gamer, in which he gets very upset about this Captain Marvel poster ‘rewriting’ the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by implying that Captain Marvel came before the Avengers, not realizing that the poster’s tag line, ‘Before the Avengers there was Captain Marvel,’ was referencing the fact that the film Captain Marvel takes place before The Avengers. I was also going to show a clip I saw shared all around the anti-Brie Larson communities, Wherein a man punches a Captain Marvel toy in a Tesco’s, with the caption ‘#NotMyCaptain,’ which I swear did happen, but I can’t find it anymore. Luckily, we have something better: the absolute peak, the defining moment of the real, genuine Brie Larson Captain Marvel outrage that actually happened. The one that really captures the spirit of the whole endeavor: Number 5 Brie Larson’s Posture. In mid-April, this interview surfaced between Chris Hemsworth, Don Cheadle, and Brie Larson. And, just, I don’t really think I could do it justice by explaining it, so I’m just gonna show you some clips. “But out of this press tour has come some absolutely merciless, merciless ribbing. Some of it seems good-natured while other parts of it seem like there’s a general disdain for Brie Larson.” BRIE: “There’s no competition for me because I’m the strongest, so–” DON: “Eh…” BRIE: “–it’s just kind of like a different–” CHRIS: “We usually let her think that, but –” BRIE: “It’s not! As I’ve said before, it’s not, it’s just a fact, it’s not a personal opinion.” It’s not a reflection on what you can’t do, but it is also kind of a reflection on all that you can’t do.” CHRIS: “It’s just that you– you’re just not that strong.” “But you’re really smart, and, you know. But–” “Should we have a fight?” BRIE: “I feel like we’re fighting right now. I think it’s been an all day thing.” “These are just tiny tiny parts, and at the end of this clip she’s literally saying like, ‘We feel like we’ve been fighting all day.’ DON: “Like I said, there’s been a sort of the passing of the torch, and Brie just has to not screw it up.” “Oh, yeah bonus Don Cheadle meme:” OFFSCREEN: “for this universe.” (Laughs) MR. GAMER: “–From the moment, like from the moment. Look at this look in her face, UGH!” KEVIN FRAZIER: “Brie, what was it like joining this group? (disgruntled man noises) BRIE: “It wasn’t all flushed out yet with the Captain Marvel solo film either, so it was just–” MR. GAMER: “He does not want to be there at all. Neither does Don Cheadle. It’s obvious.” BRIE: “Just kind of finding our way.” DON: “–paid promptly and that’s the biggest thing.” BRIE: “–still waiting for my membership card.” MR. GAMER: “Look at look at look at Hemsworth right there. Look at Hemsworth right there. Look at the look on his face DON: “–the initiation dues are paid promptly, and that’s -” MR. GAMER: He is so uncomfortable.” BRIE: “Waiting for my membership card, that hasn’t been received.” DON: “25 dollars, yeah, that’ll come. the card’ll come.” FEMALE VOICE: “Her back is straight, which has nothing to do with not touching anyone, and it’s staying stiff, and her head is up, chin in an angle of domination. ‘I could be just as tall as you, I dominate.’ CHRIS: “The first film, for me anyway was like, took ’em, you know, I thought I was gonna be fired most days–” (Don laughs) CHRIS: “Was anybody gonna – ” FEMALE VOICE: “Oh my god. This woman. I think she likes this guy in the brown. I think he’s driving her absolutely nuts that she can’t figure out how to get him to like her back.” INTERVIEWER: “Brie what was it like joining this group, this Universe?” DON: (laughs) “I love that. Just go to the next one. BRIE: “Ugh.” (laughs) FEMALE VOICE: “That’s funny you see moments of Disgust from both of them, like eh, like it’s an open secret that they don’t like each other. He’s uncomfortable arguing with her. You see here. He’s looking down. He’s trying to make it a playful thing, which probably makes him very attractive to people, because he likes to take his sarcasm and turn it into a joke, which idiots can’t figure out.” That last one was called Body Language
Avengers Endgame, and was a video by the channel Body Language Ghost, which accrued over 760 thousand views. Body Language Ghost is a Body Language Expert, whose aim is to teach people to be able to identify and see deception in body language. And to pull the curtain on that one, no, this person has no kind of accreditation in this subject, as they point out on their about page, “There’s no such thing as a body language degree.” They just sort of know about these things, I suppose. Aside from in this particular instance presumably, because it turned out that every single conclusion she made about the interview, was revealed to be false. Our Body Language Expert made the tragic error they could have not possibly foreseen: when the actors were acting like they all hated each other, they were in fact, acting. Brie Larson’s posture was not, in fact, due to a subconscious desire to dominate men, but because a hairstylist had been doing work on her hair during the interview. And it turned out when Brie Larson mockingly tells Chris Hemsworth she’s surprised he doesn’t do his own stunts, and that she thought that was just what everyone did, she was… Joking. CHRIS: “I do all my stunts.” BRIE: “I did — I did my stunts because I thought that that’s what everyone did, and then –” CHRIS: “Another Tom Cruise, are you?” BRIE: “No, I’ll be the first me, not the next Tom Cruise, thank you very much.” THEQUARTERING: “– well now that’s an interesting statement to make, Brie Larson. See, I think, I wonder if, now you’re giving Hemsworth the business about not doing his own stunts, there is clear photographic evidence of Brie Larson’s stunt doubles. So –” You — You li– You literally found these photos from promotional shoots of the film. Brie Larson is in those shots. It would obviously be pointless for her to genuinely try to hide that she had a stunt double… What? Why… why would — Oh, I need a sit down. TOM HOLLAND: “You ever seen Spiderman Homecoming?” “I haven’t seen the Falcon movie– Oh wait, there isn’t one. Sorry –” (audience roars) Oof. Did you see Tom Holland touch Anthony Mackie there? It’s like a real fight was about to kick off. So there is the broad strokes of the Brie Larson/Captain Marvel controversy. What began as concerns that Marvel was sacrificing the quality of its films for the social justice agenda, became a general hatred of Brie Larson for her divisive views, which really aren’t that divisive when you actually know what they are, and from there, anything about Brie Larson became a kind of trigger for these fans. “Sometimes when I freeze the frame her face looks weird.” “This press photo is… Unflattering.” “She looked at another actor in a way.” And my personal favorite, a video in which Brie Larson very specifically is not doing anything… “–Like, man.” What’s going on with Brie Larson? She’s actually acting — she’s actually acting like a decent person in these interviews, and this is like not at all what we expect of her, especially with how she was just acting like a week ago in those interviews with her cast mates and stuff. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s just a fluke, I don’t know if she’s, if she’s been, she was like told by somebody, ‘Hey, people are still making videos about you because you’re being an idiot in — during these interviews.” The surface conclusion is that, as it turns out, despite this being such a massive long-winded controversy, the criticism of Captain Marvel doesn’t really amount to much, particularly in a post release landscape. The heavy reliance on threatening Marvel that the film will fail if they kept pushing the SJW agenda kind of fell flat, despite some desperate last-minute videos about how Disney was actually staging the film’s success, it ended up doing very well. So much for #GetWokeGoBroke, I suppose. “1 billion dollars at the box office, congratulations.” And as was always the problem, the stances themselves that it will be nice to have more opportunities for diverse critics to discuss material that speaks directly to their experiences, that there is currently a massive imbalance in representation across much of mainstream media, were never really argued with. These stances weren’t really bad for the stances themselves, Or at least that wasn’t the focus. It was just that it was financially risky. That it was an irresponsible thing to use your platform to say. That nobody likes you anyway, so please just go away. That things got extremely petty here is demonstrable with any kind of peek into this stuff. “She had to go and try to remove all those press-junkin’ videos of her off Youtube.” (laughter) BRIE: “Right, guys?” DON AND CHRIS: “Yeah.” BRIE: “Isn’t it fun being there for all my extra takes?” MOCKING VOICE: “Oh my God I look like such a c***.” But the real thing to remember here, is that the points made in these videos were never really supposed to go beyond flimsy and petty. See, before, we had the fake outrages of games like Cuphead and Doom Eternal, as illustrated by some channels, situations where there was this impression built that there was a big social justice warrior outrage about ableism, or Islamophobia. And you’re waiting for me to say, well look, while it turns out those situations were largely fabricated based on extremely small isolated accounts on social media, this Brie Larson outrage was being pushed by dozens of channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, getting hundreds of thousands of views with hordes of commenters agreeing, ‘Ah yeah, I also hate Brie Larson for her hatred of white men, and for silencing free speech, and lying about that stunt-double. It turns out the people against the SJWs are the ones getting outraged. But the truth is it’s the same machine as before, isn’t it? I can’t really say if Mr. Gamer himself really believes in a lot of his criticisms, honestly of all these channels I’ve gone through, he’s the one who most seemed like he could just be a humble nerd who just wants to drink his chocolate milk, and sincerely thinks the world is against him because of Rian Johnson and Brie Larson. But I can certainly tell you that there are a lot of channels pumping out the exact same content he was – covering the exact same Brie Larson related topics, grossly exaggerating her acting, her talking points, her posture in interviews, to further fuel these passionate responses. And honestly, a lot of them seemed a lot less genuine about being upset about this stuff. The fact is, right now, we on YouTube are subservient to an algorithm. An algorithm that decides on a whim what you are interested in watching. Right now it seeks out channels that frequently upload, have high watch time, and frequently get clicked on. It just so happens pumping out this sort of TMZ gossip content about how Jeremy Renner looked at his shoes, which means he hates Brie Larson — MR. GAMER: “Look at him!” BRIE: “I mean I’m — I am committed to self-improvement and I work at being the best person that I can be.” This is what appeals to this algorithm right now, because it’s a consistent drip-feed of content, you always know what you’re getting, and considering you can often just repeat your points over and over, or even just make things up if you care to, it’s extraordinarily easy to just keep pumping them out. If you happen to open a video about Captain Marvel between February and now, you’ll likely be struck by just how many of your video recommendations for the next week will be about Brie Larson, Captain Marvel, snowflake meltdown exposed. It’s the Anita Sarkeesian effect all over again, and there’s my opportunity to plug Big Joel’s video on the subject. So there’s that. I’m sorry to anyone who did really feel that Brie Larson said and did some truly awful things in all this. It turns out you haven’t walked into an honest protest. I’m afraid you’ve been pulled into a cottage industry, an industry that isn’t really interested in giving you the honest truth about these situations, that really just wants to keep finding new things for a spicy headline to make you more mad about things that it already knows you’re mad about. And you’ll never really learn more, because if you did know more, you’d probably be less mad, and you’d stop clicking on the links. A few years ago, YouTube had reply girls, because the site and its algorithm had been designed in such a way that this is what was able to flourish. In all likelihood, this too will happen with these flimsy, poorly researched gossip pieces against the hated public figure of the week. It’s hard to really predict with YouTube. Until then, it’s important to remember that none of these individual channels, be it The Quartering, Mr. Gamer or any others, individually brought anything to these situations. They are, at their core, easily exchanged and replaced, products of an algorithm currently hunting for copies of easy reliable content that is easy to get viewers fired up about. And, right now, that market is social justice outrage. And that’s quite interesting to think about isn’t it? If we think back to the sort of false arguments about supply and demand earlier, with the suggestion that things like discrimination and inequality can be explained simply by natural market forces, It all links back pretty clearly. Often when this lot are, for instance, made fun of for being quite obsessed with Brie Larson, their response will be, ‘we’re just giving the people what they want,’ and that’s the root of all this, really. It’s a series of actually quite artificial, oftentimes arbitrary factors that have resulted in a certain status quo, that they have found personally advantageous. And the best way to make sure nobody really studies these factors, or dare I say it, criticizes them, is to insist that it’s all just the natural order of things, a natural order which, by apparently being natural, means we can skirt around the moral or ethical concerns of profiting off of lying about someone to fuel the witch hunts. You know, if that’s just the natural thing. Hello everyone, thanks for watching. Bit of an unusual format for me, but I hope you all enjoyed it. A quick reminder that if you like the content, please feel free to like, subscribe, and share it around on Reddit, Twitter, or your local discord server. If you’d like to go the extra mile, I also have a Patreon to help fund the show, or a Ko-Fi for one-time donations. The Patreon will get you in the credits being shown now. At the $15 mark you even get your name read out like this, with special thanks to Cowrara, LaborWavedashing, Taurun the Exile, IndustrialRobot, E.V. Roske, A Recusant, with an extra special thanks to Pamphleteer. I’d also like to give a final thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring me with this video. Once again, feel free to use the offer code down below. They like it when you do that. Other than that, thanks folks, and I’ll see you next time. Bloody copycats.

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  1. Thanks for watching. I look forward to a very good, nice comments section! Please share if you enjoy.
    Final reminder to check out Skillshare at the link here for TWO FREE MONTHS of Premium service!

    EDIT: Quick thing also: at one point in the video I pretty sloppily referred to the global population as "50% female", specifically because a male/female binary is used in the study being discussed – but without clarification, it kinda sounds like an erasure of enbies. enbies are real and good!




  2. I could see why you think this but the way one says stuff can make a huge difference. For example

  3. I just found this channel, I was expecting a review on the movie from someone who is on the left I had high expectatives from the Yiik and Alice in Wonderland reviews but instead I found a left circlejerk. This video is clearly targeted to another audience.

  4. I myself really dont like how her role has been playing out in Marvel. I havent watched any other of her films, but the Captain movie was pretty boring to me and her role in IW was kinda unnecessary

  5. I give CM a B. Not bad, not great. Obviously not as good as hype suggested but that's why they call it hype, I suppose. BL is fine. I found her 'wooden' as well and I get why her character was written that way. It may not have been Brie's bad idea but it was still a bad idea. An unemotional superbeing is going to be in the next 10 marvel movies? Ugh..why? The Hemsworth, Larson, Cheadle interview was awkward AF. I had heard all the anti sjw stuff and that is normal at this point. Boys will be sad, whiney boys but there is genuine cringe there. Your example of Holland and Mackie make the opposite point you think it does. Big wide smiles and very easy and believable laughter. If you want to say H,L and C felt the same, you're trying too hard. There is tension. You don't have to be a body language expert to see it. Just like you don't need to be a psychiatrist to know there is something deeply wrong with Trump. I'm not going to claim I know what it is but it feels weird. Forced. Which is different then most of the previous cast junkets. Maybe its Hemsworth. Who knows. But here's where I wish the conversation would go:
    Why are we looking to a multi-billion dollar corporation with a well documented history of abuse and exploitation of everyone, but esp women as a beacon of feminism? There are big and important critiques that need to made of this thing Disney is doing *from the left*. That should have been the theme of this video. It's a shame you went for the low hanging fruit and just dunked on sad white dudes. For the record, I think they are sad, too. It's just that they are secondary to the bigger issue of corporate commodification of leftist ideology.

  6. Funny how these guys criticize those who are "Politically Correct" for "Boycott Culture" yet when they enact the same behavior for some reason it's okay and makes sense

  7. I'm just gonna get this out of the way now, because people seem to miss this a lot in these stupid online dramas.

    The real issue here isn't the stupid white kid making the nerdy rage video on you tube.
    the real issue here isn't Brie.

    the real issue is trying to avoid falling into a false state of belief that major billionaire companies that have untold and vast social influence can be counted to do the right thing and fight the right causes. majority of the time they only put in a token effort and only for the purposes of marketing gimmicks.

    unfortunately people get caught up in the petty sexism dramas they can't see the true enemy right in front of their faces.
    for every youtube video discussing this stupid drama the only one gaining anything out of it is the company who made the movie since they are getting all this free marketing from the "issue".

  8. I loved Brie in Scott Pilgrim, but you have to admit that she is a little hostile in some interviews, that explains why some people find her insufferable, I still like her tho. Also, Marvel has been taking some bad decisions on Captain Marvel's (Danvers) character, and in Civil War 2 she is kind of the antagonist, but the girl that became Ms Marvel (after Danvers became Captain Marvel) is a really kick ass character, so there are some comics fans that are tired of CM. So those are two valid criticisms for Brie and that character.

    The problem is that a lot of guys, (like Mr games and geeks) oversimplify everything and make it all about "wamens in muh movies", and end up victimizing themselves, the same thing that they hate about the "sjws", and from there it's a downward spiral into misoginy. 😒

  9. Public figures gets shamed for commiting sexual harassment:
    "What? SJWs are so triggered. Separate the art from the artist."

    Woman slightly calls out racism in the USA:

  10. Man, I was really hoping this was about how boring the movie was

    That was the real problem with captain marvel

  11. A little late to the party, but had a few thoughts. The video was really well done, and I think done in such a way that it didn't provoke a lot of toxic comments.

    With that said, I think there was a little misrepresentation of the argument here in regards to the point of "Women's unearned presence." You made the assumption that there was really any implication that a woman could not be the most talented candidate, the argument was that they are arbitrarily excluding a lot of talent on the basis that they are not women, and as a result are lowering the films potential by narrowing their scope.

    That and the fact the attitude of it being women seems arbitrary, as it's sort of the same problem that people run into with affirmative action wherein you're punishing a group of people for crimes committed by people who are not them. The only connection they have to them is they share a skin color or a gender, and our instinctive sense of justice dictates we punish people guilty of a crime, it feels wrong to punish someone by proxy especially given the insanely broad criteria we're given here.

    I think Mr. Gamer here went way overboard and the people taking these actions have their heart in the right place, but intent doesn't make the action inherently good. I really hope we can find the right path on this as a people.

  12. I really hope you or Shaun could make a video like this about the "outrage" on the new She-ra reboot someday.

  13. Marvel movies have always been moderately ‘progressive’ (of course not really progressive but in the way that liberal and neoliberal America is progressive) so I’m really surprised this guy never noticed that until black panther. He loved these movies before then, but did he really not notice the non-conservative undertones?

  14. I was only slightly impressed that they didn't go into "overtly" sexist lagngue, and then the butt discourse happened. 😓

  15. I feel so stupid for buying into the Captain Marvel controversy. It was completely overblown and kind of sexist.

  16. Geeks and gamers mo is circular reasoning it’s always we never it’s never I 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😭

  17. i'm not that much into geek and gamers channel; i think he exagerate politics and push his opinion, good or not , rather than criticizing the same time:

    the public when they gonna see a movie, does not care if the real are a men or a woman, talented or not, but he the film is divertising.
    the reason why there is so few woman producing blockbuster is maybe because less women pursue film making career?like less woman are interessed in programing or it sciences?
    this can be the link between modeling and film making: both are job who are more likely to be pursue by a gender than the other,women liking more to be model and men more liking making film or mma?even i admit it does'nt justify the pay gap(if pay gap there is for females directors) because movie are not about the gender of the maker . modeling is verry lean toward women, both in supply and demand, so women model are more demanded, so men are pay less, i guess?even most of high end clothing house are run by men, look lvmh group for example, or zara.

  18. Your missing the point. This comment will be completely buried and ignored but; the point is if u want the top 10 directors to direct your 10, $100 million+ movies and only 1 of them is female ( by top 10 I mean the directors that most people can name due to their skill in the industry) your not choosing to not hire females, but it will look it. It’s not marvels job to say “we’ll hire women” it’s their job to say “we’ll hire the best person for the job” if it’s a movie about females and for females then it may mean that a female director is the best choice and that would make sense. For the same reason u’d probably rather not have any Male/ female director directing a god farther sequel- you’d want the original director BECAUSE HES TYE BEST PERSON FOR IT.

    Mr gamer is also wrong. He’s just being a cunt and u said exactly why lol 😂

  19. Oh God, the quartering, my eyes, my ears, they burn, my nose is filled with the stench of angry white men, the YouTube algorithm keeps recommending me his videos when it's obvious how I lean on issues

    The pain is unbearable

  20. This is still really weird to me. The lack of any inciting incident. The determination of the misogynerd cadre to be offended at this anyway, simply because it was the next thing to be offended at.

  21. And when the Captain Marvel drama started I backed off said no thank you.
    I'll just watch the movie on my own accord..
    I really don't join gangs or cults.

  22. I think Brie Larson proved herself right.
    40 year old white men getting all upset over stupid stuff.
    Wow she literally predicting the future.

  23. this guy is talking like tony stark exists and iron man is a person who set the stage for black panther to exist… what.

  24. I think Mr gamers point is that marvel and Hollywood in general will be so caught up with gender quota that instead of 20 talented female directors we would have 20 women that would be picked at random with no auditions and might have either no pre existing knowledge or might not even care for or about the source material that the film is based on which is a massive complaint from most reviews of adapted films that are considered bad or poorly made

  25. Oh god, leftytube is imploding on itself. They are parodying each other. If I had learn anything from the "rationals" this means the empire is collapsing.

  26. It's clear that more women need to be FORCED to become critics. Chain them to desks and force them to review movies.

    Ironic that the name "Captain Marvel" was never mentioned in the movie "Captain Marvel" (Or "Endgame" For that matter. The name was mentioned in-universe for the FIRST TIME in Spider-Man, Far From Home.) You would think that the title character of the movie would be mentioned at some point in the film by that name.

  27. I can understand the criticism of her statements, acting, and the overall quality, or lack there of, of the film. I will grant them that. But what I will never understand is the freaking 'controversy' about her butt.

  28. All of these people sound so dumb, though. I mean, I've heard discriminatory or misogynistic people having arguments that are, at the very least, legitimate-sounding arguments (but which can usually be easily refuted). These YouTubers have, well, non-arguments. They are, in fact, man-babies or whatever phrase that guy used! None of those rants made any real sense. They didn't even make me angry, the way crude misogynistic rants usually. They literally just made me laugh!
    Oh, I just saw the first half of the video before commenting. The second half tells me these people are even sillier. The actors literally did the same thing to Tom Holland when he joined. I saw those interviews and never saw any actual enmity/frostiness between them. People either are too dumb to understand the jokes and the banter, or they are pretending to be unable to understand to forward their regressive agendas. Imagine having to pretend to be dumb in order to make a point!! Pitiful…

  29. But here's my question, why is it in this day of the Internet and being able to quickly build a following if you have the right stuff, there somebody of any background could become a reviewer? In fact most people go to Youtube for movie reviews now. Most of the actual news sites and even some of the websites that claim that they're critiquing things, are dismissed. I'm not saying that there isn't a discrimination against women and women of color and men of color and all sorts of people, but what is stopping them from starting a YouTube channel and reviewing TV shows to start with or their favorite movies, or becoming a critic of things that they love? That's the one thing I just don't understand, especially as we move towards the Internet being the guiding force for how people view movies and television shows, I mean I never would have heard of HBO's Chernobyl had it not been for 1 of my favorite reviewers talking about it. Also Brie Larson doing activism pretty questionable. I mean, the most I heard from both sources not just people like Mr. Gamer or the ordering but even positive sources, was just that she was trying to raise money to send girls to see captain Marvel. It wasn't like buying them schools supplies, or something like that? I mean I love Pokemon but I sure wouldn't consider it activism to buy a bunch of Pokemon games and hand them out like candy. In the end, it sounds like she really needs a coach on how to speak about certain things, because I've heard it said that you can have the best message in the world so inspiring, but if you don't know how to deliver it you going to turn more people against your message then you ever intended to. Which I'm honestly in shock as to how she went from when she was on Fallon for Room and she was amazingly likeable and quirky and fun and now seems like she had reverted back to not knowing how to be that way? I really hope she's alright. I mean I know people change but I thought she would blossom more into someone who we see and go "Yes! Its them!" But idk. Who knows. I honestly thought Captain Marvel was meh, I found myself caring more about Nick Fury than Carol, heck even Maria was more interesting, but I do blame that on the directors, not Brie. Here's to hoping they let her be more fun in later movies.

  30. Oh yes, a sure sign that you're about to hear a stimulating and well thought out argument are the words "wahman" and "womz".

  31. The more a man asks me to smile cos it makes him uncomfy the more I will go out of my way not to. No one should be forced to smile if they don't feel like it. Those interviews look exhausting, no wonder they aren't always full of smiles.

  32. In fairness, Wrinkle in Time was awful. And I'm not saying that because of the colorful cast. I actually thought that was cool. I'm saying that because it was a genuinely bad movie that clearly didn't understand the source material (which I love). Had they used the same actors and made a more faithful adaptation with more nuance and not just a trite "believe in yourself" message, I would have loved it. (Though the little brother actor needed to change… I know child actors are always hit or miss, but considering how important he was to the story, they should have tried harder to find someone who could act well.) As it is, they basically neutered the message of the book and filled in the resulting emptiness with a bunch of (frankly bizarre) special effects.

  33. Also, it's ironic how right wingers always say we should be grateful to the rich white man for doing all the work to build this country, when black slaves LITERALLY DID ALL THE WORK.

  34. The hilarious thing is that so many male marvel actors talk about politics/social justice all the time and no one complains. Brie says it once and they loose their minds.

  35. Marvel fanboys: makes the idea of a female superhero movie an issue of feminism by complaining about it
    Marvel fanboys: dAmN gUyS, wHy ArE tHe FeMiNaZiS mAkInG cApTaIn MaRvEl AlL aBoUt ThEm???? FuCk OfF, sJwS!!!!!!

  36. Constructive criticism, I think your pacing is to slow, it sounds like you’re reading a book and not just talking. Try to add more character to your delivery, it’s way more interesting then a monotoned voice for 40 minutes

  37. I’m a fifty-something year old white man and I get it. My opinions about, for example, A Wrinkle in Time, shouldn’t be held as being important as the opinions of its target audience. Why should anyone CARE what I think about it?

    That doesn’t apply to a Marvel movie, but she wasn’t talking about a Marvel movie.

    Seems to me this scab-hunter is just looking for wounds to claw open so he can feast on the sweet, misplaced rage of his fellow dunderheads.

  38. why are they all so angry the movies are just movies lmao. nerd entitlement is so toxic megamind was right

  39. "Man progressives are such sensitive snowflakes OMG THEY MADE A MOVIE I DON'T LIKE IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!"


    this comment section in a nutshell.

    oh… and if you assume that only 40 year old white men hated this movie, then you are not only racist, you're also sexist.

    because you assume that all women and black people are obliged to agree with you.

    in fact, if i would be black i would have a VERY GOOD reason to LOATHE this movie! why? because of Monica Rambeau. her character was BUTCHERED in this movie! furthermore, it proves how hypocritical you PC-folks are!

    you could've given a black actress a chance to shine, but NO! the rich WHITE GIRL with princess-syndrome needed to be in the spotlight!

    Monica's character also seems way more likable than Carol Danvers, who's just your archetypical "STRONG WOMAN WHO DOESN`T NEED NO MEN!" with no interesting personality, at all.

    you all complain about white old dudes, yet you kiss the flat ass of a white woman…

  41. Glad I found you, all them bigots are vile, as soon as I see whining about “woke” and “SJW” i know they are vile trash, I think Brie is very talented and she is very expressionate, not seeing the movie because i gave up on marvel, trailer looks awesome though ,

  42. Would you have people you don't like put to death like Shaun said he would do to people if given the chance?

  43. These men feel like a little boy with 35 scoops of ice cream who sees his sister get a single scoop, grabs a big bite of it, and then throws a tantrum because its not the flavor he wanted. They forget, this movie isn't for them, its for their nerd sisters, who just wanted a scoop of their own.

  44. "It's just the natural order of things" ahh, the naturalistic fallacy. A favorite of sociopathic assholes everywhere.

  45. "Fools," said I. "You do not know.
    Silence like a cancer grows.
    Hear my words that I might teach you.
    Take my arms that I might reach you."

    But my words, like silent raindrops fell,
    and echoed in the wells of silence.

  46. I’m sure these morons would’ve liked Ike Perlmutter, an actual sexist and a racist also the reason why we didn’t get a Black Widow movie sooner.

  47. G+G: SJW always try to silence anyone who disagree with them.

    Also G+G: Make a video to thrash anyone who say anything slightly positive about Brie Larson

  48. I didn't watch the movie because I don't like Marvel that much to begin with. And Ms Marvel is actually quite a boring character anyway. The funniest thing about it all is that they are saying she's the "strongest" superhero in the Marvel universe. Nah, she's pretty shit & boring so I'm not even interested. But I did watched Far From Home, I think it's funny the SHIELD was like "Don't mention her name". That's just ridiculous!

  49. I loved Captian Marvel, and I honestly think it was and is one of the greatest marvel movies. It has its problems and those problems need to be addressed. Unfortunately thanks to these crybaby asswipes we can't do that. We can't talk about if Bree was wooden or not, we can't talk plot, or character development, or pacing. Why? because I have yet to hear any, and I do many any of these criticisms about the movie that hasn't sounded like a parroting talking point from one of these assholes. Talking points they made before the movie was released, some of them made before the trailer dropped because Bree dared to say she wasn't interested in a white man's opinion on a story for Black Children.

  50. a cocky (or even just self-confident) protagonist in an action/superhero movie? whoever heard of such a thing??? but it's a woman so she's "pompous"

  51. it's ironic how all these jobless, uneducated, middle-aged white men abuse a platform given to them completely for free by Asian software/network engineers…

  52. The movie itself was a typical Marvel movie. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible and it certainly wasn’t the bottom of the MCU barrel. But the misogynists and conservatives (which are usually in the same camp, unsurprisingly) act as if it was the worst MCU film ever made, even before they had seen it. You didn’t see liberals lose their minds over Tony Stark constantly pushing his wealth privilege around by destroying small businesses, giving control over superheroes to the UN, or creating deathbots to snipe anyone indiscriminately. Misogynists are similar to other groups that feel persecuted if anyone states their opinion that is contrary to theirs. You can see how vile these people are because they tell women to keep their mouths shut and smile while criticizing their appearance. Typical.

  53. Finally saw Captain Marvel, it was alright. Certainly not the best or worst MCU movie, Carol's character though was very underwritten though.

  54. Most of these guys are just mad that they have to share their toys with girls.
    I swear, that has to be it.

  55. Ok, I'm a little over halfway through this and I think I've got the gist of the anti-Captain Marvel argument. "Status quo is good when it benefits us, but if it even slightly changes, the sky is falling!" "Women shouldn't say things but just look pretty" and of course "You need to smile more"

  56. Dear anti-SJW alt-right Nazi-wannabes,
    Marvel comics isn't for you. It was never for you. Marvel has made it as clear as possible that their comic books were never intended to be liked by people like you. They made a point of being first to many diversity milestones, and consistently present people like you as villains who must be opposed by the heroes.

    If you are someone who complains about feminism and whines every time someone gets uppity and suggests that maybe racism is a bad thing, then you are not a real Marvel fan. End of story.

    And just because Marvel often beat DC to the punch on diversity milestones, that doesn't mean you belong in the DC fan community either. In playing catch-up to Marvel on diversity issues, they've made it clear that they are in the same territory moving in the same direction even if they are often second place to Marvel when it comes to certain milestones. Heck, sometimes they did better than Marvel because they were playing catch-up.

    You also do not belong in the Star Trek fandom. Star Trek planted its flag on the diversity hill way back in the 1960s while the Civil Rights movement was going on. Like Marvel, they've been politically correct since long before the term was in regular use by the likes of you.

    And Star Wars? George Lucas made the main villains of the entire franchise space-Nazis. Lucas couldn't possibly have been more clear that his stories are not intended for people like you. His stories are meant to inspire the people who oppose you. Just like Star Trek, just like Marvel, just like DC.



    Simply by complaining about political correctness, you are making it clear that you are not a real fan of any of these franchises. Go back to 4Chan or Breitbart or Stormfront where your kind belongs. Maybe you can watch "Triumph of the Will" or something.

  57. Have you seen Geeks+Gamers’ video where they respond to your video? He try’s to make it out as if he was bored by it but we all know why Mr Gamer really responded.

  58. Where were these gamer nerds when all of those earlier movies had the (male) protagonists giving their opinions on the military and stuff and getting political??

  59. Brie Larson always represented white middle aged men, their cinematographic industry and their institutions ( the military, for example) from the start and everyone knows that with such garbage being viewed exponentially. And I don't believe they are really even trying to diminish bias of any kind…

  60. lol whats really scary is looking away from the screen at 2:28 and thinking the voice of that person was you disguising your voice as an angry incel

  61. On the topic of using your platform for politics – like has anyone seen Chris Evans' twitter? He's probably the most outspoken anti-trump actor of all the MCU, and his tweets are often used as evidence to say he really is Captain America, that he is the perfect personification of Steve Rogers and what he stands for.
    But I guess they all forget about that because a woman is having opinions and that just cant happen without criticism.

  62. I swear, this man must have a milkshake for a brain. If he hates Captain Marvel so much, why is he making so many videos about her?!

  63. I’m not interested in videos where u talk about specific peoples’ thoughts on stuff, even if you’re just using them as examples to represent a movement.

    Mr. Gamer’s portrayed values are obviously screwed by content creation and wanting as revenue. So, like, I don’t care about the breakdown of his ideas since they’re kinda already obviously flawed, for being a bit sensationalistic.

  64. You know, that whole "The Avengers cast hates Brie Larson because body language" thing has a pretty simple explanation. Most of those interviews are from press junkets, where you basically do a bunch of short interviews with different publications in a row. Anyone who's been through one will tell you they're exhausting, because you're just sitting there for hours on end, usually having to answer the same questions over and over again. If you had to spend six hours answering the same questions over and over again, you'd have a pretty hard time concealing that you want to wrap it up and go home, too.

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