Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

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  1. Middle Ground is back!! Thanks everyone for watching this highly requested episode. As always, we are not saying science and religion necessarily have to exclude each other – there are religious scientists out there! Instead, we are exploring two sides that society often pits against each other in hopes of finding middle ground #radicalempathy. Let us know in the comments below what future episodes you'd like to see!

  2. Tell me if I'm wrong.. there are supposed to be 3 atheistic scientists and 3 theistic or at least religious leaders. The Rabbi is supposed to be a religious leader. Judaism is a monotheistic religion and thus the followers of that religion are Jews or Jewish. The contradiction here is for her to be considered a religious leader while not following the meaning of what it is to be a Jew (lest it is only considered an ethnic or cultural denotation due to her descendants.) My point being is this IS in fact a contradiction. You are either a Jew by religion or a Jew by ethnicity/cultural background. There is no in-between, especially considering she has expressed she is not the religious/monotheistic Jew that we all assume upon hearing the term. This is true unless you are referring to religion as only meaning a system of behavior and values absent of the supernatural. Even this in essence seems illogical, as those without religious beliefs typically hold some system of behavior and values whether it is disciplined or loosely structured. We can all agree that when we speak of religion, the general term is denoting supernatural beliefs linked with humanity and some higher source. So to both those who are religious and the more logical individuals reading this, I'm sure you can see the inconsistency that I am trying to point out? After looking up Reconstructionist Judaism, it says that they are Jews who rejected the idea of God as a supreme being; that God is the sum of "natural powers" (whatever that means) that allows a way for self-fulfillment and moral improvement .

    That the original views of Judaism claim the Jews are the chosen people and exclude all others. Yet, Reconstructionists did not agree with that and thus have essentially cherry-picked the religion and made it into what they, as a collective, deem sound. What it seems to me is that they are attaching themselves to an identity that is not cohesive with what it's claiming to be. It's just false. Taking an entire religion built solely on the belief of a God, removing God and claiming to be Jewish makes them a false Jew. As without that core belief, Judaism would have never existed and thus to deny the very essence of the religions existence is denying their own. You're just a person with a system of morals and behavior like any other human being and identifying yourself with a group of people for the sake of having a sense of self. It's no different than being a product of your society, as we hold certain beliefs and behaviors based on the society we grow into. We're just labeling ourselves for the sake of having something to call ourselves. All in all, the explanation of their beliefs is a loop. A run around. A whole lot of nothing. If you listen to her, it's as if the 'religion' provides an answer for something there wasn't even a question for. Because her words are not making any sense. She's atheist but speaks about the possibility of there being something beyond scientific explanation. That sounds conflicting and even leaves you more confused the more she opens her mouth. God is often interpreted as the force/explanation of why all things are the way they are.

    She denies the possibility and in the same breath, mentions there is the possibility of something beyond what science can explain as if it were supernatural. She is conflicted with herself. That is why she is coming off as erratic, dishonest in the way she explains herself, and why she doesn't even provide an actual/understandable view point of her religion besides being in awe about life. To me that doesn't sound like something that constitutes what many call a religion. It just sounds like cluelessness and grasping for straws. She's promoting the probability of the supernatural while also denying that same probability. That is chaos and it manifests in the way she expresses herself.

  3. How can something come from NOTHING?!?! I honestly am being sincere in wondering how people could can claim everything happened "by chance"…..

    Just the fact the sun was a mile closer we wouldn't be alive or the fact the earth and planets revolve in complete harmony, or how the soil dies and is revived again, etc etc

    Like these things sounds so simple yet it relies on something far greater than our minds can comprehend to function so perfectly….

    Just a simple thought.

  4. As a Christian I absolutely love how peaceful Buddhism is and how beautifully they explain their beliefs, it truly is like art .
    To the question- Is there life after death , I would say that we are made up of energy and even scientifically energy just doesn’t disappear.

  5. Sociology can examine morality, and guide us to make a moral decision in the context of our lives. I believe taking science and spirituality as tools to help you examine the complexity of morality will lead to you making a well informed decision.

  6. these episodes are really so short. and so heavily edited. i would love for them to be longer, i would definitely watch!

  7. Reconstructionist Judaism can hardly be called religious, in my opinion. It’s basically a secular, even naturalist look at the Jewish Scriptures. Would have been more interesting if they had picked a rabbi from a more orthodox denomination.

  8. Science cannot disprove your religion. But it questions you why believe rather than find out how something works. I will change that soon. Soon you will also have your proof. Science wins. After my knowledge release religions will disappear quick from the scene. Enjoy the last days. Soon there will be no more good night stories.

  9. At the end of the day we don't know what created the universe we can not fathom it. the only gods I believe in are the sun, the moon and the earth because without those three thing I would not exist and I take comfort in the fact that the atoms that make up me will go back into the universe after I've finished using them and that's it how it is and that is life

  10. Oh Lord, Religeon and Science… should have seen this coming. First of all "the world is sloppy" really though, the beauty in Nature, the balance in EVERYTHING is sloppy. Okay that's already enough.

  11. I know that I'm late for this video but I just want to say that the world is not sloppy. Regardless of what you believe, this world was created to thrive and sustain itself. Just think about all the processes put into place to keep us alive: gravity, water cycle, seasons, etc! There are so many factors to consider in creating a world, strangely enough, our wold has all of the ones we need to survive and thrive. So please remember this and rethink the statement "the world is sloppy".

  12. Wow lady Rabbi not really representing Torah the right way . Innate morals are actually the noah 7 laws that relate to all humans

  13. Sometimes I wish I could just shake religious people, shake some sense into them. Their level of devotion to things that are illogical is so frustrating. I am a logical person, and I am a caring, empathetic person who wants to do good in the world – these two things are not mutually exclusive. You do not need a made-up god for that, nor a system of beliefs for which there is no evidence.

  14. I would like to believe that a supernatural power helped heal that mans shoulder, but I’m having trouble doing so. Because the thing is, you have to take into consideration all of the good, moral people who do pray, who do believe that they will get better, but they simply do not. There are good people who have horrible things happen to them. How do you explain that? If there is a supernatural power that influences healing processes, then this power must decide to address some peoples prayers while ignoring others.

  15. I never use the word belief with science. You don’t believe because you see facts and proven knowledge. I don’t have to believe at all 😂

  16. jubilee gets the wrong people
    A: real Judaism women can’t be rabbis
    B: she is reformed which is a different view and laws to the Jewish bible (Torah) 🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. everyone commenting about the rabbi knows zero abt judaism. w/ progressive jews, not all of them actually believe in g*d. theres also the fact that u can just be jewish w/o a belief in g*d

  18. People who try to say the world is sloppy and that's evidence that God isn't real – have no understanding, in any way of who God is or what the purpose of all of this is. It would be like someone arguing that because a light bulb went out – electricity doesn't work. Silly and nonsensical.

  19. I believe that heaven and hell is a state of mind while we are living but it was interesting to see a different point of view.

  20. I'm a Muslim and I won't write a really long comment about it I just will say, I am certain that we werent made for nothing, we have a soul for something, it's not like we are dead and that's it.

  21. No, because the contradictions between the two are unreal lol. It's obvious that society is becoming wiser on the subject and "freeing their minds" as Morpheus would say 🙂

  22. I want the complexity of Buddhist minister's calmness and confidence in his beliefs, that's a piece that is hard to maintain in life

  23. Sciencea and religion are completely different subjects religions is like polatics science is about knowlege . for thousands of years religions never fused science with it in mu book quran science = knowlege god gave us infinite sea of knowlege god didn't say fight knowlge fight knowledge he said use thw knowledge i gave you . Stuipid people who can't make difference are like cancer since ages when Christians fused them and coused massive damage to everything . now stuipid scientists fused them again and i hope it wont lead to humans extinction.

  24. Christian Pastor thinks lying about something to prevent shock is a good thing. The most deceptive religion next to Islam!

  25. 2:43 science can answer moral questions that's why we have the science of law, philosophy, psychology etc. When we say science we don't just mean chemistry and physics we also mean humanities and social sciences

  26. The Rabbi gives off that she’s miserable. maybe she should reconsider of trying something new that makes her happy

  27. I’ve watch a few of these videos and it feels heavily edited I don’t like that nothing is ever expounded upon it feels like there is agenda here

  28. I would rather live as though there is a God, rather live as if there isn’t. Because what if I get to the end and realize he actually does exist, and if he didn’t then I guess it really wouldn’t matter anyway.
    I do know that God exists. I do know that we don’t disappear into thin air after death. I have witness miracles that can’t be explained physically like how my Dad survived a heavy equipment accident and was ripped from the vehicle under impossible circumstances. He suffered only a scratch on his head, and if he would have remained in the truck he would have been impailed. I have also seen spirits in full detail walk right passed me, and I have felt the arms of my grandmother in spirit. My body’s ability to function is reliant on the energy of my spirit. This truth I know with all my heart and mind, and I can not deny it.

  29. The thing about humans is that when they can't understand things, or fathom it like the guy said, they give God as an answer.

  30. this was such a beautiful interview, i keep coming back to it just so i can appreciate the utmost respect shown between these people

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