Can A Person be a Sinner and a Saint?

Can A Person be a Sinner and a Saint?

[MUSIC PLAYING] Can a person be a sinner and
a saint at the same time? You’re looking at one,
and I’m looking at you. The question is not whether we
sin, even though we are saints, or whether we are saints
regardless of our sinning. As long as you
are in this world, you’re going to be a
saint because of what God has done in your life. The Apostle Paul uses the words
saints for each of the churches or many of the churches that
he writes in the New Testament. That is a status before God. This word saint is
that you are separated. You’re holy before God because
God looks at me and you and says, “You’re righteous. You’re declared a saint.” Now I know some of
you look like Saint Bernards–that’s a dog–but
we’re talking about holy and righteous before God. That’s how God looks at us. But we are saints who sin. We will never be perfect
until our last breath. Do you know a perfect man? No. If you think you’re perfect,
I want to talk to your wife. We all sin, but when we
sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case. And because of
the blood of Jesus and the provision of Jesus,
we are forgiven and cleansed. So you are a saint in
status, but you also become saintly in process. None of you will
say you’re saintly, but we’re becoming saintly. Hello, Saint. I’d put your name
in there, but you don’t have to become a saint
through a process of being perfect and pure, and
eventually, you’re given a final
beatification which says you are Saint So-and-So. You already are Saint So-and-So. But you’re becoming
Saintly So-and-So. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Amen to that. Its true
    But I want to ask a question Prof. Can a person loss his/her salvation? There is this doctrine of "Once saved forever saved" They say there is nothing that can course a person to loss his salvation regardless what…

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