Cam Newton has daily reminder from Saints player in his locker

Cam Newton has daily reminder from Saints player in his locker

If you need any type of boosts, spoos, kinda of chip on your shoulder this game. I have a constant reminder each and
every day when I look in my locker that I was gifted
last year and I can’t wait.>>Is that the one?>>Yeah, it was a lot. And they sent Debrum too. So I didn’t take the pack off, so
I’m gonna rescind to the sender. If everything gets taken care
of the way we know we can do it. And that’s all I’m good for, and I got an opportunity to see Cam,
Jordan that is, in off-season. And at the end of the day, we respectively
dislike each other on the field. Off the field it’s a different story.>>Make a difference with our news. But to have them send a.>>Disrespectful.>>Yeah.>>Disrespectful. I mean, okay, it’s cool.>>Did it comes to addressed to you,
where did it show up?>>That’s alright man, look At the end of the day the Saints
of this past year and this year, we all know what
the Saints used to be, all right? So let’s not forget their real history. So I mean they got the Juice, but
at the end of the day we come in Monday with a cup for our own too so
when it happen. It’s all in the game,
you know what I’m saying? And when somebody does certain
things it’s all a lot of fun, but, It’s not nothing to be said.

24 Replies to “Cam Newton has daily reminder from Saints player in his locker”

  1. Funny how everyone hates on cam but the panthers swept them multiple times and never sent anything lol 😂 he's got class I hope he's able to send it back to em

  2. And the rivalry just intensified now that they are both the most successful NFCS champs with 5 titles each. Please get em, Cam!

  3. Cam will always be weak. Keep that bottle of Jordan stuck in your a** as a reminder. Have that broom handy that the Saints used to sweep Carolina's garbage a** and maybe he and Riverboat can use it at their local McDizz for their next job.

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