Buying our FAVORITES!

Buying our FAVORITES!

what up guys welcome back to EB and J
so I just got done with the basketball workout and gin hey you guys I just
barely got done with a modeling shoot and we are here at our favorite place
Redmond so Redmond’s is located will show you guys right here on Google Maps it’s
located right here it’s by Utah Valley magazine and it’s one of our favorite
place to refuel and I mean being a basketball player apt to get energy and
being a model you’re shooting all day so this is a place where we can pick up
some paintings as we tell you guys in and give back on our journey so let’s go okay so I’m going to show you guys my
top three favorites must-have I cannot live without from Redmond so come on okay guys so my first one it’s my
all-time favorite it’s benonite clay wait this has a thousand uses like I’m
not even joking it even says that on the box has a thousand uses so my favorite
use of this I use it as an ace mask so you just put out a little bit water mix
it in and you make a face mask it helps minimize your pores that’s the
biggest thing that helps my skin which means when it minimizes the pores it
helps your acting’s and if you have acne prone skin it helps it become a lot more
clear also it helps those redness it helps detoxify your skin and also if I
think you have an upset stomach you can eat it and it helps take out all the
taco so this one’s super offering also comes in a larger size so they’re both
great okay you guys let’s go on to number two my next favorite is going to be the real
salt from Redmond you guys this salt is unrefined which means that it the water
okay so when salt is made it has water and salt so when it’s unrefined it means
that the water is evaporated which means that has more minerals and elements that
help your body so all of their products are our unrefined so Elijah might have
the bundle deal and we love it I use this when I cook every single day comes
with just all different seasoning and onion and garlic and just the normal
salt but they have tons of different options as you guys can see they also
have ones with a grinder on it which I think would be fun I love things with
grinders on it and next it’s my third item that is a must
I get a lot of questions on how I get my teeth so I and this is one of
the things I use to help keep my teeth so white
the earth case this is an all-natural toothpaste it has that claim that I was
talking about it’s charcoal activated it has build salt water what up guys
obviously my top three favorites like Jen said my first waiting so you guys
fighting this is my Instagram storage before it but it is it is the grass-fed
beef bone broth and what I would do and how you can ask it how do i do what do i
do so i take a little bit out I let it bill it’s obviously frozen right now I
drink a little bit of sip every single night and it tastes like broth right I
think this one’s not too bad if you make it at home that’s not the best but this
is what it does for you if you’re wondering so the first thing it does for
you it alleviates joint pain of the most healthy bones second thing is it feels
leaky gut third thing a boost immune system and the fourth is it encourages
healthy skin and shiny hair so if you’re wondering why my hair grows so fast the
seeker is bone broth but it’s not just any bone bought this Redmond bell bra
okay we’re saying our top three but there’s
there’s so many items in here that I really love I’m gonna only do my top
three okay so now on to my second item which is real raw honey this honey has
been in the mountains of central Utah it’s a good substitute for sugar it’s
good antioxidants and it’s great reality so everyone who’s out there sneezing
come and get some of this as you can see it’s very popular edmonds look take a
look there’s none left so come and take these
last two this is my last horse of this many more but this is my last raw milk so the reason raw milk is good
for you because it’s unpasteurized and pasteurized milk has fewer nutrients it
also reduces the fatty acids and it destroys your proteins so but that being
said it comes in three different sizes here’s one the gallon size and they have
this size but what if you can’t get to the store
like what if you can’t what if you don’t have a car don’t worry guys a food truck
is coming yes a truck with raw milk and other tons of items on August 22nd you
guys they’re gonna launch the food truck and not only are they gonna have raw
milk she’s like the freshest cheese you’ve
ever had from the milk of course they’re gonna have eggs which are dimensioned
eggs they’re gonna have caboose on tap like
they have pineapple kombucha, lavender kombucha this is a largest all-time favorite meat I knew
guys it’s gonna be the best meat you’ve ever had and I don’t even eat meat but
it makes me want to eat me so that’s when you know it’s good all right guys
we’re talking about food not only do they have all the delicious food in
boxes and whatnot they have an in-house cafe like I mean they have everything
from burgers to salads to your fresh sandwiches they have breakfast food they
have lunch they don’t have dinner I’m trying to
push them to get dinner but the cafe is open eight to four serving breakfast all
day okay guys thank you guys so much for watching our items if you guys try any
of our items definitely comment down below and tell us how you guys think so
you guys think don’t forget to enter the giveaway so you guys can get a jug of
milk and a gift card so you guys can come shopping at Redmon’s like we always
say a penny a day can go a long way

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  1. Hey man I've been subscribed to your channel for awile but I'm sorry for that but EB you should definitely make your own brand becuase u know I would be buying your merchandise

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