Building Spiritual Infrastructure in the World – Sadhguru

Building Spiritual Infrastructure in the World – Sadhguru

If a small percentage of people become like this just by their way of being they will
change the atmosphere in the world. Will we get to that critical mass in the next 10-15 years is the challenge which we are striving for. (Music) Questioner: Namaskaram, Sadhguru. I’m living in the ashram for around two months. Sadhguru: Whoa! Questioner: This place is so conducive for sadhana. I fear that if someday I have to travel outside or go home to meet my family, I will not be able to adjust. Is that once a person lives in ashram, he or she is unsuitable to live anywhere else (Laughter)? Sadhguru: Why don’t you see it this way
by living in your home, a place that you call as home, you become unfit to live in ashram? Tch , but I managed for two months. So it’s like this. You see coconut trees. You don’t see many here but
if you see in the next piece of land, our coconut trees are doing well, yielding well, better than… Actually our Farmers Producers Organization
here which is largely coconut and areca nut farmers has become among the top five Farmers Producers Organizations in the country (Applause). So that means, that means they’re yielding very well. The coconuts and the areca nut, it’s yielding so well. So, let’s do one thing. Take the same coconut trees and keep them up on the mountain top. It’s really nice. It will be nice to have coconut trees up there. When we climb up and we are very thirsty, having a tender coconut out there will be fantastic. But if you put the coconut trees up there,
they will all shrivel up and die. Because different types of life needs different types of ambiance, different kinds of soil, different kinds of climate. For a human being to flourish as a human being, if you want to flourish as an engineer, maybe, I wouldn’t say that but maybe, because we are not building as much as we should so maybe this is not the most conducive place. If you want to thrive as a doctor, maybe this is not a conducive place not enough sick people (Laughter). If you want to be a lawyer, if you want to thrive as a lawyer, not a good place because not enough disputes. So you can’t thrive as a lawyer. But if you are seeing how this being should thrive, it needs a certain atmosphere. The ashram is designed for that. Not for you to thrive as something else. Maybe a city or an industrial place or a law court, may be better for other kinds of thriving. But if you want to thrive as a being, the entire atmosphere has been created for that but if you want to thrive as a ego, very bad place to live. Very bad place. Not good. You will shrivel up quicker than a
coconut tree on the mountain. So, different spaces are created for different reasons. First you must decide what is the purpose and direction of your life. After that where to be will come naturally. Where to be? You want to be an industrial engineer but you go and sit on the beach – no good. Nothing to do there. Beach is for people who are holidaying, vacationing, just sitting there enjoying the ocean
and the sand and whatever. That’s not a place to go and build an industry. So for that you have to be in one kind of place but you want to thrive as a being,
you are not interested in becoming thrive as a profession. But you want to thrive as a being. Then this is the place. That’s why this place is created. I wish there were thousands of places like this
across the country and in the world but unfortunately it’s not so. Because in the last few centuries, this entire system has been dislocated
in many different ways. If you do not know this, if I mention the name Krishna, people will think of butter, flute and girls. But Krishna created over and over a thousand spiritual ashrams in his lifetime in the northern plains. Well, nobody talks about it because according to their interest they speak. All that infrastructure has been razed to ground because of.. serial invasions that this land saw continuously by very wanton and very cruel people
who destroy everything that’s not like them. If you are not like them you are dead.
That’s their policy. It has taken a big beating. But it’s time to build it back. As I said by 2025 we will have infrastructure here for 10000 people to do sadhana for
seven months in a year (Applause). The idea is to build enough infrastructure so that there is substantial spiritually strong, not belonging to this group or that group but internally stable and settled kind of population. We don’t need to do this to all the 7.3 billion people. If a small percentage of people become like this, they don’t have to teach anything, just by their way of being they will change the atmosphere in the world. (Applause) Will we get to that critical mass in the next 10-15 years is the challenge which we are striving for. Young people who are not yet conceited or entangled, not yet screwed up or entangled within themselves or outside, you must think through this because as a generation of people we have this possibility that the way science and technology has liberated our lives from survival process -it’s coming to a place where people are talking about this, it may sound utopian right now but it will happen – people are saying in another twenty – twenty-five years, nobody in the planet need to work. So lot of people are worried. They are calling me for all kinds of artificial intelligence
conferences and asking, “What shall we do?” I said, “All your few professors will be useless because a stupid gadget will earn ten PhDs in a day. My phone can earn ten PhDs in a day,
that much information it has.” All the idiots who read a book a few years before you and they think
they are super intelligent, all of them will fall because a small gadget will do what a million of them cannot do. So this is good time. People are fearing, “What will happen to our jobs?” I said, “You will be on a vacation for life,
how wonderful (Laughter)!” Anyway I don’t see professors going to their job with great joy, dancing, how many professors went dancing into their classroom, in total ecstasy (Laughter)? Now your phone will recite Gita, Vedas, Quran, Bible, whatever the hell you want with total analysis (Laughter) -which page do you want, which subject you want, if you just ask, “I want to know about what God said about liberation?” (Laughter)… all out. Everything that you know by memory will be
meaningless because gadgets will carry a zillion times more memory than you can carry. This is when, this is when a human being becomes significant. This is why we want to create infrastructure to produce human beings, not accumulated memory. This is what dissolving or
demolishing your karma means. Instead of being an accumulated memory, you are becoming a being. So this atmosphere is created for that. If you think you have completed your mission,
you should not have any problems anywhere. If you are.. a… work in progress, then you should not be leaving. You must finish the job because a half-baked thing could be trouble you know. So, it’s important that (Laughs)… They are all afraid that they will lose their jobs. I am looking at how will I handle (Laughter/Applause) because… once they don’t have their jobs, all of them, initially they will freak and fret and drink but then they will all come. Tch, we need to have both physical infrastructure
and human infrastructure because being human will become the most important thing once all these damn things are done by the machines (Applause). So you must stay for some more time and finish your job. Then you will see wherever you go, you are fine. I am going out in the world more than you, I am doing fine whichever part of the world. People ask me, you know, I was… I happened to be in one of those glamour events in Mumbai. So some of the people were worried how to have Sadhguru in this kind of magazine event. You know it’s too much glamour, the way people are dressed, they are drinking, they are doing this. I said, “What makes you think that I will be disturbed by the way they are dressed or they are not dressed? (Laughter) Or what they are drinking or eating, what makes you think it will disturb me in any way? My spirituality is not that fragile that somebody is eating something, somebody is drinking something, somebody is dressed or not dressed. This is not even a matter for me. It’s not even a thing for me” (Applause). Because if your spiritual process is so fragile then if you look at somebody, it will collapse, then you need to work upon yourself. Carrying something so fragile all the time
is going to be stressful. If you are carrying something that is that fragile, suppose your feet are made like a jelly, wherever you step, it will ppp (Gestures) go like that, then it’s difficult to walk. Then you are unfit to walk around in this world. So being unfit to walk around in this world, don’t think it’s spirituality. Spiritual means if you take me to hell, I am still like this only (Applause). No, I didn’t say your home is hell but I said (Laughter)… you said something (Laughs).

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  1. Thank you Sadhguru. Many do not recognise how fragile they are. Peaceful tidings to all on Earth Day.

  2. Not funny Sadhguru, You said ashram's energies are designed in such a way that once you are here you can't stay here, and once you go back, you can't stay there. They put you on fast forward not letting you settle down, they make you Joyfully discontent.

    For this reason alone i dropped a big chance to work full time at ashram.
    because i thought the energies would not let me stay for more that two months.
    Now you are saying this i.. i just feel like crying now ..T_T

  3. Thank You Sadhguru and all members of Isha Foundation for your amazing work and for inspiring so many people in this world every day!!! What you are doing is so important in this period of time!!!
    Namaskaram from Austria 🙏

  4. This is reality, we as humans have only 3 years only . NASA knows about it but they can’t say anything.

  5. Artificial intelligence will never replace creativity, or imagination, or abstract thinking. AI is simply an automated set of behaviors, it can liberate us from many tedious tasks, don't fear it.

  6. I REALLY like how you mentioned "It's not about believing in this or that, but what's inside you"…I have my own beliefs…and am VERY Spiritual in my own way…Thank You again Sadhguru😀

  7. Dear Sadhguru,

    Please guide , that if hard work pays off, or any predictions predicted by any astrologer goes right.

    As if someone is working day and night to achieve something but astrologer says that , success can't be gain as due to planetary position.

    Please guide.

  8. I don't understand why you take so much time to get to a point. It's a common feature with people from your background. Heard you have a helicopter. Need a ride on it someday

  9. Sadguru 🙏🙏 so many good things I heard, and learnt well. I am trying to Mould myself very much. Thank you 🙏🙏 Sadguru .Anantha pranams🙏🙏

  10. Instead of being a member or supporter of any political party lets support our master our beloved sadhguru to make this world more joyful more peaceful .lets help him in consecration of the whole planet .lets make it happen 💐

  11. "This is when a human being become significant. This is why we want to create infrastructure to produce human beings, not accumulated memory." Thank you for wisdom, Sadhguru! My dream is to take part in this process. I hope soon I will visit the ashram!

  12. A few of my 3.4 (b) billion "Fans" from around the world ask, "Bill. I'm a Dr. and have many degrees. I am "Accumulated Knowlege". I know so much but, so little compared to you for you have "Inner Knowledge". An innate "Wisdom". How can I be more like you and not the "Common Peasant" for which I am?" I respond, Let my "Sidekick" Sadhguru give you some insight. -Bill Howes, "~MysticOne~".

  13. Many of my 3.4 (b) billion "Fans" from around the world ask, "Bill. How can I be more like you and not the "Common Peasant" for which I am?" I respond, Let my "Sidekick" Sadhguru give you some insight. -Bill Howes, "~MysticOne~".

  14. especially for people who want to influence others more (like me here?, at least a little bit), like teachers, people that resonate with "be the change in the world that you want to see" by gandhi, etc., nicely said @ 7:10 "… they don't have to teach anything. just by their way of being they will change the atmosphere in the world"

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