Buccaneers Revenge | Buccaneers vs. Rams | Week 16, 2000 | NFL Full Game

Buccaneers Revenge | Buccaneers vs. Rams | Week 16, 2000 | NFL Full Game

>>An electric atmosphere at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa as the hometown Buccaneers come out onto the field. What a matchup tonight on “Monday Night Football.” The St. Louis Rams, the world champs, against the Tampa Bay Bucs. The joint is jammed, and here we go, as the Rams have Darrius Blevins back to receive. Tony Horne, their ace runback specialist, still hurt. Martin Gramatica, who will be going to the Pro Bowl as the NFC placekicker, sends it skyward. And the kick, on one hop, taken by Blevins in the end zone. He will down it there, and the Rams will take over at the 20. Faulk, you’ll recall, had arthroscopic knee surgery a few weeks ago. He’s 100%. Kurt Warner missed a month with a broken pinkie. This is his third game back. He played very effectively last week against Minnesota. From the 20. They start on the ground with Faulk, and he gains 2. The left tackle, Orlando Pace, will be going to the Pro Bowl, one of four Rams and one of three starters in the Pro Bowl for the NFC. On second and 8. Warner, a short drop, and then the pass is tipped and incomplete off the hands of Torry Holt. There are eight players in the league from Vanderbilt. Four of them play for the Bucs. Third down and 8 from the 22. Ricky Proehl in motion. Four-man rush. Intercepted at the 29 by Ronde Barber! And right off the bat, huge break for Tampa.>>Uh, I think they’ve let the crowd into the game.>>This game starts exactly the way the championship game started last year in St. Louis, with an interception on the first possession of the game. Ronde Barber steps in front of this pass on a third down. He steps right in front of Marshall Faulk for the interception. So if this is a heavyweight fight, the first round goes to the Tampa defense.>>And in a heavyweight sideshow, Adam Timmerman and John Lynch displayed their pugilistic skills. At the 20-yard line, Tampa, on first down. Off the early turnover. And they give it to Mike Alstott, who has missed almost a month with a strained knee. And now Shaun King, who grew up in St. Petersburg across the bay, local kid. Second down and 7. Throwing a fade for Johnson, but he makes the catch out of bounds. He’s covered by Dexter McCleon.>>I think that’s a statement. They remember Ricky Proehl’s face better. I think they’re letting him know that they haven’t forgotten that game yet.>>This is a heck of a throw by King. Just threw it too far to the outside by about a foot. If he leads Keyshawn, or at least lets Keyshawn jump for this ball, he’s gonna get a touchdown here. Watch his left foot hit the pylon.>>Pylon was out of bounds.>>And so is Keyshawn.>>That’ll be a great matchup all night — Johnson against McCleon. Third down and 7 from the 17-yard line. King out of the shotgun. Shaun has it knocked down. Tried to throw it over the middle and had it knocked down. It will be fourth down, and Gramatica will come in to attempt a field goal.>>I think what he tried to do, Al, is tried to hold on to that ball, and it just slipped out of his hand. A little indecision on Shaun King’s part, but this will be very important for Gramatica now to come through with 3 points for the Buccaneers after that turnover.>>Kind of interesting they came right out of the box to Alstott, seeing as Warrick’s had such a nice three games when Alstott was away. Guess they wanted to get Mike right back into the rhythm.>>This is a 35-yard attempt for Gramatica. And the kick is good. So this game starts exactly the way the NFC championship game started last January.>>Hey, I think the Rams have to feel great only giving up 3 there.>>A short kick. It’s fielded up at the 15-yard line. And it’s taken by Sean Moran, who is the backup defensive end to Kevin Carter.>>Sean Moran looked pretty good bringing that ball back. See how he lowered his shoulders, covered the ball up, punished a few Buccaneers, and gave the Rams pretty good field position.>>He’s an athlete. Senior year in high school, he was third in the nation in the 100-meter breaststroke. Just throwing that out. Nobody has to do anything with it. Just let it lie there. But it is a fact.>>It’ll lie there, that’s for sure. At the bottom of the pool.>>From the 33-yard line. We’ll sink or swim with you all night, Dan, don’t worry. From the 33 on first down. Faulk, the sole back. Takes the toss. Cuts it back upfield. Ronde Barber’s interception was his second of the year. The Buccaneers are plus 13 in turnover ratio now. The Rams are minus 9 for the season. On second and 9 on a draw, Faulk. He takes it to the 38-yard line. It’ll be third and 5. Warren Sapp makes the stop.>>Yeah, looking at that defense of the Buccaneers, they’ve been cohesive and tough, and a good example of that is that eight of the 11 starters on defense have started every game. Draw play this time for Faulk. Just look at how McFarland and linebackers close there. Sapp on the tackle.>>He’s also the best defensive player in this league.>>13.5 sacks. Marcus Jones with 13. It’s third down and 5. And that is incomplete. Warner may have had his hand hit. Intended for Az Hakim. So, for Kurt Warner tonight, he starts the game 0 for his first 3, with a pick.>>Boy, and he had the matchup he wanted. He had Az Hakim on Anthony McFarland, who dropped out of his defensive line spot, and Hakim trips over the umpire. That’s why that ball was incomplete.>>Baker, the rookie.>>Ref gave him a little booty shot there as he went through the middle.>>There have been nine offensive plays in this game for the two teams, and a total of 10 yards have been gained. And now King throws, and it’s intercepted by McCleon. And we talked about the McCleon matchup. Normally he’ll be faced with Keyshawn Johnson going downfield. This time it’s Jacquez Green who draws the coverage, as McCleon with the pick.>>McCleon with his seventh of the year. Shaun King shouldn’t have thrown this ball, but he doesn’t get much help from Jacquez Green. He doesn’t fight for this ball. He allows McCleon to take position and then go up for the interception uncontested.>>But it wasn’t even an option of not throwing it, Dan. He didn’t even look. He just kind of dropped back. It was almost like a punt. He was throwing it anyway.>>At the 24-yard line. And it’s a throwback to Holt. And the Bucs are right there to knock him down after a very minimal gain.>>That’s the only thing about the Rams that’s a throwback is that play, ’cause everything is ultramodern.>>And the key for Tampa — Herman Edwards, their defensive back coach who was a great player with the Eagles, told me, when they go to tackle, they’re gonna go to the outside in, so they’re gonna force these receivers back to the inside where all the tacklers are, the great linebackers and John Lynch.>>For what it’s worth, look at that. The numbers for Warner. Of course they play their home games on artificial turf, but on grass fields this year, one touchdown and seven interceptions. One second and long, a ton of time. And then he finds the open man at the 42. And that’s Isaac Bruce who hauls in his first pass of the night for a first down.>>That’s a heck of a throw by Kurt Warner because he had to fit it into the zone here. Bruce is coming over, number 80, right there in front of John Lynch. And he bobbles the ball but makes the catch as Isaac Bruce always seems to do. He comes from the other side of the field. You can see the zone. Barber lets him go. Now he’s got to find his way behind the linebackers and make a tough catch.>>83rd catch of the season. 17 yards for Isaac Bruce. First down, St. Louis, at the 43. Three receivers set to the left. Warner looks the other way, now to the left, and takes the sack! And there is Warren Sapp, number 99, along with Anthony McFarland. Warren Sapp talking about the Bucs and tackling philosophy and sacks.>>You got to have 11 hats to the ball. You know, somebody grabs this guy, we got to all rally to the ball and put him on the ground. We got to punish him. We got to make him not want the ball in the fourth quarter because he’s gonna take 11 hats on his body, and that’s something that goes with that will.>>14.5 sacks this season, or about one per game for the Pro Bowl-bound number 99.>>Give some credit to that secondary. Warner looked all over the field for a Ram receiver, couldn’t find one.>>Second down and 15. Warner has to step up. And they throw into coverage, and wonderful catch made by Torry Holt with three Buccaneers around him at the 40-yard line. 22-yard gain.>>You talk about counterpunching. They get the sack on the previous down. This time Warner steps up into the pocket, gets away from the pressure, and then he forces the ball to his receiver, Torry Holt, on the outside here. Look at the depth by Derrick Brooks, number 55 there. What a great throw by Warner, and a lot of confidence in Torry Holt to go up high and make the catch.>>Torry Holt averaging 19.8 yards per catch. That’s big-time. At the 40-yard line. Warner hit as he throws. It’s tipped, it’s juggled, and incomplete. The intended receiver was Roland Williams, off his hands, and Derrick Brooks came that close to a pick.>>Martz told us the other night the worst-case scenario for his team is if they were getting pressure from the Bucs just by the Bucs’ front four, and that’s what’s coming to fruition here.>>Dennis, on that time, the Bucs crossed them up a little bit, though. They brought Shelton Quarles, linebacker, from the weak side, from Warner’s blind side. He never sees the linebacker right there. Quarles just a little bit late.>>You’ll hear an edited version.>>Yeah, on that one.>>Second down and 10 from the 40. Swing pass. It’s Faulk. Eludes a tackle at the line of scrimmage and turns it into a gain of about 17, as he’s out of bounds at the 23, and there’s a flag down at the end of the play.>>It’s just a little afterthought face mask. Probably a 5-yarder, but Marshall pointed it out to the ref.>>Johnny Grier makes the call.>>Face mask. Number 24, defense. First down.>>Damien Robinson.>>On this screen pass you’re gonna see Ryan Tucker, number 50, come out and lay a block right there on Derrick Brooks. This is what a defense does not want to see. There’s Adam Timmerman getting out on John Lynch. Here’s the penalty. That’s that 5-yard variety, Dennis, you were talking about.>>And the Rams have to take a time-out. Heh. Well, here we are in the Sunshine State. Mike Martz knows his team cements a postseason berth with a win tonight. So does Tony Dungy with his Buc unit. At the 18 after a time-out. First down. Warner throws. Caught inside the 10, Isaac Bruce. First and goal, St. Louis.>>Well, Warner’s finding his fastball. Don’t want to let this guy get his rhythm.>>And what they’re doing right now is they’re changing personnel on every time. They went with two tight ends that time, and with the big fullback James Hodgins gave the Buccaneers a run look and threw the slant to Isaac Bruce.>>You know, Trent Green threw a great pass. This kid throws a perfect pass.>>He’s awful good, that’s for sure, Dennis.>>Rams, best in the league in the red zone. And Marshall Faulk, who scored four touchdowns last week, and he’s had two four-touchdown days in 2000, is tackled by John Lynch. In fact, in two games against San Francisco this year, Faulk has scored seven touchdowns against the 49ers alone.>>From that ump cam, you really get a feel for the vision that any running back needs to have down there. He got in behind his big fullback that time. Good gain on first down.>>Marshall with 19 touchdowns this season, and he’s missed one full game and most of another. Second and goal from the 2. Faulk looking for TD number 20, and has it. Touchdown, Rams.>>Well, that was probably a good reminder for the Rams last week, that Marshall — that they could score that many points without scoring via the air, Dan. Four touchdowns from Marshall reminded Mikey, as much as you like to pass, you got to set it up with the run once in a while.>>That was all power, too. You don’t expect Marshall Faulk to be the power runner, but he can run between the tackles and of course he can get out in space.>>No bob and weave after this one. Eight Rams fined a total of $90,000 for the B&W in the game against Minnesota.>>Take a look at this touchdown run by Marshall Faulk. This is Derrick Brooks. He shoots this gap right here, but Faulk turns it to the outside, and they get what they want. Faulk being tackled by Brian Kelly as the Rams convert Dexter McCleon’s interception into a touchdown.>>Well, if you do have to go to the bathroom, folks, you might want to do it now ’cause Tampa never returns a kick for a touchdown.>>They haven’t in their history. They’ve been in the league since ’76. And they set up a convoy for Karl Williams. There’s a flag down. And Williams is tackled up at the 29-yard line. Dre’ Bly makes the stop. Johnny Grier will make the call. Holding against Tampa. Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce were each fined 20 grand. Here is Dunn! And that’s what he does so brilliantly, so often, and so effectively, turning a loss into a gain. Close to a first down.>>Dennis, you talked about Alstott getting the first carry. This is a 9-yard gain by Warrick Dunn, and this — He looks a lot like Marshall Faulk here, doesn’t he, number 28? Great moves, great vision. Makes the guy miss. Never gets a square shot. He’s so important to this offense.>>Well, the first 11 games, as you can see, his average 52, and then with Alstott out of the lineup — and now Alstott is back in, shedding pads along the way, and takes it up to the 30, and that’s a first down.>>Obviously Alstott’s an All-Pro. He’s a monster. He’s like a Ray Harryhausen creation. But the fact is, both these guys, although diametrically opposed in a physical sense, need to be the feature back.>>As the fullback, even though he doesn’t play what has become a conventional fullback role in this league, à la Sam Gash.>>Yeah, and he’s not a great blocker, Al. And quite frankly he’s had a propensity over the last few years for putting the ball on the carpet.>>He has. In fact, his fumble against the New York Jets after this team had started 3-0 was the beginning of a four-game losing streak for the Bucs, who have now rebounded to win six out of seven.>>That being said, imagine how insanely pumped up the O-line gets when Alstott careens through. There’s the stat right there.>>Since the ’79 Chiefs, they’ve won three straight games without throwing 20 passes in any of those games. Right now King has thrown three passes in this one. He’s 0 for 3. And great play by Grant Wistrom. Shed the blocker, came in, and takes care of Warrick Dunn behind the line of scrimmage.>>Yeah, he beat the block of George Hegamin, number 79. Wistrom has great quickness, and he’s healthy. He’s had some shoulder problems, but he is back playing with great quickness on the outside here, staying low and finding Warrick Dunn in the backfield.>>Carter a little somnambulant early in the season, but he’s coming to the fore now that it’s money time.>>Third down and 10. King, from the shotgun, has Johnson open. And Keyshawn makes the catch at the Ram 38-yard line! Looked inside, had to go back the other way as the ball was thrown over his outside shoulder, and beats Devin Bush on third and 10.>>And what a confidence builder this will be not only for the quarterback but for the entire team. And especially if you get Keyshawn Johnson going, he’s one of those players that will infect his team positively with his attitude. Gets away from Dre’ Bly. It’s a zone coverage by the Rams. Bush comes over. That ball was perfectly thrown by Shaun King.>>This is Dunn. Gets pinballed down there for a gain of 2. Mike Jones popping him.>>Sounded like they were hitting the heavy bag on Warrick there. Boom, boom!>>I thought it was the cannons from the boat.>>No, he just got propped up and took a couple big Georgie Chuvalo body shots.>>Oh, he did. Watch this now. Here’s the first one. That’s Mike Jones. He bounces off him like that pinball. And then Keith Lyle comes in there and really hits him again.>>Warrick just started looking for a place to get down.>>Second and 8. From the 36-yard line. That’s caught. Johnson! Keyshawn on a slant. Takes it inside the 15 and is ridden down by Todd Lyght at the 13-yard line. 23 yards for Johnson.>>And this is a guy that averages 12 yards a catch. The last two pass plays worth 55 yards for the Buccaneers and Keyshawn Johnson. You ask him about the way things are going, and you can almost feel — Dennis said he’s “pewter with envy” when he looks at the Ram receivers.>>Yeah, but you know, he’s probably gonna end up with 70 catches this year, Dan. He couldn’t have expected much more out of that when he came down to Tampa.>>First and 10 from the 13-yard line. King, a little swing pass. Dunn. Inside the 10. Dunn loses his helmet and turns it into a first and goal.>>You never know in this game. He might have lost the whole cranium. You better check. No, it’s still on.>>Again going headfirst, Warrick Dunn. He’s 5’8″. They say he weighs 180 pounds. I think all 180 of those pounds is heart. Look at this effort. Look at the explosion to jump inside, take another tackler on headfirst, lose his headgear, spin, and get all the way down to the 2-yard line.>>Yeah, I think they had to pay a little homage to Alstott earlier, but I think it’s gonna be Warrick’s game tonight.>>First and goal from the 2. Dunn and Alstott both in there now. Alstott, the fullback. They give it to Dunn. Looks for room. Swings to the outside. And the Bucs have just gone 82 yards to take the lead.>>That was classic Marshall Faulk, Dan. Looked just like him there.>>Classic Warrick Dunn too. They brought in Alstott as the fullback, and the Rams were expecting the power right up the middle, but Dunn, with his quickness and vision, jumped to the outside, speed got him to the corner.>>Who would have ever thought somebody as big as Alstott would end up being a decoy?>>[ Laughs ]>>You think you get him in there at the 1, he’s getting the ball. But not the case.>>Gramatica for the point after. If Baltimore beats the Jets next Sunday, then Tennessee’s gonna have to win that game to be the number-one seed and have home field throughout the playoffs. Darrius Blevins runs the kick back to the 29-yard line. Significance again of this game tonight is the winner of this game automatically goes into postseason play. Mike Martz’s team, as I mentioned at the very top, could still be the number-one seed, and that would happen if the Rams win tonight and win in New Orleans next Sunday while Jacksonville knocks off the Giants, and the Vikings lose at Indy next week. If all those things happen, the Rams go in as the one seed.>>And aren’t we lucky to have Al Michaels to figure that out for us, huh, Dennis?>>Otherwise known as Irwin Corey.>>I was out in the kitchen.>>[ Laughs ] From the 28-yard line. Here’s Faulk to the short side of the field for a short gain of 2. Up to the 30-yard line, where it’ll be second and 8.>>I think Martz’s prime directive tonight was to not let Tampa Bay dictate pace of this game. And that’s by the boards already. Better just throw caution to the wind and start putting it up.>>And that will be the end of the first quarter, a spirited one. Tony Dungy trying to get his team into the playoffs in his fifth year. Tony, if his team loses tonight, they still go to the playoffs if they beat Green Bay next Sunday. On second down, as we start the second quarter, Hakim drops it. Az Hakim dropped it up at the 35-yard line. It’ll be third down and 8.>>I’m not sure you want to go into Lambeau in late December against a hot Brett Favre needing a game, Albeeno.>>And a cold day, that’s for sure. You know, you look at these first-quarter stats — pretty even. Kurt Warner started the game 0 for 3, as did Shaun King. They both have rallied a little bit. Az Hakim, though, didn’t give his quarterback much help on that last play, dropped an easy completion.>>”Back where I come from, they don’t have good hands. What they do have is 4.4 speed.”>>Third down and 8. Four-man rush. Warner throwing. In the seam, he finds Ricky Proehl. Ricky Proehl gets free behind the linebackers, in front of the safety at the 42-yard line. And the Rams move the sticks.>>Oh, Warner is just beautiful to watch.>>How about Ricky Proehl? This is his longest catch of the year, and it is in no-man’s-land. This ball is in the air, and there are human missiles coming at Ricky Proehl, especially the flesh bomb named John Lynch. This guy is a hitter. Reacts a little bit late on this perfectly thrown pass but still delivers a hit.>>Got behind Quarles and in front of Lynch, and it’s a third-and-8 conversion. And on first and 10, this is Torry Holt, and he takes it to the 29-yard line. So the Rams on the move again. Just to finish one thing about the Bucs, as we take a look at the ump cam here, they get a first-round playoff bye if they win tonight and win at Green Bay and the Rams win at New Orleans. There’s the pass to Torry Holt. So a lot of things can happen, but the one thing about the Bucs, if they lose tonight, they can still get into the playoffs by winning at Green Bay next week.>>Are the Cleveland Browns out of the playoffs?>>They certainly are. And they’re done for the year because they have a bye next week. First and 10 from the 28. And that’s a 4-yard gain for Marshall Faulk, who takes it to the 24-yard line. Marshall tonight has carried the ball 7 times for 18 yards.>>And how about Kurt Warner, already over 100 yards passing, and he really looks comfortable out there. You know, this is a very good pass rush he’s facing in the front four of the Buccaneers. Told me he has to be patient, but right now he is taking some chances and getting away with it. He is throwing the ball beautifully.>>Two minutes into the second quarter. 10-7, Buccaneers, who show blitz. And here they come. And it was Barber who was blitzing and knocks down Faulk behind the line of scrimmage.>>Barber made that tackle, but usually the Bucs’ front seven like to wrap people up quickly because they know if they don’t get them down, Lynch is coming up, and once he goes past his fail-safe point, there’s no recalling him.>>Ronde Barber has 5.5 sacks because of action like that. He’s got a great nose for the ball and great timing. He read that little draw play there for Marshall Faulk and was all over it.>>That’s his 75th tackle, too, Danno.>>What a year for the Barber family. Twin brother Tiki may be the Giants’ MVP. Third down and 8. Warner throws. It is caught at the 21 by Bruce, who then dives for what he hopes will be a first down. Proehl says it is. Let’s see where they mark it. Very close.>>Here’s Bruce on the outside against Donnie Abraham, who’s going to the Pro Bowl as well. Just the precision of the route and then good leverage to be able to spin Abraham to the outside and get close to picking up a first down. Talk about your back-foot pass by Kurt Warner. He has such great confidence in his receivers, and they in him.>>Beautiful to watch Bruce free himself up with that simple head feint. Gets himself off the line.>>And he dives but doesn’t have the first down. You heard the cheer. They’re inches shy. It’s fourth down. Their offensive unit stays on the field, passing up an opportunity, at least for the moment, of attempting a 35-yard field goal.>>This is the gambler, Mike Martz.>>This guy’s a killer. He’s like Phil Beck.>>I like that analogy. Fourth and inches. Faulk. And he just found the right move, the right time to move back to his right and pick up the first down.>>He did, didn’t he? The guy is fearless in the middle, in all this heavy traffic. He’s checking out the replay board right there, admiring this bit of fancy footwork. There’s the jump to the inside. Nate Webster comes over, makes the tackle, but it’s too late.>>You know, Martz almost has to go for that. In this hostile environment, he’s got to carve out his own turf and let his team know he’s going all the way with them tonight.>>You talk about a confused defense. They didn’t know where to line up there.>>Warren Sapp jumping over to the right side on first down. From the 16-yard line. Hole for Faulk! All the way to the end zone. Marshall Faulk in again, behind a James Hodgins block. A 16-yard touchdown. A little bit of a Mile High Salute, and that is legal. No fine there. And Faulk, despite missing, as we said before, two games this season, has scored 21 touchdowns in 2000.>>Methinks he who has the ball last might winneth tonight.>>A little bit of a delay that time. Great block by Hodgins. That gives Faulk the clear lane to the corner of the end zone. The Buccaneers were caught in a blitz that time.>>Wilkins for the point after. Well, this will be the 1,484th return of a kickoff by Tampa Bay with nary a touchdown. Karl Williams. Can he go 91? More like 21.>>I took a shot. If it was wrong, I was joking. If it was right, I’m immortal.>>The odds were in your favor.>>Christy and McDaniel in the Pro Bowl. Both coming over from Minnesota. Denny Green’s still got his team at 11-4. Nice testimony to him.>>Meanwhile, Pierson, who normally plays left tackle, he just wanted to introduce himself. George Hegamin taking that spot tonight, the ex-Cowboy. First and 10 at the 31-yard line, and this is Warrick Dunn picking up 2. Tackle of Kevin Dyson at the 1-yard line cemented the Rams’ Super Bowl win in Atlanta last January. Second down and 8. King. Coming this way. Turns it upfield. First down. Into Ram territory. Forced out of bounds by Todd Lyght at the 48-yard line. 19-yard run for Shaun King.>>And that 19-yarder equals his long of the year, and he caught the Rams basically in man-to-man pass defense. ‘Cause when he gets to the outside here, there is nobody in support. The defensive backs are running down the field. King sees that, knows he’s got a big gain on his hands.>>Ball at the 48. Back to the ground. Draw, Dunn. And Dunn is forced out of bounds.>>McCleon having a great year, Al. 54 tackles, 6 ints, 18 passes defensed. Been a bellwether back there, I believe is the word.>>Attaboy. Now you got all of the clichés down. He’s been a workhorse as well.>>And a bell cow.>>And a bell cow. To the 39-yard line.>>Middleton in the middle of it. He was talking a lot of stuff this week. Said he thought the Rams were punks for celebrating. Said he hated the team. Think he better watch himself in the scrums tonight. Might catch a — might catch a little extracurricular.>>Every play’s extracurricular in the pits, Dennis. It’s incredible what happens down there. Pretty good evening starting off for both of these guys. They’re really carrying the load for their teams, as you would expect them to.>>The Bucs are worst in the league in short-yardage situations — third and 1 and fourth and 1. But here they convert by going to the air. To Keyshawn Johnson to the 34-yard line. Mike Jones makes the tackle. Boy, there have been some big third and fourth-down conversions on both sides tonight already.>>Yeah, I like this play too because you got Keyshawn man-to-man on the outside. Push-off there. Totally illegal. He gets away with it, picks up the first down. Just came down the field, pushed off with both hands on Todd Lyght, turned around and made the catch, and the officials ignore it.>>Bucs had only been 7 of 17 this season on third and 1. The league average, normally you’ll make that about two-thirds of the time. First and 10 at the 34. Fake to Dunn, and then going deep. And reaching for it was Patrick Hape, the tight end, but he couldn’t make the catch. It’ll be second down and 10. Hape had gotten free. Pass a little long for him. Keyshawn Johnson tonight, 3 catches, 61 yards. Two big catches on their touchdown drive.>>And a veteran quarterback in Testaverde and just a second-year guy in Shaun King here in Tampa.>>Second and 10 from the 34-yard line. King throws underneath. It’s caught at the 29-yard line. Warrick Dunn, the safety valve on that play, hauls it in. Fletcher covering on it. And that’s gonna set up a third down and 4.>>If he gets this ball out in front of Warrick Dunn, Warrick Dunn may score. That’s probably one of the knocks against Shaun King is that he’s just not very accurate at times. He had the time to find Dunn. Here’s London Fletcher. He’s acting as the spy on the quarterback. See, he’s just looking at King, and then Dunn gets in behind him. But if that ball is out in front, Dunn goes a long way.>>You’re right, Dan. He’s smart, he’s poised, but it’s just a little off, unlike Warner, huh?>>He’s young.>>From the 28-yard line. And caught. And it is Jacquez Green keeping his feet in bounds and converting at the 20-yard line for a first down.>>Dexter McCleon went for the pick. Just missed it. Watch this fastball by King. This is a beautiful throw. Gets it over Farr’s hand. There’s McCleon, 21. And Green with his feet in bounds.>>Dexter was sitting on that.>>Ball came close to being tipped right here by D’Marco Farr. And almost by McCleon. Great job getting the feet in.>>Must have heard our “accuracy” comment, ’cause that ball was the only place it could be.>>First and 10 at the 20-yard line. And this could be challenged, as Johnny Grier is going to go over to Mike Martz.>>Good, ’cause this game was getting exciting. You know, you want to hit the Bat Chute here. I’ll be in my sleeping bag.>>St. Louis is challenging the ruling on the field that the pass was complete.>>It was third down and 4, and this would make it a first down. So if they win the challenge, it’ll be fourth down. Here it is again. Question is whether that right foot and the toes on that right foot dotted the “i.” Left foot’s down. And the right foot was down as he was catching the ball. I think that’s a good catch.>>Yeah, but we’re no longer in a football game. We’re at an autopsy.>>Does he have possession? The ball starts to come loose. He had it in both hands, didn’t juggle it at all. Pulled it into his body. By the time he pulls it into his body, he’s way out of bounds, but I think he’s got possession there and both feet in.>>That’s what Grier’s looking for — both feet in and possession.>>What about the guy six feet away with his eyes on it? Let’s just make him call it and stick with that. I don’t know.>>Martz this season, he is 4 for 7. Pretty good rate for coaches challenges. Little extra stuff with Dexter McCleon.>>Well, these guys go way back, McCleon at Clemson, Jacquez Green, Florida. You know they’ve seen each other a lot.>>It’s either going to be a first down at the 21-yard line or fourth down and 4. You’re right. [ Chuckles ]>>Turn off “Raymond.” We got a football game here. Stopped temporarily. We’re having a little sorbet, but we’re coming back.>>Or Calista.>>After reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands as called. We have a completed catch, both feet down in bounds with possession of the ball. First down!>>So that costs the Rams a time-out. They took one earlier, so they’re now down to one in the half.>>All right, so who got the ball?>>Detroit.>>All right, I got to remount here. Detroit. Danny Pompei’s pick. Still hanging in there.>>They’re still alive for the playoffs. Danny throwing darts at the board with a blindfold on there.>>Could be the last days of Pompei. If they don’t come through.>>First and 10 from the 20. Dunn. Gain of 1. 19-yard line. Second down and 9. King throws. Caught at the 9-yard line. And that is a completion to Dave Moore for what should be a first down.>>I’ll tell you this about Martz. He understands ball dispersal like John Stockton. Here’s the replay.>>You know, the thing that he doesn’t understand, though, is how his defense is getting picked apart now by Shaun King and this Buccaneer offense.>>That’s Bud Carson’s area. Nice to have Bud back in the league, by the way.>>I love a game that doesn’t have any punts in it. This is great.>>First and goal. 4:45 remaining in the half. Here’s Dunn. An interesting thing about this game right now, Dan, is it’s being played at the Rams’ pace. The Rams wanted kind of a racehorse, track meet — the Bucs, slow it down and ugly. It’s being played at the Rams’ pace, but the Bucs are hanging right with them at that pace.>>I asked Tony Dungy, “Are you comfortable if you get into a shoot-out?” And Tony, you talk about an honest coach, he looked at me dead in the eye and said, “Yeah, we are. We feel we can do it.” And I’m thinking, “Are you sure? I mean, I’ve seen tapes of your team.” He said, “We have the talent to match up against this defense.”>>The last time on a Monday night, they played a little bit of racehorse at Minnesota in a tight game which the Vikings won.>>Second and goal. King avoids the sack, throws. Touchdown, Keyshawn Johnson!>>Uh-oh. They got a little bob and weave happening.>>Just the bob.>>Wow. Well, the bob’s 45.>>I’m not sure that’s gonna be enough. London Fletcher absolutely whiffed on Shaun King. Coming free on the blitz, totally unblocked, King makes him miss, stands up and fires a touchdown pass.>>Wow, this is what Keyshawn had to dream of when he was coming down here — playing for a Super Bowl contender, scoring big touchdowns.>>Here comes London Fletcher on the blitz. Warrick Dunn is gonna try and get a piece of him. But Shaun King is staring him in the face, hoping that Dunn can get a little bit of him because this is what he wants to see. Johnson getting free inside McCleon for the touchdown.>>How did he getthatfree, Dan?>>I think he made a great move on McCleon, because jumping to the inside like that is what McCleon didn’t want to have happen.>>Gramatica’s kick fielded, 6-yard line, by Darrius Blevins. Up past the 20. And he brings it back out. 3:50 remaining in the half. 17-14, Bucs. Warner to throw. And that is underthrown, intended for Isaac Bruce.>>Let’s check in with Melissa.>>Al, during the Bucs’ last drive, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was over by the benches, gathered the entire Tampa Bay defense, even waited for a couple players who were late to come to the huddle to start talking. He was trying to fire them up, trying to pump them up. Kept pointing to his head, said, “You’ve got to keep your heads in the game.” We’ll see how they respond.>>He’s one of the very best. Monte Kiffin. Of course, Tony Dungy from the defensive side of the ball. Between Dungy and Kiffin, you understand why their defense is always good. Second and 10. A little shovel pass. It is a forward pass, so it’s incomplete. It’s no fumble. It’s a forward pass. Same thing as an overhand forward pass.>>Yeah, you’re all over that, Al. It looked like it hit Adam Timmerman, which would be an illegal forward pass. 62 is Timmerman. I think it got a little bit of his arm there. Watch Warner come out. Steven White. That ball hits Timmerman. That should have been an illegal forward pass.>>And you saw Timmerman knew it. He went right for it.>>But the call is simply an incompletion, as it turns out. He was trying to get it to Faulk, who was behind Timmerman. Third down and 10. Warner.>>Ooh!>>Big-time sack. And Warren Sapp, who I’m sure had a few things to say to Kurt as well.>>Two sacks tonight now for big number 99. Here he is here. Watch him wade through this offensive line. 61 is Tom Nutten. Gets a good shot on him, but Sapp is just relentless. You don’t think that hurts? 300 pounds right dead in your chest and then down to the ground. Look at those eyes.>>That’s like that New York Giants sack against Joe Montana maybe five, seven years ago.>>Leonard Marshall.>>John Baker, rookie from North Texas who was in the Colts’ camp this summer. Floats one to the 36. Karl Williams back to the 41-yard line. Tampa Bay, all of its time-outs plus the 2-minute warning. This drive starts at the 42. And King, everybody covered, takes off, slides to a stop after a gain of 5.>>If I’m a Tampa Bay fan, I’m encouraged that they dropped King back there with 2:38 to play in the half. Why put the governor plate on this team? I don’t understand Steckel and Dungy sometimes. When you see them perform like this and they’re outgaining the St. Louis Rams, the offense of this year, you wonder why they ever hold up.>>It’s something that a lot of the fans have been asking about as well. Second down and 6. From the 46-yard line. King. Here’s Dunn on the screen. And then he swings to the outside, and he turns nothing into a first down. He nearly gets tackled behind the line of scrimmage, but reads it perfectly and swings toward the sideline, takes it to the 46. 8-yard pickup.>>This is Kevin Carter, number 93. University of Florida. Warrick Dunn, Florida State University. There’s one for the Seminoles. What a move.>>First down at the 46 of the Rams. The Bucs with all of their time-outs. And going for Johnson, and that’s incomplete. Keyshawn trying to make it look as if he was held up by Todd Lyght, but no official’s buying that. Mike Jones with the blitz that time. Second and 10.>>Mike Jones and Todd Collins, 54, top of the screen there. Jones from this side. And look at this shot by Carter as he makes Shaun King pay for Warrick Dunn embarrassing him on the earlier play. Great stunt by Carter, as he bends over Shaun King.>>Second and 10. A swing again. Dunn, first down. Inside the 30. Cuts it back to the middle. Tackled at the 23 finally by the middle linebacker, London Fletcher.>>Perfect call by Les Steckel, offensive coordinator. Blitz came again. This time it was a safety blitz by Devin Bush. The perfect call is a swing pass to an elusive runner like Warrick Dunn. Great timing, perfect execution. And now the Buccaneers are threatening big-time.>>And who would have thought the Bucs at this point in the game — 15 passes, only 14 runs.>>Not me.>>No. 23-yard gain there. And there’s run number 15, as King takes it to the 16-yard line. And now Tampa Bay will spend its first time-out. Bucs and the Rams, and it figured to be a great game when the schedule came out. It’s been a wonderful first half, teams marching up and down the field, with 1:06 remaining. Mike Martz looking on at his defense right now. He’s watched his team score the most points per game in the league this year and give up the most. There have been an average of 63.6 points scored in a Rams game this year. King. Touchdown, Keyshawn Johnson! And King got buried as he threw, by Mike Jones.>>And there is no greater feeling for a quarterback to beat the blitz with a touchdown pass. Talk about sending a message. Shaun King is on fire tonight. Remember he started 0 for 3. He’s now just missed five passes all night long.>>And did you see that? Keyshawn went right to the crowd and gave the ball to Wayne Chrebet. Unbelievable! It’s all good tonight! It’s Christmas!>>5 catches, 86 yards, and 2 touchdowns for the ex-Jet. Gramatica tacks on the extra point. And here are the Bucs in a shoot-out with the Rams, and with 60 seconds remaining in the half, up by 10.>>You know, Al, over the course of the season, the Rams have gotten around 160 more yards per game than the Bucs, but tonight you’re looking at 80-yards-plus for the Tampa Bay team. They’ve really come out, and they look like the Rams here in the first half.>>Keyshawn Johnson. We talked about “Buc Ball.” What’s Buc Ball?>>It’s just nasty and dirty football, which I like to play anyway. I’m not a receiver that, you know, just wants to run crossing…>>I guess we’ll have to find out what Buc Ball is later.>>I’ll tell you what it is. He says it’s nasty and getting down and dirty. I asked…>>It’s hard to shut Keyshawn up.>>Warren Sapp had a different definition. He said it’s being aggressive and setting the tone for 60 minutes. You know what Tony Dungy said? “Playing smart.” But they all came to the same conclusion — “Doing whatever it takes.”>>I know what happened. Chrebet went down to the truck and hit “stop” on the tape machine.>>That’s the first time I’ve seen anybody shut Key up all year. We had to blow out a loop.>>He’s gonna be talking a lot after this one. 5 catches, 86 yards, 2 touches.>>Blevins back to return the kickoff. Gramatica’s kick a short one. Blevins at the 14-yard line. Blevins taking the place of the injured Tony Horne, brings it back up to the 31.>>Here comes the blitz. Shaun King sees it from the weak side. Mike Jones just a little bit late getting there. And Todd Lyght is beaten by Keyshawn Johnson. Watch the hit that King takes right in the helmet. And still delivers the ball on the money.>>Wow, King was cool there, huh?>>Mike Jones really lays a lick on him there. The double hit, but the ground is one of them too.>>From the 31-yard line. The Rams have one time-out. Faulk. Good tackle. Ronde Barber.>>It’s gonna be very difficult for the Rams to get anything against this defense. They can put pressure with front four and cover with seven, and they’re gonna play real deep and let Warner have all those short passes.>>They’re letting the clock run. The Rams are playing Buc Ball.>>Second and 10. Saving their last time-out. Warner throws. And trying to get out of bounds, and he does, is Torry Holt. No, they’re gonna say that his progress was stopped before he got out of bounds. They keep the clock rolling. Brian Kelly with the coverage.>>Well, Martz knows they’re not gonna go down the field against this defense. He just doesn’t want a turnover. So let the clock run out, go in at halftime, take your medicine, and try again.>>That’s a wacky first half where the Bucs control the pace of the game at the Rams’ basic pace. And we start the second half now in Tampa, Florida. 24-14, Bucs on top. Again, if the Bucs win, they’re in. They can get as high as a number-two seed if they win tonight and a couple of other good things happen to them next weekend. But at worst, they’d be in. Second half kickoff into the arms of Karl Williams at the 9-yard line. And Williams gets taken down up at the 33-yard line by Dre’ Bly. Dan, let’s check out the numbers of the first 30 minutes here.>>Shaun King has averaged 16 passes the last four games. He’s thrown 16 in the first half, and yes, he has outpassed the great Kurt Warner. Super half, as he’s hit 11 out of 16 for those 151 yards.>>Well, good for Les Steckel, eh, Dan? He’s been holding it in reserve all year. He’s letting the kid play.>>And he’s taking advantage of Keyshawn Johnson’s talents, as he has five catches and two touchdowns.>>They begin with Dunn on the ground, and Dunn begins the second half with a first down up to the 46-yard line. Tackled by Keith Lyle. From the 45. Uma Thurman. Dunn. No gain. Johnson and Bruce, the two key receivers tonight. That’s a look at how they have matched up statistically.>>This 12 yards per catch, that’s holding Isaac Bruce down, because along with Torry Holt they are so dangerous. Bruce, a big-play receiver for a long time for the Rams. Keyshawn having a great night too.>>Wow, Holt had 9 for almost 180 last week, Dan. I think we’ve called his name once tonight on some ancillary matter.>>Yeah, he’s caught four passes, though.>>Second and 9 from the 46. Here’s Dunn. And Dunn up to the 50-yard line. Let’s check in with Eric. E.D.?>>Well, Al, I talked to Mike Martz at halftime. He said the one thing he’s really disappointed in is the tackling of the Rams football team. He said he’s blitzing more than he wants to blitz, but one thing he says that the Buccaneers are really keeping the offense off the field. And that’s true. They’re really keeping the offense off the field, and that’s why the Buccaneers really have the lead right now.>>Buccaneers’ time of possession — 17:17, to 14:26 for the Rams. Third and 5 at the 50-yard line. Out of the shotgun. Rams show blitz, and here they come. And king is able to step up and step out and picks up the first down.>>Well, if they let the Bucs march down the field on this first drive, they are really gonna reenergize the crowd here at Raymond James Stadium. Who is Raymond James?>>Two different guys. I’ll tell you about that in second.>>[ Laughs ] He loves Raymond. Get him off your mind, will you? This is Shaun King.>>Mike Alstott in the game. At the 42-yard line. And he’s taken down behind the line of scrimmage by Devin Bush. There’s the Raymond family and the James family, and it’s an investment firm.>>That’s a good offensive lineman, huh? Love that name — Wunsch. Madden would be all over that. He’d be “Wunsching” the whole night. “Wunsch, bam! Wunsch, pow!”>>[ Laughs ] Second and 13. Dunn. Third and 14. Out of the shotgun. And the blitz works that time because that was Devin Bush who disguised it pretty well and then walked up at the end, and it’s Bush who winds up with the sack.>>And what he did is he avoided the block of Warrick Dunn. Dunn couldn’t get the job done. Watch Dunn right here come over and try to pick up Bush, number 23. Bush is not gonna be denied. Comes in and picks up his first sack of the year and his first career sack. How ’bout that?>>Mark Royals to punt. Az Hakim, one of the very best at returning punts, from the 18.>>And Al, this is one of your Commodores, Eric Vance, making that tackle. I don’t know what he’s saying either.>>What percentage?>>90%.>>90?>>Other 10% are shotgun brides from Russia.>>From the 26-yard line on first down. This is Marshall Faulk. Quarterback comparison right there. Shaun King with the two touchdown passes. And look at the rating is almost double for King. Who would have figured?>>You know, he’s hit his last 11 out of 13. Remember that 0-for-3 start for Shaun King. But he’s reading the defense, and he’s making the Rams pay for all the blitzes they’re doing.>>Each quarterback started 0 for 3 with an interception. Second and 7 from the 29. It’s the Rams’ first possession of this half. Faulk. Big hole. And then Lynch with a forearm at the 40-yard line.>>Wow. Call the Sabols. That’s old-school.>>Marshall Faulk is in the running to daylight. And the daylight’s gonna go out. John Lynch with another lynching. What a shot.>>Well…>>Almost illegal, helmet to helmet there, too.>>In that case he saw daylight at the end of a long tunnel. Then everything went dark.>>First down at the 41-yard line. Warner going deep into coverage. And a good battle between Bruce and Lynch, and Lynch wins that one along with Damien Robinson.>>That looked like one of those Culpepper to Randy Moss passes. For all the strengths Isaac Bruce has, he doesn’t quite jump-ball like Randy does.>>And Kurt Warner trying to make something happen. Look how deep Robinson was playing. He’s got his eyes on that ball the whole way. Warner got away with one here. This ball should have been intercepted. Isaac Bruce with good effort here. That ball was thrown about 70 yards. But Robinson playing very, very deep.>>Second and 10. 8:41 left in the third. Blitz. And they run it to the right, and Faulk. And that’s Robinson who can’t get him down by the shirt. And then Marshall takes it up to the 49-yard line, about 2 yards shy of a first down. Talk about a guy all over the field — Robinson goes deep, then he comes in and almost makes the tackle in the backfield.>>He’s trying to tackle Marshall Faulk, who’s the leading candidate for MVP in the NFL this season because he’s the world’s most elusive runner, reminiscent of the great Gale Sayers and Barry Sanders. And when you factor in Faulk’s receiving skills and his football smarts, you have the league’s most dangerous player. And if it wasn’t for that knee injury earlier, he’d be breaking his own record this year.>>From the 48. Third and 3. Warner throws. It’s caught. And that is Az Hakim stretching and reaching and picking up the first down.>>Nice to see somebody on third and certain distance run their pattern at the right depth.>>He was real close to being just a little short of that right depth, Dennis, but that reaching and stretching and his strength — you don’t expect it from a kid that’s a 178-pounder. But watch this effort after the catch, pulling away from Ronde Barber and picking up the first down. That’s a huge play.>>Rams at the Tampa 48. Halfway through the third quarter. Bucs by 10. Faulk. No room. Good play — Marcus Jones. Marcus with 13 sacks, but playing the run that time beautifully.>>You know, it’s so funny to watch the realities flipped inside out here, Al. The Rams almost have to be patient with the running attack and Faulk. The Bucs are going for everything.>>Well, look at the athlete that Marcus Jones is, playing a stand-up defensive end there, fighting off the block, and then bringing down Marshall Faulk. Jeff Robinson trying to get the block on him. But even as he’s falling down, he keeps his head up.>>Having his career year in 2000. Second and 12. The blitz. Warner has it picked off! And that is Robinson, and what a series for Robinson.>>Coo coo ca-choo.>>Dunn. Up to the 47 after that Robinson pick, and it was Robinson last week who made the interception against Jay Fiedler late in the Miami game. There’s a flag here. Johnny Grier will tell us about it.>>Gonna get Jerry Wunsch for holding on Kevin Carter. But that was a big interception last week to seal that victory. This is not a way to start, though, after a turnover.>>Holding. 71, offense. Still first down.>>He’s a very special guy, and here he carries the ball for 5 up to the 27-yard line. Tackled by Wistrom.>>And he’s just 4 yards shy from going over 1,000 yards on the season. He says it’s not that big a deal in the NFL because to get there with a 16-game season, you have to average 65 yards a game. He did it in college. He thought that was a lot bigger accomplishment. But even so, with the way things have gone for the Buccaneers, he’s pretty proud of it.>>15 carries tonight for 48 yards. And there’s action before the snap.>>Hey, hey, hey, hey.>>Prior to the snap, false start. Number 71, offense. Still second down.>>Warrick Dunn made a very big play last week — we talked about Robinson in that Miami game — and he talked about it.>>I was totally focused on the football, and once I caught the football, my eyes went up and I saw Surtain trying to kill me, in a sense, so I just tried to ball up. He didn’t wrap me up, he just tried to knock me out, and I was able to stay balanced. Then after that, it was just running for my life.>>Huge play in that game, won by Tampa at Miami, 16-13. Second and long. And the pass is incomplete. Good coverage that time, and a little miscommunication. King wants a flag for being hit, but he doesn’t find one. Reidel Anthony.>>He’s claiming Anthony was held on the outside. King trying to hit the fade pattern. Again it’s a blitz. You see Mike Jones coming, 52. Right there the ball must have been ruled uncatchable, thrown to the outside as Anthony cut to the inside.>>Well, third and 20, Buc Ball dictates you just run for 3 and punt it. Let’s see if Dungy wants to send a message.>>They’ve been sending a lot of messages tonight. Third and 20. Now they keep it on the ground. Inside hand-off to Dunn. But he can only get up to the 25-yard line, and so the Rams hold. [ Crowd booing ] Tough crowd tonight. They’re booing?>>It’s like Dangerfield.>>Yeah, I mean, they’ve opened it up about as much as you can expect against the Rams.>>[ As Rodney Dangerfield ] Tough room, tough room.>>Very tough room. We’ll be here all week.>>Who was that we just showed in the crowd?>>Freddie Dangerfield.>>Oh, all right. You’re my celebrity guy. Mark Royals’ punt, and a fair catch is signaled for and juggled and then made at the 39 yard line.>>♪ Memories, light the corners of my mind ♪ Hey, you know who else’s birthday it is today? Albeeno’s delightful wife, Linda Michaels. She’s home, she’s in her flip-flops.>>[ Laughs ]>>Unwinding. Happy birthday, dollface.>>Happy birthday, dollface.>>And it’s my father’s birthday tomorrow.>>Oh. The great Bob Fouts. He’s 39 again.>>First and 10, here’s a screen pass. Marshall Faulk. And he takes it up to the 47 and close to a first.>>What a great tackle by Shelton Quarles. It looked like Faulk was gonna break loose for a big gain.>>Check in with Eric. ED?>>Well, Al, the Rams are known for being a fast football team. One of the concerns are they’re playing on grass. As you watch them play, a lot of receivers have slipped down because when you play on AstroTurf, you have a tendency to have really good footing. Now, natural grass, I’ve played on both, you will slip down sometimes, and that is what’s happening to the wide receivers of the Rams right now. They’re losing their footing a lot.>>And those receivers tonight well, Holt scored 4 for 39, Bruce, 3 for 36, Warner’s only thrown for 134 yards. Second and one. The ground again is full. Into Bucs territory. Takes it to the 46.>>What a chess match we’ve got going here, Al. The Bucs are trying to beat the Rams and vice versa.>>The strength of this Bucs defense is at front getting after the quarterbacks. They’re not expecting the Rams to just use power running game right at that front forward. But it’s been very effective for Marshall Faulk tonight.>>Obviously, Martz has enough time. 2:50 left in the third. It’s kind of a smart play.>>Look at that — the Rams, despite their offensive prowess, when trailing by 10 or more points have lost their last 15 games. [ Whistle blows ] And there’s action up front. That’s Tucker.>>False start, number 15, offense — still first down.>>Let’s bring up one other thing here. The winner of this game goes to the playoffs. If the Bucs hold this lead and win, they would get a first-round playoff bye. If they then go on to Green Bay and beat them while the Rams win in New Orleans and the Vikings lose to the Colts — A lot of things have to happen — that would give them a number-two seed. They’d have an off week. If nothing else, they would get to the playoffs. Also, if Tampa wins, New Orleans is automatically in the playoffs and Detroit controls its fate. And this is caught by Torry Holt. One think I think this could overlook, guys, the Lions — if the Bucs win tonight, if the Lions beat Chicago, they’re in. Period.>>Beeno, you’ve obviously forgotten that Dan and I are idiots. [ Laughter ] Somewhere along the way, you got some bad information that we would understand that.>>I have become a blithering idiot.>>Albeeno, you’re the only one with the brain capacity to suck all that in, babe. I’m eating a hot dog and Danno’s scratching himself. [ Laughter ]>>I’m eating a hot dogandscratching myself. Here’s Isaac Bruce. And he’s out of bounds at the 28 yard line, and that’s a first down.>>You talk about breaking tendencies for the Rams. Isaac Bruce hasn’t carried the ball all year long. He takes this reverse. This is the second rusher for the Rams all night long. Isaac Bruce with that gain of 12 yards.>>Rams tops in the league — 444 yards per game and 336 passing yards per game. That’s gonna come down at least at this particular point. They’ve passed only 144 for the game almost three quarters finished. First and 10. Faulk hit hard. John Lynch comes up to make his acquaintance.>>I think you’re watching the maturation of Martz as a coach, though. This is really antithetical to his instincts, and I like what he’s doing.>>Watch Lynch come, totally unblocked, and when he hits you, you’re going down. There’s not much else you can say. Leads with his helmet almost every time. Puts it right on the 8 in 28 there of Marshall Faulk’s jersey.>>Well, I think Lynch’s shoulder’s tweaked, isn’t it?>>He’s got a separated left shoulder. You’d never know it.>>Second and nine. Warner flushed out and throws. Almost intercepted. Tried to get it to the tight end Conwell, and Donnie Abraham was there to bat it away.>>Ernie Conwell’s got to come back for this ball. He stands there, waits for it to come down. If he runs to the ball, he makes this catch, but by standing there, he allows Donnie Abraham to come back and knock it away.>>Even if he doesn’t make the catch, if he goes to that ball, he probably gets a pass interference.>>That is just standing there, waiting for it to come down.>>I think Ernie Conwell’s, like, option number 73, and this offense is probably not used to it, especially in the second half of a game.>>Abraham will be going to the Pro Bowl — one of eight Bucs to go to the Pro Bowl, and the only one of the eight not starting. Third and nine. They’re bunched up up front for the Bucs. Warner throws and getting open was Faulk! Touchdown! His third of the night. What a play.>>Yeah, they bunched up the defensive line, the Buccaneers did, and then came out of it. They were too late in reacting to Faulk getting to the outside. The front four didn’t give any pressure at all on Warner. Look at this matchup here! Chidi Ahanotu on Marshall Faulk — are you kidding me?! I’ll take that every time.>>Wilkins for the point after.>>This is Kurt Warner’s first touchdown pass in a long time. And what a matchup. He finds number 72, Chidi Ahanotu, trying to guard Marshall Faulk. Can’t blame Chidi, but that’s just reading the defense and finding your best player.>>I think if you can consistently match Faulk up on Ahanotu, they’re gonna win the majority.>>Well, you’re learning Dennis.>>Starts at the 6 yard line. Karl Williams. And Williams…brings it all the way back up to the 49 yard line. This figures to be the final play of the third quarter with Shaun King on first and 10 from the 48 yard line. A swing toss out to Dunn. And Dunn…takes it inside the 20! Stays in bounds and goes all the way for a touchdown!>>Well, a lot more action left in that third quarter than I would’ve thought.>>Yes, there was. And this was a lateral, so this’ll go down as a running play for Warrick Dunn. Did not step out of bounds. Came very close, and I think the Rams thought he was gonna go out of bounds. Perfect call. Look at this. The backwards pass. Now, that means that it’s a running play for Warrick Dunn. That plant right there got inside Keith Lyle and down the sidelines.>>Have they really been sitting on this kind of potency all season? It’s amazing.>>Gramatica for the point after. We begin the fourth quarter. Gramatica’s kick. Fielded a couple by Blevins, in the 17. He brings it back up to the 27. Dunn tonight seems able to get to the outside — The Rams very weak on the edges.>>And poor tackling. Watch how close. Watch his left foot. Almost goes out of bounds right there, then he completes this 52-yard run. Got to give Karl Williams some credit ’cause he had that 41-yard kickoff return. But check out the poor tackle there by Michael Jones. Remember Warrick Dunn talked about balling up when he was hit? Well, he just balled up, made himself a little ball, and bounced right off of Michael Jones for the touchdown run.>>Bud Carson brought in in mid year as the defensive consultant to his defensive coordinator, Pete Giunta. And you saw his reaction as Warner now tries to bring them back again and Holt makes the catch up at the 47 yard line. As Dan mentioned, that was a backward pass, so it goes into the books as a run, and that run by Dunn puts him over 100 at 103.>>And over 1,000 on the year. Do you notice how the Rams come out with their first-down plays? It’s ’cause they’ve been running the ball so well, they come play action and get the completion over the middle.>>That sort of tackling’s gonna send Carson back into retirement.>>From 47 yard line on first down. This is Faulk now, and he’s taken down in the backfield by the Pro Bowler Derrick Brooks. One minute into the fourth quarter. Here are the numbers now through the first 45 minutes of play.>>Well, it hasn’t been easy for Kurt Warner to get back on top in the passing, but the rushing right here, Warrick Dunn has 103 yard running on tonight so far. Shaun King — 38 yards on 4 carries.>>Hey, what is that “Who Let the Dogs Out” song? Is that new? [ Laughs ]>>Back in. Second and 11. This is Holt taking it across the 50 to the 47 yard line for a gain of…6. “SportsCenter” on ESPN following the game. All the reports from around the NFL. It’s third down and 4 at the 48 yard line.>>Crowd certainly senses how big this play is coming up. Warner — wide open! 35, Ricky Proehl! And Proehl, who, of course, killed the Bucs last year with a catch in the NFC Championship game with a huge third-down conversion here.>>This is what you expect out of a veteran. Watch him come down, read the defense, then cut to the outside. Just finding a dead spot in that zone between the linebackers and in front of the safeties.>>Well, Martz only afforded himself like nine variables on that play.>>And now the catch is… somehow made by Torry Holt at the 11 yard line. Unbelievable. John Lynch was glitching that time, hits Warner as he threw. And Holt’s able to hang on here for his eighth catch.>>I don’t know how Ronde Barber doesn’t make a play on this ball. Comes right over the top, one-handed catch, and Holt pins the ball to the side of his helmet.>>Grab ‘er and yank. Then he gets stuck in Derrick Brooks wicket. Oh, it was Torry Holt? He looks like Bruce a lot.>>From the 12 yard line. Out of the “I.” With Faulk. Marshall, who has scored 3 times tonight, takes it to the 9 yard line. Marshall Faulk with two four-touchdown games…this season. In the history of the NFL, there are only two other players who have had two four-touchdown games in one year — Jim Taylor in ’62 and Gale Sayers in ’65.>>And Jimmy Taylor, the workman like that, his were back-to-back, which was the amazing thing.>>There are the Rams — Since 1990, 0-52 when 10 or more down to the fourth. Trying to end that spell.>>In goes Faulk! Fourth touchdown of the game. And he’s the first player in the history of the NFL to score four touchdowns in a game three times in a season.>>Boy, and these are hard yards, too. He went inside of John Lynch and got the touchdown. John Lynch doesn’t miss many tackles, certainly hasn’t missed many tonight, but Faulk made him miss on that nine-yarder.>>Wilkins. Bangs it through. Wilkins to the 9 yard line. Karl Williams. Up to the 27. The 27 yard line, here is Warrick Dunn beginning this drive, and there he goes again. All the way up to the 48 yard line. That’s a game of 21 for Dunn.>>The Rams are absolutely simp-like here in the second half.>>They don’t know where he is. They can’t find him. He’s got such great patience. He sets up his blocks — Frank Middleton, 73, cuts inside that, and now he’s deep into the secondary.>>Dunn now with 124 yards on 18 carries. The ball is at the 48 yard line. First down. And a pass to Jacquez Green into Ram territory, close to a first at the 43 yard line.>>You know, that’s John King’s first completion of the second half. In fact, Keyshawn Johnson has been shut out this second half. Now Green comes limping off the field. That’s not a good sign ’cause he’s the guy who can stretch the defense of the Rams. He’s a big weapon.>>You know, that’s four weeks in a row now that Warrick has 125 yards, and it really sets up an interesting quandary for them in the playoffs, perchance they make it with all starts.>>Mm-hmm. Second and one. And Dunn. First down from the 42. Misses King throwing off his back foot, and that’s incomplete.>>And that’s intentional grounding.>>He wasn’t outside the tight end box, what they call a tight end box. That’s grounding, and now Johnson comes back to argue with Johnny Grier. Dunn with a quizzical look.>>I think Johnny Grier did not see that there were two Bucs in the area where King threw the ball, and that’s what they’re arguing about right now.>>They may wave it off if Johnny finds out from the other officials if there was somebody in the area.>>Johnny was looking at the pressure that King was under.>>Yeah, Grier’s a good official. He’ll get it right.>>Very good.>>Intentional grounding, number 10, offense.>>Johnny, I set you up there.>>Also a loss of down.>>He had a receiver.>>They had two men in his face, though after the play action. Kevin Carter’s one of them.>>Yeah, well, you know what? Grier’s right. As it turns out, Grier is right.>>There were Bucs in the area, but where King threw the ball was between them all.>>They were.>>Yeah, but it was the area.>>It’s the bay area.>>Everything’s spread out here.>>There’s the reaction on the Tampa bench to the call.>>They’re saying it’s the area, Johnny.>>Second down and 21 from the 46. [ Whistle blowing ]>>Yeah, Johnny’s gonna make it right right now.>>I’m wondering if Dungy is not asking if it’s a reviewable call, which it would not be.>>But he stopped the clock. They’re gonna get charged for a time-out here.>>Tampa Bay has challenged the spot of the spot of the foul.>>Well, that’s an interesting call here. You can challenge where the foul was committed. You can’t challenge whether there was a receiver in the area. You can’t challenge the grounding part of it. I have to think this one through myself right now.>>Well, we’ll give you time.>>Thank you. Let’s go back to the beginning of the play here, which was second down.>>See, I would call that in the area, but that’s me.>>But that’s not what’s being challenged here.>>They marked the ball at the 46 yard line. Obviously, Tony Dungy thinks it should be a little bit closer to the 50 yard line because they mark it where King throws the ball.>>Right. It’s assessed from where he throws it. So, let’s see where he is. You see he’s in about the 48½, and they put it at the 46. So, what Dungy’s doing here is he’s saying I want those 2½ yards back.>>But you know what else he gets in it? He gets to yell at Johnny Grier and question his call of intentional grounding.>>And he’s also giving Warren Sapp and some of the other big guys on that “D” line a little bit of a blow over here.>>The penalty for grounding is 10 yards.>>Here he is on the 48. They moved the ball back here. That’s what Dungy’s talking about, the difference of two yards here.>>We’re gonna check the previous line of scrimmage before the play, which was the 42 yard line.>>That is the 42 right there. Now we got to do some mathematics to figure out where — Johnny will tell us.>>They should move it back 10 yards from that spot.>>Wow. All of a sudden, I’m at a barbecue at Archimedes’ house.>>[ Chuckles ] And we’re out of food.>>What happened?>>The hibachi’s busted.>>See, now, they might get this right, but I’m telling you — this ain’t good for the drama.>>After reviewing the play, the pass was thrown from the 49 yard line. By rule, we’ll penalize from the line of scrimmage 10 yards, and it’s also a loss of down. Tampa Bay will not be charged with a time-out.>>Okay, so, they win the challenge.>>All right.>>You know, if that ball had been thrown from beyond 10 yards, they would’ve marked it at the spot of the throw, but because it was inside 10 yards, it’s a 10-yard penalty, and that’s what Tony Dungy was talking about, what he got right.>>Hmm. Interesting.>>[ Laughing ] Yes. There will be a quiz tomorrow.>>I think I’m gonna do some thesis work on that one.>>Let me tell you about the playoff scenario.>>[ Laughs ]>>It is second down and 21 from the 48 yard line. King… Against the grain. Johnson leaps for it, can’t make the catch at the 35 yard line. Devin Bush.>>Key. Big moment, Key.>>Yeah, you’d expect him to be able to make that catch. He’s such a big target at 6’4″. That ball was thrown very hard by King. Had a lot of momentum going as he was running forward. Keyshawn looking at the big board. He knows he should’ve caught it, too. Watch King step up here. He’s gonna run. Now he sees Johnson, throws on the run well. Johnson should’ve had that.>>So, third and 20 from the 48 yard line. Shaun King out of the shotgun. No pressure. Great coverage. Wide open down the sideline is Jacquez Green! He got free, King spotted him! To the 22, first down, Tampa.>>Well, it just looked like the Rams’ defenders were playing a fall-back zone or something. Nobody rushed the quarterback.>>I think they were — Oh, what a shot by Devin Bush on Green. And he hangs on to the ball as the ball is sitting on your sofa with you. Man, what a shot. But if you have 10 seconds to throw the ball, you’re gonna find somebody get open. Green finding the depth spot deep in the zone and hanging on for dear life.>>And Bush is hurt as he comes out.>>No pass rush at all to speak of for the Rams that time.>>So, King spots his man, completes his 13th out of 21, takes him to the 22 first and 10. Dunn all night long to the outside, and the Rams can’t stop him. To the 1. The Rams have just been awful on the edges tonight. Every time Dunn goes outside, that time Frank Middleton led the way. First and goal.>>And Mike Alstott along with Middleton. Here’s Middleton, 73, watch Alstott, as well.>>They open up that hole because Dunn sets it up so well. And our Steadicam catches Dunn to the goal line.>>Well, Middleton backing up some of his chatter with an all-encompassing block there.>>Inside the 2, first and goal. A fake to Dunn, and then the pass is dropped by Dave Moore. The tight end was free. Couldn’t hold it.>>Somebody just blew up the center for Tampa Bay, whoever was over him, knocked him back into the quarterback.>>Well, they were expecting a run play. This was a good call, a little play action, perfect pass. Moore didn’t realize he had more room in the corner of the end zone. I think he was thinking more about his feet than he was thinking about the ball.>>He could’ve easily taken another step and made that catch.>>Second and goal from the 1. Dunn — Unh-unh, not this time. Good play. That’s Mike Jones, 52, loss of one.>>Now both linebackers came off the corner, Collins and Jones, and they just pinched Warrick Dunn. And without a huddle.>>Without a huddle here. It is third down and goal from the 2 yard line. No huddle, but not a hurry-up.>>This is a place on the field with a young quarterback, you’d think he’d need a huddle. This late in the game?>>They have the look of a team ready to take a time-out.>>Must just be running the clock down.>>And they’re gonna run it down. When you have a three-point lead, as they do, they take the play clock to 1. They knew they were gonna take a time-out. And they line up with Dunn next to King. They’ll work out of a shotgun. They spread it out on third and goal from the 3. And that is thrown into traffic and intercepted by McCleon! Intended for Johnson. McCleon would be well-advised to take a knee, which he does deep in the end zone. And McCleon has just possibly saved the Rams’ season.>>I tell you what — That was a terrible decision by Shaun King. You’ve got four wide receivers in there, and you go to the one guy that’s double-covered, and you throw him the ball anyway. He was going to Keyshawn Johnson come heck or high you-know-what.>>And that was Johnson at 6’4″ against Bly at 5’9″. Eighth pick of the season for McCleon.>>Well, optimumly, they wanted the touchdown there, but had they not scored and only gotten a field goal, didn’t hurt them that much. They’d still be within one score, the Rams.>>Bud Carson watching his unit just deliver a monster play. The ball at the 20 yard line, first down. It’s Faulk top of the screen, lined up wide left. Warner comes this way, throws, Roland Williams the tight end. Gain of 8 to the 28 yard line.>>We talked about how this is a test of wills. Well, this is what it’s all about right now. The Ram defense comes up with their best play of the night with that interception and gives the ball to their offense, and now the challenge is on. Can the Bucs stop the Rams? Dropping into a zone, Warner with a lot of time to find a receiver here, Williams.>>Williams in motion, and he sets in a slot in the right as Warner comes back over the middle, and he hits Holt! And Holt turns it back into Buc territory being chased from behind! Inside the 20, the 10, touchdown Saint Louis!>>Wow.>>72 yards, and the Rams have the lead again.>>Well, I’d say when you have the Rams by the throat, you better lean in on it. Tampa didn’t.>>Two plays, 80 yards, typical Ram fashion. The Buccaneers gambled, they came with pressure, single-coverage on the outside, and it was all over.>>That was the only time this season Tampa Bay did not score after a first and goal. They go from first and goal at the 1, that close to a 10-point lead. A fan’s delight — 35-31, Rams. The same two teams who played to an 11-6 final in January. Karl Williams brings the ball back up to the 24 yard line. The Bucs at the 24 yard line, first and 10. 5:07 left in regulation. King under pressure and gets sacked. He’s taken down in the arms of Kevin Carter, who had such a monster year last year and has been in and out of the starting lineup this season.>>Now you’re seeing the influence of Bud Carson on this defense. Playing with a lot more confidence, bringing pressure that time, and picking up their second sack of the night on Shaun King. This guy has been there, he’s done that, he’s seen it all, and he’s instilling great confidence in his defense.>>It is second down and 16.>>Gone!>>King over the middle, caught 39 yard line, and Keyshawn Johnson, who’d had a silent second half with a big reception here, his first reception of the half.>>Boy, he took it right off the top of the head of London Fletcher. London at 5’10” covering Johnson down the middle. Great concentration by Keyshawn and a beautiful pass by Shaun King.>>London was just happy to make his drop. He didn’t even think about looking back for it.>>That’s a tough assignment.>>From the 41 yard line. After a 23-yard gain. Going for Green, and that’s incomplete. Good coverage. Crowd wants a flag. Bucs’ bench wants a flag. They don’t get it. Dre’ Bly with the coverage. Saying, “No, no.”>>Dre’ Bly was draped all over Jacquez Green there. This ball is in the air for a long time. Watch Bly with a left hand there.>>Boy, that could’ve been called pass interference very easily. Watch Bly about 10 yards down the field. That grab there. There’s another grab. There’s a little push off by Green. I tell you what.>>Well, maybe if Jacquez hadn’t initiated that last one, he might’ve got it.>>Side judge Dean Look, former quarterback in the NFL. He had the perfect view and said no. Second down and 10. Under pressure. Lofted in the air and nearly intercepted at the 48 yard line by Todd Lyght. King had to throw off the back foot and loaded one and got away with it.>>He keeps throwing those pitches, he’s gonna get wide out killed.>>I’m not sure that Warrick Dunn even saw this ball. King was under a lot of pressure, as Al said. Watch the blitz right up the middle. Bush and Fletcher — Dunn has no idea the ball’s even coming. If it wasn’t for the reaction of Todd Lyght…>>King wanted a flag. Leonard Little put the pressure on that time.>>Third and 10 now from the 41 yard line. King out of the gun. Flag thrown. Over the middle, through the hands of Warrick Dunn. Penalty marker at the snap.>>But the play was allowed to go on. This might be against the Rams. Head linesman is James Wilson. Oh, it’s procedure against the Bucs.>>This is where that shoot out part of it –>>Illegal formation, number 85, offense. Number 85 lined up with the line of scrimmage and covered up an eligible receiver. The penalty is declined. Fourth down.>>So, it’s fourth down now, and with 3:40 to go, they’re faced with having to punt to the Rams with that potent offense. At least for the moment, they have not sent their punting unit out to the field.>>I don’t think they can afford to not go for this fourth down, Al.>>Ooh, boy. This is a very interesting call here. The clock 3:40, you have the two-minute warning, the Bucs have two time-outs. But they’re gonna go for it on a fourth down and 10 from the 41 yard line. Out of the gun. King over the middle, tipped, incomplete. Nearly intercepted. Mike Jones tipped it, and the Rams will take over at the 41 of Tampa Bay. Now, we’ve been talking about playoff scenarios all night as we look at this again.>>You know, again, it’s King zeroing in on Keyshawn Johnson just too much. Threw that ball behind him.>>You said his shortcoming was accuracy early in the game, Dan, and it came home to roost right there.>>Yeah, and in experience. Remember, second-year guy trying to make the play. A costly interception where he’s tried to force it to Johnson, and then that fourth down pass thrown way behind the receiver. Well, the one good thing is the Rams score so quickly, they might get the ball back a couple times.>>First and 10 at the 41 yard line with 3:33. The Bucs will be forced to use their time-outs eventually. Here’s Faulk. He is stopped at the 40. Will Tampa use a time-out here? Yes. Now, we’ve been talking about Tampa — If they win, they go to the playoffs. If they lose, they still control their fate. If they beat Green Bay at Green Bay next Sunday, and again, that’s a monumental task because you all know the nonsense everybody talks about with under 40 degrees and all the rest of that stuff. This is Faulk now to the 37 yard line tackled by Derrick Brooks. The “Bob N Weave” guys right there. There are their numbers.>>You know, Al, come to think of it, I take it back. I forgot who quarterbacks for the Packers. It’s Brett Favre. He’s playing hell-bent for leather whether they’re in or out.>>Meanwhile, the Rams right now, they are going to take a time-out because what they want to do is take the play clock all the way down. And they take a time out with 2:37. It’s a 30-second time-out. Let’s go to Eric Dickerson.>>Well, Al, I asked Kurt how he felt after his injury a couple weeks ago. He said one thing that he’s glad to be back, and he’s got his timing down. That’s the most important thing. He says one thing about his receiving — He likes to hit them on the run, give them a chance to run with the football, and you saw that in that pass to Torry Holt. That’s exactly what he did. He hit him on the run, gave him a chance to really run with the football downfield.>>Eric, keep your mike open a second. I have some news for you we’ve neglected to this point. You held the Rams’ record — 20 touchdowns in 1983, no?>>I held that record. I know Marshall Faulk broke that record.>>Yeah.>>I know Marshall said he’s the best running back from the Rams. Now, me and him got to argue about that a little bit, Al.>>He’s got 22. He may have a chance to eclipse Emmitt Smith. If he scores three next week, he would tie. He has…23 touchdowns tonight. Four tonight, so he’s two shy of the Emmitt Smith mark. Third down and six. And they give it to Marshall, and he is stopped, and that’s what the Bucs had to do here at the 36 yard line, Anthony McFarland. And now Tampa will take its last time-out on this side of the two-minute warning.>>So, now they get the ball back with the two-minute warning to stop the clock and the change of possession, but with no time-outs for their young quarterback and for an offense that, quite frankly, doesn’t thrive in a hurry-up mode.>>Well, that was a funky time-out that came from that overly conservative mind-set they get into sometimes. You think if anything, they’ve learned a lesson tonight that sometimes it’s not good to be that conservative. They could really use that time-out now.>>They were so good in that first half. Remember Shaun King was 11 out of 16 at halftime. Since then, he is 3 out of 12.>>John Baker to punt.>>This guy’s got the easiest job in the league.>>Yeah, averaging less than three punts a game. Because of it’s potent offense. Karl Williams. And Baker boots it into the end zone, which is not what he had in mind.>>Come on, Bake>>Takes it to the 20 with 2:22. King up to the 25. Leonard Little makes the tackle, and the ball is loose, but no, they say incomplete. Dave Moore never had possession. Incomplete.>>Let’s go back again to the time when the Bucs had the ball at the 3 yard line, and Dave Moore dropped a touchdown pass. This one right over the middle from their up cam. And Moore’s got it there.>>Well, I don’t know. That’s not an incomplete pass, folks. That is a fumble.>>I’m surprised Moore was even an option after that earlier drop.>>Well, the deal is that you can’t challenge because the whistle blew, so it’s incomplete, period. Second and 10 at the 20. On the blitz, King over the middle, caught, and it is Keyshawn Johnson up to the 28 yard line. Bucs hurrying up, and we’ll see if they can get a play off before the two-minute warning, which they won’t.>>Well, this is the game right here for Tampa Bay.>>Convert or lose. They do not have a time-out. It is third down and a long two.>>And this offense does not exude any confidence at all.>>Eh, they got two plays. They got time.>>To go the distance, though. With no time-outs, they got to get a touchdown.>>It’s fun.>>King… Pressure, throws on the run, and they get the first down and stop the clock. Jacquez Green out of bounds at the 34 yard line.>>Great play by the kid. He waved his one wide receiver down the field like he was gonna go a little deeper, then came underneath to pick up the first.>>Trailing by 4 with 1:52 to play. Low snap, and then confusion on who was doing what. Johnson going to the inside. Green cut off a pattern short and light on the corner blitz forced King to throw incomplete.>>Well, he’s not outside the tight ends and just flips it out of bounds.>>Do you have to be pressured?>>No, I think it was just confusion on the patterns. Second down and 10 from the 35 yard line. Again, they blitz. They swing it out, and this time, Dunn on a play similar, and then he laterals it back to King, and King is gonna get the first down and get it to the 50 yard line! And then he’s whacked out of bounds, and flags come in all over the place as Roland Williams, who hit him on the sideline — And if it was Williams that gets assessed a penalty, he’s not even in the game, he’s on offense.>>A veritable cornucopia of desperate action.>>Desperate times call for desperate measures. Here’s the penalty at the end of this great play. They’re gonna give Mike Jones and not Williams. Jones did hit him late. Williams got a free shot. But what a heads-up play by Warrick Dunn as Kevin Carter’s pulling him down. Look at this improv. Talk about being on stage, Dennis.>>Look at King. It’s almost like that would be the last thing you’d expect, and yet he took it all in stride.>>And since that was a lateral pass, King still could’ve thrown the ball. And the penalty moves it to the 35, and that’s two weeks in a row that Dunn has made a miraculous play when it looked like it was death to the Bucs.>>That same crummy swing pass, too, that’s killing them.>>Right. First and 10 from the 35. And that is caught at the 31, and it’s Dunn trying to roll out of bounds.>>That’s a beautiful pass. That was his third option.>>And he does. He gets out of bounds, stopping it at 1:26.>>The Rams just can’t get any pressure on King without a blitz. They come with just a four-man rush right here, and look at how far away the offensive line of the Bucs keep all those white jerseys. King could read the defense, and again, like you said, that was one of his third or fourth outlet receivers.>>Second down and four from the 29. King for three… and off his fingertips. It got by Dre’ Bly.>>Wow.>>Green is 5’9″, Bly at 5’9″. And it was there.>>And Shaun King at 6′. That was a perfect pass. You got to expect to make that catch, Jacquez. I’m not so sure he felt confident that that ball was gonna get there.>>And now it is third down and 4 at the 29 yard line. Over the middle, sliding, it is Keyshawn. Does he make the catch? He does not. It’s incomplete. He does not make the catch. And now it comes down to a fourth and 4 at 29.>>Let’s see how close he got. The blitz came. Todd Lyght came on the blitz, and Keyshawn dropped that ball. That ball was not thrown that low. Hit him right about the shoulder pad as he’s sliding down.>>This guy wants to be the man, he’s got to start making those catches.>>Two dropped passes in a row, and Warren Sapp can’t believe it.>>And so, the game comes down to a fourth and 4 at the 29 yard line. King stepping out to the right, has room! Oh, does he get the first down? He does, and he’s out of bounds at the 24!>>King said, “Everybody’s dropping passes, I’m keeping it.”>>This is the way he played when he was at Tulane with the Green Wave — making all the plays — throwing the ball, running with the ball. He had to beat London Fletcher for that first down, and he gave it his all and got it. He’s got nobody to throw to. Now he sees again that it’s a blitz, man-to-man coverage, a wide-open field, and just fast enough to pick up the first.>>Johnson and Anthony wide to the right, Green split wide left, and now they send Keyshawn in motion to the near side.>>King throwing, and that’s incomplete, trying to get it to Dunn, diving forward at the 9 yard line.>>But he got the matchup he wanted. He got Grant Wistrom, a defensive end, covering Warrick Dunn out of the backfield. Bud Carson changing up his blitzes bringing linebackers and safeties, dropping out a defensive end. A little bit better pass, and Warrick Dunn has that ball inside the 10 yard line.>>How ironic that the Rams, an offensive machine in the very most important moment of their season, it comes down to the “D.”>>That’s a great job by Wistrom, too, staying with Dunn.>>Second and 10 from the 23 yard line. [ Whistle blowing ] And the Rams take a time-out. The Rams the only team who can take a time-out. Bucs have none.>>Second and 10. Shaun King — And there’s Georgia Frontiere, the owner of the Rams. You had the class of ’99, and King was kind of like an afterthought playing in Tulane. Quarterback’s going 1, 2, 3. Couch and Smith and McNabb, and then there was King. And before the end of his rookie season, he was the guy in the spotlight and took his team all the way to the championship game for the owner, Malcom Glazer. Malcom Glazer and his family buying the Bucs a few years back, getting this stadium built. And right now, he has to be a pretty nervous soul, but not showing his hand. It’s second down and 10 at the 23 yard line. 62 seconds to play. And that is from behind, and does he make the catch? He does at the 2 yard line! Reidel Anthony!>>Yeah, that’s an incredible catch.>>That is a catch. Watch this ball thrown behind Reidel as he’s working in the secondary there. What a grab for Anthony. That’s his 12th catch of the year. He’s money, though. Almost got that one in.>>It’s his first catch tonight. It’s his first catch in the last four games. Well, it’s Monday night. What else is new?>>I’m not so sure the Bucs want to be on the 2 yard line, though. They weren’t so good the last time they were here.>>They’re inside. They’re actually at the 1, officially. The last time at first and goal, they had it picked off. And this one is going behind Moore.>>Why are you throwing to Moore? Why? I mean, he’s getting open, but he has yet to prove…>>That was a try, though, for a ball thrown too hard. You got to lob that one to the big guy. King under pressure, as he’s been all night. Pulled the trigger too fast.>>I’d move King out of the pocket. He’s got a nice way of picking his hole.>>Second down and goal. Inside the 2. Tossed to Dunn! He’s in! Touchdown!>>Oh, this is amazing. They might’ve left a little too much time, though.>>I think everybody in the house was expecting King to throw that pass. Talk about crossing up the defense, giving it to Warrick Dunn, who is Superman tonight as he flies in for the score.>>Gramatica to put them up by three. Nice placement by Royal, who had to reach back for it. 48 seconds. The Rams have one time-out. And the guy they’re really gonna miss right now is Tony Horne, one of the best running back kickoffs in the league, but he’s hurt.>>Well, Martz said he might put Hakim back on a kickoff if he needed it.>>And this might be the time.>>I’d say he needs it.>>Remember, the Rams had to use a time-out defensively on that incredible 80-yard drive by the Buccaneers.>>And this defense — There’s Sapp, and you saw Brooks. And they can only sit and watch as an offense, which really hasn’t held up its part of the bargain, comes through when they had to.>>Well, if this lead holds up, you’re talking about a Tampa Bay team that might go into the playoffs hitting on every cylinder. ‘Cause this is what the defense needed to see out of these guys.>>What an effort by Warrick Dunn. Looked like he took off from about the 3 yard line. George Hegamin, 79, getting out in front. That created the void, and nothing was gonna stop Dunn.>>Wow. Warrick came off one of those mini trams. Praise the Lord.>>Marshall Faulk is gonna go back to return the kick.>>Wow.>>Why not? Best player on the field for Saint Louis. Maybe the best player out there, period, although you get a pretty good argument from the other 28 tonight.>>Dunn and Faulk — 48 seconds, one time-out, and Faulk back to return the kick. I know Wilkins has an accurate leg. Does he have a long leg?>>He’s got a career long of 57.>>Then he’s got a long leg.>>One thing about Gramatica, he’s got a lot of short kickoffs tonight.>>And here comes the first run-back of Faulk’s career. From the 4. He can only take it back to the 21. And that took seven seconds off the clock. Then there’s a scrum,and there’s Gramatica who gets into it, the kicker, with Dre’ Bly.>>Marty, Marty, Marty. Go to the bench.>>[ Laughs ]>>”I’ll finish it,” says Warren. Now the Rams try to get into field-goal position for Wilkins, as we stated, a guy who’s had a perfect season — hasn’t missed a field-goal attempt, hasn’t missed an extra point. Crowd is roaring. And that is — Oh, it’s dropped by Bruce, who started to look up field. Of all guys, Isaac Bruce at the 42 yard line, drops it.>>No question. He was looking to run before he made the catch. Little writhe smile on his face as he looks at the replay board. He knew he cost the team a big one that time. So uncharacteristic of Isaac Bruce.>>Second down and 10, the ball is at the 21 yard line. Warner…deep downfield. Lynch intercepts at the 50! And that will do it.>>Kurt Warner was throwing to a man who wasn’t expecting it. Torry Holt never saw the ball, never looked for the ball, and John Lynch, playing center field after Warren Sapp and all his buddies put pressure on the quarterback forced that terrible throw by Kurt Warner.>>This will put the Bucs into the playoffs. This will put the Saints into the playoffs.>>And the Rams will need a wing and a prayer. And this will be the end of the game.

100 Replies to “Buccaneers Revenge | Buccaneers vs. Rams | Week 16, 2000 | NFL Full Game”

  1. 1:15 – Ronde Barber intercepts Kurt Warner

    3:50 – Buccaneers’ Martin Gramatica makes 35-yard FG

    6:26 – Shaun King throws interception to Rams

    13:06 – Marshall Faulk rushes for 2-yard TD

    19:45 – Warrick Dunn rushes for 2-yard TD

    26:40 – Rams convert on 4th down

    27:22 – Marshall Faulk rushes for 16-yard TD

    37:20 – Keyshawn Johnson hauls in 8-yard TD pass from Shaun Hill

    44:22 – Keyshawn Johnson grabs his 2nd TD of the day on a 17-yard strike

    57:05 – Kurt Warner throws 2nd interception of the game

    1:05:58 – Marshaull Faulk hauls in 27-yard TD pass

    1:07:18 – Warrick Dunn rushes for 52-yard TD

    1:12:42 – Marshall Faulk rushes for 9-yard TD

    1:24:40 – Shaun King is intercepted by the Rams in the end zone

    1:26:15 – Torry Holt catches quick pass and takes it 72-yards for the TD

    1:31:33 – Rams stop Buccaneers on 3rd down

    1:34:40 – Buccaneers stop Rams on 3rd down to force punt

    1:45:50 – Warrick Dunn leaps for 2-yard go-ahead TD

    1:49:55 – Kurt Warner throws his 3rd interception of the game

  2. I can't believe you guys didn't upload a single Steelers game yet! and uploaded all 3 games for some teams like the Packers.
    Thank you.

  3. Nothing better than watching the vaunted Bucs defense vs. the greatest show on turf Rams play on grass.. MNF on ABC was great full of fireworks.

  4. So I think I was about two years old at the time of this game and so obviously don't remember it. But that is a seriously epic play at 1:38:20. Was watching it on here for the first time ever and couldn't believe it. Seems like a fantastic game.

  5. I was at this game. When Dunn scored the winning TD, I was jumping up and down so crazily that I bashed my shin and caused a deep bruise that lasted a month.

  6. The Rams, for all the talent they had, should have probably won at LEAST 2 titles..won it all the year prior to this..lost in the Wild Card in this 2000 season, mainly because of Warner's injuries, but had an even better team in 2001 than they did in '99, and found a way to lose in the Super Bowl..

  7. One of the best MNF games EVER. What was on the line in this game was part of what made this game so great and exciting.

  8. that rams defense was historically awful. nearly gave up as many points as their offense scored. if the defense played average they have repeat.

  9. Here, these two teams face each other in a rematch of the 1999 NFC Championship Game, but this time the Buccaneers triumph over Warner and the Rams

  10. 1:05:52 I have all the respect in the world for the Bucs defensive coordinator in the early 2000s Monte kiffin but Jesus Christ what made him think that he could put defensive tackle chidi Ohanatu one-on-one with Marshall Faulk?!!! lol just watch the play develop it's an obvious matchup it wasn't by accident

  11. I still think that play that Warrick Dunn & Shaun King (I was high on him at the time actually) made on that final Buc drive was pretty amazing; a real season saver.

  12. Worst mistake ABC ever made was hiring Dennis Miller for MNF, unfunny, annoying, dank and had no business whatsoever being on MNF. What an idiot.

  13. This is when football enjoyable to watch. When defenses could bring the hammer down! Now a days the NFL has become soft as cotton candy😅😅😅 I miss the ol' days

  14. I remember this game (got tickets at the last minute). I was horse for a week. Too bad the Bucs choked again that year in the playoffs.

  15. I remember a game where Warren Sapp just lit up Kurt Warner when someone picked him off and ran it back into the end zone. I thought it was this game but I didn't see the play so it had to be a different game.

  16. These are my favorite uniforms. I mean imagine wearing the old creamsickle orange. Thats why the browns suck, they look bad. And the old broncos never got a ring until they changed, just like the rams, bucs, and even the Patriots dynasty, and the seahawks

  17. I was at this game. Ive never seen the full live broadcast until now. I was In the section under the ship in front of the end-zone that Dunn scored the game winner in. One of my greatest memories. Go Bucs!

  18. The greatest football game I have ever seen. I remember watching this with my friends at a party and every one of us screamed, danced, spilled drinks, and hugged for what seemed like forever.

  19. Great game. You had 4 Hall of Famers in there prime (Faulk, Warner, Sapp,Brooks) and a few others that may end up in the Hall (Bruce, Holt, Lynch). One guy that stands out the most is Marshall Faulk though. At this point in time he was most likely the best player in the entire NFL. For him to score 4 touchdowns against one of the great defenses of that era was basically remarkable.

  20. This crazy part of the Rams-Bucs games were that they were a classic clash of styles (explosive offense vs. shutdown defense) but each team won playing the other team's style. Rams winning an 11-6 game the year prior and the Bucs win a 38-35 game.

  21. I’m a Bucs fan and this is one of the 3 greatest games in the history of the team and yet I can barely watch this with the spotter in the booth yelling “GAWWWNNNN” into a hot mic after every single pass

  22. My parents had season tickets from 98-2015. I was 20 when Bucs won super bowl. The atmosphere in Ray j was so much different back then

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