Buccaneers Revenge | Buccaneers vs. Rams | Week 16, 2000 | NFL Full Game

Buccaneers Revenge | Buccaneers vs. Rams | Week 16, 2000 | NFL Full Game

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  1. 1:15 – Ronde Barber intercepts Kurt Warner

    3:50 – Buccaneers’ Martin Gramatica makes 35-yard FG

    6:26 – Shaun King throws interception to Rams

    13:06 – Marshall Faulk rushes for 2-yard TD

    19:45 – Warrick Dunn rushes for 2-yard TD

    26:40 – Rams convert on 4th down

    27:22 – Marshall Faulk rushes for 16-yard TD

    37:20 – Keyshawn Johnson hauls in 8-yard TD pass from Shaun Hill

    44:22 – Keyshawn Johnson grabs his 2nd TD of the day on a 17-yard strike

    57:05 – Kurt Warner throws 2nd interception of the game

    1:05:58 – Marshaull Faulk hauls in 27-yard TD pass

    1:07:18 – Warrick Dunn rushes for 52-yard TD

    1:12:42 – Marshall Faulk rushes for 9-yard TD

    1:24:40 – Shaun King is intercepted by the Rams in the end zone

    1:26:15 – Torry Holt catches quick pass and takes it 72-yards for the TD

    1:31:33 – Rams stop Buccaneers on 3rd down

    1:34:40 – Buccaneers stop Rams on 3rd down to force punt

    1:45:50 – Warrick Dunn leaps for 2-yard go-ahead TD

    1:49:55 – Kurt Warner throws his 3rd interception of the game

  2. I can't believe you guys didn't upload a single Steelers game yet! and uploaded all 3 games for some teams like the Packers.
    Thank you.

  3. Nothing better than watching the vaunted Bucs defense vs. the greatest show on turf Rams play on grass.. MNF on ABC was great full of fireworks.

  4. So I think I was about two years old at the time of this game and so obviously don't remember it. But that is a seriously epic play at 1:38:20. Was watching it on here for the first time ever and couldn't believe it. Seems like a fantastic game.

  5. I was at this game. When Dunn scored the winning TD, I was jumping up and down so crazily that I bashed my shin and caused a deep bruise that lasted a month.

  6. The Rams, for all the talent they had, should have probably won at LEAST 2 titles..won it all the year prior to this..lost in the Wild Card in this 2000 season, mainly because of Warner's injuries, but had an even better team in 2001 than they did in '99, and found a way to lose in the Super Bowl..

  7. One of the best MNF games EVER. What was on the line in this game was part of what made this game so great and exciting.

  8. that rams defense was historically awful. nearly gave up as many points as their offense scored. if the defense played average they have repeat.

  9. Here, these two teams face each other in a rematch of the 1999 NFC Championship Game, but this time the Buccaneers triumph over Warner and the Rams

  10. 1:05:52 I have all the respect in the world for the Bucs defensive coordinator in the early 2000s Monte kiffin but Jesus Christ what made him think that he could put defensive tackle chidi Ohanatu one-on-one with Marshall Faulk?!!! lol just watch the play develop it's an obvious matchup it wasn't by accident

  11. I still think that play that Warrick Dunn & Shaun King (I was high on him at the time actually) made on that final Buc drive was pretty amazing; a real season saver.

  12. Worst mistake ABC ever made was hiring Dennis Miller for MNF, unfunny, annoying, dank and had no business whatsoever being on MNF. What an idiot.

  13. This is when football enjoyable to watch. When defenses could bring the hammer down! Now a days the NFL has become soft as cotton candy😅😅😅 I miss the ol' days

  14. I remember this game (got tickets at the last minute). I was horse for a week. Too bad the Bucs choked again that year in the playoffs.

  15. I remember a game where Warren Sapp just lit up Kurt Warner when someone picked him off and ran it back into the end zone. I thought it was this game but I didn't see the play so it had to be a different game.

  16. These are my favorite uniforms. I mean imagine wearing the old creamsickle orange. Thats why the browns suck, they look bad. And the old broncos never got a ring until they changed, just like the rams, bucs, and even the Patriots dynasty, and the seahawks

  17. I was at this game. Ive never seen the full live broadcast until now. I was In the section under the ship in front of the end-zone that Dunn scored the game winner in. One of my greatest memories. Go Bucs!

  18. The greatest football game I have ever seen. I remember watching this with my friends at a party and every one of us screamed, danced, spilled drinks, and hugged for what seemed like forever.

  19. Great game. You had 4 Hall of Famers in there prime (Faulk, Warner, Sapp,Brooks) and a few others that may end up in the Hall (Bruce, Holt, Lynch). One guy that stands out the most is Marshall Faulk though. At this point in time he was most likely the best player in the entire NFL. For him to score 4 touchdowns against one of the great defenses of that era was basically remarkable.

  20. This crazy part of the Rams-Bucs games were that they were a classic clash of styles (explosive offense vs. shutdown defense) but each team won playing the other team's style. Rams winning an 11-6 game the year prior and the Bucs win a 38-35 game.

  21. I’m a Bucs fan and this is one of the 3 greatest games in the history of the team and yet I can barely watch this with the spotter in the booth yelling “GAWWWNNNN” into a hot mic after every single pass

  22. My parents had season tickets from 98-2015. I was 20 when Bucs won super bowl. The atmosphere in Ray j was so much different back then

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