Broncos Crush Saints, 34-14

Broncos Crush Saints, 34-14

i believe that the that take away from
yesterday’s action football other than my complete inability to wager
effectively in the last two weeks that’s really not a national story
that’s not every week that’s just not going to look alittle by
larger whether over the last eighteen months of my gambling luck out the last two weeks and i’ll amped up the bets this week
feeling confident anyway that’s not that’s not the story
of america has the story the american story in football the demographics they moved to foreign trade they took the saints apart in that game a game i picked correctly here on friday but then i bet on the set uh… because i was so shell-shocked by my
previous behavior i thought well i’m gonna go the opposite way always good thinking you know still good when you go the
opposite you original choice one so the broncos took care that game at one
thirty four fourteen they were up thirty four seven eight two two seven upping
lead after a seven seven tide they just dominated that game the saints for the first time and as long as i can remember looked like their it wasn’t that
complicated to stop that off i mean they looked at a lower breezes
final numbers works well actually i just wanted to have
forty to two hundred thirty any reported to us and they are here peter twenty incomplete past he looked back in the broncos looks so good and here’s
what you think over the last were socially at the uh… uh… pathway for the season this week
and next week we take nine represent the halfway point of the n_f_l_ season the broncos over the last half of the season now their final nine
games they have the easiest schedule and when you look then at what the
broncos have done prior to this is they lost tough games they’ve lost tough
games on the road and uh… there are three losses are
gets good opponents at atlanta against houston at new england yet only one of the steelers they lost
in atlanta by six they lost in houston by six try their luck they want that that game
was in uh… i think it was in denver uh… they lost
at new england like they’ve been competitive on the road and lost a unquestionably good teams
have also been some good things you’ll be chargers in san diego chicks getting the chargers are
picketing five seventy six and they beat the seven six ac team philip rivers
looks like uh… bug c_-minus quarterback didn’t start it manifested the broncos knighted but that was a little accidental but i’ll take it uh… but the matter the um… lead so the brothers now for three with these now with a pretty easy road
to go they have the bank tangles investors on
the road they have the chargers at home they had the chiefs on the road and the
buccaneers and home they go to local and they go to bowl the
more they in the year with cleveland kansas city at home that are needed to know what at any name
but he did do the math and show me the other teams there’s no way that’s not the easiest
schedule in the n_f_l_ the rest of the way that’s a team that could date easily go
seven into we should they could go nine ml for crying out loud with that
scheduled a wall because that’s not what happens but that seems that it that he was going
to win that division there’s black couldn’t ts conceivably nineteen wing the a_f_c_
west at this point with that schedule and peyton manning unlike other quarterbacks who more with their clubs uh… when the uh… you know last
season for years like he took a while to get to know the jersey version all
the sudden like many many fantasy players dot commerce and dr looked like really b_-plus day minus n_f_l_ received huge they both had huge days i mean i had about a m trying to trade for the
various times now redone jenks team secrets out
because i think is i believe that is the city’s obviously every new jersey then
and still have a huge year uh… source or nato’s jack yeah obviously what he has decker and
too many styles will be here is a living mid-eighteen addicts newsday getting a huge huge dan i thought that
was a big part of the house why they’re often so so good was engaged was
averaging five yards of caring but in this world of parity in the n_f_l_ to
see a team with that sort of well-rounded offered
to perform a strand of all with making you would have been no sharma rate by
the way so to see the team run the ball that
well with the game and throw the ball that well and
dominate a really good off into teams defensively and their kicker made all his kick so
they must have been specialty for the way i signed that crater and
broke my fantasy leagues right before kickoff because of the windy conditions in atlanta which cause me not to play julio jones or map right shade depicted uh… but i was not a
perot’s like really horrible weather ever all these fences site for move in rick and and not run down anyway that was a disaster

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  1. In football most of the time it doesn't matter how you start but how you finish the season. So far Manning and the broncs seem like they're picking up speed each week that goes by.

  2. I'm not a falcons fan (Actually a steelers fan), but I am from the atlanta area originally. They're just following the espn model of never mentioning teams from the state of GA. Whether its the Braves (who got totally screwed in the playoffs this year), UGA, the Falcons, or even the Hawks (who you would never realize have been to the playoffs three straight years).

  3. I'm surprised to hear Ben had a rough time betting over the last 2 weeks, I thought everything went really predictably. Week 7 – I went 13/13, Week 8 – I went 11/14. 3300 people won pro-picks in week 7.

    Enough normal talk, if you want to read an insane comment look below mine

  4. Reminds me of the debate you guys had about winners and losers, Cenk said Peyton Manning was a loser despite having a SB ring, funny how he had a whole year off with injury yet comes back, on a new team no less with unproven talent, and is killing it – 303 ypg, he just makes teams better, therefor not a loser.

  5. tell me this, how is it fake when they are different sports? there not alike in ANY way. and there is way different rules in it…tell me kid? oh AND fatball? bitch you dont even make sense so stfu

  6. da fuck are you talking about? a sport where only one person has the ball and the whole team lets him get tackled is a better more creative sport??? fatball? are you fuckin stupid? you think QB's, CB, SS's, FS's, WR's, HB's, LB's, K's, and P's are fat???? a few rules?taking the basic idea? da fuck are you talking about? just because there is tackling in both sports doesnt mean one is stealing ideas from the other one. and fuck boring ass soccer"lets watch a whole bunch of pussies prance around"

  7. "better than throwing with your hand and calling it FOOTball"
    we also use our feet too its called punting and kicking. we just like to use our hands like grown fuckin men not like 8 year old little girls

  8. i dont like it beacuse its fuckin boring. "you find real football boring because you don't like it" thats why i dont like it dumbass and the rest of the world likes soccer because its the cheapest. they cant afford football equipment. all we do is tackle? a safety tries to read the QB's eyes, drops back in coverage, makes big plays on the ball and tackle. a RB calls out blitz or any other threat, runs the ball, jukes and drops his shoulder and runs full speed through someone with no fear

  9. WR's have to get a perfect release, get passed coverage, and sprint as fast as they can to get open and catch the ball, a QB has to read the defence change up the plays at the line of scrimmage and throws perfect passes to the WR or TE or scramble for a couple of yards, TE's have to be tough and block for the running game and be able to be fast enough and make cuts to get open for catches. ALL THEY DO IN SOCCER IS KICK THE BALL AND JOG UP THE FEILD AND DOWN THE FEILD

  10. i have watched a whole peice of shit soccer game and see the difference between jogging and sprinting is that one takes more strength and stamina. do you really think that a SS cant jog for 3 hours doing nothing like a faggot soccer player? soccer's full of pussies. NFL players are more tough and athletic then ANY soccer player in that stupid fuckin head of yours. and EVERY player on the football feild is doing WAY WAY more stuff then just jogging

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