(Broken Back – Wonders) L’émission #LMIYC complète de Broken Back à Saint-Malo

(Broken Back – Wonders) L’émission #LMIYC complète de Broken Back à Saint-Malo

Ok, almost there! Yes Do you want to know where you’re gonna do your Live Me if you can live session? Yes!! Come on tell me! Over there! Hi , this is Broken Back I’m in Paris Under the beautiful parisian sun Live Me if you can is about to start I’m thrilled to meet Lionel And his team I can’t wait to see What they’re up to See you in a bit! So I’m on the interview set. On a super comfy couch Ready to confess This is my view from my cozy sofa Over the Trianon Hi Broken Back! In a few seconds Live me if you can will create your live session Before that, tell us why you invited us to the Trianon today? Actually, it’s very simple
This is my favourite venue in Paris I performed here almost 2 years ago now. Do you remember the standing ovation at the end of your gig? Of course, it’s unforgettable What is your best memory on stage Since the beginning of Broken Back, or even before? It was one of the encores at the Olympia performance
I couldn’t have it any other way I decided to go acoustic in the middle of the pit Surrounded by the audience I played a song I wrote for my parents It was such an amazing feeling I had the chills ! There were 2600 people, the Olympia was sold out With my parents 2 feet away And I was playing the very song I had written for them ! What’s your craziest stage moment? It was actually in front of a stage I went on a summer tour In South America It was a concert in Riobamba, Ecuador. At first, I felt that the audience was a little bit shy I was playing a track Involving a dancing part… Dancing is not quite the word, as I am more of a dismantled octopus than an actual dancer when I do it ! Anyway, that’s how I dance. The octopus dance Looks like that You dismantle your body To the music. The gig took a new turn People went totally crazy and it was one of my best gig ever What about a concert, a live session by any artist that left a mark on your mind? It was Tinariwen A band I actually discovered there I had heard about them but never saw them live We were just hypnotized by their music It also made me want to work More around organic instruments for my next album, mostly regarding percussions So I’ve added a lot more new instruments Like darboukas Toeres, from Tahiti At the end, almost one percussion by country We’ve traveled to with the Broken Back team Ok so this is THE important part of the interview Yep This is the time for you to challenge us! Ok I see For the live session We’re going to build from scratch for you You’ll have to give us 3 key words to define this live session. Ok so the first word would be… Roots Then I would say outdoors We all need the fresh air And the third would be… salty Because I prefer salted butter to the regular one. It’s quite vague You’re going to send me in a tree climbing park in Guérande!! Your words, your choice man! Anyway, let’s get to work See you in 2 weeks! The interview is over They are taking away my couch I’m a bit sad Bye ! Bye guys ! I had a great time! Anytime ! Ok so… it’s on! I’m waiting for Lionel We’re going to a train station But which one? Hey, how are you? Ready? Yep ! I tried to draw it out of you but you won’t say a thing! No and I won’t! Hard to get any information from you! It’s the concept of Live me if you can, just go with it! We’re next to the 6th line of the subway I feel we’re getting closer To a train station that begins with « Mont » And ends with « parnasse ». That’s the train to Saint Malo!! It is on! St-Malo ? Yeah Hum, I think I have an idea We’ll see. I think I’m having an idea. Coffee time Well, I’m home! It’s going to be so much fun! Come on, we’re going to take that boat Alright, almost there! Do you want to know where you’re gonna do your Live Me if you can live session? Ready ? Yes Over there ! On « le Renard » ? Yes, on the boat « Le Renard »! Your musicians Are waiting for you on the boat No way! Sam and Tom are here too? Yes ! And we’re going to record your live session all together on that boat Wait, you rented the boat? We figured it out Don’t worry about it So Live me if you can is going to be on that boat, with you Nice ! With you Ready? It’s awesome man, let’s do this! Let’s go ! I want to thank all the Live me if you can team so much Thank you for taking me on board of that insane boat We had a f*** great session Quite cold but definitely worth it! Thanks everyone!

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  1. Un grand Bravo pour cette première ! J'adore le concept de Live Me If You Can ❤ Merci & Bravo à Broken Back, Lionel ainsi que leurs équipes respectives ! J'ai qu'une hâte : Découvrir de nouveaux épisodes ! 😉

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