Britains Most Haunted House? – The Cage, St. Osyth, Essex, UK –

Britains Most Haunted House? – The Cage, St. Osyth, Essex, UK –

this is the town of Santos if five miles west of clacton-on-sea in the county of Essex many guidebooks would list the main points of historical interest as the superb remains of a medieval Priory from 1118 or the Church of some Peter and Paul right in the center of town still in regular use there is one place in this town however that is not as idyllic as the rest much like many other English towns some acid was once gripped with a witch hunt fever according to local historians in 1582 13 women were accused of witchcraft here and most were in prison before awaiting trial and some were hanged shortly after locally known as the cage this is that prison from the outside the cage just looks like any other house in st. Asif a two bedroom semi-detached house sitting just by the roadside the inside however shows its age with its tudor beams and low ceilings however the house has remained unoccupied for the last two years for a very specific reason the last occupant living with her son had been experiencing paranormal activity for a number of years until one final event which proved just too much to handle my son was five six months old was I was in a prison room and I was doing the ironing and Jessie’s toys and they started going off he I don’t let you know the toys the kids have these days and I thought oh you know here we go anyway kind of ignored it’s you have to cuz I planned them all good you can’t just sell it within a day and and I walked through I went up to the stairs and as I’ve opened the stairs door I’ve seen a man stands in at the top of the stairs um and he had like very like chinos on type thing and but our modern-day hose and I went to put the iron up you doctor guy went to put take the ironing up and I saw him I thought that was it and I was scared of him now the other two I’d seen in his since also scared of those if anything I was fascinated but when I saw him and that was it it was clearly not a person as you are but but I could see the colour of the trousers I could see the shoes and I could see the shirt I knew I could see those trousers and shoes and shirt and I knew where he was standing and I knew he wasn’t real and to me that was and I was and I behind in and I literally was terrified that was it out and within a few days a few weeks out I was gone however far from being an isolated incident many previous residents have left the house as a result of this kind of activity nothing at firstly you tend to ignore it or just try and rationalize it I suppose like in our best that’s nothing better listen old building that good things create things like you know many things happen you hear things but after happens once you put it down to that after the second time you put it down so that it happens every day and eventually you can’t you can’t fail me now obviously was a complete skeptic old enough wouldn’t give me a time as I was as I said you’re all mad but why don’t you live in a place like this you can’t you can’t argue against it it’s just this fact it’s in your face every day yeah absolutely in the bar from upstairs um and it’s a little bit was in the moment you weren’t well night would lots o night dark and early broad daylight I was getting there just had a shower I’m going to work and there was someone standing behind me clear as day just like something just sprang back of my head with that consistent while I was brushing my teeth and it weren’t like once in a blue moon it was like every other day every two three days like you feel it building up building up and building up and just go out just like rubber ball don’t go to the pub go somewhere else go anywhere the team on the night was comprised two professional investigators mediums and local historians they were all in search of what those previous residents and others have mentioned they’d seen and felt in this house and it was not long before we saw some results they began by using an electromagnetic field detector or EMF detector for short the device not only reads levels of electromagnetic energy they can also be used to communicate with spirits around it device that you have in your everyday life gives off some sort of energy we can measure in like mobile phones we can use this device to measure that energy bar the presence of spirit also gives off energy and this is what we detecting because it’s intermittent he comes in it disappeared and there’s no reason about yeah after barely getting the device out of the box it started responding incredibly well to the questions asked that’s really strong keep coming towards me please are you female make that flash read fast if you’re female are you male can you stop stop oh if you’re questioning the sensitivity of this device I had to hold a mobile phone right next to it just to purposefully make it beep once or twice but this was different and the readings much stronger than usual yes during the course of the night it appeared that the EMF device was responding to questions asked by increasing its energy levels are you stuck here are you stuck no are you happy here however all was not that easy one of the mediums jammer was forced to go outside because she felt the strong presence of a girl in agony in the house I’m shivers on me and it just overwhelming because she was just there I could hear her crying yeah I am in it really inconsolable crying and it was just like no one listened one Edison like you know no one’s listening that’s getting angry and crying and you know when you get so angry just can’t stop cryin and that just overwhelmed me and Gemma earlier in the day had envisioned something down the alleyway running behind the back of the house we went down with a historian to see if she could better identify what it was she was seeing carried yeah and dragged like Miss happily I’ve just got like at the moment of literally someone just dragged in yeah you know someone along yep I’m not picking up anything of life you know individual people so I’m just singing seeing that happening do they take any like bodies out of there take them up here yes Barry Oh what jammer is describing is remarkably accurate it’s no not only locally as coffin walk and Gemma is no local in fact she’s never been here before she’s just narrow enough for a car to fit a coffin on so it’s not anything horrible you’re seeing but you are completely accurate okay body because the church is that way right and we saw it’s been a closed graveyard for a long time because it’s so full right so the new graveyard the village is at the top of this walk about a five-minute 10-minute walk you fat okay so they would have the church service there helps the body on large wheeled carts and slowly bring her body and yeah coughing up fur oh because a definite everyone was then this way it was all going this way I was just get like yeah so that’s the concept of a person being dragged is exactly that’s what it is they would have been wheeled up on a big cart and that’s why it’s called coffin walk we’ve just taken a walk up the alleyway outside the house with Gemma because she came out here earlier and said that she could feel something almost as if a person was being dragged along so I knew the reasons for that and we decided to come back later in the dark when she’d had little more time to think about it and when we came out again she picked up on it straightaway and this time she was a little more specific and said she did feel as if it was people being carried or dragged along and then she said did they bring dead bodies up here so at this point I then explained that the alley were walking up to is actually called coffin walk locally it’s known as coffin walk and it was the pathway from the church up to the cemetery for burial so yes coffins and people were brought up there on a small wheeled car like a funeral procession up to the cemetery so the fact that she got that was very good very good she was very accurate in her description of that and there’s no way she could have known that because it’s only locally known as coffin walk it’s not listed on any Maps so yeah that was very good gosh yeah earlier that day I’d caught up with historian Sharla who explained what others had experienced in the upstairs bathroom the same upstairs bathroom John our previous resident had once felt someone standing behind him in fact quite a few experienced mediums have tried and they have literally recoiled and stepped back and refused point-blank to go in there they’re just saying it’s very very uncomfortable there’s something you know if you want to use the terms dark entity I don’t know but they really don’t like being in there later on that night I asked our medium Gemma to go into the bathroom to see what she felt she liked others before the same aggressive feeling coming from the room is it Mike yeah like pressure be released from the room get the fuck out that’s what I just thought that out is it yeah that’s how I know what Gemma was experiencing mirrored other mediums who had gone before her what added to the mystery however was the revelation that a man had tragically taken his own life right outside this bathroom door only five years ago adding to this when we went back to the children’s room we found that the table you can see here on the left had been moved in front of the door from the inside okay soon as everything when I opens doors look the tables been moved the tables were moving the dog was going to dog the cage certainly gave us enough to keep us on our toes for two years it’s remained empty unable to be lived in and we were starting to realize why for now we’ll leave it empty and medieval prison and a family home either way this place seems unable to escape its past you you

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  1. realy good video .would love to visit there ,ive been to many places were theres been some kind of spirit or ghost if you would like to call them that i dont ,seen a few spirits my self and it is one of the best feelings ever ,

  2. GREAT upload thank you, I was creeped out in that shivery but cool way 🙂 Ive often wondered why are so many ghosts found in bathrooms? It seems really common

  3. Very nicely made video.Just one little annoyance though – I wished you'd filmed a continuous clip of the door with the table behind it being forced open , the net being what it is tends to make one cynical. If everyone involved had at least a phonecam or cheap 'helmet cam' constantly running it would make a huge difference to the credibility of such videos.

  4. Thank you. The table: We had concluded our investigation at this time and was leaving the building! We were just doing a check for equipment left behind Sam Bevitt, An Independent filmmaker noticed that there was something obstructing the door! You will see more in the Full episode.

  5. The EMF reader seemed a bit weird I would have liked to have seen when she was moving the end piece in coincide with the supposed answers.

  6. EMF Detectors have pickup coils (as on an electric guitar) that on a good meter, have more than one at different angles to each other. They don't directly measure electromagnetic energy, but changes in energy at a right angle to the coils.

  7. Hi, I live in London and very much enjoy visiting old buildings in search of ghosts.  I have actually seen the apparition of an old Victorian woman in a hotel where I used to work.  Earlier that same day a a glass exploded behind the bar.  I can also generally sense spirits when they are around.
    I'd love to come on an investigation with your team.  I'd also be very interested to hear from anyone that has had a ghostly experience.

  8. this is so well done for an individual documentary.  I loved the historical perspective of this as well.  If only the television programs could film like this without all the dramatic effects.  thanks so much for uploading.  so interesting and again, well-done 

  9. Really enjoyed this video 🙂 keep up the good work.

  10. Would you be interested in plugging this playlist please?

  11. i would love to spend a night there. i spent a week staying in, and looking after the chalvedon hall pub in pitsea (essex, for those of you who dont know about it). dont have that much to report about it except from a few strange noises and early hours one morning i heard what i can only describe to be a body being dragged along the floorboards in the room directly above us (we did a security sweep of the whole place top to bottom to make sure no one else was in there before we locked the doors). that being said ive always been a skeptic so now i want to start visiting places with just me and a camera and find out for myself if and what is really out there. great video by the way, i just spent the week in st osyth and visited the cage. never went inside though.

  12. Universal Light Investigators Paranormal Videos

  13. Apparently, the church is haunted. A girl names osyth was killed by the vikings by her head being chopped off. Apparently she picked her head up and ran to the church and warned the nuns who she saved. Thats why the town is called St osyth because they names the town in memory of her. People have seen her walking around the church singing her message to people warning them about the vikings

  14. Would you play the following recitation in that house or the toilet? I would love to see what happens:

  15. interesting investigation video guys. Please feel free to check out our videos too. keep up the great work

  16. So the medium/sensitive, whatever self given title she uses was accurate in getting the Coffin Walk thing right, not impressed, it is ridiculous to say that someone cannot know about a place because they have never been there. I know lots of things about lots of places I have never been, I even knew that pathway was known as Coffin Walk locally and I have never been anywhere near the place, nothing paranormal about that, just an interest in the subject matter and a bit of research. Do not understand why paranormal teams use a medium to be honest, too easy to fake, too many fakes and can never be 100% verified (though many will claim it) .I blame Most Haunted for that (though even they have now seen the light and dropped the mediums)

  17. Lovely and really well done documentation , i love the shots you got and even thou i have heard it before it is still good to hear the stories again 😉 !! Great stuff!!

  18. Modern day Necromancers trying to raise and speak to the dead. In the Bible it says that to practice necromancy is an abomination against God.

  19. ive been through some spooky places and never felt much of s vibe but that church is creepy! I came there from Colchester witch wasn't very far an thought id missed the last bus! as the night drew on the vibe changed completely

  20. New Sub here 🙂 Wow That's awesome EMF results!!! Really cool, Interesting location. thanks for uploading this. I Have an EMF Teddy Bear, would be interesting to see how the spirits there react to that in that location. If you want to see it, check out my channel. Unicorn3 MagicalWorld Spirits come close and answer my questions like you have done here with your EMF Detector. Very cool investigation. looking forward to checking out more of your videos.

  21. I go here every year and last tear me my mum and my mums friend
    Went here and I could feel agony from the wemen and I could feel
    two males after that we went back to the caravan I couldn't sleep that night
    neither could my mum or her friend

  22. July 2016 a friend and I hired the Cage for a night and can both vouch we aren't mediums. Upon arriving we weren't sure what to expect. We set up little 'traps' as such in every room so we could look on the camera screen in the kitchen. The things that happened that evening got more and more intense as time was getting on. We actually left the side door open the whole time almost for a sense of security. Taps in the upstairs bathroom running on and off, knocking on the latch door to the stairs, sound of running in the prison room and much more. Put it this way, we didn't stay the whole night, in fact something very unnatural happened that led us to grab our stuff and flee the house. I totally believe there is something very disturbed roaming around that house.

  23. Such a gorgeous cottage. Would like to live there, I'm a wiccan, so I'd bless the house n set them poor souls free

  24. Good investigation. It was very professionally conducted. Usually when there’s so many females in one group things seem to get extra giggly and there tends to be lots of screaming involved. So, yeah, I’m kind of very proud of you 💕💐👏

  25. The house and space should have been Cleaned and blessed.. I feel bad for the souls trapped there.. They need to b released.

  26. It is amazing how events linger around. I admired the psychic for sensing activity right away. It seems like a place where the dead come and go, like a portal, and many have used the dark arts to communicate, and have allowed entities and the goat demon in. There must be a way to send the demon back, you need it's name. I felt bad for the girl that cried uncontrollably. I can only imagine the pain and torture people endured for centuries. To them there is no escape and time stands still. It would be nice to know their stories and their names and help them find their loved ones in the light. I wish the good spirits well.

  27. Im sorry but a cursory look on google brings up a photo of the lane where supposedly a female apparition is being carted up the lane by two male ghosts, seems "psychic" gemma might have done a quick search before her visit

  28. I live near St Osyth and have always been interested in the paranormal. I'd be interested to know when the first reports of paranormal activity were recorded at The Cage.

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