Brick by Brick: The Forty Niner Way (Season 3, Episode 5)

Brick by Brick: The Forty Niner Way (Season 3, Episode 5)

The depth of this team has really
improved and that’s been a long process and that should lead to tougher decisions. When someone looks you in the eye and tells you hey here’s what we’re
doing and here’s why we’re doing it. That helps you. I think you can at least
know okay I gave it all that I had or you at least know where the team’s
coming from and that’s one thing that we’ve held true to each and every player
that’s come in and out of here After winning their second preseason
game in Denver, the San Francisco 49ers resume preparation for the 2019 season. The team continues to delve deep into the playbook and look towards a
September 8th matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coach Shanahan is determined persistent and at times, introspective about the responsibility. I definitely feel blessed. I mean this is just something I wanted to do my whole
life and I always wanted to be a head coach and you know I only had two NFL
teams that I really like growing up and that was the Denver Broncos in the
Niners so to actually be the head coach for the 49ers to come to a place that I
grew up that feel so blessed and I feel that every day. I’m going into my third
year we’re about exactly where I thought we’d be and I’m excited to get to this
third year. I knew coming here how tough those first two years would be I’m very
proud of some of the stuff we did those first two years. Like I said before, I still
believe we could have won more games than we did last year with only winning
four but I also know how difficult this would be and I love the people we’ve
assembled. I love the team we’ve put together. I loved how much we’ve changed us and you know every year you feel you got a
chance always. Going into this third year I feel very confident. I think we can
handle adversity. We know we can mentally because we’ve been through it, but I
think we can’t talent-wise also we’ve added some players we’ve gotten some depth
and that does take some time and you turn everything over to where it isn’t
just our starters who I feel can win get still lose a couple and I still have a
chance to get to those playoffs and if you do anyone has a chance and every
year I always say you do cause you do if you show up and play but this year I
feel the playing fields been evened out I’m more than ready to get this season
started let’s get better but I can’t wait for week one Get your minds right. Get your bodies right. Let’s go. Niners on three. One. Two. Three. Niners! It’s a short week for the 49ers as they practice on the heels of defeating the Broncos. They’ll soon pack up and head to the Midwest for a battle with the Chiefs Balancing the team’s mental and physical well-being is key for John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, but in a long season, working outside of the norm can prove to be beneficial. Preseason we’ve got three games in ten days and that’ll be a challenge for us schedule
wise but it is what it is and hopefully we’ll find a way to get better from it.
It’s not how we would have drawn it up to go practice at Denver playing Denver
on a Monday night then turn around come back here but you know one thing I
learned from Tony Dungy sometimes he used to do some funky things like put us
on a bus at four o’clock in the morning and then get off the bus like high
school and go practice against the Jacksonville Jaguars because he wanted
to see us in some adverse situations and see how we’re going to respond. No matter
where I’ve been and including here you treat the third game as kind of like a
trial run you try to go through exactly what you’ll do in week one. So we got a
five-day week and to treat a five-day week like a normal NFL week is not what
you want to do. We have to make the best of it and it might be uncomfortable for
our players but that’s life in the NFL We always want your third game to be the
best because your starters play the longest and that’s the last time they’re
gonna play before week one so you don’t want them to go out there and just get
their butts kicked sit there for a week four and you want them to feel confident
and good about everything. So you try to put guys in positions to feel good that
they’re playing well and usually that entails winning also. The one thing we
know going to Kansas City is it’s one of the quality organizations in this league in terms of their talent level. In terms of the way Andy Reid always has
those guys ready to play it will be a great challenge for us against you know
the reigning MVP in Pat Mahomes. You can rest assured that Andy will always have
his team ready to play and we got to be ready for that. Preparation at the SAP Performance Facility is happening in all facets. Offensive, defensive, special teams and in the kitchen before the team can think about feasting on the Chiefs they
must have great fuel in their bodies and the culinary team has assembled under
the leadership of Executive Chef Chris Young. So the way we approach feeding the
football team once you figure out the performance schedule. Then we sit down
with the team dietician. From there we could work on menuing to tailor towards
those players needs. It’s not just what you put in your body it’s also you got a
plan in mind towards what these players are doing. We’re able to help them from
recovery all the way up to days off So the first thing we try to do is we
try to focus on sourcing the food. Farm-to-fork local organic. We want to
get the best quality food in here for the player. A lot of food the players like, they love
their taqueria. They love their Hawaiian day. They love their pasta days. The key
to menuing, it all is making sure how we cook the food is cooked in a way that’s
healthy. It’s all about going those extra steps and make sure that the players are
getting healthy options So in a typical day we probably serve
around 150 football ops. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We probably go through
around a hundred pounds of lean protein, 80 pounds of veggies, 120 pounds of
chicken and around 80 pounds of seafood daily. The key is making sure these
players have healthy options so they can be fueled and ready for game days. It’s now off to Kansas City and the team knows in order to show out for the dress
rehearsal against the Chiefs they must get their game faces on early It’s game day and the team is on the
move yet again. Like all road trips this one is strictly business and the 49ers
board a bus and head towards Arrowhead Stadium where a capacity crowd will
watch the most important matchup of the preseason. The perimeter of the stadium
is a beehive of activity. In the broadcast compound final arrangements
are being set as a host of production personnel prepare to deliver fans
coverage of the game and in the parking lots the Faithful are already getting
into the groove Not waiting for kickoff, friendly battles
are breaking out between fans of both teams. While in the stadium the 49ers and
starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hope to have a breakout performance and
remain undefeated in the preseason Alright, we’re good. Bro, how you been man? How’s everything been. How’s camp? Solid. Solid. Oh yeah, that’s the best way. I’m good man you know just same old. Getting ready for the season. I just came out here to see you throw it 95 yards. No, I won’t throw it too far yet. I’ll see take it 60-65 right now. Straight up. Good luck this year man. You guys playing at halftime. Yeah. Alright, have fun. Here. There you go. Oh yeah. We’re ready to rock and roll baby. Can’t wait to see these guys live and in action. Fred Warner and Kwon tonight let’s see what they bring. When they cold we hot. When they cold we hot. If anything moves we hit. Hot Boyz on three. One. Two. Three. Hot Boyz Woo. You good? Getting a little action today Let’s Go! Everybody support each other. Let’s go! Show out on three. One. Two. Three. Show out The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers and they’ve got ultimate challenge in the NFL the KC
Chiefs scored over 35 points per game last year the third highest scoring
figure in the NFL Get it loud. That’s how I love it. Get it loud. That’s how I love it. It’s going down. Let’s go. 3-0 in preseason. BRAAAAVE! Hey, bring that stank face. Show me you can do it all day. Let’s go. Let’s go now If you want a playoff atmosphere. This is what you got. Hands inside. House on three. One. Two. Three. House Week 3 underway There we go Y’all good. Y’all good. One play at a time. That’s it. One play at a time. Just do your job that’s it. WOOO! WOOO! WOOO! Let’s go now Oh my god. Violent Richie. There you go Richie. Garoppolo going to loop one into the end zone. Wide open, Breida. Dives for the ball. And it’s a touchdown 49ers. What a catch there by Matt Breida. What a play baby Hell yeah baby Nice catch Breida! Let’s go! Yo, but you practiced that though. Everyday. We’ve been practicing that. Deep ball, yeah. What’s up? That was a great throw bro. You feel him let you go though? Yeah, like so I went. Backer went off Jimmy really put it into a good spot to that safety was in the middle of the field. WOO! WOO! Let’s go now. Let’s go now Man, I’m excited. I’m excited Hey guys. Everyone across the board. Hell of a job dude. Last week that’s the first win in ten games
on the road all right now we got two in a row
all right everyone the from the guys who started the game the guys to the end of
the game we talked about being physical we dominated throughout all right. O, no
turnovers I think we had four penalties today as the whole team guys
huge improvement guys I know these this last week has been around a grind. We’re
talking about three games in ten days all right we got two down we got one
more five days from now and then six days from now we’ll get into our final
53 all right. I know how tired everyone’s been all right coaches players everyone
all right I want to make sure tomorrow like we take care of ourselves and get
some rest it’s gonna be hard getting down to this 53
and guys there are so many people in here who are NFL players who can help us. There’s a lot more than 53 all right because I know we got the people in here
to win you guys feel me with what I’m saying. Keep working couple days left. Let’s just keep
running It’s gut-wrenching to
deliver news that’s not going to be greeted you know as its it’s not going to be a
great thing for them and It’s going to hurt them, but I think the one
thing Kyle and I agreed and again through experience you know I’ve seen
players kind of go through that I’ve been through it and when someone looks
you in the eye and tells you hey here’s what we’re doing and here’s why we’re
doing it that that helps you I think you can at least know okay I gave it all
that I had or or you know you at least know where the team’s coming from and
that’s one thing that we’ve held true to with each and every player that’s come
in and out of here we’ve sat there we’ve told them the truth and I think that
helps them move forward doesn’t make it any easier and it is a part that is
gut-wrenching it keeps me up at night Well hopefully it becomes a more
difficult process each and every year and I I do believe it will be because
we’re much deeper football team We’ve gone to great lengths to put
together a strong foundation and every time we add a player every time we add
somebody on this staff we’re laying another brick and hopefully a real
strong foundation to get back to the Forty Niner Way and that’s playing championship
football. You know we believe that we’ve laid a real strong foundation now it’s
time for those bricks to start paying off and have it translate into success

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