Brett Favre’s final shot at glory deserves a deep rewind | Saints Vikings 2009 NFC Championship

Brett Favre’s final shot at glory deserves a deep rewind | Saints Vikings 2009 NFC Championship

– It’s January 24, 2010. Bret Favre and the Minnesota
Vikings are facing off against Drew Brees and
the New Orleans Saints, in the NFC Championship Game. It’s tied 28, 28, and Favre
is marching his team downfield in the final seconds
of the fourth quarter. At 40 years old, this
maybe Favre’s last chance to make it back to the Superbowl. But where did these points come from? Why is it third and 15? And how weird is it to
see a Packers legend playing for the Vikings? Let’s rewind. With the game on the
line, this seasoned vet has no lack of experience. Including playoffs, this
is Brett Favre’s 309th consecutive start, and
24th postseason game. But the fact that he’s here at all, is surprising to many people. Following the end to a 2005 season that saw the Packers finish four and 12, Favre was non-committal
on coming back to a team that was in a rebuilding phase. But he did. And their eight and eight
season ended with a win over the NFC North Champion,
and archrival Chicago Bears. He was given a standing
ovation in Soldier Field, and gave a tearful post game interview, leading many to believe this
time, he was going to retire. But again, Favre was not
ready to hang up his cleats. He came back in 2007, and
took the 13 and three Packers all the way to the NFC Championship game. But Favre’s overtime interception gave way to a 23, 20 loss to the Giants. It would be his final pass as a Packer. Favre formally announced his
retirement on March 4, 2008. – And as they say, all
good things must come come to an end. – [Narrator] But then,
after what some reported as convincing by Agent Bus
Cook, Favre changed his mind. On July 14th, he gave an
interview, where he stated that he was never fully
committed to retirement. – Do I wanna play? Yes. 100%? No. – The problem was however, that head coach Mike
McCarthy, and the Packers, had already committed to their
quarterback of the future, Aaron Rodgers. Who they picked in the first
round of the 2005 draft. The Packers even went as far
as to offer Favre $20 million over 10 years, to stay retired. But money wasn’t going to
keep Favre off the field. And since the Packers
told him he wouldn’t start if he came back, Favre began
discussing trade options. Connections with the Vikings
started when reports surfaced that Favre had been in contact with Minnesota Head Coach, Brad Childress. The Packers filed tampering
charges against the Vikings, but they were ultimately found not guilty. The Packers had no interest
in sending their Hall of Fame Quarterback to a division rival. So once reinstated, Favre
was given permission to speak only with the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers, and the New York Jets. On August 7, 2008, Favre
was traded to the Jets, for a conditional fourth round pick. After starting eight and
three, Favre and the Jets lost four of their last five,
and missed the playoffs. It was later revealed that
Favre had been playing with a torn biceps tendon
in those finally games. So, after 18 seasons,
Favre informed the Jets that he was retiring. He was released from his
contract in April of 2009, and officially cut in May. In August, he signed with
the Minnesota Vikings. Just like millennials, it
appeared as if retirement just wasn’t an option for Favre. IN a testament to his
durability, the 2009 season saw Favre set the record
for most consecutive starts by a player in NFL history. He also was selected to his 11th Pro Bowl, while leading the Vikings
to a 12 and four record. Edging out his former Packers, for the NFC North title, by one game. The Vikings opened the
playoffs with a decisive 34, three win, over the Cowboys,
in the divisional round. Which brings us here, to
the NFC Championship game between the Vikings and the Saints. Brett Favre’s favorite team
while growing up in Mississippi. With the score tied late in the fourth, it’s a wonder that Favre
is still in the game. He has been punished by the
Saint’s D since the first snap. The first play of the opening drive, set the tone for the game. As Saints linebacker
Scott Fujita sent Favre crashing to the terf,
after an incompletion. A play drawn up by this man, Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. Who the Saints hired this past off season. It’s almost as if Gregg
Williams was giving incentives to hurt the aging quarterback. Not on the field in this critical moment, is running back Adrian Peterson. Who is both partly to
thank, and partly to blame for this Vikings situation. Peterson entered the
postseason with seven fumbles. The most by a non-quarterback. He also finished the regular seasons with the most rushing touchdowns. Both were on display in this game. Peterson scored three times. Including a 19 yard touchdown on the opening drive of the game. He also fumbled twice. Although both were
recovered by the Vikings. The most costly of his mistakes, is actually credited as a fumble by Favre. At the end of the second
quarter, tied at 14, Reggie Bush muffed a punt
that gave the Vikings the ball on the Saints 10 yard line. Then on second and goal from the four, with his focus more on where he’s going, than where the ball is,
Peterson bumbled the handoff. The Saints recovered, and the two teams headed to the locker
room deadlocked at 14. Overall, the Vikings lost three of their six fumbles, this game. This coming after finishing
the regular season third in the NFL at protecting the ball. Having committed 18 turnovers all season. And it wasn’t just the fumbles
that were hurting them, after a third quarter
drive extending penalty on Saints defensive end, Anthony Hargrove, a clearly hurt Favre was
picked off by Jonathan Vilma. The high, low hit that Favre
took during that throw, caused him to be helped off the field and be examined by Vikings medical staff. It was the 11th hit Favre
had taken this game. But again, despite four
turnovers, the Vikings are here, with a chance for their first Superbowl appearance since 1977. And Favre’s receiver this
game, is not Sidney Rice, who lead the vikings in receptions during the regular season. It’s this man, Bernard Berrian, who’s having his biggest game of the year. Topping 100 yards for the first time. His worst moment of the game however, came with just under 10 minutes
left in the fourth quarter. With the Vikings in the red zone, and down seven, Favre hit Berrian for what looked like
a possible first down. Until a fumble was forced by Saints Quarterback Tracy Porter. But Berrian and Porter hadn’t
seen the last of each other. Back in the red zone, and Vikings still trailing by a touchdown, with just under six minutes
to go in the fourth, Favre aired one out to Berrian in the corner of the end zone. It was incomplete, but pass interference was called on Porter, and the Vikings got the
ball on the one yard line. Two plays later, Peterson punched it in to tie the game at 28. After a big defensive stop,
the Vikings got the ball back, and marched to the Saints 33 yard line. They were within range for Viking’s field goal
kicker Ryan Longwell. After two rushing attempts for not gain, the Vikings called a
timeout on third and 10, with 19 seconds left. One of the big things
going against the Vikings heading into this game, was the deafening crowd
noise in New Orleans. So Favre and most of the
Vikings offense, wore ear plugs, but communication was still difficult. But one of the reasons this
game is even in New Orleans, has a lot to do with Tracey Porter, whose force fumble, and pass interference has had a huge impact on this game. In week seven versus the Dolphins, the Saints were clinging
to a six point lead. With the Dolphins near midfield, and just over two minutes
left on the clock, Porter picked off Chad Henny, and returned it for a
game sealing touchdown. The following week, the
Saints played the Falcons. With the Saints holding
on to a four point lead, with eight and a half
minutes left in the fourth, Porter picked off Matt Ryan. The ensuing drive by the
Saints, padded their lead. If both those games
had gone the other way, it’s possible that the
Vikings are the one seed, and that this game is in Minnesota. But it’s not, it’s in front of
a roaring New Orleans crowd. And coming out of the time out, information was clearly
lost among players. The Vikings got called for
too many men on the field, and the penalty pushed them
out of field goal range. After four years of seesawing
on retirement, Brett Favre is standing at the precipice
of a heroic Superbowl run. 12 years removed from his
last Superbowl appearance, and 33 years removed from
Minnesota’s last appearance, Favre is in position to return the Vikings to the championship. In a game riddled with
turnovers and crushing blows, it all comes down to this. Welcome to a moment in history. (crowd screaming) – [Announcer] Favre sprints to his right, throws back across the middle! And he’s intercepted. Porter. (TV click)

100 Replies to “Brett Favre’s final shot at glory deserves a deep rewind | Saints Vikings 2009 NFC Championship”

  1. Tracy Porter killed that season! He would also go on to seal a SuperBowl win for the Saints a game later with another Iconic Pick-Six off another legendary QB, this time Peyton Manning.

  2. As a life long Packer fan and 11 yr Farve fan who broke my heart going to the Vikings however while watching this game and seeing how he played and by the games end he won back my respect for him. Watching the punishment he took and how he handled it especially later finding out about "bountygate" intentionally trying to injury him was both hard and awe inspiring, almost any other player today and not just a QB but any player even in their prime would more than likely not continue on after just 1 of the huge hits and he took several devastating hits that were clearly painful but even at his age he pushed thru and not only came back out but even returned and played at a high level. It was really special to see such determination a what it means to never giving up, this performance though transcended beyond just this game, that playoffs, season, this was like the culmination of his entire career almost as if this was the final 1,200th quarter of a single 12 yr long game. And even though it ended with him throwing the INT it didn't matter and even makes for a better ending to it all somehow, that even when you go so above and beyond any expectations sometimes it can still go wrong either by your own making or by something else out of your control. To me this game was a perfect example that demonstrated oftentimes its the journey and the destination that truly matters.

  3. Other injuries you missed from bounty hits.

    Wr rice, would have major hip surgery
    C john Sullivan, torn calf
    All pro lg, steve Hutchinson, yorn shoulder and guad
    Starting cb, cedric griffin, torn acl

    Brett Favre throwing leg from the ankle down was near completely black

    This starts a chain reaction that destroys the vikings for years and closes their super bowl window. All by the filthy cheating saints

  4. Favre said had he known half his weapons were injured b4 he got there the next year, he'd of stayed retired. I can't blame him for his last season or this game. It's inexcusable to fumble the ball six times and it's all so inexcusable you have the wrong personel walk out to the field. Crowd noise in ear plugs would have nothing to do with that. They were in a timeout. The whole world stops in a timeout.
    Favre was robbed by Williams and so were the people of Minnesota of a Super Bowl that they undoubtedly would have won.

    That said, it turned out that Favre's ankle was broken in that game and you failed to mention that. Chances are Favre would not have been able to play.

    Had that bounty not been placed on Favre and Warner the week before, their careers may not have been ultimately ended and altered.

    Horner never played another snap after getting abused by Williams bounty defense.

    Favre went into The following season with a still damaged ankle that he never quite got past.

  5. If you would like to make me happy, a rewinder about The Catch III.
    If you wanna RIP my heart out, a collapse about the 2011-2018 49ers

  6. "Punished by the Saints' D." It's called "FOOTBALL" you CryQueen fans. "Cheaters" No one was carted out the game. You lost, I LOVE it, and your tears make it much, MUCH better. I thank you. Keep crying – WhoDatNation.

  7. Didnt want to show all the times the saints players were twisting ankles and cheapshotting after the play?

  8. Poor Favre but glad this happened. I just couldn't imagine how crazy it would be for Brett Favre to have brought a Super Bowl trophy to the Minnesota Vikings

  9. Two long-lasting outcomes:

    1.) The NFL instituted new rules for Overtime (largely on account of this game).
    2.) The NFL fined & suspended the Saints for Bounty-gate (largely on account of this game – plus other playoff games).

  10. I have an uncle by marriage who was a big Vikings fan for many years and converted my aunt. They and their sons are still bitter about this game, as well as the 1999 NFC championship.

  11. Any particular reason he failed to mention that the Vikings also ran an 'incentive' program that season?

  12. Though this video was well made the facts are not quite accurate. There were also questionable hits after the whistle. The "Bounty" was so severe after discovered that legal steps were being considered. Instead careersrs like Vilma were ended along with a season suspend of a head coach. This is ultimately the most underrated nfl game in history for fowl play. For a quarterback abused by the media from day one of not attending training camp Favres accomplishment has only been matched by Tom Brady's recent success's but than again Tom is backed with one of the greatest defensive mind genious's of all time.

  13. and then just like that after his retirement the NFL change the rules to further protect the quarter back.

  14. You forgot to add the high low hit 1. broke his ankle 2. Was penalty the NFL would later come to apologize for not calling which would have erased that INT and given them 15 yards..with Favre still writhing in pain of course…Greg William's is also a disgraced DC and was suspended indefinitely for his role in bounty gate which you alluded to but didn't really give the context of the actual game

  15. Saints are crying about the L.A Rams lmao the Saints are cheaters and crybabies, only ring that have had an asterisks next to it. #bountygate

  16. Yeah the Saints needed money for Hurricane Katrina but they shouldn't have let Favre get hit that much that was just uncalled for (Saints fan speaking).

  17. The refs were garbage in this game I’d like to see the same hits on Peyton Manning or Tom Brady and it not get called

  18. At least Vikings paid them back with the Miracle in Minnesota……………Only to be stomped by my Eagles the following week in route to our 1st Superbowl win. Thanks Minnesota 😎

  19. Big game, big moment and Favre rolls out and throws across his body. Favre always choked in big games. I wonder what people would say if Cousins rolled out and threw the ball across the field in a big moment, in a big game like that?

  20. No real NFL fans count this as a real super bowl win by the Saints. Bounty gate takes it away from them. Last seasons game against the Rams was also karma for this. Hopefully this keeps happening to the saints they are one of the dirtiest teams in sports history

  21. The game brett Favre had in the bag but decided to throw a pick instead throwing the ball away and go for a field goal and win at the end and not go to overtime

  22. Dallas fan here hated farve in his hay day but a legend for sure green bay has horrible fans to boo this man and not show him the respect he deserves. If troy aikman wanna to keep playing and was force to leave due to a new franchise QB i would have still cheer him on for the next team no matter who it was … This man was great

  23. Favre turns 50 this fall but is already looking like an old man. His body will eventually pay for all the hits. Great carer an QB but he probably should have stayed retired.

  24. In my opinion the saints deserved that ref mistake against the Rams fotó what they did with Favre. Its just disgusting.

  25. This is exactly why I will always hate Brett Favre. Instead of staying in New York with The Jets for 1 more year this narcissist decided to go to The Vikings and stick it to The Packers, but ended up sticking To America's Team!!!!!!

  26. You mean, the Saints did to Favre what they did to Warner a week earlier? Never…….I always had a favorable opinion towards the perennial losers until they turned into cheap shot artists.

  27. This game proves Brett Farve is not one of the greatest of all time.

    He was a hell of a warrior on the field. Tough as nails.

    Farve though cost the team far more than he helped them. Had he just let the Vikings kick a field instead of trying to be a hero, he probably getting another ring.

  28. The taints bounty gate in action. It's funny that their fans are still whining about last yeats playoffs. It called karma, well deserved.

  29. As a Viking fan since 1963, this was just another in a long, long, list of heartbreaks. At least I didn’t break the TV this time, nothing compares to the Gary Anderson eviscerating miss.

  30. I think we can all agree that the saints pulled a patriots in this one. At least they are getting karma these past few years

  31. Can't watch the highlights. The high low hit was just dirty. Play the game fair and don't go the cheap route.

    The Saints are trash for allowing it.

  32. No one should complain about Favre. The man was 40, got his absolute ASS kicked this game by a bounty system, could barely walk and was still marching the Vikes up and down the field, but the Vikes as they always do kept choking the game away. The Vikes should have won by 3 TDs.

  33. At what point with all the Saints people still complaining about that non PI call that "cost them a SB" last year, does someone bring up the Phantom PI call in OT of this game that got them to a SB?

  34. Tracy Porter is also the guy that sealed the Saints' Super Bowl victory with a pick-6 off Manning late in the fourth quarter.

  35. Every time Saints fans get salty about the NFC Championship no-call last season, I think of Gregg Williams and bounty-gate and have zero sympathy.

  36. Whatever else you wanna say about Favre, dude is tough as nails.
    Tony Romo tried to emulate him, by never missing games, and in doing so probably shortened his career by 3-4 years.

  37. Who Dat!!!!
    I remember watching this game, I was talking to some people from Green Bay, I told them it was just a matter of time till Favre threw that interception

  38. Saints still don't deserve that championship. Dirtiest team in NFL history, every one of them should have to watch their rings get melted down and turned into a giant "Ain'ts" logo

  39. I lost a lot of respect for Farve after that playoff game he won right after his dad died.

    As per usual he threw a lot of hard to catch passes in that game. But his recievers busted their asses particularly hard that game to catch them, Farve already having to deal l w his dad dieing, they don't want to add to his burden.

    After that game tho, instead of expressing gratitude to his recievers, Favre attributes the receptions to "I could feel my father was there on the field w me, helping" things along or helping me out or some such woo.

    Next game his recievers didn't bust their asses quite as hard and they lost. Go figure.

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