Brawl Stars Summer Brawl Talk!

Brawl Stars Summer Brawl Talk!

to the summer edition of Brawl Talk. As you can see, here again, Ryan.
Where have you been? I’ve been working out my thumbs, because we have an amazing update
coming this summer. We’ve got a new Brawler.
We’ve got four new skins. We’ve got
some very cool end game content, and… Watch to the end of the video
to find out. First new thing on this update
is a new Brawler. His name is Tick. Tick is a metal ball
of barely containable energy. His main attack is
throwing proximity mines onto the battlefield that will detonate when enemy Brawlers walk over them
or after a short delay. His Super is amazing. He detaches his head
and throws it on the battlefield and it will go homing
after enemy Brawlers until it explodes. But if you’re on the enemy team, you can shoot and destroy
that head before it gets to you. Finally, we have some really good news because Tick is free for all players
after 4000 trophies on the Trophy Road. It’s the summer of the robots. This summer we’re going to release
four new premium skins: Mecha Crow and Mecha Bo
as well as Robo Mike and Robo Spike. These skins start at 150 gems. Ryan, what will we do
for the end game players in this update? Well, currently, above 500 trophies, you lose them after the season resets, but now the extra trophies will be turned
into a new currency called Star Points. Star Points are really cool because you can spend them
in the brand new shop on exclusive items like color variations
of Mecha Crow and Mecha Bo. – This concludes this month’s Brawl Ta…

100 Replies to “Brawl Stars Summer Brawl Talk!”

  1. Make new star power for tick sticky bomb the mines will explode if somebody walk on it it stays stuck on the floor

  2. They should add a report button after you die you can press it and report them for teaming and get them banned but only if they really are teaming not just for fun

  3. Brawl stars add star Shelly in the star shop get it star Shelly name has the name star that can match with the star shop oh and also star Shelly should be in the shop for 5000 or 7500 star coins

  4. You can clearly see in first gameplay with tick that ticks bombs are now mecha bo s mines and his attack was spikes attack

  5. Can anyone tell me when will a new brawl talk is coming? It has been more than a month we wait foe another new update.. Please give us some entertainment with a new UPDATE!!

  6. Hey everyone ^^ i just wanted to post this because i made a club and it has 20 people currently but im finding it really hard to get people into the club but it has a good few good players so if your reading this the club is called ghostly and has around 60k trophies anyone over 1k trophies can join as i just want to fill the club up thanks

  7. let's go for almost two months without an update and take out a new pls I know what you have been on vacation but it already takes a little by little I was bored

  8. Plzz it has been a 1.5 month since we got a update now it's time for brawl talk because all star powers are out
    BTW plzz nerf bandaid


  10. You really think that to lose 4000 trophies is cool, cause you got 4000 star points, but these star points have no purpose????

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