Brawl erupts prior to TakeOver’s NXT UK Tag Team Title Match: NXT UK highlights, 8-28-19

Brawl erupts prior to TakeOver’s NXT UK Tag Team Title Match: NXT UK highlights, 8-28-19

Ooh! Knee strike from the menacing Muscovite. Right underneath the jaw. And now Dragunov trying to turn
the advantage back into his favor. Chop right across the throat. And Dragunov, and just ripped down T-Bone. Yeah! Fury coursing through
the veins of the Cossack. Feel the impact of
everything Dragunov does. Oh-oh, right miss, left did it and
now Dragunov, Trying to fight through. Six one line underneath the jaw. Cover!
Hook of the leg. One, two- Kick out by T-Bone. Conners talking about reinventing himself. Certainly has found a couple
of new offensive arsenal. Is now right back into the midsection and
just plowed through Carter, cover. Old school British offense into the cover. With another near fall. And I don’t think this is how
Oliver Carter thought that this debut match would go. It’s certainly not how Oliver Carter
wanted it to go, no question about it. I had a chance to talk to
Joseph Conners earlier as well. He said the NXT UK needs Joseph Connors,
seem to know it yet. Perhaps Connors is trying to
prove that fact right now. Three! That NXT UK general manager Johnny Saint
will be watching every match avidly. Superstar here trying to impress Saint. Well Conners now methodically slowing
the pace of this match up down. And there, grabbing the hair
that I mentioned earlier. Want to get inside the head literally
perhaps as well as figuratively. Carter now trying his best. Oliver Carter, Very prideful,
trying to break the hold of Conners. And now look at Carter starting
to fight back here tonight. Ooh, nice job by Carter,
landed on his feet. Oliver Carter ducks, connects! And Oliver Carter could be closing
in on his first win here at NXT UK. Can he put Conners down? Carter, knees to the chest. What’s Devlin thinking here? Devlin hoisting up Williams. Williams doing his best to break free. Able to land on his feet. Ooh! Wow, that landed flush. Big opportunity. Williams making sure that
the Irish Ace is prone. Kenny Williams, to the top! Williams is feeling it. Kenny Williams, to put Jordan Dublin away. Charging in, can he get it this time,
he connected. Williams into the cover, Devlin. And I think Williams’ momentum helped
Devlin in that situation, man! Absolutely, Williams was so
eager to grab the leg, hook the leg, he drove a little bit too hard. And pulled Devlin off of his shoulders. Your heart goes out cuz with a better
pinfall attempt you could certainly see Williams scoring the victory there. Devlin may be a little over zealous
in this big match situation! Trying a faceplant. Devlin dropping his hips
to break- Devlin now, no! It’s a battle. Williams doing his best to fight free. But and don’t forget the sternum,
don’t forget the body, the chest, the lower back. The chest cavity of Kenny Williams
damaged earlier in the match-up. And now it’s Devlin! Right onto that lower
back at Kenny Williams! Cover by Devlin. And another kick out! Wow! NXT, NXT, NXT! Johnny Saint,
Johnny Saint has actually made this a triple threat tag team
match at TakeOver, Cardiff. Now, last time I checked we are tag
team champions, two on two. How on earth do you qualify for
that by winning singles matches? How on earth have we ended
up in a four on two? Okay, okay, Gallus is in the house. The only thing worse than you two diffs
is those two little Welsh wet wipes. Bring it all out, we’re having a party! Hey, you are a joke,
you are a joke, you are a joke! Hey Nigel. All three teams that are gonna be
battling it out for the NXT UK tag team championships this Saturday,
they’re slugging it out right now. It is chaos breaking
down here in Plymouth.

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  1. NXT UK Takeover Cardiff will be an amazing show. Looking forward to see Cesaro there. Cesaro vs WALTER would be absolutely epic!

  2. how many wrestling shows does hhh have to control for him to convince vince that he can control the company on his own

  3. The NXT Brawls are just not as good as the WWE’s. Although, you can’t expect them to be because the WWE has more talent.

  4. Takeover UK Cardiff is going to Awesome, I can't wait and also I can't wait for WALTER vs Bate and Toni vs Kay Lee Ray even the Last Man Standing Mastiff vs Coffey

  5. Walter vs Tyler Bates for NXT uk heavyweight championship and Pete Dunne vs Cesaro will be two matches that will steal the show and continue to impress the fans.

  6. Nxt uk Takeover Cardiff is going to be an awesome show! We've done our predictions, what are yours?

  7. Those tag titles should've the attention of every team on the main roster because they're on fire not like the children titles of RAW and SD.

  8. Who agree's with me that Flash and Mark are going 2 win the tag belts because the PPV is in Cardiff if that happens we riot literally if that happens OMG well that was predictable

  9. Yo Bossman Johnni and Big Bossman HHH once again I say revive the European title and give it to the UK brand there is too much talent to have just the UK title and the tag titles to fight for. NXT has a North American title already so it makes sense to put the European title in NXT UK……..🤷🏾‍♂️JS

  10. lol he just went up to the guy talkin smack and without hesitation or waiting to be shoved he just headbutts him in the chest.
    love it

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