Boston Celtics vs Charlotte Hornets Full Game Highlights | 30.09.2018, NBA Preseason

Boston Celtics vs Charlotte Hornets Full Game Highlights | 30.09.2018, NBA Preseason

Busy day in Boston sports closes out here at the TD Garden tonight as the Hornets and Celtics meet for the second time. Now Horford gets the night off. On the other side for the Charlotte Hornets open up the same starting five They did the other night Kemba Walker Jeremy Lamb at the back-court Has got the see and think and execute Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had a strong game the other night. Misses the lay-up, and there’s Hernangómez with the glass, for two. to try and take advantage of Hayward; Brown gets his first touch, comes up shooting, and knocks down the three. Walker looking for a screen, gets one, comes up shooting, and buries it They clear out for Hayward to go one on one, nice crossover, Kyrie… for three. Guys you don’t know as opposed to our parsley cleaning at the second-team Tatum Baines nice follow. Perfectly executed however. Lamb good offensive player kicks it out. Hernangómez will try a three and knock it down Rozier has checked in. Tatum checked-out. Kyrie with that little stop move, freezes the defender and gets the open look, and buries it. Nice cut to the basket by Batum. Gets to the basket this time kicks it back out Good hands by Hayward. Three on the shot clock Walker crossover move to the basket he gets two. This kid can score. Rosier gets the dribble back. knocks down the jumper. Great ball movement that time! See what I mean? It’s the shoes baby! Came up with a couple of big put-backs at the end of the last game.
– He sure did! Rozier is 4/4 now. Marcus Smart is about to make nearly every offensive board.
Kaminsky comes away with it quickly gets it over to Walker Walker a deep 3 goes. Good hands by Marcus! Walker wins the race to the ball still plenty of time for Charlotte although Monk never passes up a shot and knocks down the 3. Tatum, long starter and most of his second year – good hands by Rozier Rozier’s gonna take it to the basket. Has it REJECTED by Bridges. Here’s coming out to set the screen. Graham. Monk. Knocks down another. Primarily a shooter, slash scorer Rozier!
TATUM! Came up short Rozier, Tatum sets his feet drills the three Theis with a little hand of to Smart. Smart trying to get to the basket. Has it tipped away picked off by Monk. Monk up the middle. The bounce pass. Nicely done! Good hands by Theis. – Oh boy, I tell you that was a smart play –
Better pass, bounce, back to Tatum. Rozier knew exactly where he was. Monk from the corner. Knocks down a tree. Semi with 15 points on 3 or 4 shooting from beyond the arc. Bridges looking to answer, and does. Bridges to the bench. Morris, says: ‘I’ll do it myself!’ Hits his second 3. – Where’s that foul? –
Brown trying to keep it alive. – Brown got fouled! Smart will try a 3! Got it!
– HEEEEEY! – Rozier. Back outside to Brown. Takes it by Kidd-Gilchrist. Get’s the layup. KYRIE! – Well I waited (…) – Kidd-Gilchrist uncontested to the basket. Nice Spin! Walker. Batum. Wow, big time SHOT!
– Wow! – (…)the first quarter, out there to begin the third Hayward playing with five fouls. Nice move to the basket gets 2 and gets fouled. Goes for the fall away, comes up short rebound to Lamb. Out quick to Walker. Oh, Nice athletic move by Bridges and he’s gonna get to (…) – Basketball intelligence of all these guys and they’re pretty adept at running what the (…) – Look at that! – Seven-point Boston lead. Bridges.
Knocks down a three. You are all over him on draft night. The scouts didn’t like him at all. Comes away with it. Byombo for 2! And Rozier. Morris with the rebound Finds Williams for 2! Smart. Morris. For 3. Graham. Monk from the corner. Kyrie. Morris … for 3. Kaminsky again this time he passes, up and under, oh. Bridges. Hello. Wanamaker comes away with it. Takes it all the way to the basket, gets 2. Monk, plays it down Kaminsky lays it in. Monk. Bacon. Puts it in off the glass and he’ll head to the [Free-Throw line]. Ojeleye unable to knock it down. Loose ball picked up by Bacon. Chealey in the paint, kicks it to the corner.
Bridges with plenty of time knocks down another 3. Yabusele. Miles Bridges. – That’s why he’s a player’s coach. – Bacon, going to the basket, gets 2. Just to remind you: cast your votes (…) Ojeleye, again. Yabusele, looking to take Bacon.
Backs him down. Short hook, but gets the roll! Graham. REJECTED in the corner. Picked of by Ojeleye. Monk passes up the shot. Williams gives it up to Guerschon [Yabusele]. 4 in the shot clock. Wanamaker, drive, goes. He wasn’t gonna make this shot, but I knew Russell was heading to the rim. Follow by Williams! Bridges looking to make his own move. Does. Scores. Into Wanamaker. Inside. Yabusele. 2. Monk. Pull up 3, REJECTED by Williams. Numbers on the break Williams. YABUSELE! For 2. Graham. Instead Wanamaker out there defensively. They get it to Monk looking to get a three off. Bridges, does get a 3 off. That’s not going down. Rebound Boston. Ball game. Celtics win it 115 to 112. Guerschon Yabusele great fourth quarter. 8 in their last 12 minutes. Williams a key block. Wannamaker solid (…).

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  1. Kyrie break a leg LITERALLY. WE could of had another Championchip last year but your bum ass left the fucking team to go sit on the fucking bench in Boston you crackajack nigga!

  2. Jus wait until Gordon Hayward reach a 💯 percent. He'll return to the best white boy in da league👀👀🔥🔥💯💯

  3. Trash. The Celtics should not have allowed the hornets to lead at all during the game. I don't want to hear about team chemistry for all you soft suckers. I don't care if y'all won and struggled to do so at that. Your name means nothing in this league. The hornets were better. Player President out!

  4. both teams got gunners. great game. looked like a college game with so much youth on the court.Kemba may have been the oldest player in the game.

  5. Williams is looking good out there. He'll get minutes. I like Wanamaker and Lemon Jr too. Wanamaker is a competent point guard and lemon seems like a good change of pace guy to play the Shane Larkin role.

  6. For some reason the Hornets just give me a college team kind of vibe. Not in a bad way tho. Graham, Bridges, Monk, Bacon all good young pieces who played well in college. Kaminsky was also great at Wisconsin. Bright future.

  7. why do all the lefty players have weird looking shots and dont get much good lift off the ground? even harden's shot doesnt look that nice, even though he's a good shooter.

  8. Miles Brides is the truth
    I'm just disappointed this highlight reel doesn't show any of his two monster putback dunks

  9. I Love Irving & Hayward's Duo.. 🙂 Good to see you mr.hayward.. 🙂 More plays to hayward please mr. Brad.stevens! He looks like a pegurin display.. 🙁

  10. Boston will be in the finials … No doubt … They will be a 60 plus win season … Can't wait to see … Hopefully lebron pulls off an upset in LA … Let's wait and see…

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