Boris Gets Grounded on Saint Patrick’s Day

Boris Gets Grounded on Saint Patrick’s Day

Caillou, Doris and Rosie: You are Grounded! Doris: Hey Boris, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, Doris: we are going to McDonald’s and have Shamrock Shakes. Boris: Yay! (x13) I am so excited! Caillou: Calm down Dad. We are excited too. Doris: now let’s all go to the car. Doris: Ok Boris. Here’s $10, make sure you buy us all four Shamrock Shakes. Boris: Okay, Doris. LSanimate 123: Hello, Welcome to McDonald’s. may I take your order? Boris: I would like to buy 4 Shamrock Shakes please. LSanimate 123: okay, that will be $10. Boris: here it is. LSanimate 123: thank you, and here you’ll 4 Shamrock Shakes. Boris: Thank you! And Happy Saint Patrick’s day! LSanimate 123: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day you too. Boris: Okay Doris. I brought all 4 Shamrock Shakes. Doris: Okay, Boris, Just put them on the table and we will have our shamrock shakes. Boris: Okay, Doris. Doris: Oh, me and Rosie to use the bathroom. Caillou, do you need to use the bathroom too? Caillou: yes, mom. Doris: Okay, Caillou. We will go together. And Boris, Doris: Make sure you got our Shamrock Shakes and keep an eye on our Shamrock Shakes while we’re gone. Okay? Boris: Okay, Doris. Boris: Now I am going to see what the Shamrock Shakes Tastes Like. Boris: Wow! This Shamrock Shakes Tastes so good! I will eat them all! Boris: Yummy! all The Shamrock Shakes tasted so good! Rosie: Dad, What happened to all of our shamrock shakes? Doris: Please tell us the truth right now. Boris: Um. (x13) Yes, I drank all of the Shamrock Shakes. Doris: Boris! I can’t believe you drank all of the shamrock shakes! Doris: Now Saint Patrick’s Day has ruined thanks to you! That’s it! Let’s go home right now! Doris: Boris! You are Grounded (x6) until Easter! And you will not get any more Shamrock Shakes ever again! Doris: Go upstairs to our room right now! Boris: (crying) Me: Hello Guys! I’m HanifimranAnimator here! Me: I would like to wish guys a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! And enjoy celebrating and more! Me: I hope to enjoy this video! And thanks for watching! Goodbye!

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  1. Me: makes grounded videos
    GoAnimate/Vyond: BANS the user
    Grounded videos are ruining Vyond/GoAnimate

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  3. I live in Turkey and there is no St Patrick's Day and no Shamrock Shakes I wonder the taste.😶😶😶😶

  4. In the starring from the intro, you got Doris, Caillou, Rosie, Emily, Hannah, Saphire, Agnes, and Amanda wrong because they're not green.

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