Blood Diamonds and Religious War In The Central African Republic

Blood Diamonds and Religious War In The Central African Republic

good news young he’ll be writing to jumuchi keiki unplugging DJ energy because you are a kanga quite fittingly tombola imposition banal from well miss your mom Shanthi leta fo is on trafficking since early 2013 the Central African Republic has been torn apart by sectarian conflict in March of 2013 the Celica a mostly Muslim coalition of rebels overthrew a corrupt government they swept across the majority Christian country bringing it close to an ER mostly Christian fighting group known as the anti-balaka started fighting back in December 2013 vice news was there to witness a major turning point in the conflict anti-balaka attacked Muslim civilians for their perceived support of the Celica thousands of Muslims fled the Central African Republic is located right in the heart of Africa and it’s one of the poorest countries in the world but it’s rich in natural resources including gold and diamonds and many want to stake in it vice news travel to the mines in the heart of the country to see how the fight over natural resources is playing out in one of the world’s most volatile conflicts we’re on the road to bow down it’s where a lot of the diamond mines are located about six hours from the capital home in the west of the Central African Republic anti-balaka have taken control of many of the key gold and diamond rich areas nearly all of the Muslims have been forced out but Christians remain Yami’s Ilima over 10a a pop lazio coppa a plat Ashanti Sakai rich terrile agua la de dee deee daaah zaggy Tonga so due to the conflict the official mining industry has collapsed but a lot of the gold and diamonds are still smuggled out from across the country and according to the United Nations both silica and the anti-balaka militias are taking a cut it’s it’s being played out as an internal political problem at the end of the day it’s actually just in my opinion just control over Gold Fields and concessions there is serious money to be made in this country and that has to be seen as one of the key drivers so where did that money go I think it goes where it went when was easy was president when si was president before him it goes into the pockets it’s certainly where it doesn’t go as it certainly doesn’t benefit the people of the Central African Republic fighting over mines has created religious tensions where there were none before prior to the conflict many mines were controlled by Muslim traders these merchants have either fled or they’re being blocked from working in the mines i’ma do youma is bodas head Imam he explained to us how the fighting his impact of the Muslim community well I did jumuchi geeky I’m fluffy DJ energy he because you are a kanga quite fit eating a little moolah ug7 benefit up it’d be difficult eating cocoa break it not a cop if I double the Peter Campbell Andy I can a mulatto people you know constantly I will commune historically we have seen Muslims being involved with a lot of the mining so there were the middlemen they they have extensive trade networks in central Africa and in West Africa and now we’ve seen with the rise of the anti-balaka which is mainly a Christian movement have literally kicked out I think more than 90 percent of the Muslims voters Muslims say they’ve coexisted with others in this region for more than a century now they say they’ll be killed if they leave their neighborhood many have horrific stories of being attacked Yusef o Musa was captured by anti-balaka with his brother he managed to escape his friend told us the story Humber’s in-law here is your to something Travie element DM Nami voila laser in montréal a junkie off a set of a season son Cesar Faison pilatus Gilliland toroidal Alondra building six eggs or a lovely holiday with no the animation so ago Sinatra easy device maybe it alone and a ischium answer a Silicon Valley realistic in the center of boda is a no-man’s land that divides Muslim and Christian neighborhoods it used to be the town central market but all of the shops have been destroyed in the fighting between both sides at dusk kids from the Muslim side come out into the streets and what looks like an effort to instigate a fight with the other side the new Islam healthy neppy tubular battle irritable Mariana bobbies and Ali Baba right okay Bobby initially pretty appreciative public mm-hmm wanna publish a new project new saloons or member of another many in the Christian neighborhood say they’ve been attacked to botas Christians used to work with Muslims together in the nearby diamond mines now the Christians have taken total control over these areas who shot you by Drupada is on trafficking when is your mom shantia lolita your phone this is us on traffic in Abuja they’re in Minamisoma miss mcfinnegan see the feather park the casket become is no games over the truth can bear poop a possession empire mismo yo prepare Lorraine Demi’s emo mask a motion epidermis Medusa sake run away to the diamond mines outside of voda it takes about an hour and a half on these motorcycle taxis to get there this part of the Central African Republic is really really underdeveloped it’s all there is there are no roads in sight anywhere near here before the recent fighting 70% of the country’s population lived below the poverty line according to the United Nations that number has now dramatically increased some are left to rely on traditional foods like termites and sparrows to feed their families The Situation’s so bad access to mines has become even more essential to evacuate a Monica tried on a timer like chief organic on the moon we go Department of insane HT Prasad beaucoup put it G spot that I’m by me if it knots a property for me and let me go see the show continue do you Ramiz army undeveloped economies are Apollinaris arezzo a Lebanon G g-sharp Anala detective – Ronnie fu cha Mon Ami Qin Allah Allah Allah another Ilah binax on duty no put them up when we Penelope what a joke over me today they proceeded to be disaster Sonny mr. Roubini eaten a zoo so lovato ghee John Madden Solomon been turning up and said I’m not working even when I’m letting Jupiter Guinea they cannot touch me matter papa before the conflict the sale of gold and diamonds was a key source of revenue for the government but in 2013 Central African Republic was kicked out of the Kimberley Process the international agreement that tries to prevent the sale of blood diamonds so the country can no longer legally export them in September of 2014 the African Union’s peacekeeping mission here ended and a new United Nations led mission was launched their job is to protect civilians and support the interim government under the presidency of Catherine Samba Panza peacekeeping officials say a top priority of the UN mission is to reclaim control over the mines so the government has access to cash well we’re dealing with a government that’s extremely poor that is that can’t pay civil servants can’t do infrastructure development can’t invest in hospitals and schools and rebuild the country mining activities used to account for roughly 40 percent of revenue for the state and it is a crucial sector to get restarted and to get cleaned up so we have some legitimate finance coming into the country the Central African Republic lies in a fragile state the minerals under its soil could be a source for peace or war without finding a stable way to extract them the fight over Natural Resources will continue to fan the flames of conflict

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  1. Norm of the Africa. Sometimes you just have to learn that flu left alone heals itself within 7 days. food for thought!

  2. Tak padan dengan negara paling miskin perbuatan macam BABI. Ikut sedap saja nak bunuh orang ORANG KULIT HITAM BABI SIAL LAKNAT

  3. This is very sad in Africa, when you look at other countries how develope they are, but look at Africans how we are fighting against one another. When are we going to stop fight and look for how to develop our continent. Now my question is, are we not like others? If we are, why can't we be like others? Or didn't we want to be like others? If yes then why can't we stop fighting and look for adjustment and stop killing ourselves like flies for unnecessary reasons???? It make so bad to be always seeing us living in brutality.

  4. Muslims are problem creators everywhere. Nobody wants Muslim as their neighbors. It is not for no reason.

  5. If anyone calls themselves a Muslim and says they believe in their deities, they dont have to read the Quran. No two Muslims agree on what it says anyway, which is why Muslims never sit in a group televised discussing the Quran. Instead they speak individually spread out in an audience so they can say what they want.

  6. They do unite on one thing, they hate whites who they say stole their resources because they're always at war and are a bitter jealous people. Shaka Zulu murdered and committed genocide on thousands of African Tribes. He tortured and murdered millions of Bantu, and sold the dry arid empty scrub to the Boers for white mans goods, like rifles. The British defeated him in battle after losing the first war. The Black African should be grateful we kept the Zulus in line. But a black African will trespass our borders to live lavish lifestyles in our land, but murder us and make us poor in their land. It's so unfair. We should stop all aid and free medical supplies to Africas dark Continent.

  7. Divide these people and conquer them … That is whats happening there. Foreign countries are benefiting from these wars. And they get their natural resources for cheap

  8. How does a place that have so many diamonds look so run down? I don’t get it. These people are more than likely being taken advantage of because that country outside the ghettos and violence is beautiful

  9. Muslims are biggest real victoms of terrorism iraq afghanistan syria and kashmir but some powers are working hard to portray them as terrorists they are one who fund isis and attack on iraq syria and all

  10. This is the calamity that France brought upon us. Why did they create such a huge country in the heartland of Africa and hinterland? A land locked country like that is remote to the rest of the world and would need to depend on its neighbors to survive. The bottomline here is poverty.

  11. If Christians will tortured by muslims or kicked out from a country no one will go and cover the news. When Christians fight back all news channels will cover. What a world

  12. This is not how we are to act towards one another we share common believes and are all are human beings we all bleed red we should be coming to gather to save our planet so we all have a beautiful place to live and raise our family's not she'd the blood of our fellow man, woman.

  13. Greed, Conflict, Poverty regardless if you are Muslims, Christian or non religious….you are truly never safe. It’s a tragic loss of the community who is poor and their government is bloody useless to not restoring their country how it once was but only they think they know better then anyone else.

  14. If non muslim will tortured by muslims or kicked out from a country no one will go and cover the news. When non muslim fight back all news channels will cover. What a world


  16. i dont feel bad for the muslins they are wlicked and like to take over and kill and convrt people to muslins

  17. Just become atheists. Don't follow the ideology of a 6 years old child rapist prophet who flew in the heaven by the horse having 4 wives and married with adopted son's wife.

  18. I've never looked into the black diamond era of our culture but I heard of it on an Akon song, I think..
    Now I see why. Sadly this is still happening to Muslim in Africa right now.

  19. I love these little wars where they kill eachother, Muslims killing Muslims, I say carry on with the job of cleansing because there's less chance of you turning up on Europe's doorstep.

  20. The problem is france, United States, they always created problems because of golds diamands in a black country ,they just want to keep the country down. So they can steal

  21. They want to take crontrol over it because of its rich areas yeah it can be the most poorest places but but they living longer then.. u.s a Russia Chinese Japanese people ever will

  22. These people fight against each other instead of uniting with each other thers one thing about human being everything we know about being human is noting but bullshit that's what curupts ower life of liveing curupts everything even wanting and having what we already was meant to have in the first place

  23. Because if we have only one leader the people well over throw it and start war this is a way to control the people and tell them everything ok when they don't know half of the shit is going on in the world

  24. Religion was brought to africa now look,africans even think they are the most religious,some even saying jesus was black,damn some africans are fools

  25. The supreme one gave them a whole continent to themselves and they aren't using it correctly

  26. They don't know what Jesus preached
    And they will fight they need some of the good Pope to make them understand what is Christianity.

  27. Christians did correct. You forgot to speak what muslims used to do to the Christians before.why Christians took gun in their hand? Because they stopped tolerating

  28. Look at this ignorant dogs call themselves Christians. No good human being or good Christian can behave like this fools

  29. Its not about Muslim or Christians wake up all of their problems are caused by the evil French government period

  30. Poorest country in the world despite rich mineral source. Makes sense but gold and diamonds also included in those minerals.

  31. Most are not real Christians.You can't be a Christian and murder at the same time.Love your neighbor as you do yourself .

  32. No Muslim and chirstian countries helping tem…..just both of the chirstian and Muslim converting non relegious people and just watching the fight…Africans should understand few century back they dosent have any relegion….

  33. Vice why only one side of the story .why not the christian side.were there no attrocities on them by muslims.biased documentaries create more divide among the communities.stop such propagandas

  34. The bitter truth is that both religions came from other countries Africans living peacefully like brothers for thousands of years that brotherhood has been destroyed by both religions. Proud to be a atheist 🥺

  35. Muslims should have known better not to overthrow a christian majority country gvt …..imagine some christian overthrowing the gvt of Jordan in middleast …..the same chaos …those people created their own problem……. Stop blaming France …or Europe

  36. Muslims = Problem for every country.
    EX: Middle east has become war zone, Shrilanka ISIS attack, Manymar bhudhist vs muslim, Pakistan ( Jiahdistan) vs India, Afghanistan, Taliban, ISIS, Boko haram, Al-Qaeda.
    America = Ban on Muslims migration, England Muslim majority demanding Their own religion law should be implemented.

  37. None of the religion has origins in africa. Be it Christianity or islam. Fools introduced religion to african and controlled masses.

  38. That is not Christianity the word of God sees But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. 30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you. 6:27-36 . Does people are extremists 🤮🤮

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