Bhagat Singh on Religious hatred| Bhagat Singh on Communal riots and their solutions|

Bhagat Singh on Religious hatred| Bhagat Singh on Communal riots and their solutions|

Hello friends! Myself Sumit Yadav from team History Ki Mystery In the last video we raised certain questions before you through a poem And the poem questions us that even after 70 years of independence, why is it that our nation is entangled between caste and religion? Why couldn’t India reach that level of development that it should have? Why is it that even today we have to face the pain of riots? As an answer to the poem we brought to you the ideas of a prominent revolutionary who wrote an article some 89-90 years before present In 1928 he wrote an article called “communal riots and their solutions Yes we are speaking about the famous revolutionary Bhagat Singh He wrote this article keeping in mind the situation which prevailed during his time But trust me…. when you will be watching this video or even if you have ever read this article of Bhagat Singh then you will realize that each word of this article can be related to present day scenario To know about Bhagat Singh ideas it is important to watch this video. So come… let’s see The condition of India has now become pathetic The followers of one religion have become bitter enemies of the followers of the other religion Nowadays, to belong to one particular religion is reason enough for becoming enemy of the other religion The mutual killings have not been resorted by the killers to award punishment to someone found guilty of some crime but for the simple reason that someone was a Hindu, Sikh or a Muslim In this situation, God alone knows what will happen to India Today India’s future seems extremely bleak These religions have screwed India and one does not know when India will be freed from these communal riots These riots have shamed India at the world stage and we have seen that in the deluge of superstitions, everyone gets swept away During these riots, hardly do you see examples of a Hindu, Muslim or a Sikh who keeps his head cool while the rest pick up rods, sticks, swords and knives to maintain their dominance and eventually kill each other in this pursuit of dominance During these times, the roles of communal leaders and newspapers have also been observed in instigating these riots In these times of communal hatred, the leaders of India have decided to remain quiet These are the same leaders who claim to pioneer the great responsibility of liberating the country and had been talking about “common nationality” and had been vociferously demanding “Swaraj” (self-rule), and these are the same leaders who have decided to remain mum with their heads bowed down in shame. or are even getting swayed by the rage of religious bigotry. The other instruments of fomenting and inciting communal violence are the people writing for the newspapers The profession of journalism was once considered to be respectable but today it is in a dirty mess These people write against another community with big bold headlines which provoke the constant feeling of hatred and enmity among communities It is not a stray accusation; one can look at numerous examples where communal riots have taken place as provocations from writings in these newspapers There were very few reporters who could boast of a balanced poise in their minds and hearts during these turbulent times The real duty of the newspapers was to educate, to cleanse the minds of people, and to wash and scrap out communal feelings to bridge the gap and build mutual trust, bring about real rapprochement for advancing the cause of “common nationalism but they have been doing exactly opposite, leading to the division in the objective of “common nationalism”. This is the very reason that makes me cry tears of blood when I think of present India and wonder “What will happen to India?” The root cause of communal violence is probably economic Whatever happens in the world, money can easily be traced as the reason for that event So, if there is any solution to communal riots, it can only be achieved through improvement of economic condition in India Actually, the economic condition of a common man in India is so bad that anyone can give quarter of a rupee to other person and offend a third person Struggling through hunger and suffering and given an option between do or die, people often keep their principles aside To prevent people from fighting each other, “class consciousness” is the need of the day The poor of the world, regardless of race, colour, religion or nation have the same rights Your well-being is in erasing the discrimination based on colour, creed, race, religion, regionalism and unite together to try and take the power of government into your hands By trying so, you are not going to lose anything but one day your shackles will break freeing you from economic despondency Usually, riots bring about extremely depressing news, but during one of these riots in Calcutta there was an extremely pleasing report The workers of trade union didn’t play any part in those riots and neither did they participate in the communal skirmishes but the Hindus and Muslims would work in factories showing remarkable amity and they also participated in diffusing the situation This happened because the workers were class-conscious and they understood their interests as a group This beautiful example of class consciousness is a way with which we can stop communal violence We have heard this joyous news that the youth of India are now fleeing away from those religions which teach hatred and communal violence They have become so open in their outlook that they don’t look at people as Hindus, Muslims or Sikh but first as a human being and then as Indians With the rise of these thoughts in the youth of India, I see hope for the future of India Indians should not get upset at the news of these riots, but they should seek to not build a communal environment which results in riots The martyrs of 1914-15 had separated religion from politics They understood that religion is the personal matter of an individual which needed no interference from other and religion should not be entered politics This was the reason why during the revolution called by ‘Gadar Party’, people remained united Here Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims were put on gallows for the cause of revolution Separating religion from politics is a beautiful way to cure the malaise of communal violence. And we do support this Friends! If religion gets separated from politics, We all can stand together in the matter of politics and national cause, even after having different religious beliefs We hope that the true sympathizers of India will think over Bhagat Singh’s solutions and will save India from following the path of self-destruction If you like this video hit the like button, share it and don’t forget to subscribe our channel. JAI HIND!

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  2. बहुत बढिया History ki mystery आप सभी का सम्मिलित प्रयास जरूर एक दिन रंग लाएगा , शुभकामनाएं !!

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