Bernie Sanders answers religious question

Bernie Sanders answers religious question

this is what i believe every great religion in the world. christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism … essentially comes down onto others as you would like them to do unto you as a 22 year old kid getting arrested in
Chicago fighting segregation I believe that in my whole life that we are in this together. that’s not just
not words the truth is at some level when you hurt … when your children hurt … i hurt *I* hurt. and it’s very easy to turn our backs on
kids who are hungry or veterans who are sleeping out in the street and we can
develop a psyche, a psychology of “I don’t have to worry about them all don’t worry
about myself I need to make another five billion dollars” “this whole world is me I need more and
more I don’t care about anybody else!” i believe that what human nature is about
is that everybody in this room impacts everybody else in all kinds of
ways that we can’t even understand it’s beyond intellect it’s a spiritual emotional thing what we say that that child who was
hungry is my child. when we do the right thing when we try to treat people with
respect and dignity I think we are more human that’s my religion that’s what I believe
and I think most people around the world whatever their religion or color, share that belief that we are in it together as human beings if we destroy the planet because
we don’t deal with climate change, trust me, we are all in it together! that is
what my spirituality is about.

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  1. Thank you for this, everyone needs to hear this message, because it goes way beyond a campaign for president. If everyone shared his spirituality, the world would be infinitely better off…

  2. Every religion comes down to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? Are you fucking retarded? I notice you mentioned Islam in there – a religion that specifically says to terrorize, enslave, forcibly convert, or kill all non-members. No, religions DON'T all boil down to some simple, humanist, egalitarian idea. In fact, many of them say the exact opposite, including the most popular ones that still exist in the world today.

    And all you idiots saying how beautiful it is are fucking sheep. You hear some nice, peaceful music and some pleasant words and you IMMEDIATELY shut off your brains, question absolutely none of it, and say that the person speaking should be given power and authority over others. You're fucking lazy, complacent idiots, and you deserve the Clinton-Trump choice you've been handed.

  3. I watched this and then passed it around around 4 pm on Election Day. I guess subconsciously I knew what was going to happen. The DNC missed what was happening in this country especially when they said Bernie can only win the white vote.

  4. Bernie Sanders you still not answering the question yes you believe in YHWH are not. Don’t care how you dress up your lies America are pagan believers anyway. Remember this time on the earth is running out for y’all Serpents

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