Bengals vs. 9-0 Chiefs (Week 11, 2003) | NFL Full Game

Bengals vs. 9-0 Chiefs (Week 11, 2003) | NFL Full Game

>>The Chiefs are the only undefeated team in the NFL, and the Bengals have won three straight games at home. With Randy Cross, Kevin Harlan. Great to have you with us this afternoon. The entire NFL is talking about the Kansas City Chiefs. What are you saying about them?>>Well, where should we throw our two cents in, huh? For the Kansas City Chiefs, so far, the biggest improvement, to me, since we saw them last, about a month ago, Trent Green and the passing game have really stepped it up. That’s one of the main reasons they’re 9-0. But an old reason — Dante Hall. Watch him today, especially in regards to field position.>>Now 4-5 Cincinnati. Are they giant killers this afternoon?>>Well, you know, they’ve got a running game that’s carrying this team. The running game, so far, is led by Rudi Johnson. He’s the new aspect. The old aspect — Corey Dillon. You’re gonna see Corey Dillon in this game, and he is back.>>Smoke from pregame fireworks on an already-foggy day here in Cincinnati. And, already, the weird has kind of happened. There is very little breeze in Cincinnati this afternoon. To the sideline and Hall of Famer Marcus Allen.>>Well, thanks, Kevin. I’m down here with coach Marvin Lewis, who’s done a masterful job in turning the Bengals around. Coach, arguably the biggest game in years and certainly this year. Take us back in the locker room and tell us what you told your team before you came out.>>Keep our head down and just play. Don’t worry about the scoreboard. Let’s just play. At the end of the day, we’ll be right where we need to be.>>What about the fireworks, coach? You ever seen anything like it?>>That’s all right. We’re just trying to disguise ourselves.>>All right. Good luck.>>[ Laughs ]>>Have a good one.>>They may need to use smoke and mirrors to win today, but they’ll try anything, the Bengals will. As Jason Baker sets to kick off.>>And that’s the best advice Marvin Lewis could give his team, exactly what he just told Marcus — “Keep your head down, do your business, and don’t worry about the scoreboard.”>>Brandon Bennett is deep back with running back Kenny Watson. The Chiefs beat the Browns last week. The Bengals beat the Houston Texans. The Chiefs and Bengals. And here we go from Paul Brown Stadium. It’s Bennett from the 10-yard line for Cincinnati. And hit by Wilkerson and brought down immediately by the Chiefs. Quinton Caver, right off the bat, is down for Kansas City, a kid who played for the Eagles for a couple years, three years, out of Arkansas. As you can see, they are attending to him on the field right now. The smoke from the fireworks is slowly dissipating, but, as I mentioned before, already on a foggy day, this does not help the situation for either team. Good sign — Quinton Caver up, walking off under his own power. From the 28-yard line, Bengals begin it first and 10.>>Keep an eye on that offensive line for the Bengals. The running game is critical for any chance they have of an upset today.>>First down and 10. Base 4-3 defense for the Chiefs. Batted down by linebacker Barber. Incomplete on the first pass by Jon Kitna. Second down and 10. End around, Warrick. There was a block from the quarterback, as Peter Warrick goes racing out of bounds. Maslowski ushers him out of play after a first down near the 39 and a gain of 11 yards.>>Anytime you’re talking reverse action — both these teams love it — you have to talk backside linebackers and backside ends. How do they react? Do they give him the edge? See backside end crashing. Barber does a nice job, doesn’t allow him to get the edge, initially, but with Kitna out there, they get the edge and get Peter Warrick 10 yards.>>Two tight ends and the lone wide receiver, Johnson. First and 10, 39-yard line. And Rudi Johnson wrapped up by John Browning. Up to the 41-yard line and a gain of 2. Second and 8, 41-yard line. Warrick is back in the game. And this is Rudi Johnson. Second consecutive tackle made by Browning. 46-yard line. A gain of 6 on that play. The standings with the Chiefs. And, overall in the AFC, they’ve got a two-game home-field advantage right now over both Tennessee and Indianapolis.>>And they’ve done it with everything — special teams, offense, defense. Cincinnati — look where — 4-5, with Baltimore at 5-4. Marvin Lewis is starting to turn things around. I think it’s premature to say he’s turned it around.>>It’s third and 3, as Kitna looks for an outlet. Caught by Johnson, the running back. And Rudi can’t get anyplace because Warfield was there, along with Eric Hicks. He’s shy of a first down by about a yard on a gain of 2. And the Bengals will bring out their punting unit. And the Chiefs driving to a fourth down and a punt.>>And Marvin Lewis knows that means Dante Hall. Dick Vermeil’s kick returner, Dante Hall, has been the highlight of the NFL season so far, the things he’s accomplished. And the coverage teams of the Bengals, last week, really struggled against Houston.>>Richardson to punt, and Dante Hall back at about the 10-yard line. It is low. It is returnable. And on the 20-yard line, here comes Dante Hall. Stills ahead to block. A block by Blaylock. Dante Hall down the sideline and near midfield. Out of bounds, they’ll say, at the 48-yard line. That was shot earlier this morning on the Ohio River here in Cincinnati, and since that time, we’ve had a lot of fog descend on us. As you take a look at Dante Hall, with historic numbers. A return that sets up the Chiefs at their 48 with a first and 10. And Priest Holmes’ first carry. Brought down by linebacker Brian Simmons. To the 50-yard line and a gain of 2. Second down and 8 from the 50. Hall is in, wide atop your screen, with Kennison and Morton. Dante on the move. The fake to him. And, the other way, rolling, Green. Chased by Clemons and throwing. And the diving attempt made, but dropped by Johnnie Morton at the 36-yard line. It’ll be third and 8. The Bengals punted the first time they had the ball. And here come the Chiefs with everybody in the backfield. Now they disperse. In the shotgun, it’s Green with Holmes. Five in the secondary for the Bengals. From the 50, third and 8. Look at the time for Trent Green. Down the side. And almost intercepted by Rogers Beckett, the former San Diego Charger. It’s incomplete. And like Cincinnati before them, the Chiefs have got to punt.>>And this crowd loves it. [ Crowd cheering ] Trent Green was almost just throwing this ball away. He was getting wonderful protection by his offensive line, but back in the backfield, everybody’s covered. And this stadium — I don’t know about the Bengals so far, but this stadium is ready to play today. These people are going nuts.>>Peter Warrick is deep back, awaiting the kick from Jason Baker. Warrick has returned a punt for a touchdown in his career, but it was a couple years ago. And this will go kick out of bounds at about the 22-yard line. We just got an update on the injured Chiefs linebacker Quinton Caver. Neck-muscle strain. They don’t know if he’ll return. Chiefs have punted. Bengals have punted. This is the second possession for Cincinnati. First and 10. Nice play by Sims, who trips up Corey Dillon — in the game for the first time. Gain of 2.>>You know, Kevin, I firmly believe if Kansas City’s gonna extend this streak of undefeated, it’s gonna be the defense that will do it.>>Second down, 8, 24. Corey Dillon grabbed by Shawn Barber and brought down near a first down, at the 33. Very close on the play. A gain of about 9 yards. Why?>>Well, this defense has been a big turnaround. Greg Robinson, their coordinator, took a lot of heat last year, everywhere, about his job. This year, this defense’s biggest contribution has been turnovers. They produce turnovers like nobody else, and the credit has to go go Greg Robinson and his staff. They have hammered this team since the first day of minicamps. And you see the plus-18 ratio. No mystery, in the AFC, as to the secret of success.>>Rudi Johnson back in. From the 33. It is a first down. He takes it right up the gut. Mike Maslowski is in there, along with Sims. And a gain of 4. It’ll be second down and 6 at the 37-yard line. Warrick on the move. And Kitna back to throw. He’s got his tight end, Matt Schobel. Read well by Woods. Belted by Fujita. 42-yard line. Gain of 5 and about a yard shy of a first down.>>Yeah, that’s another thing that’s different about Cincinnati, besides Rudi Johnson instead of Corey Dillon. On a steady diet of late has been the use of the tight end in the Cincinnati offense. Last year, the Cincinnati offense, all year long, completed like 28 passes to tight ends. This year, so far, they’ve already completed 42. It’s something that’s expanded, something Marvin Lewis has brought with him, and Jon Kitna has really taken to it.>>Chiefs still have 4-3-4 — 4 linemen, 3 linebackers, 4 in the secondary. Third down and a yard. And it is Johnson bottled up again. Eric Hicks got in there, along with Shawn Barber. Shy of a first down. No gain on the play. And, for the second consecutive time, the Bengals have got to punt.>>Very simple to explain. You’ve got a fullback leading, and Johnson — he’s got nowhere to go. And, back side, you’ve got Eric Hicks crashing and destroying that play. Another sign of this new defense for Kansas City and the way they’ve played. They’ve been among the league leaders on third down.>>Dante Hall back at the 15-yard line. A couple punt returns for a touchdown this season. To punt, Kyle Richardson. Hall, 19-yard line. Dante Hall explodes up the middle! To the 48. And brought down by Brandon Bennett. A 39-yard punt, a 28-yard return. Both teams have punted. Kansas City getting it for a second time here. Hall’s had a good day returning already. What do you think here of this, again, good field position?>>Kansas City’s M.O. here is — go down the field.>>And they go to Dante Hall outside on first and 10. Working on Artrell Hawkins, who brings him down at the Cincinnati 48. Gain of 4. Bengals have five in the secondary. Four receivers for the Chiefs. Third and 6, 48 of Cincinnati. Green, low and uncatchable. Looking for Dante Hall. Covered on the play by Mark Roman. Two Cincinnati possessions, two punts. Two Kansas City possessions. Here comes their second punt. Their second three-and-out.>>With amazing field position. Both times, 48-yard line, and they don’t get anything out of it. That is huge. That’s almost like a turnover. That’s helping your opponent. I use the word “believe” a lot, Kevin. Right now, Cincinnati believes what Marvin Lewis has told them all week long.>>Second punt for Jason Baker. Warrick is back for the Bengals, inside the 10. Little pooch. Good Kansas City bounce. 10-yard line, Warrick. Up the sideline he goes. Gets away from Blaylock. Trying to do his best imitation of Dante Hall. Brought down by Lyle West. Kansas City Chiefs are the first team in the NFL to start 9-0 since the Broncos back in ’98. They’ve punted twice. Cincinnati has punted twice. Here come the Bengals. Third possession. 21-yard line, first and 10. Rudi Johnson in the backfield. He gets the call. Slips by Holliday. And then is hit, in the secondary, by Woods. Crashing his way up to the 29, picking up 8 yards. Second down and 2. They have three wide receivers, including the rookie out of Tennessee, Kelley Washington. 29-yard line. Good time for Jon Kitna. Across the middle. Caught by Warrick. First wide-receiver reception today for the Bengals. He’s got a first down. Brought down by Maslowski and Downing. It’s a gain of 6 on second and 2. Downing and Wilkerson on the Chiefs’ defensive line. It’s a first and 10. The fake to Dillon. And time for Kitna, who’s being chased by Downing. Then whips it down the side, where it’s incomplete. He had all day to throw. The line giving him time. They didn’t allow a sack last week. It’ll be second down and 10.>>And for Marvin Lewis’ offense, that was the exact same play, but in play-action form, is the one I was just talking about — the play-action with the offensive guard pulling on the back side. Trying to get that defense to suck up and react to that run action. That’s why Jon Kitna needs that running game to be so successful, ’cause he knows Dick Vermeil’s defense will start reacting to the run and give him a shot downfield.>>Second down and 10, Bengals, at their 34. And Corey Dillon knifing his way for a run up to the 44, close to a first down. Brought down by Eric Hicks. It’s a gain of 11 and a first down for the Bengals.>>Watch this side of the Kansas City defense, how they react to Corey Dillon starting to his left. Look at them crash down. They’re going in. Not many blocks made out there. Warrick didn’t exactly pancake anybody. But that opened up enough room for Corey Dillon to get those yards.>>Who would have thought they’d see that number — 43-2 — in favor of the Bengals? And Kitna near his 45 with a first and 10. The play clock at 2. Corey Dillon again. Sims got him, along with Fujita, on a gain of 3 up to the 47.>>And, Kevin, right where you saw that play clock down to 3, 2, 1, that’s exactly what Jon Kitna wants to do against Greg Robinson’s defense. They want to run the ball. They want to control the clock.>>Dillon will come out. It’ll be second down and 8. Sims and Browning back on the Chiefs’ defensive line. Rudi Johnson in the backfield for the Bengals. 46-yard line. Second and 8. Warrick on the move. Rudi Johnson. Tackled by Fujita and by Maslowski. Chiefs have called a time-out. Bartee was the fifth defensive back. It was a third and a short 6. Bennett in the backfield. 48-yard line. Here comes the blitz by Stills. And the pass right through the hands of Schobel and almost picked off by Woods downfield. It’s fourth down, and the Bengals have got to punt for a fourth — make it a third straight time.>>Well, everything that Jon Kitna and this offense are doing, passing-wise, so far involves, it seems, Schobel or a running back. The wide receivers — They’ve faked a few reverses and run a reverse to Warrick. They’ve got to get their wide receivers involved against the corners.>>Kyle Richardson’s had a poor day. He has had a net-4-yard punt and a net-10-yard punt. Here’s his third one. And this is off the side of his foot but landing inside the 20, which is exactly what he wanted to do. Rolling down to the 8-yard line. Flag has been thrown at the 40-yard line. One has been thrown, as well, at the 8.>>That was execution by default.>>Good bounce.>>You don’t plan on kind of half shanking it and having it bite and roll forward.>>And that’s what it did.>>You’ve really got to work on the hang time against Dante Hall. You know, Deion Sanders said, on the pregame show, that he had heard that they’re gonna actually kick the ball directly to Hall. So far, he’s been 100% right. And it could cost them this game if they keep doing it.>>It’s against the Bengals.>>Both.>>Yep. First penalty of the game called. This will give Hall another chance.>>Remember –>>There are two fouls on the play. Illegal touching — number 37 of the offense, the kicking team. Went out of bounds and came back in and touched the ball first. That penalty is declined. Holding — number 36 of the offense. That penalty is accepted. 10 yards. Repeat fourth down.>>Yeah, I’ll take you back, Kevin, 5, 6 weeks ago — Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore had control of the football game, kicked off, and was offsides. Dante Hall made them pay getting an extra kick. Let’s see if history can repeat itself here. But the key to it, repeating or not, is gonna be can Kyle Richardson hang this and let his coverage get down to Dante Hall?>>Hall did have a 77-yard kickoff return last week in Arrowhead against the Browns. So, they’re giving Hall another chance, setting up the return. Another low punt. From the 23, Dante Hall. Down he goes. Hit by Myles. That is a 14-yard return. Chiefs have it, 36-yard line, first and 10. Holmes in the backfield. Couple tight ends. Play-action by Green. Going right to work on first down. Slings it to Kennison. With the catch at the Cincinnati 47. He was brought down by Hawkins. A gain of 17 yards.>>That’s something we haven’t seen from Trent Green and this offense is what we talked about, really, in the open is them being able to push the ball down the field. Only 6 yards in their first two possessions, but there to Eddie Kennison, pushing the ball well down the field, getting the defensive backs to back up, and challenging them deep. That’s the key to this defense — you have to challenge it deep.>>First and 10, Bengal 47. That’s Johnnie Morton on the fly. And the hand-off to Holmes. They bring him down. That is Glen Steele, and energy guy on that defensive line. It is a gain of a yard. Downstairs to Marcus Allen.>>Well, thanks, Kevin. I just want to comment on that last punt return by Dante Hall. I thought I’d never, ever say this, guys, but he’s as fast and as quick as Barry Sanders, guys. I’ve never seen anything like that. He attacked and got upfield as quick as anybody that I’ve ever seen, guys. No wonder he’s so dangerous.>>That’s high praise from you.>>A compliment from the Hall of Famer to a Hall of Famer, probably, right this year, as soon as everybody gets a chance to vote for him.>>Five in the secondary. Hall in motion. Second down, 9. And a nice run by Holmes, who is hit by Kaesviharn and Rogers Beckett. Close to a first down, as he is at about the 37 of the Bengals.>>Now, this is not your basic attack-type run. Watch the change of directions by Dante Hall, going over to the left side. Brian Waters gets a nice block. Willie Roaf, who I think has done a wonderful job. And Priest Holmes really reacted well to the blocking that he’s getting up front.>>Waters did a nice job. You’re right. Third down and inches. They’re gonna bring the chains, in fact, off from the sideline.>>I enjoy Will Shields, I enjoy John Tait, watching these offensive linemen play, but Willie Roaf — if you’re a fan of line play, keep an eye on number 77. Dick Vermeil really challenged this veteran to come through and to have a career-type year. He’s worked harder than ever during the off-season, harder than ever during the season, and it’s really paid off. This guy is a dominating football player.>>11 years in the NFL. Eight-time Pro Bowler. But given new life, as this whole franchise has been given, by Dick Vermeil.>>You know, it’s — There’s a lot that goes into it, but Dick Vermeil challenges people to do as well as you possibly can — and not for him, not for the organization. The key is — these guys play for each other. It sounds sappy and it sounds old-fashioned, but I’ll tell you what — it works and it’s what Marvin Lewis is trying to establish here in Cincinnati.>>The Bengals have brought in an extra linebacker. So, they’ve got 4 linebackers, 4 linemen, and 3 in the secondary. As you see the conversation. It is third down.>>The number-one key to stopping Kansas City, if you’re a defense and you study, find Jason Dunn, number 89, there at the left tight end. Good chance it goes on that side.>>Third and inches. Richardson is the lead back. Playing with a broken hand. A flag is thrown. And the play is stopped in mid-motion.>>I don’t know if Cincinnati didn’t line up offsides.>>Prior to the snap, false start — 89, offense. 5-yard penalty.>>That’s Jason Dunn. And, so, now third and inches becomes a third and a long 5. And they move it back to the 42 of Cincinnati. Now they take out the extra linebackers. They’re gonna put in an extra defensive back.>>Yeah, that offsides — I think they picked up on Will Shields. His left elbow came flying out of there. I don’t know if he was offsides. He was awfully quick. It really showed up to the line judge. He saw it. He called it.>>Five in the secondary. Third down, long 5, Bengal 42. Holmes in the backfield. And Green hit as he throws downfield for Kennison. And bobbled and dropped at the 5! Artrell Hawkins, Rogers Beckett were there. The Chiefs have had it three times. Upcoming is their third consecutive punt.>>Well, one of the big keys, Kevin, to challenging this offense, besides the obvious of covering the receivers down the field, which Rogers Beckett and Artrell Hawkins do a nice job on Kennison, is getting in Trent Green’s face, getting the rush around his legs, getting the rush up around his face. And that’s exactly what Cincinnati did there.>>Baker to boot it. And Peter Warrick is deep back inside the 10-yard line for the Cincinnati Bengals in a scoreless first quarter. High, hanging punt. It’ll be fair-caught at the 13-yard line. 28-yard punt. That’s the end of the first quarter with a scoreless game. Those are the numbers through the first quarter. We start the second quarter. Each team has had it three times. Each team has punted with their possession. 14-yard line, first down and 10. Dillon out of the backfield. Kitna hit and brought down! Vonnie Holliday with only his second sack since opening day, his fifth sack of the season. Second and 16 from the 8. They got Dillon in the backfield. And Kitna throws to Corey Dillon. Chased by Sims and brought down by the second-year defensive lineman out of North Carolina. Tackle made about the 14-yard line. A gain of 6 on the play for Ryan Sims, making the grab.>>And if you’re Marvin Lewis and you’ve got your football team ready to face an undefeated Kansas City Chiefs, how do you want to start? Well, you want to say, “Look, I want to limit the number of possessions. I want to hold the ball more. I want to be able to run it. I want to put a value on every single possession they have.” And, so far, that’s exactly what Cincinnati’s done, despite great field position for the Chiefs.>>14-yard line. Five in the secondary, including Bartee, for the Chiefs. Third down and 10. Brandon Bennett in the backfield. Hit and dropped down again! Sacked. Wesley was through there, as was Monty Beisel. It’s a loss of 5, as Wesley comes up with his first sack of the season, fifth of his career.>>Well, Greg Wesley, to me, is the player of the last month for Kansas City. On a team that has so many excellent players making huge plays, Greg Wesley making yet another one and setting up Dante Hall in a classic return position.>>Richardson to punt. And hits this high. And Hall, at the 45, bobbled it. Hit by Riall Johnson and brought down.>>Finally, hang time.>>Yes. 46-yard punt. Flags are on the field back at the 9-yard line.>>Cincinnati might have been downfield a little early.>>It’s against the Bengals.>>Illegally downfield on the kick — number 53 of the kicking team. 5-yard penalty. Repeat fourth down.>>That’s Abdullah, the rookie from Mars Hill.>>And Marvin Lewis knows the last thing on earth you want to do with Dante Hall and this return team is give him extra chances. I mentioned, right at the very beginning of this game, Frank Gansz Jr. is the special teams coach of the Chiefs. He and the entire special-teams unit had to watch that tape from last week and say, “Dante Hall has points on the field waiting for us to pick him up this week. If these guys cover like they did last week, if we run like we normally do, if we really block like crazy, like no other unit in this league blocks –” They believe every play, they can produce points.>>And against this Bengal coverage team, I think they’re right.>>Look at that. Since 1997, 8 punts blocked, most in the NFL. Richardson, the punter back in the — He’s right under his own crossbar.>>You need the hang time. Don’t hurry and bang it out low. You’re gonna pay.>>Snap from Brad St. Louis. Beisel just about got it. In fact, he did. He deflects it. And it rolls near the 40-yard line. Monty Beisel, out of Kansas State, a reserve linebacker, got his fingers on it. Deflects the punt. And it struggles to get 39 yards on the roll. Nice special-teams play by Monty Beisel.>>And Frank Gansz Jr., his special teams coach — got to keep those guys cranked up. All the hidden yards here for the Kansas City Chiefs — 41 yards given up because of those special-teams penalties.>>End around, Kennison, from the 42. First and 10. And he is brought down by Justin Smith at about the 38. Gain of 4. Second and 6 coming up. Second down, long 5 at the Bengal 37. It’s the pitch-out to Holmes. A block by Richardson. And making the tackle from the side is Carl Powell. Five in the secondary. They bring in Kaesviharn. Third and 5, 37-yard line. They empty the backfield with Holmes. Across the middle. Dropped, Johnnie Morton. Covered by Roman. 27-yard line. And the Chiefs, who have not converted a third down today — 0 of 4 — have had it four times. Upcoming is their fourth consecutive punt.>>Kevin, I know Marvin Lewis spent a year in Washington with Steve Spurrier, with the Redskins, between the Baltimore Ravens experience, but this defense for Cincinnati looks like it’s taken a page right out of the Ravens’ playbook. They have, so far, frustrated and stifled this Kansas City offense.>>How about a fake here? Would you do it?>>Not really. I think I’d place it out as far back as possible, let my defense get me the ball back with more field position.>>Baker to punt. Very high. Warrick will fair-catch it on the fly. Four possessions, four punts both ways. And that’s the guy who made the guarantee, Chad Johnson.>>Well, nothing from Chad Johnson. They’ve got him covered in and out. They are functionally double-teaming him.>>And they stop that play in mid-motion. Went off to Corey Dillon. So, the Chiefs have had it four times, punting every time.>>False start — 71 of the offense. It’s a 5-yard penalty. Still first down.>>Very interesting what this defense — Greg Robinson’s defense — is doing to Chad Johnson. You know, guarantee or no guarantee, we talked about him being one of the better receivers. They respect him, ’cause they’re treating him like it.>>12-yard line, first and 15. Wilkerson is in for Holliday. And the pass is caught. There’s Chad Johnson. Grabbed by Wesley. Drilled at the 27. It’s a gain of 16 and it is a Cincinnati first down by a single yard. That was a first-and-15 play.>>Well, what they’re doing to Chad Johnson — here’s the corner and here’s the safety who’s facing in this way. They want Chad Johnson to be covered if he goes down the field, but watch the safety drop down. Chad Johnson, underneath. Good read by Jon Kitna. You saw the safety drop back, not bite on Chad Johnson, get him an easy one.>>28-yard line. Corey Dillon is in, has the ball. Grabbed by Wesley and brought down. This kid continues to shine, does Wesley. It’s a gain of 2. It’ll be second down and 8. The Chiefs have won four straight games on the road, their longest streak since winning five straight back in the early ’70s. The Bengals have won 3 of their last 4 games overall and 3 straight games at home. And, on second down and 8, the corkscrewing move by Corey Dillon up to the 33. Gang-tackled on the play. Hicks was among many Chiefs. 5 carries and 21 yards for Corey Dillon.>>And we’ve seen the Bengals hold on to the ball a little bit today, but coming into this game, what they’ve specialized, so far, in has been the big drives, the 5-minute drives, the 10-plus-play drives. I mean, they control the clock, they hold on to the ball, and the key has been, so far — On that list of Jon Kitna’s on his wrist you’re looking at, there’s a whole lot of runs.>>Chiefs in their base defense. And Wilkerson remains in the game for Holliday. 33-yard line. Third down and 5. Time-out taken by Kitna. That’s the first time-out burned by the Bengals today.>>And for good reason. I think Kansas City had an excellent defense. Looked like they were trying to go to the right side. They had overloaded that one from the get-go. Kitna just called a time-out to go to the sideline to get another play.>>Third down and 5, 33-yard line. And Kitna with great time. And he needs some help. And he dumps it off short, where it’s caught by Warrick at about the 40-yard line. Picking up 7 on third and 5. It is a Bengal first down at the 40.>>Look at Chad Johnson. You think he wants this one? Jon Kitna’s sitting back there just running around, trying to find somebody to throw it to. I know Jeremi Johnson, 31, his fullback, was down the field. And that’s who Kitna was yelling at after that play to say, “Hey, look, when I scramble and I get out of the pocket, you’ve got to do the scramble drill with me. You’ve got to come back to me. Give me somewhere to go.” Got the first down in spite of it.>>Holliday back on the defensive line for the Chiefs. First and 10. Kitna with time. Outside. Incomplete. Warrick again in his sights. McCleon was back there, and Vonnie Holliday had dropped back in coverage. It’s second down and 10. Each team — four possessions. Each team — four punts.>>Second down and 10, 40-yard line. Rudi Johnson in the backfield. Here comes the blitz! Pass is away. Caught by Chad Johnson. They sent Woods in there, who drills Kitna. It’s a gain of 5. How he kept his composure I do not know, but he did get the pass away.>>You want a reason as to why Jon Kitna is so highly thought of in this organization right now and on this football team? That play is a great example. Clean guy, Woods, gets to him. He has the calm to get the ball to Chad Johnson. When Marvin Lewis first got here, he was told by several players, some of which aren’t here anymore, “You’ve got to have Jon Kitna as our quarterback. He’s the man to lead this team, despite a Carson Palmer backing him up.>>Third and 5. They come at him again. It’s outside. Was it scooped in by Chad Johnson? Yes. It was a first down. Kitna was hit once again. Johnson is slow to get up. It’s at the 49 of the Chiefs. It’s a gain of 6 on a third and 5 on the seventh play of this drive. They have ruled it a catch and a first down.>>Well, when Warfield came down on top of him, he drives his face mask into the ground.>>Ooh, that…>>Right there, the kind of elbow into the face. When a receiver goes down — Watch his arms and his hands relative to the football. Underneath. Underneath. Ball hits the side and bounces up. That wasn’t a catch, but they’re gonna get away with it.>>49-yard line, first and 10. Rudi Johnson breaking tackles, including one of Woods.>>Got a convoy.>>With an entourage. Wesley knocks him out of bounds at the Kansas City 11. It’s a gain of 38 yards. The longest run of his career. [ Crowd chants “Rudi!” ]>>This crowd here at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati loves Rudi Johnson. But the reason he’s doing what he’s doing — Levi Jones and company up front making some blocks. And Rudi Johnson making people miss, with some bad tackling by Kansas City’s defense. But there’s been a crowd here today in Cincinnati unlike anything they’ve seen around here since about 1990.>>From the 11, first and 10. Dillon in the game. He gets the call. Corey Dillon. Truluck, who is in for Holliday, makes the stop at about the 9. A gain of 2. Second down.>>And this is a Cincinnati Bengal football game right now. Right now, this is not a Kansas City Chief football game. The Chiefs want to play more explosive, more high-tech. They want turnovers. See what the Bengals have done in the red zone.>>Chiefs have a very good red-zone defense.>>Excellent red-zone defense. And Jon Kitna, over the last 4 or 5 years, has had 9 interceptions in the red zone. Now is not the time to press a pass.>>They keep Dillon in. Second down, 8, from the 9. Kitna. Good blocking by Willie Anderson. Here comes Hicks. And Kitna is gonna throw it away. He’s had to do that a lot this afternoon. The rush was right there. It will become third and 8.>>Yeah, that was a row-2 pass at the perfect time, ’cause if you don’t have anything, you don’t want to try to press and create something. Just put that sucker up in about row 2, and that’s exactly what Jon Kitna did.>>They’ve converted a couple third and 5s already on this drive. Look at the hit by Hicks.>>Well, a good hit, clean hit. See the way his arms went out to the side?>>Yep. Lead shoulder.>>Did not follow through, did not finish him off. That was a good, smart play by Hicks.>>Brandon Bennett is in the backfield. The Chiefs have put in a fifth defensive back, Bartee. And third down. Here comes Truluck, and there goes Kitna to the end zone. Over everybody and out of bounds on that third and 8. Flag — You see a flag?>>Yeah, flag down on the field — the left side, in the end zone.>>Yes, I see it.>>It came in late. Line judge was staring right at coverage in the backfield. Might be something like a hold. Last thing the Kansas City defense wants. Oh, it’s gonna go against the Bengals.>>It was third and 8 at the 9.>>And Jon Kitna goes, “If you’re gonna go over there, ref –” Jeff Triplette is our ref. He’s gonna say, “Ask them to take it so we get another shot at this.”>>Did you see Eric Hicks put his arm around Kitna? That’s the guy who hit Kitna hard on the previous play.>>Pass interference — offense, number 87. That penalty is declined. Third down.>>Remember, I said it was from a long ways away. Here’s Kelley Washington. And you got Kelley Washington blocking downfield when the ball’s in the air. There’s the pass interference. Good observation. Excellent call by our officials.>>Yeah, and he said “third down.” It is fourth down, so it is a 27-yard try. He meant to say fourth down. Ball will go down at the 17-yard line. Shayne Graham, who has been excellent this season, just sneaks it in. Dante Hall awaiting the kickoff. Remember, he had a 77-yard return last week against the Browns in Arrowhead. What are you looking for on this?>>I’m returning it to the left side of the Kansas City Chiefs, if I can. And they try to get away from Dante and they kick it out of bounds. Ball comes back to the 40-yard line.>>The Chiefs have four straight wins on the road, the longest current streak in the NFL. First and 10, Chiefs, at the 40. Here they come! Down he goes! Rogers Beckett, Adrian Ross devour Trent Green. First sack today by the Bengal defense. The loss of 9 will put the Chiefs back at their 31.>>Giving them the eight-man-in-the-box look — not only for the run, also for the pass. Rogers Beckett coming in on the blitz, coming from the top of the screen, along with Ross. Tell you — Marvin Lewis’ defensive game plan, so far, has been executed very, very well, and Kansas City, on offense, is sleepwalking, with only 28 total yards.>>Now second down, 19, 31-yard line. Hall is on the move. As is Trent Green. Screen pass caught by Holmes. Read well. It was Kevin Hardy. Loss of a yard on the play. Kevin Hardy, the former Pro Bowler out of Illinois. And they’ll spot the ball at the 30-yard line. Five in the secondary. Empty backfield. Third and 20. Green from the gun. Across the middle. And caught. It’s Tony Gonzalez at the 44 but shy of a first down by about 6 yards. That was his first reception of the day. And Kansas City has got to punt.>>And an excellent job by Kevin Hardy and this defense of Cincinnati. They’re gonna give up a series of yards here short of the first down. And, again, the Bengals’ defense holds.>>This is the fourth three-and-out for the Chiefs, who have had it five times and punted every offensive possession today.>>Kevin, remember when they were over at Riverfront, and it was called “The Jungle” during football season?>>Here’s Baker’s boot. And Warrick circling under it at about the 10. Looking up into a gray sky. A nice move. Will evade a couple of oncoming tacklers. And brought down by Lyle West and Quinton Caver. The kid that was injured on the opening kickoff in there with the stop. 6-yard return. 45-yard punt. Sellout crowd. Bengals got a 27-yard field goal the last time they had it. After the Kansas City punt, Cincinnati — 16-yard line, first and 10. Rudi Johnson in the backfield. He gets the call. Oh, nice play by Shawn Barber! Brings him down, wraps him up back at the 11. A loss of 3 on the play. 13-yard line, second down and 13. And here goes Kitna down the middle. Caught by Chad Johnson. From behind, grabbed by Fujita. Hit by Woods. A gain to the 37-yard line. A 24-yard pickup.>>Chad Johnson, who, for some of you that haven’t seen this young receiver out of Oregon State, he is the real deal. When you start listing the top receivers in this league, you’ve got to start listing Chad Johnson in among them. He can do it all. Possession receiver, and he has the speed to get down the field and stretch it.>>36-yard line. They empty the backfield. It’s first and 10 for Kitna. And down the side. And incomplete. Johnson was jousting with McCleon. Second down and 10. Matt Schobel, a tight end — hamstring injury. His return questionable for the Bengals.>>That’s part of that tight-end offense I talked about earlier. That really depletes them. Remember, Reggie Kelly was already not in this game, didn’t suit up. He was hurt.>>And inactive today.>>Tony Stewart is basically — number 86 — their only tight end.>>Chiefs stick with their base defense. Holliday back in on the line. 36-yard line. Second down and 10. Rudi Johnson. Nice block by Willie Anderson. Nice block by Peter Warrick. And he grinds his way past midfield, running into Warfield. They’ll mark him just inside Chiefs territory. A 15-yard pickup. And now this kid, Johnson — 72 yards on 9 carries. Remember, coming off a 182-yard game last week.>>You often hear penetration kills running plays. Watch Maslowski from the back side. Penetration only kills when it’s in the wrong spot. It was in the right spot for Rudi Johnson’s read. He saw the flash of color, cut back behind it, got excellent blocking.>>50-yard line. First and 10, Rudi Johnson. Hit by Wesley and Barber and squirts down to the 47. A gain of 3. 2-minute warning. Second down, 7, from the Kansas City 47. Peter Warrick. Out of bounds. Pushed by Wesley. And the run-and-catch taken to the 31-yard line. A gain of 15 yards on the play. Bengals on top on a 27-yard field goal on their last possession.>>Yeah, the word “believe” can be a very powerful tool in sports. And right now, this Cincinnati Bengals offense, defense, and special teams believe everything their coaches have told them. They’ve treated the Kansas City Chiefs as just another human group, not an undefeated team. And right now, these Bengals players are just executing their game plan, keeping their heads down regardless of who it is.>>It is first and 10, 32-yard line. Chiefs with five in the secondary. That ball, I believe, was deflected.>>It was tipped. And you have a flag.>>Flag at the 29-yard line.>>You had a flag from the back side, but the ball was tipped. Remember, on a pass play, pretty much all bets are off once that ball is tipped, as far as defensive holding or anything else that went on.>>I think that’s what they’re talking about right now. 45-year-old Marvin Lewis and 67-year-old Dick Vermeil. Had a lengthy conversation before the game. Lewis has said publicly that he uses Vermeil as his role model as a coach and as a person. High praise for a guy that deserves it.>>Prior to the pass, illegal contact — defensive linebacker. That’s a 5-yard penalty and an automatic first down.>>And the key there, as Jeff Triplette added there, on that penalty — “prior to the pass,” before the ball was tipped. And Greg Robinson’s defense, right now, has been — I refer to it, when you’re doing it right, it’s kind of smiling — Before the pass, you’ve got a quick chuck.>>So, first and 10, Randy, at the 27-yard line. Rudi Johnson in the backfield. Chiefs are back to their base defense. Shotgun snap is high. Rudi Johnson gets the call. What a play by Vonnie Holliday, who shoots in and stops him for a loss of 3. And they rotate Holliday a lot so he catches his breath, but when he is in there, he has had a sack already today, then that play right there.>>Kevin, we did four Chief games in a row, and what happened when the Chiefs would win games, when they were winning ugly, if the offense wasn’t playing good or the defense was having trouble or — Well, heck, the special teams always play well. But when they’re struggling, offensively and defensively, somebody steps up and makes a big play in spite of the lack of success. And Vonnie Holliday made one there.>>Second and 13, 30-yard line. Kitna slings a pass. Broken up nicely by Bartee. In the game and on Warrick at the 30. It’ll be third and 13. Bartee once a starter, was injured. McCleon took his place. Now he’s the nickel.>>Remember the old movie “Wall Street” with the line by Michael Douglas, “Greed is good”? Well, greed here is bad. And greed here can be bad for an offense. It’s third and 13. Your first goal here is to get the ball into better field-goal position. Don’t think you have to do something heroic to get this first down, to keep this drive alive. You try to do something heroic against Kansas City’s defense, in 2003, they usually pick it off.>>Third and 13 from the Kansas City 30. Dropped by Warrick. Jump on the ball. It could be a live –>>No, it’s a forward pass.>>Now they wave it away. It is incomplete. And it is fourth down. And they are gonna try for 3, as Shayne Graham comes out. His long this year is 44 yards. He is 14 of 15.>>17 consecutive under 50 yards.>>This is a 48-yard try.>>Very powerful leg, very abbreviated motion, not a real sweeping motion. He comes down and pounds it. Late add-in off the sideline.>>A 48-yard try. He has already drilled a 27-yard field goal today. This will not be good. The distance is there.>>I’ll tell you — I thought the play clock ran out before they even tried to kick that ball. We didn’t get a flag.>>So, the Chiefs’ defense holds, and they will take over.>>There’s the clock up there. That was almost simultaneous.>>Yep. So, now the benefit for Dick Vermeil and the Chiefs is — they take over from the missed-field-goal spot — 48 — make it the 38-yard line.>>Well, the benefit for Dick Vermeil and the Chiefs is — they didn’t give up any points.>>Right.>>I mean, that’s the number-one thing, I think, when you’re looking at this football game. And you’ve got Trent Green. You’ve got Johnnie Morton. You’ve got Eddie Kennison. You’ve got Dante Hall. Plenty of time to get this ball down the field.>>First down and 10, 38-yard line. Here comes Green. Caught by Gonzalez. Wrapped up by Simmons. 44-yard line. And a gain of 7. The Chiefs have two time-outs. Chiefs have punted every possession today — 5 possessions, 5 punts. It’s second down and 3, 45-yard line. Green hit by Justin Smith! Green throws it away. No flag on the field. It was outside that pocket area, that restricted area. Incomplete pass. Third and 3.>>Plus, he had a receiver there, Johnnie Morton, right in the general — We’ll give him the general vicinity on this one.>>Well –>>Remember, it’s not the tackle box. It’s the tight end box. He’s gonna be sacked and he just throws that away. He wasn’t doing that for a receiver. He was doing that to chunk it.>>Justin Smith came through. The Chiefs, on first downs — you can see right there — number 5, but just one today. Third and 3, 45-yard line. Holmes in the backfield. Hall is one of the receivers. And outside, Johnnie Morton. Run out of bounds by the former Raider, Tory James. First down, Cincinnati 47. A pickup of 7 on third and 3. That is the first third-down conversion by the Chiefs today.>>Yeah, and only the second first down. I mean, it’s been amazing what this offense for Kansas City has haltingly done. Dick Vermeil’s offense, usually a team that strings 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 plays in a row against you together, has been challenged to do more than 2 plays together at the same time.>>Hall is a receiver. Five in the secondary. Cincinnati 48. Here they come. Evading the blitz was Green. Caught by Gonzalez again! 35-yard line. Another first down. A pickup of 14. A time-out remaining. And they’ve got it first and 10. 17 seconds to play in the half.>>That time-out is critical. You can still throw the ball over the middle of the field. That means a crossing pattern or Tony Gonzalez.>>Hall is not in. First and 10. Kennison on the fly. Holmes in the backfield. Five in the secondary. Caught again. This time, Kennison. Surgically working downfield, Green has put his team at the 23. Another first down. A gain of 11 yards.>>With 12 seconds left. Now you’re well within Morten Andersen’s field-goal range. You’ve gotten the ball to your receivers, you’ve got a little bounce to your offense, and, for the first time today, you’ve strung players together. With 12 seconds left, you now have a shot into the end zone. You can now go for your touchdown before you settle for a field goal.>>Chiefs took over at their own 38 with about a minute to play. Sixth play of the drive. 23 of Cincinnati. Trent Green. And low and almost uncatchable. Incomplete. The thing, you know, I notice about Green, as you look at him on the field before the game, in the huddle, he exudes such great confidence for his team.>>Well, he really does. In the last month, I think you’ve really seen a growth in Trent Green, from the standpoint of the passing game, and, as a result, you’ve seen Kansas City get better and better. But his real value to me is — he’s such an even-tempered football player, such an even-tempered leader. Kansas City not going for the field goal. They’ve got 8 seconds left, one time-out.>>23-yard line. The pitch-out goes to Holmes. Casey Wiegmann with the block. Holmes trying to knife his way inside the 20. The clock — With a second left, time-out was used. A gain of 4. And they played that absolutely perfectly. Morten Andersen is gonna try a field goal here. Inside 40 yards, he is almost automatic. This is a 37-yard try. He is 10 of 12 this season.>>Kendall Gammon will be snapping it. It’s critical.>>And the Chiefs have just tied the ballgame at halftime. And they will regroup. Nice job by Trent Green, who took his team — He is the number-5-rated quarterback in the NFL coming into today. And we go downstairs to Marcus Allen.>>Hey, thanks, Kevin. Marvin, you guys have got 100 yards in rushing. You guys have dominated time of possession. Is this exactly what you wanted to –>>Well, this is what we were hoping to be able to do, but we got 30 minutes left, and they got the ball coming out first. It’s gonna be a big first series.>>All right, thanks a lot, coach.>>All right.>>The Chiefs have scored on a 37-yard field goal. 27-yard boot by Cincinnati. Moments ago, our Marcus Allen caught up with Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil.>>Well, thanks. I’m down here with Coach Vermeil. Coach, you guys had some outstanding field position you guys weren’t able to take advantage of. What’s wrong with the offense?>>Four times. Well, their defense is playing better than our offense. So Marvin Lewis and his staff are doing a better job than I am and my staff. Now we got to make up for it this second half. The defense has been on the field too long, and they’ve kept us in there. Right now, it’s our turn, offensively, to come out there and get something done.>>All right, thanks a lot, coach. Good luck, second half.>>Dick Vermeil obviously — Doesn’t take a psychologist to know Dick Vermeil is a little bit mad and probably translated that into a little halftime talk. I would expect this Kansas City offense to come smoking out in the second half, because the stats you look at are what Kansas City has not done. Coming in, they’ve dominated. Today, it’s been a case of — I think it’s been a little bit flat, especially offensively, and not stringing plays together — something they’ve really excelled at coming in here today.>>And Dante Hall prepares to return this kickoff. He’s inside his 10. And to boot it away, Shayne Graham, who authored a field goal in the first half. Chiefs are trying to become the ninth team since the NFL-AFL merger to start a season 10-0. Bengals trying to win, go to 5-5. It would be their best 10-game record in over a decade. And from the 9, it is Dante Hall. Tripped up. They got him with Levels and Brandon Bennett. 17-yard return. They’ve got a tight end and two wideouts and a backfield in the “I.” Green from his 25. It’s Holmes on first and 10. Good block by Gonzalez. And a tackle made by Tory James. A gain of about 2, near the 27-yard line. It’ll be second down.>>Well, you remember, coming into the game, we talked to Dick Vermeil last night. He made the point, “You know, what do we want to accomplish different? Well, we want to run downhill.” And downhill does not always mean, in some vernacular, you know, always having a big guy and have the advantage. He wants to run right at this defense. And one thing Marvin Lewis’ defense has taken away is that run right at them. They have stuffed the run at them.>>27-yard line. Morton has come back in as a receiver. Priest is in motion out of the backfield. Second down, 8. And they got Johnnie Morton. Grabbed from behind by Simmons. It is a first down. He’s up to the Kansas City 42. And it’s a gain of 15.>>Well, that was a nice job by Trent Green. Why? Watch what Rogers Beckett does, the safety right here. He sneaks and he comes. That leaves a zone right here for Trent Green to drop this ball in. Here comes the linebacker blitz. Here comes the safety blitz. Excellent read by Trent Green.>>Boerigter is in. Outside the 40, it’s a first and 10 for the Chiefs. Holmes. Wiegmann with a good block at the center. Tory James, a tackle in the secondary. A gain of 9. 50-yard line and close to a first down. It’s a base defense for the Bengals. It’s second down and short, about a yard. Priest Holmes has the first down and more! Besting his way into the secondary. Kaesviharn brings him down, 29-yard line. Fumble on the play.>>They’re whistling, pointing to the ground — down.>>Chiefs retain it. 20-yard burst by Priest Holmes, who is close to 1,000 yards this season. Coming in with 862 to start the game.>>They’re gonna spot it back by the 30-yard line. But watch the blocks over here, especially Willie Roaf, working with Brian Winter — Brian Waters, the left guard, 54. Good contact, good block. The key there wasn’t so much domination. The key there was the fact that they stayed on the blocks and gave Priest Holmes something to run off of. Was he down? Brian Waters — excellent block. I don’t think he was down before that ball came out.>>Brian Waters is down, and that’s who they’re looking at. Bud Epps and the Chiefs’ training crew. We take an injury time-out in Cincinnati.>>Here’s Brian Waters right here, 54. The ball’s been marked back by the 30, ’cause they had already had the whistle blown and down by contact. Waters kind of running in there, just dove in, and dove in on a ball, dove in on a foot, but got caught in the pile.>>He’s holding his left wrist, left hand. There’s Dick Vermeil out to greet him. Marvin Lewis is trying to make adjustments on the fly.>>That’s using your time wisely. Got a little injury pause. You make a few adjustments, ’cause right now, the Kansas City offense has come out here in the second half looking like the Kansas City offense from the first nine games of this football season, in 2003.>>The new guard will be Donald Willis for the Chiefs, who have it, first and 10, from the 30-yard line of Cincinnati. And Priest Holmes with a block by Gonzalez. He’s brought down by Simmons and by Ross. No gain on the play. They made some adjustments there.>>And Kevin Hardy. Kevin Hardy is a little bit of a different middle linebacker, too, Kevin. We always associate, you know, obviously, ’cause of the name — middle linebacker — he lines up in the middle. Well, Kevin Hardy can line up just about anywhere in this defense. He and all three of his linebackers made a nice play there going after Priest Holmes. Second down and 10. Each team has kicked a field goal — the Chiefs as time ran out in the first half. Bengal 30. Omar Easy is in the game as a fullback. Green. Holmes. Stiff-arms his way into Tory James. Close to a first down, but a yard shy, at the Bengal 21, picking up 9. They’ve got a sprained shoulder, left sprained shoulder, on Brian Waters. Questionable return.>>Yeah, and that’s a big deal, ’cause this offensive line is one which really has a lot of its power, a lot of its nasty attitude comes from that left side, with Waters and Roaf.>>Richardson back in. Boerigter the receiver. Third down and 1. And Holmes, I think, held shy. Steele and Ross and Duane Clemons all had a hand on that Cincinnati tackle.>>Well, it was Steele’s penetration, coming from the left side. Watch Steele come right through the gap, making the difference. Casey Wiegmann tries to reach him. I don’t know what that was.>>So, the Bengals hold the Chiefs out of the end zone. A 39-yard try by Andersen. Great success from 40 and in. And this is for the lead. Has he got the distance? Barely. It crawls across the crossbar. A 39-yard field goal. The Chiefs have scored on their last two possessions — field goals of 37 and 39 yards by Morten Andersen. The ensuing kickoff by Baker. Caught by Brandon Bennett. And he’s got good field position. Grabbed by Caver. 37-yard line is where the tackle was made. A 17-yard return.>>Very important, right now, for Jon Kitna and his offense to have an answer for what Trent Green and the Chiefs just put on his defense.>>37. It’s a first and 10. Play-action by Kitna. He’s hit. Gets away from Holliday. Buying time. He’s got it up to the 47. Breaks a tackle from Barber. Still on his feet and then driven out of bounds. Looked like Fujita and Browning were the ones to finally get him. It’s a scramble gain of 6. And that is part of the turf here in Cincinnati, at Paul Brown Stadium.>>Replace your divots, Jon. Of course, there’s not much grass once you get to the sideline at this stadium. There’s a quarterback not being nifty, not being fast, just being resourceful. That’s a case of a linebacker — Barber — not wrapping up, but having the wherewithal to come back and get around his legs to make that tackle.>>There’s his dad, Martin Kitna. They raised the family up in Tacoma. Second down and 4. 43-yard line. Rudi Johnson. Good-looking hole. Wesley finally grabbed him, as did Ryan Sims. It is a gain of 6. It is a first down for Jon Kitna. Seventh year in the NFL. Dumps it off. Caught by the running back, Johnson. Spins by Warfield. Brought down by Maslowski. He’s got a first down to the Chiefs’ 41. A nice catch-and-run by Rudi Johnson. 11-yard gain.>>Everywhere you look here on the Cincinnati Bengals’ offense, it seems like there’s a guy Johnson carrying the ball, catching the ball, or blocking. That’s not even counting the Johnson that rarely covers it, Jeremi Johnson, who starts at fullback, 31.>>Officially the 41. It is a first down at the Chiefs’ 41. Going long, Kitna. And looking for the rookie, Kelley Washington. Incomplete. Covered by Dexter McCleon. Help coming over from Woods. Second down and 10. There was a great play by McCleon. It’s second down and 10. Rudi Johnson. Right into the teeth of that Kansas City defense and the defense’s leading tackler, Scott Fujita, out of Cal. A first-year starter, second-year player with the grab at the 37-yard line. A gain of 5.>>And, you know, it’s worth noting that we haven’t seen much action to the tight end, but I’m gonna remind everyone out there that Matt Schobel went out late in the first half. Tony Stewart is really the only tight end available. A little bit more of a blocker than a receiver, so Kitna’s minus a weapon. You’re gonna have to see a different style of passing right now from Kitna and the Bengals.>>Five in the secondary for the Chiefs, including Bartee. 37-yard line. It is third and a long 5. It is caught, Peter Warrick, right in front of Bartee. 29-yard line of the Chiefs. It’s a gain of 8 on third and a long 5.>>You know, for the Kansas City Chief fans out there, if you want an analogy, Peter Warrick is Cincinnati’s Dante Hall before there was a Dante Hall. An excellent kick returner, a very good wide receiver, complementary receiver to Chad Johnson, who has thrived this year. Since Chad Johnson’s numbers have come up, so have Peter Warrick’s.>>Chiefs back to a base defense. 29 of Kansas City. First and 10. Rudi Johnson. Good block by Steinbach. Tackle made by Wesley. Down to the 27. A gain of 2.>>Yeah, that was that play again. That was that — I used to call that 16 power the years at San Francisco, when I was running that play as a backside guard, pulling. And it’s designed, specifically, to get good contact from the guard and bounce the running back. Greg Wesley, though, as a safety in this league, is playing the closest thing to a linebacker we’ve seen, probably, on a consistent basis, a guy like John Lynch at Tampa. He’s basically a little linebacker.>>Eighth play of the drive coming up. Second down and 8, 27-yard line. Schobel back in the game. The blitz is on from Barber. Kitna gets away. Ball is caught! Chad Johnson grabbed by Fujita. It is a first down at the Kansas City 13. A pickup of 14 on the play. Remember, it was Chad Johnson who made the guarantee for a Bengals win before the game.>>But a good, young receiver adjusting to his quarterback. He saw Jon Kitna in trouble. He wasn’t even a primary, second, or a third receiver. He kept running the route and he came to the center of the field to his quarterback’s rescue. That’s now 5 catches for 63 yards for Chad Johnson.>>They’re at the 13. The two Johnsons in the backfield. This is Rudi Johnson. Brought down by Vonnie Holliday, who’s having a nice game. A gain of 1, down to about the 12. Minimal gain. It’ll be second down and a long 9.>>And that’s really the difference in this game that really jumps out at me is. It isn’t so much the stat sheet. It’s the lack of a turnover so far from Greg Robinson’s defense or, for that matter, from Marvin Lewis’s defense. This year, in 58 games where there have been no turnovers, the team that didn’t turn it over is 50-8. The problem with that stat is — in this game, nobody’s turned it over.>>Inside the 13. Second down and 9. Warrick on the move. They come at Kitna, who throws outside. Caught by Jeremi Johnson, the fullback. And he dives into the end zone! Or… Touchdown! Right over the pylon. 13-yard touchdown pass.>>Who is the weapon you worry about the most for Cincinnati? Well, Chad Johnson, of course. Then Rudi Johnson. Then Corey Dillon. Do you worry about Jeremi Johnson? Watch the ball, watch his feet. Is he out? Nope. But that ball crosses the goal line, ’cause, remember, the goal line doesn’t stop at the boundary. The goal line keeps going, and that ball creased it before he touched the ground.>>Bengals have their second lead today. The extra point by Shayne Graham. What an athletic play by Jeremi Johnson. Folks, this guy is 5’11”, 265 pounds. Jon Kitna on a drive where he went 4 of 5 and hit 4 different receivers. Hits his fullback, a surprise receiver, on a 13-yard touchdown pass. And the Bengals answer the Chiefs’ field goal to start the second half with a touchdown of their own. They’ve got their second lead, but now it is Dante Hall time. And here is the kickoff to Hall. From the 6. He’s got a seam. Got caught up and was brought down by Dwayne Levels. Bengals just got a touchdown pass to their fullback. They have taken a lead. And now what’s up Trent Green’s sleeve here with under 5 to play in the third quarter?>>Good bit of this crowd is on their feet, trying their best to try to bring back The Jungle to Cincinnati.>>From the 38, it’s first and 10. Omar Easy in the backfield with Holmes. And now Kennison on the move. And Green with play-action. And he fires it. Gonzalez, his trusty tight end, with the catch. 49-yard line. Brought down by Hawkins. A gain of 13 yards. First down.>>Here’s Mike Maslowski working against Jeremi Johnson. We gave the size. Look at the move. 5’11”, 265. Foot doesn’t go out of bounds. He manages a touchdown. Maslowski went to Wisconsin-La Crosse. Excellent NFL lineman years ago — Tom Newberry — played out of Wisconsin-La Crosse. About the same size. Game changed much? He was a guard. This guy is an athletic fullback.>>Bengal 49, first and 10. Fake to Holmes. Here comes… Green to Kennison. Covered by James. First down. First and 10, Bengal 31. It’s Holmes. Up the middle and grabbed by the linebacker Ross. Also hit by Duane Clemons on that defensive line. A gain of 4, down to the 27-yard line.>>First half was back and forth, all defense. You want to start answering with scores back and forth? This is the game Cincinnati doesn’t necessarily want to be in — answering to Trent Green and this offense.>>Second and 6, 27. He got it away with the blitz in his face. Nice tackle by Artrell Hawkins. The catch was made by Kennison. They sent Rogers Beckett, again, rocketing through the middle. It’s a gain of 1 on the play.>>And remember what the Chiefs told us yesterday, Kevin. They didn’t think these corners tackled very well. Well, Artrell Hawkins does a nice job of filling up and doing a nice job of tackling.>>Third and 5, 26 of the Bengals. They’ve got to get to the 21. Green hit. Throws. Incomplete. I don’t know if that ball was deflected, but breathing down his back was Tony Williams. It’s fourth down. And Andersen comes back out onto the field for the Chiefs, and Green and the offense cannot get in the end zone so far.>>Well, I don’t think the ball was deflected, but the arm was affected. Nodeflection,but a littleaffection.See? Justin Smith working against Willie Roaf. He just affects the throw, getting right at the back of his shoulder/arm area and makes them go for a field-goal attempt with Morten Andersen.>>Andersen has booted them from 37, from 39. This from 43. And he drills it home. And he… Oh, no! He missed it! And a rare miss for Morten Andersen. He’s been so automatic this year. The missed field goal of 43 yards by Andersen. Bengals take over, 34. Rudi Johnson. Grabbed by Fujita and torn down. Mark him at the 42-yard line. And it’s a gain of 8 on the play. Moments ago, their young receiver, Chad Johnson.>>Yeah, he goes off. Repeatedly grabbed back towards that right side — right there, right there — at that hamstring area. But it could have happened at any time. But I’ll tell you one thing that’s gonna happen on a consistent basis — you’re gonna see a lot of running the ball with Rudi Johnson and Corey Dillon.>>Kevin Walter, a rookie from Eastern Michigan, takes his place. Second down, 2, 42-yard line. Rudi Johnson. Grabbed by Sims. Flag is down.>>It’s gonna be a hold against the Bengals.>>A hold on a running play. You didn’t see that much, do you? Or do you?>>You didn’t see them admit it much.>>Called, yes. Called.>>Holding — number 65 of the offense. That’s a 10-yard penalty. Still second down.>>That’s the rookie from Iowa, Eric Steinbach.>>We talk about how good this offensive line is for Kansas City. Here’s Steinbach working at that left-guard position, going against Sims, another young lineman. See the right hand on the outside? Keeps going. I didn’t see much of a hold there, to be honest with you.>>They tell us Chad Johnson has got cramps. He is going in the locker room for an I.V., will return. 32-yard line. Second down and 12…>>Empty backfield, Kevin.>>…at the 32 — you’re right — of the Bengals. And here goes Kitna dumping it outside. Peter Warrick. And chased and whacked out of bounds by Wesley at about the 34. Gain of 2. Kelley Washington in the game, Kevin Walter in the game, two rookies, along with Warrick. Third down, 10. Warrick’s been good on third down today. From the Bengal 34. Here comes the blitz. The pass almost picked off by Bartee! They were going for Warrick. It’s incomplete. And the Bengals have got to punt. They had Monty Beisel coming up the middle on Kitna, the quarterback.>>Well, you’ve got everybody coming. You’ve got Beisel. You’ve got Rogers Beckett. You’ve got blitzes, blitzes, and more blitzes. You’ve got Wesley coming up. You’ve got Jerome Woods coming up. Remember the hang time. Hang time and Richardson.>>Kyle Richardson will get a good punt. And at the 21-yard line, Dante Hall. Dancing his way and brought down by Roberts, Terrell Roberts, at the 17-yard line. Losing 3 on a 45-yard punt.>>Well, that’s how you corral a kick returner.>>They were on him that time.>>If you’re a special-teams coach and you want to tell your team — how do you cover? You make a halo around Dante Hall, where he can’t get out. Here comes the halo. Look at the tacklers. Just surrounded. No one’s really attacking, but Darrin Simmons’ special-teams unit did the perfect job of corralling the best kick returner in the NFL.>>The ball is at the 17 after the Cincinnati punt. Kansas City with Richardson and Holmes in the backfield. A first and 10. Little play-action by Trent Green. Here comes Smith. There’s Holmes. Cracked! He was whacked by former Tennessee Titan John Thornton. They mark him at the 23. And it’s a gain of 6. Chiefs missed a field goal from 43 the last time they had it. 23-yard line right here. That’s Gonzalez in motion. Holmes, the call. Wiegmann, the block. Also a block from Kennison. And all that opens the door to the 36-yard line on a good-looking gain of 13 yards and a first down.>>I know one thing. Kansas City may, indeed, come back and win this game, eventually, but when they wake up tomorrow morning, win or lose, they’ll know they were in a ballgame. This Cincinnati Bengals team is taking it to them.>>The Chiefs’ nine-game winning streak is the longest in franchise history. Cincinnati starts the season 0-3, but they’ve gone 4-2 since. We begin the fourth quarter, first and 10, Chiefs, at their own 36. Green snaps it outside. Caught by Johnnie Morton. Guarded well by Artrell Hawkins. A gain of 5, nonetheless, just beyond the 40.>>And this game’s a great illustration on why it’s so difficult for teams these days to go through a season undefeated, despite no matter how good you are. And Kansas City is as good as they have been, heck, since they won a Super Bowl as a franchise. But the idea is not to finish undefeated in the regular season, at 16-0. The idea is to win that last game, February 1st, on CBS, in Houston, and then finish 19-0.>>Second down, 5, 40-yard line. Holmes. Oh, what a nice play. Coming from the corner was Kaesviharn. A loss on the play of 2. Again, they sent the blitz, and this young kid out of Augustana read it well. He came off the practice squad a couple years ago.>>Coming up from the top of the screen, watch the blitz. You know, we talk about it a lot when we do these Chief games, about how this Kansas City organization believes so much in Dick Vermeil and what he wants to do, and you’re seeing, right now, the birth of Marvin Lewis’ group believing in a very similar way.>>Five in the secondary for the Bengals. Couple tight ends for the Chiefs. Boerigter is in the game. Third and 8. Here they come again! Roman’s got him! The pass caught by Boerigter, who falls down. [ Whistles blowing ] They don’t get the first down. They had to get beyond the 45.>>Tell you — nothing fires up a crowd faster than excellent defensive performance. And these numbers aren’t, by any stretch of the imagination, classic or wonderful or even close to what Marvin Lewis had in Baltimore with his defense, but they’re a good improvement and a nice start.>>Baker to punt for the first time in the second half. Peter Warrick is back. And on the fly from the 32. Breaks a Lyle West tackle. And there he goes!>>No flags.>>68-yard punt return for a touchdown, and no flags on the field!>>Remember who I told you that Peter Warrick should remind you of if you haven’t seen the Bengals? Maybe a little Dante Hall? Kevin, we saw four kick returns for touchdowns from Dante Hall this year, and the Kansas City Chiefs just saw Peter Warrick, for today, out-Dante Dante.>>That is the second-career punt return by the former Seminole from Florida State. The extra point by Shayne Graham. In stadiums around the National Football League, this score is gonna pop up. We are just in the fourth quarter.>>Now Dante Hall buckling up at the 5. He’s at the 11 and fumbles it for a second time today. Khalid Abdullah with the tackle. [ Crowd cheering ]>>Flag down.>>At the 12-yard line.>>Tell you one thing, folks — welcome to The Jungle. It is back.>>And in a big way. There was more buzz about this game coming in –>>Delay of game — offense — kicking the ball. It will be a 5-yard. First down.>>And, of course, this game was leading up to a Chad Johnson comment last week about it.>>We will win. That’s a guarantee. Only undefeated until they come here Sunday. You got me?>>Yeah. Are you guaranteeing a win then?>>Yeah, man. What you thought? I was playin’?>>And I thought, today, when he had a piece with Marcus Allen, he and Peter Warrick sat down, and Peter Warrick had a great response to this whole guarantee thing. He told Marcus, “You know what? We’ve got his back.” He made the statement. It’s up to us to get his back and make sure it happens.” And, so far, they’ve had his back and every other side.>>From the 10-yard line. Easy in the backfield with Holmes. And Omar Easy, out of Penn State, from Green on first and 10. Tackled on the play by Kevin Hardy. Out of bounds at the 18-yard line. Remember, the Chiefs have come back on the road before. Go back to Green Bay, down by 17 with 13 minutes to play.>>And it’s a trademark of a Dick Vermeil team. We talk about all the things that are a Dick Vermeil team. One of them is resiliency. His football teams never give up, never think too many points you can put on the board against them.>>Second down, 2, 18-yard line. Richardson back in. And he provides a block for Holmes. Shooting through ross. Mark Roman comes in and makes the stop from the secondary. And inside the 18-yard line. A loss on the play of maybe 6 inches, but no gain.>>But I guess it also bears noting, if you want to talk about trademarks and coaches, Marvin Lewis coming in here with his first real good crack at being a head coach, his trademark was defense and that excellent team defense. And you’ve seen several occasions today — just good, aggressive team defense. This is a drive — They haven’t needed it any worse all day long than right now to squash the hopes of the Kansas City Chiefs.>>With their secondary. Third and 2, 18-yard line. Looking for anyone. Green can’t get it to Gonzalez. And they’ve got to punt. What are they doing that others before them have not done against this offense?>>It’s the coverage down the field. The Kansas City offense is not getting the quick look for Green after the pressure comes. And what the defense is doing is — they’re clearing in on him and forcing the late throw.>>That is the fifth three-and-out for the unbeaten Chiefs today. Now they’ve got to punt. Warrick is at about his 38 for Cincinnati. Baker will let this fly from his 8. Warrick, who returned the last one for 68 yards. Monty Beisel. Cincinnati, with the sellout crowd, has it after the Kansas City punt. 41-yard line, first and 10. Chad Johnson back in the game. And he gets the ball. McCleon is on him. Woods hits him. Gain of 5 at the 45-yard line.>>There you go, Kev.>>[ Laughs ]>>”Swami,” talk to me. [ Laughs ]>>Little different circumstances, but, nonetheless, some pretty big words by Chad Johnson.>>Now, if I’m Cincinnati, at this point, I don’t stay wide open. If I pass, it’s basically like I just did. It’s the pass kind of as a semi-run. And I’d keep running and pounding this ball at the inside of Kansas City’s defense.>>46-yard line. It is second down and 5 for the Bengals, who will have the long cadence, eating up as much of that clock as they can. Rudi Johnson… who is tripped up and brought down. Maslowski was there, and Scott Fujita makes the grab. 6-yard gain. They get the first down.>>This is the situation, in games past, at 9-0, that Kansas City has produced a turnover.>>First and 10, 48. Rudi Johnson again. Carving out some room. Shawn Barber was there, along with McCleon, to force him out at about the 45. A gain of 3. Here are some other teams that have gone 9-0 since the NFL-AFL merger, in 1970. There’s some pretty good results for most of them.>>I’ll emphasize something I’ve said all season long. 9-0 is just a good start. Keep your eye on the prize, and the prize is the Super Bowl.>>Second and 7, 45-yard line. Almost picked off! Bobbled around! And incomplete. It’s like a pinball out there. Incomplete pass. Third and 7.>>None of them had it. [ Laughs ] That’s an excellent play. Watch, defensively, as the ball is thrown inside, the job right here that Maslowski does. He goes, he stabs, and then he rips. The ball comes out into Levi Jones’ stomach. It doesn’t stay in his stomach, bounces off, and goes forward. But a nice play by the middle linebacker for Greg Robinson.>>No turnovers either way today. Third and 7. 14 unanswered points by the Bengals. Chiefs’ 45. Five in the secondary for Kansas City. And Kitna, with the blitz in his face, overshoots the young rookie receiver, Kelley Washington, who felt he was held. There is no flag. It is fourth down. And Kitna and the Bengal offense have got to let it go.>>Watch our umpire here, Scott Dawson, right behind Maslowski. The 12th man isn’t the crowd. It’s the umpire.>>Would have been a catch.>>Well, a lot of offenses, now these days, use that umpire as somebody you kind of pick off of.>>Dante Hall back at the 10, and Richardson to punt. Gets off his best punt of the day, but it may be in the end zone. Oh, and it takes a Bengal bounce. Down at the 6. That was a terrific placement. 39 yards. Textbook.>>After the Cincinnati punt, first and 10 for the Chiefs deep in their own zone. They dump it out to Priest Holmes. Nice run by Holmes, who stays in bounds. And they finally bang him out of play with Kaesviharn near the 30-yard line. A good-looking pickup of 22 yards by Priest Holmes, who has rushed for 61 yards today and caught 4 for 36 through the air.>>One of the values of having leaders and veterans like Priest Holmes and Trent Green and Johnnie Morton and Tony Gonzalez — especially with fancy footwork like that from Priest Holmes — there’s no panic in them. There’s less than 9 minutes left in this game. They are down, 17-6. No need to panic. There is a need to produce. Get your yards, get your points, and get the ball back.>>30-yard line, first and 10. Holmes in the backfield. Good block by Roaf. And there goes the pass right on the money. Caught by Johnnie Morton. Not letting go is Tory James. Near midfield, 49-yard line. Gain of 19. And the Chiefs continue to operate with a new left guard. Brian Waters injuring his shoulder early in the game, and they put Donald Willis in since that time.>>And, really, the problem hasn’t been on the inside, pass protection-wise. It’s been on the outside, the pressure they’ve been getting.>>So, gains, through the air, by Green of 22 yards and 19 yards. A look at Willis.>>The key here, Kevin — keep the plays rolling. Bang, bang. Be your offense. Don’t succumb to the defense.>>Omar Easy in the game. He’s confused, or someone is. There goes Holmes. 49-yard line, first and 10. Outside to Morton. Across the grain. A block by Shields. A block by Tait. And there he goes down the side. Morton knocked out of bounds at the Bengal 28-yard line. It’s a 23-yard pickup. Boerigter is one of the receivers, with Kennison. 28-yard line of the Bengals, first and 10. Look at the time for Green. Wide open is Kennison! To the Bengal 12. Brought down by Roman. Gain of 16 yards.>>Well, as we move under 7 minutes now to go in the fourth quarter — Eddie Kennison’s gonna be working against Artrell Hawkins in this zone defense. See, you don’t see people running with him. It’s a zone. Nice read by Trent Green. Good job, after the catch, moving up the field before Roman can down him. This is the Chiefs’ offense. They have the rhythm. They have the bounce. Finish off this drive, get your points, and Dick Vermeil has to rely on his defense to get him the ball back.>>Deepest penetration of the day — 12 of Cincinnati. It is a first down. And Green looking to the end zone. Caught for a touchdown, Tony Gonzalez! He just shredded, did quarterback Trent Green, the Bengal defense for the first time today.>>If you’re gonna try to dominate an undefeated team, you’ve got to do it for 60 minutes. 54 minutes of the game, the story has been the Bengals. Now, with 6:24 to go in this game, the story has slowly turned back towards Trent Green and the Chiefs, who will go for 2.>>Gonzalez has caught a touchdown pass two consecutive — now three consecutive games. They try for 2.>>This brings them into a field goal if they make it. Trying for the 2 points. And knocked away by Rogers Beckett. There is no flag. After the touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez and the failed 2-point-conversion try, the Chiefs will kick off.>>You saw the reason Trent Green’s been so improved the last month, with that passing game, in the last series.>>Brandon Bennett from the 5 for the Cincinnati Bengals. Caver — boy, has he had a good day on special teams. Another tackle. An 18-yard return. That drive by Green through the air — 22 yards, 19 yards, 23 yards, 16, and 12 yards.>>5 of 5. Just what the doctor ordered. Now the doctor’s writing a prescription for a turnover, if you’re a Chief fan.>>23-yard line, first and 10. Kitna going deep down the side for Peter Warrick! He’s got the catch! And he breaks free from Warfield! And there he goes! Touchdown! A 77-yard career-long touchdown reception by Peter Warrick.>>And Peter Warrick’s using this game against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs to have his own personal coming-out party.>>Dante Hall-like numbers.>>Only Dante hasn’t done that much on offense.>>Yep. This season, right? Now two touchdown passes by Jon Kitna. Defensive coordinator Greg Robinson. The extra point by Shayne Graham. It’s the biggest lead by the Cincinnati Bengals today.>>Warrick runs deep. Initially, Warfield has him. Can’t bring him down. Has no safety help inside, ’cause they’ve already run by both safeties. This is the Peter Warrick that college fans saw at Florida State. This is the Peter Warrick the Cincinnati Bengals thought they were drafting and getting when they got him out of Florida State a couple years ago. This Peter Warrick is gonna be a factor for the rest of this season.>>That was the longest play allowed by the Chiefs this season. And a game which has not had a single turnover. And Jon Kitna, who is number two in the AFC in completions behind Peyton Manning. And a stunned Dick Vermeil.>>I’ll only add, again, at 24-12, with 6 minutes to go, this is way from over. But Greg Robinson’s defense has to find an answer to the Bengals’ offense. Bengals have a 12-point lead with 6:05 to play. And, again, remember, the Chiefs have come from behind on the road and won — in Green Bay, a couple weeks ago. The ensuing kickoff by Graham. Dante Hall from the 12 for the Chiefs. Kaesviharn shoves him out of bounds near the 30-yard line. And an 18-yard return.>>And factor in — where was the help after Warfield misses the tackle? Watch the safeties rotate. Warfield and Warrick come up behind them. They’re deep. They step up. Warfield and Warrick go behind. No tackle. No chance.>>He should have had the tackle. He is having a career year, is Peter Warrick, and those numbers show you why.>>Well, that was the projected pace.>>Right.>>Today, Peter Warrick has set a whole different pace.>>29-yard line after the kickoff and the touchdown pass. And Priest Holmes, a block from Willie Roaf and cutting outside. And tripped up on the play, nicely, by cornerback Mark Roman. A gain of 1. They’ll mark it at the 30. Holmes, today on the ground — 62 yards. And Rudi Johnson, the running back for the Bengals, has gained 101 against the Kansas City defense. 30-yard line, second down, 9. Green outside. Tony Gonzalez. Simmons makes the grab, the linebacker. He’s got a first down, 40-yard line. Three time-outs, for both teams, remaining.>>This is an offense that deals in chunks. You’ve got to take some chances to get a big play or they’ll just eat you up.>>Five in the secondary. Here’s Green. And through the hands Dante Hall, who was covered by Roman, crossing at the 40. That defensive line has been watching a lot of passes by Green today. 23 of 33, 247, a touchdown, no interceptions.>>Marvin Lewis prides his football team and his football team takes great pride in their conditioning, great pride in the ability to trust in what their coaches told them. I don’t think conditioning will be a factor here. Marvin Lewis’ football team can smell a win. That gives you extra energy.>>Five in the secondary. Willis remains the left guard for the Chiefs. Kennison on the move. Second down, 10, from the 40. Green again. Pocket crumbles. And throws. And it’s caught by Kennison. And Kaesviharn knocks him out of bounds. 41-yard line of the Bengals. It is a first down. A gain of 19 yards on second down and 10.>>This is eerily similar to what the Chiefs did up in Green Bay a few weeks ago, getting down late in the fourth quarter, not being particularly pretty, but creating, getting yards, and getting points. I mentioned, earlier, you don’t necessarily want to sit there and trade blows with this Kansas City offense, ’cause they can get their yards in chunks, get their points in bunches.>>Boerigter also in. 41-yard line of Cincinnati, first and 10. Green down the side. Over Hall. Incomplete. Coverage by Kaesviharn. Each team with three time-outs remaining.>>You mentioned a lot — or I mentioned a lot — about how Jon Kitna can’t press too much and Trent Green can’t press too much. It goes the same for a defense in this situation. They’ve done a nice job today against Kansas City’s offense, has the Cincinnati Bengals. The last thing they want to do is press a little too much, try to do too much, do a little bit more of your job than you already have. You try to do more, Kevin, you get in trouble.>>That Bengal defensive line — Steele, Oliver Gibson, Clemons, Justin Smith. Second down and 10. Green. Knocked away. Nice defensive play by Mark Roman again. Intended for Johnnie Morton at the 33. It’ll be third and 10.>>Mark Roman had a nice play, and on that last play, Justin Smith also got a little hand on Trent Green. That’s excellent defense.>>Chiefs, last week, on third down, went 12 of 16. Today, 1 of 10 on third down. They got a third and 10, Bengal 41. Gonzalez in the backfield with Holmes. Green hit as he throws. Incomplete. The pressure from Clemons and Oliver Gibson. It’s fourth down, and you’ve got to go for it. Flag is thrown.>>Holding against Kansas City.>>And that was at the 49-yard line.>>Holding — offense, right tackle — reverse takedown. That’s a 10-yard penalty. Still third down.>>It was the injured John Tait, who was not supposed to play but is gutting it out at the right tackle.>>You think Jeff Triplette, our official, did a little wrestling officiating? “A reverse takedown,” he says. Watch Jason Dunn right here, number 89, the right tight end. Takes the right tackle. But that’s the takedown executed by Jason Dunn, not Tait.>>So, they had the wrong guy on the field. Third down and 20, 49-yard line, back in Chiefs territory. And five receivers deployed. They’ve got to get to the 31. He’s hit by Justin Smith! Then free. Gets away and throws to Morton, who is hit by Rogers Beckett. And he dives and did –>>He didn’t mark that down, but I guess now he is. Our official’s pointing right down at the ground. That means the whistle’s been blown and the ball has been spotted down by contact.>>At about the 33-, 32-yard line. We’ll have to see where they exactly put the ball. How about this effort…>>Rogers Beckett.>>…on Johnnie Morton?>>That ball is out.>>Progress had stopped.>>But they’d already blown the whistle and ruled it down. The official immediately, smartly, comes in, points at the ground, saying that he’s already downed that ball. It is not challengeable.>>Again, the Chiefs have three time-outs remaining.>>Jeff Triplette’s going to the sideline. He’s called a time-out. See, once the whistle has blown and it’s been called down, the ball can’t be challenged — the play cannot be challenged.>>Bengals have called a time-out. So, they’ve got two time-outs remaining.>>See, look at Marvin Lewis is looking up at the big screen here in the stadium, saying, “Well, look, the ball’s coming out.” The result of the play, what you’re seeing, is really irrelevant once the official blows the whistle and stops the play. The whistle was blown. The ball was called down by contact by our side judge, and from that point on, review does not enter into the equation.>>We are being told now that the Bengals did not call a time-out.>>There will be no replay.>>Yep.>>It’s an excellent job by our officials.>>And exactly what you said. They need to get to the 31. It is fourth and 2. Holmes in the backfield. Omar Easy will join him. The two tight ends are in. From the 33, fourth and 2. Boerigter in motion. Green… almost intercepted! And bobbled and dropped and incomplete at the 31.>>Late flag.>>And a flag thrown. Boerigter was wrestling for position.>>Late flag coming in from the back judge on the lower right side of the field. Came in after the play was completed. Remember, last time we saw this, it was a block by a receiver. Illegal contact.>>Pass interference — defense, number 51. That will be an automatic first down.>>It was on Kevin Hardy.>>That’s Kevin Hardy right here, number 51. Middle linebacker they called this on. Took a little grab there on the receiver, knocked him down. I’ll tell you — if you’re Kansas City, you’re getting the breaks. You’re getting a chance to get your points on the board, get your defense to get you the ball back. If you’re Cincinnati, your theme has to be in spite of them. In spite of the calls, in spite of the Chiefs, you’ve got to finish this off.>>From the 29, first and 10. Green. Knocked away by Mark Roman, who has been a significant defensive player on this defensive side in this series by the Chiefs. It will second down and 10 at the 29. Excellent late pressure working against Roaf, but Mark Roman, again, for I think the fourth time this year — or this week, today, has done an excellent job. And some good late pressure working against Willie Roaf, one of the best guys in the league, at left tackle.>>That’s the drive up there. Second down and 10. Hall is one of three receivers. 29-yard line. Green with time. Throws it. Nice catch by Johnnie Morton. And he’s diving to inside the Bengal 19. Good for a first down and a gain of 10.>>See where he caught that ball and then reached out with it before anybody could touch him down?>>Terrific grab.>>Excellent sense of field position.>>It’ll be just inside the 19. It will be first down. Green. Caught by Gonzalez. Diving inside the 5. Brought down by Kaesviharn. And they mark him inside the 4. 15-yard pickup for the Kansas City Chiefs.>>We’re talking touchdowns for Kansas City. Remember, they went for 2 to try to get into the 10-point/3-point range. They’re down by 12 points. They need two touchdowns.>>First and goal. Incomplete. Gonzalez was covered by Hardy and Kaesviharn. Second down and goal. I don’t know if he was blinded, if he was blocked out, screened by Hardy –>>Well, he needed to see that the whole way, ’cause we just saw where Eric Gagne won the Cy Young Award — he brought the heat, just like Gagne. Trent Green brought the heat. The ball got on Tony Gonzalez. And anytime you see a receiver not catch it with his lands and let it get into his body, he’s got less than a 50% chance of catching it.>>Second down and goal at the 3. 12th play of this drive by Green, who empties the backfield of Holmes. And Green — Here comes Glen Steele. To the end zone. And caught by Jason Dunn! 3-yard touchdown pass. Dunn’s last reception was six games ago. He’s caught 3 passes all season.>>Wasn’t that a touchdown six games ago, also, his last reception?>>It was, indeed.>>A very similar situation — play-action and scrambling. Watch the reaction by Trent Green of moving. And credit Jason Dunn of staying with his quarterback and scrambling with his quarterback and giving him a target to scramble to.>>Extra point by Andersen is through. Jason Dunn from Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Went to Eastern Kentucky, and that’s about where we’re located right now. A good-looking scoring drive. 2:46 off the clock. They did not have to burn a time-out, as Green throws another touchdown pass. And the Chiefs to within a 24-19 reach.>>Jason Dunn initially ran a little out, saw his quarterback scramble, came back to his side of the field. And to Trent Green’s credit, he saw his receiver and got him the ball.>>They’re still punching.>>I guess you could say Jason Dunn just bought them a little wiggle room.>>Well said.>>What you need to do, if you’re Greg Robinson and the defense — you need to get together on the sideline and you need to decide that, “This next possession, we’re playing defense.” You were beaten by a big play by Peter Warrick last series. You have got to play defense and you have got to get your offense the ball back.>>Each quarterback has thrown two touchdown passes today. Green to his two tight ends. Kitna, whose highlight was a 77-yard strike to Warrick. No turnovers either way in this game.>>Both teams with all their time-outs left, too.>>Baker to kick it off from the Kansas City 30. And will boom it deep, where Brandon Bennett watches it go and die. Oh, my goodness. He’s got to vacuum it in right now. And the Chiefs were on him with Monty Beisel and Stills. 10-yard return.>>Cincinnati was expecting the onside kick. Marvin Lewis’ special teams were way up. And, sometimes, you have to know what kind of field you’re on. If you’re on turf, it’s gonna skid. If you’re in Cincinnati, that ball is gonna bite and come back. But you saw that ball bounce into the end zone and come back in. That ball should be a touchback. It went into the end zone.>>The goal line is the end zone, and that should have been a touchback is right. Watch it again.>>Watch where it goes.>>This will be very challengeable.>>Into the goal line, onto the goal line. Remember, that goal line — ball has to crease it, is all it has to do is crease it.>>10-yard line, first and 10. They could have challenged. They did not. Chad Johnson. Drilled by Maslowski up at the 17-yard line. Picking up 6 yards on the play. And Johnson’s day — with a time-out taken — 7 catches and 74 yards. Kansas City has burned their first second-half time-out.>>This is the time of the game and the situation where an offensive line has a chance to make a mark for itself. Talk about how good Kansas City’s is. If you’re a good offensive line, if you’re the Bengals’ O-line, you take this ball, you run it, and you don’t give it back.>>Rudi Johnson in the backfield. Gets the call on second down and 4. Busting his way free! A footrace with McCleon! What a sensational run by Rudi Johnson! 54-yard gallop. And Johnson, today — 155 yards on the Kansas City defense, rushing.>>Kevin, it’s part of what you do. You want to make your name? You get the big play. Rudi Johnson says, “I specialize in yards after contact.” In both big runs today, he has made plenty of yards after contact. I want to go back to that kickoff a little while ago. That’s a live ball. It goes back in, it comes back out, that’s a live ball. If it stays in the end zone, it’s in the end zone. It goes in and it comes out, that’s live. Now is the time to keep the ball and finish the business.>>No turnovers today. 29 of the Chiefs. Johnson, first and 10. Diving ahead to the 26. [ Whistles blowing ] There, he’s hit by Barber and others. And a gain of 3. Does Trent Green get the ball back in his hands? Chiefs have now no time-outs remaining. They just burned their last time-out.>>It’s gonna stop at 2 minutes. Remember here, it’s a 5-point game. So, if you kick a field goal, you can make it an 8-point game, so you still reach them with a touchdown and going for 2. Critical here is stopping them and making them kick that field goal I just talked about, ’cause, at 2:37, this clock’s gonna wind right back down to the 2-minute warning.>>Second down and 7. The Chiefs are out of time-outs. Bengals have three. Bengals at the Kansas City 26. It’s Rudi Johnson. And he sledgehammers his way into the grasp of Wesley. Picking up 4 to the 22-yard line. It’ll be a third down and 3. Baltimore has just lost, in overtime, in Miami. So if Cincinnati wins, they will be 5-5.>>You haven’t heard the words “first-place Bengals” uttered too often of late.>>Since 1990. We’re at the 2-minute warning, with the Bengals driving and leading, 24-19, over the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. They’re at the Chiefs’ 22-yard line.>>This is the ballgame. Chiefs have got to stop this run.>>It’s Rudi Johnson. [ Whistles blowing ]>>First down.>>He is close.>>No, he’s got it.>>Let’s see if they spot it.>>He has got a first down.>>He was pushed back to the 21, but his forward progress –>>Was inside the 19-yard lines.>>You’re right. Kansas City Chiefs are trying to become the ninth team since the merger, in ’70, of the NFL and the AFL to start a season 10-0, facing the Bengals, who have won three straight home games, trying to get to .500, themselves, for the first time since 1990.>>Both quarterbacks have thrown two touchdown passes apiece. A game with no turnovers. Couple gigantic plays by Cincinnati. As they do get the first down. A Peter Warrick punt return for a touchdown and a 77-yard touchdown pass from Kitna to Warrick.>>And, Kevin, Kansas City is out of time-outs. All this is gonna be is run, Rudi, run, Rudi, or kneel down, Jon. Excellent job done by the right side of the offensive line — Willie Anderson, Mike Goff, Rich Braham.>>First and 10, 18-yard line. And Kitna to a knee.>>Well, the Kansas City Chiefs are gonna lose for the first time, today. Dick Vermeil has got a class team and a class organization. Maybe their biggest challenge of the year will be, “How do you react after you’ve finally lost here in 2003?” I look for this team to act and react in an excellent way. This is a first-class team and a first-class organization. They’ll be just fine.>>There have been interesting plays on this drive. The Bengals took over at their own 11-yard line with 3:19 left, after the Chiefs had missed a 2-point-conversion try. And Rudi Johnson, a 54-yard run on this drive gave Kitna breathing space and sealed a win for Marvin Lewis. In a game that was guaranteed a Bengals’ win a week ago today by young third-year wide receiver Chad Johnson of Cincinnati.>>Mentioned already earlier, though, if you’re in Cincinnati, you had any doubts Marvin Lewis had the Bengals back, and the crowd and the scene at a Bengals game is back to being The Jungle.>>The longest current road winning streak has been stopped.

67 Replies to “Bengals vs. 9-0 Chiefs (Week 11, 2003) | NFL Full Game”

  1. 32:53 R. Johnson Long Run

    1:03:50 J. Kitna 13-yard TD Pass to J. Johnson

    1:14:50 P. Warrick 68-yard Punt Return for TD

    1:26:00 T. Green 12-yard TD to T. Gonzalez

    1:27:34 J. Kitna 77-yard TD Pass to P. Warrick

    1:41:18 T. Green 3-yard TD Pass to J. Dunn

    1:47:44 R. Johnson Seals Game with First Down

  2. Man I love the early to mid 2000s NFL. It's around this time I started watching football so these times are very special to me. Also great to see this great Chiefs line and Peter Warrick on the Bengals, his best season as well.

  3. In case anyone is wondering why this game is iconic to the Bengals, it's because it signified the end of the "Bungal" days of the 90's and early 00's.

  4. For us longtime Bengal fans, this was the game that brought us out of the depths of hell. They would win 2 more games after this, pushing their record to 7 – 5 and setting up a showdown with the big bad Baltimore Ravens. LOL . . they crushed us, and we eventually finished 8 – 8, the best record since their playoff appearance in 1990. But this was the game that gave us some hope for the future. Kitna wasn't the QB that could take us to the next level, because of his limited skills. But he was the leader that the young Bengals needed. Thank you Kit, for your service to this team, and to the Lord.

    The Chiefs came into this game like they were going to go 16 – 0 and win the Super Bowl. But Marvin and the Bengals had something else in mind. If memory serves me correctly, the Chiefs would stumble the rest of the way and finish 13 – 3 or 12 – 4. Then lose in the playoffs to Indianapolis.

  5. To anyone wondering why this game is important: it brought it end Marvin Lewis end in Baltimore and solidified him as the next coach of the Miami Bengals. When he before the game, he stated "we will try to win game, weather we want to or not" those words did not they charged up their "own" players. Black player said before game "we try to win for coach" "very exciting" "I want to win but if you we lose at least they tried"

  6. I was at this game and it was magical! This was the game that signified the fact that the Bengals were on their way out of the NFL's basement. Now if they can just get past that pesky wild card round.

  7. man i was at that game.. crowd was insane… prob best ive ever seen at a Bengals game. as silly as it sounds, you could tell the players were feeding off the energy, and vice versa. Dante hall had so much hype at that time, everytime he was tackled the place thundered… also by far the best game of peter warricks NFL career. only game where he played up to his draft position.

  8. Kansas City Imposters as I call em. Start out with these undefeated records looking like the best team and once December comes around they aren’t who we thought they were.


  10. I know Rudi was playing well at the time, but man Corey Dillon was a great back. I wish he would have stayed.

  11. The Chiefs got too high on their own farts, just because you started every season like gangbusters you still couldn't win a playoff game either.

  12. I'm digging this fiery new coach, Marvin Lewis, the Bengals have, I can tell they're in for many years of success in the future.

  13. Sucks because times like these, special teams meant something and were when a lot of those big, game-changing plays occured. Now, it doesn't mean nearly as much. Very rarely do we even see a return anymore.

  14. This was a lot more fun to watch than the 2018 Chiefs Bengals game. Surprised the 2003 team started 9-0, because there's no way they were as good as last year's Chiefs team.

  15. Was the only time in the 16 years they were coached by Marvin Lewis that they outcoached and outplayed a better team.

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