Benefit of religion in modern time || All world should be more religious.

Benefit of  religion in modern time || All world should be more religious.

What is a religion being? There is broad description, but if we narrow
this then we can say that religion, in essence, are world view with code of rules. Without this there is no religion. What is the benefit? If you are a religion person, Christian for
example, you become bulletproof for Mass Media and Propaganda. Every developed country has their tools of
impact over peoples minds. In Russia, the news says, that America is
evil and every international problem is their hands made, also an economical situation in
Russia is bad because America intruded in Ukraine. Crimea is ours. In America you can hear something bad about
Russia, American news describe almost everything what Russia touches how is evil and dangerous. Trump, Russian hackers, etc. This iiforamtion is against you. After some years your country could rush you
in a war. And no one won’t protest, with some exceptions. Because the nation is ready to die, is ready
to war. But if you are Christian you would never take
a weapon against man. And you would have more chances to survive
– you will try emigrate, hide yourself and hide your family etc. If we think about the causes of most curses
of 20 centuries, then we could remember that fascists and communists first of all got rid
of Christianity. They both knew that if people forget about
nobel rules, then they will be easier manipulated. All world should be more religious – most religions
against killing people, and they speak up about importance of fight against our vices. THIS IS THE CORE. Can you imagen world where nobody pick up
a gun, Where no one is obese, Where no one commite adultery, Where families is full? We keep walking to this.

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  1. прикольно. просьба к создателям канала,я как подписчик хочу видеть ролики и на русском языке. заранее спасибо👍

  2. Ok so, isn’t religion the cause of all war? 🤔 Or are all women the cause of some wars…or some women the cause of all wars? 🧐. If religion was about doing good and eliminating evil, eventually we’d have to kill or imprison all people that don’t conform. There is nothing freeing about that. 😏. So it’s not good or freeing but necessary might work. Or we could all strive to be decent human beings (which could make it all so simple). 😘

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