Behind the Scenes of Saints & Soldiers: The Void, Episode 1

Behind the Scenes of Saints & Soldiers: The Void, Episode 1

Welcome to Utah. We’re a little bit south of Salt Lake City. We’re filming Saints & Soldiers: The Void They’ve been nice enough to allow myself and the camera crew to roam around the set and antagonise people… …see what’s going on around here: what makes a movie, what it’s going to be about and hopefully have a little fun while we’re here.!!! Drive me closer! I’m gonna hit him with my sword! We’re on our exodus through Germany. Hitler has fallen and we’re just trying to get our guys home. And there’s a Panzer that’s dug in. Through the process of doing the first two movies, we interacted with a lot of re-enactors, historical collectors of vehicles and other things and we came into access with having Panzers and Hellcats. We thought what could we create with that. So we wrote a script. “It’s the only way we’re going to get a kill shot. “He’s got a machine gun on the front, extra armour on the sides. Underbelly’s the weakest spot and we got a shot.” Let’s go again! As actors, you’re always figuring out who’s got top billing, where are we. In fact, on our call sheet, it says a number by your name, so you know where you are. But really, the stars of this movie are the Hellcats and the Panzers. They’re just impressive machines and they really are the stars of this movie. Somebody told me you used to drive one of them tanks. Well, someone told you wrong. An M18 isn’t a tank, it’s a tank destroyer. I’ll tell you what really struck me the most about these tanks was the noise when they shoot. So we shot a couple of rounds off and these are only blanks that we’re shooting. You could feel it in your chest. It rumbles throughout the whole of the ground. Fire! It’s actually quieter inside a tank. Yeah I know, tell me about it. I was outside and I felt it in my chest. It was crazy. Taking cover behind barrels: probably not the most solid cover that’s out there but it’s better than nothing. One more, here we go! The story of Saints & Soldiers: The Void is about how an M18 Hellcat crew gets ambushed by three German tanks, it becomes a cat and mouse game, they’re the underdogs and you’ll have to wait and see what happens. Ryan comes up to us, he says “OK you guys, you’re going to drive up to this truck and once we know where you’re at a safe distance we’ll tell you when to stop. and then we’re going to blow up the truck. I was like: “you’re not really going to blow up a truck, right?” Driver, this is an amputating and killing machine. Drive carefully. It’s a bit disconcerting that you have a breach that’s going to recoil right towards your testicles. Yes. Yes it is.

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  1. I'm probably going to watch that movie. But I have one question: is there a inside the chieftains hatch : m18 hellcat?

  2. i'd be awesome if they did realistic scenes eg. bouncing of shells etc, skill of the commander. ( like that movie scene with the t-34 and pazer bouncing a few shells while turning the turret ) this would add so much more to the film

  3. I'm still a little uneasy that the Hellcats are afraid of Panzer IIIs… a PzIV's 75mm would've been scarier to see than a 50mm on a PzIII

  4. ahora si tienen algo en que basarse..los benditos sonidos  tanto de motores como cañones cuando arreglaran eso, todo el wot tiene el mismo motor 

  5. Two movies about tanks and/or tank destroyers….This old CDAT may need to take several cold showers before it's over with.

  6. Whene the black Bad ass sayed: M18 is not a tanks its a TD.I have only one thing to say:DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm looking forward to this movie, and fury, but in the fury trailer I've always wondered why a Tiger bounces of an M4…. 


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