Beach Fossils Breaks Down How They Composed “St. Ivy”

Beach Fossils Breaks Down How They Composed “St. Ivy”

— Hi, we’re Beach Fossils. Hello. It’s just one of those songs that, as soon as it started coming together, it just felt really right. When we sit down to write a song, usually, I just like to start on bass because I feel like that’s a good foundation for the song in general, it’s just a really good backbone. We would come up with, like,
a riff or something that works, and then, you know, one of us would be like,
“Oh, I hear what the guitar could be doing here.” — So the beat for “St. Ivy,” I guess,
you were playing in the studio. — Yeah, yeah. — And it goes like, it’s like… — The whole time in the studio, like, when we were trying to get the drum sounds, we were referencing, like, you know,
D.J. Shadow and, like, Wu-Tang. Yeah, so we were just trying to, like,
mic the drums, or record the drums, to sound the same way they did
on those old records. We booked, like, a trio in L.A., like, the night before we were going into the studio. And they started playing it,
and I literally started crying, because it worked,
and it sounded so good. I was like, I can’t believe
we actually pulled this off. This guy who played flute,
he just came in for like an hour or less. And we were like, “Just go crazy.” — We ended up kind-of, like, chopping it up, the way you kinda would chop up, like,
a sampled drum beat or something. We would take, like, a piece
from this run that he did on it, and then put it into, like, a different piece
and just kind-of chop that up together and… Yeah, it turned out pretty cool. — We were just playing what we like,
and what we were listening to, you know? — It was just a byproduct of us collaborating,
this is what the sound was. I think that’s what come out.

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  1. Nothing like some Beach Fossils while falling deep into some L. HOMESHAKE, WAVVES, DEATH GRIPS, MAC DEMARCO can all be found on trip playlist.

  2. Is it impossible for vice to put out anything that doesn't involve LGBT, anti-trump or pro illegal immigration? I've only seen a couple of actual good videos in months.

  3. Great band their music is way better live a lot more energetic. Somersault was okay a bit too poppy i'd say, i liked the more harsher, post punk influence on Clash the Truth.

  4. Loving these music vids Vice! I especially love these kinds of videos with musicians explaining the composing/writing process. You should have Superfruit on here!

  5. I don't buy it. Those drums sound like they came straight out of Logic Pro X, the fills never change and the velocity of the drums sounds very digital. The strings could be real but I doubt it as well, they sound like the "Romance Strings" in Logic Pro X. Never mind that, brilliant track and great arrangement.

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