Be the Bee #28 | Time to Repent

Hey everybody this is Steve, and can you
believe we only have about a week left of Great Lent? Its been a long few weeks with a lot of challenges. Lent is hard work. Lent unites us in a common struggle, and a common preparation and if we’re honest, in a common failure. No one’s perfect. These past few weeks we’ve all stumbled. We’ve all fasted less than we should or said things we shouldn’t have said or done things we shouldn’t have done. And instead of allowing us to move into
Holy Week discouraged or demoralized the Church offers us hope in the person of
Saint Mary of Egypt. For a long time Saint Mary lived a very sinful life. until one day she decided to go to
Jerusalem to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which is where the Tomb of Christ is. And when she tried walking in she felt some invisible force keeping her out. She realized it was because of her sin. She was ashamed. When she saw an icon of the Virgin Mary outside of the church building she repented. She asked for forgiveness, and went to desert. She stayed in the desert for 40 years, praying, drawing closer to God, repenting of her sins Now when we think about Saint Mary we don’t think about her flaws. We don’t think about who she WAS, We think about who she IS: A Saint, a holy person in the kingdom of God. She’s a saint, because she repented. Now normally when we think of repentance we associate with feeling bad for our sins. but it means a lot more than that. Repentance comes from the Greek word “metanoia” which means a change of mind or a
change of direction. Saint Mary didn’t simply feel bad for her sins, she changed her life, she changed her direction. She stopped moving away from God and started moving towards Him. Sometimes we resist repentance in our own lives because of fear. We’re so burdened by guilt that we think forgiveness is impossible. We build walls around ourselves because we’re afraid, fearing that we’re too broken, too imperfect to love. When Saint Mary felt that force outside of the church she had a choice: She could turn around,and keep moving further away from God, or she could try moving towards Him. It’s no accident that she made her
decision after looking into the eyes of the Virgin Mary, because somewhere deep down in her heart she knew the saints love her and are waiting for her. She knew that God loves her and is waiting for her. She realized that no sin is too big, or too bad for God to forgive. No matter what she had done or how long
she had been doing it for God was waiting for her, arms open, ready to forgive. We’ve all sinned and we’ve all had our own failures, but no matter what we’ve done there’s nothing that God can’t handle! That doesn’t just go for Great Lent. That goes for our lives generally. Now repentance isn’t easy, and it takes a lot more than a moment. Saint Mary spent forty years repenting in the desert. But it started with a moment, with the decision to turn back to God. And the saints continue this throughout
their lives, every day every minute, every moment is an opportunity and an invitation to refocus on God. And sure, we’ll stumble and we’ll fall but God is always there to reach out His hand, and lift us up again. And if you feel like you haven’t taken advantage of the opportunity of Great Lent don’t worry, there’s time to prepare for Easter! Just start now. And even if you’ve spent your entire life
running away from God, don’t worry. Just stop running and turn around. So let’s Be the Bee, and repent this moment, every moment. Be the Bee, and #LiveOrthodoxy Remember to like and subscribe! I’ll see you all next week!

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