Be a Great Saint (Bible Interpreted)

Be a Great Saint (Bible Interpreted)

Christ tells us: “Therefore you shall be
perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” For us Christians, holiness is not an advice,
it is mandatory. It is a process that we undertake and the
final goal of our Christian life. Christ says to His apostles, and to us: “Follow
me.” He tells us to follow Him many times during
our life, during every year of our lives, many times throughout the day. Whenever you hear that someone is sick, Christ
tells us to follow Him and visit that person. If someone is dejected or sorrowful, Christ
tells us to follow Him and comfort the grieving. When we see someone impoverished, Christ again
tells us to follow Him and come to that person’s aid. Whenever you’re tempted to take revenge,
again we hear the call of Jesus to follow Him. Each one of us is called to be a great saint. We can do works greater than those of Christ. How do we do it? It’s not about quantity. A lot of prayer or a lot of fasting isn’t
holiness, but it helps holiness. It’s not even about quality – heartfelt
prayers and fasting done in pure heart aren’t holiness, but they do help our holiness immeasurably. Holiness is simple. Put God first, put others first, and, as the
prophet Micah tells us: He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord
require of you But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God? Holiness is nothing more than pure love for
God and our neighbor. Without that love, all our prayers and good
deeds are in vain; but when done in love, it acts like a magnifying glass to all our
prayers and acts of piety. A prayer that is dry as sand will be made
like a blazing seraph on account of love that we have. St. John Chrysostom: Wherefore, if you desire
to become equal to the apostles, there is nothing to hinder you.

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  1. Thank you Bojan!
    How can i get a copy of Fr Dimitri for his daughter? It brought a tear to my eye, yet a smile to my heart.

  2. In my town, there is a Baptist church with a sign out front – "the perfect place for people that aren't." Once I may my own sign – "Therefore be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect." There was an angel with a rosary in the bottow lefthand corner. I left it in front of that church one Saturday night.

  3. Amen!
    By the way, The center image in the very first still (before the animation begins) is Blessed Chiune Sugihara (Blessed is the term prior to canonization).
    There’s a movie about his life!
    Holocost Museum file records:
    2019 a museum in his honor opened in Tokyo.
    He was also awarded Righteous among the Nations by the State of Isreal

  4. What’s the difference between Gods essence and his energies? I am Catholic so I don’t understand that doctrine.

  5. Be perfect as your Father is perfect, in equity and goodness. For your Father makes the sun to shine and the rain to rain on the just and the unjust, the good and the evil. Therefore, be perfect in equity and goodness.

  6. I ❤ your channel & value your commentary. How I struggled w "be perfect"….and fall short way more often than I like admitting!
    Thank you for the "perfect" teaching of that verse.

  7. Chiune Sugihara is one of my favourite saints (although I think he hasn't formally regarded as one). He risked his entire career, livelihood, and reputation to do what was right in God's eyes. Another thing that I admire about him is his humility. He never sought fame and glory to himself for being an actual hero to thousands of people and remained almost an unknown figure until the end of his life. I like that you honour him (as well as other great saints) with your incredibly beautiful drawing 🙂

  8. st Bojan the preacher
    Built a church for millions and brought those who cried out for the faith in their nations who did not have churches of the true faith, he answered their calls and gave them the light and knowledge of the Orthodoxy and helped to save thousands. God bless

  9. Greeting Bojan, can you make a video on orthodox/Serbian funeral practices? Mexicans gather together and pray the rosary for 9 days in a row. Then 1 day on 3 months after the person passed away, then on the 6th month, 9th month, and on the 1 year anniversary many have 9 days of prayer again. Is there anything similar in the orthodox church?

  10. Thank you for this series! The outstanding quality of your artwork and understanding of theology is truly beautiful. From a Catholic Vocations student, I thank you again and I ask God to bless you and this tool of ministry. Your brother in Christ,

  11. How can we do works greater than Christ? He did the greatest work! He sacrificed himself on the cross! I love your channel but I find that hard to follow. May God bless you. Ave Christus Rex

  12. If I'm gonna be a saint it would be (this is not mocking ok)saint Travis Servant Of God
    Cause shared God's word to all
    (Soon my channel will be like Bible illustrated I will post gacha and questions and answers of Jesus

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