Good Morning everyone! Today, I’m at Incheon Airport, I’m going to London today Like I said yesterday. And I’m going for the meet-and-greet with Inspire Me Korea. My mom’s in front of me and we’re going together I think this is like our first official mother-daughter trip because we’ve gone to Nearby areas like staycations and whatnot. But to a different country, it’s been a while. So, we’re gonna head over, and I’m really excited to go back to Europe. We’re gonna go to Paris afterwards as well My mom has never been to Europe. So I wanted to surprise her as like a Christmas gift So I know we’re gonna have a good time. All right, let’s go Made it to London, and in my room there’s a box from Inspire Me Korea and There’s a note and Some snacks So thank you Inspire Me Korea. I’m excited to do the event with them. Wow, these look really good I am super exhausted because I didn’t sleep at all on that plane ride, so I’m probably just gonna go to bed early So I’ll see you guys tomorrow Good morning. I’m here getting my English breakfast with Inspire Me Korea team Dyna[???] and Alice and my mom Hi Welcome to London Thank you~ So excited to be here, and – IMK staff: First breakfast Yes! – first breakfast, I’m really excited for this. It’s vegan, so we’ll see how it tastes Every time I meet up with you guys, I want to try all the vegan places. We’ve already got lined up a Really nice lineup of restaurants, so. Yeah! It tastes like a real cheese, but it’s not cheese. Right? It does taste cheesy though, right? Mmh. Oh wow. Interesting. That’s why Alice doesn’t like it Which one did you try just now? This one. Staff: Hmm. And what’s that? Cheese. Joan: The cheese. After breakfast, my mom and I came to Borough Market and we walked around. And now we’re gonna walk towards the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Ready mom? (Yes.) Let’s go We’ve been walking around and I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with my Leica So, like Chicago, I’m gonna do the photo album But we’re gonna walk towards The London Eye and Big Ben. I heard Big Ben is under construction right now, but we still want to go check it out So that’s the plan All right guys, we walked over 11,000 steps and now we’re eating lunch at Itsu We got udon and chicken teriyaki Just wanted something warm and quick Not bad We are now walking over to Harrods and I want to see all the Christmas decorations So we’re gonna head over there It’s like a 15-minute walk over but we’ve been walking so much today Made it to Harrods Let’s go on inside. It’s my mom’s first time alright guys, we are currently waiting for our uber to head back to where we’re staying and Yeah, Harrods is super nice. (in Korean) How was Harrods? Amazing But we didn’t buy anything from Harrods, but the Kooples was having a sale so I bought a jacket and a hat there But yes almost here All right, so we’re just waiting on the ramen, we have rice Kimchi as well as Gim (dried seaweed) and we’re just gonna eat this and then – I am exhausted We’ve been out for almost 10 hours and I checked my health app we walked 21,000 steps, and the last time I did that was probably in Chicago and New York and that was a week or two weeks ago But yeah That’s basically my exercise I walk everywhere. And we’re just gonna eat this and then probably snack on some hot cheetos that we brought along as well But I’m going to wrap up the vlog here I know I didn’t vlog a lot of today but that’s because I wanted to take a lot of photos ’cause My hands are so dry because I’ve been vlogging in the cold in Korea and I tried here I wanted to give myself a little break from vlogging I just wanted to show my mom a lot of London today and I think we did a good job of it So I hope you guys enjoyed the photo slides And I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog. Here’s the shoutout of the day for those of you guys who’ve translated and transcribed this vlog right here, and I know it’s been a while, but I want to give 20 $50 gift cards I will be doing more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned for that. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Have a Joan Day

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your latest trip to our lovely city of London, So sad I couldn't come to the meet and greet but was super busy. Look forward to the next vlog !

  2. I'm really inspired on how you edit your vlogs. It's supperr nice. Take care Joan and also to your mom. Enjoy your vacation. love love <3

  3. Should have upload/make a new Instagram account for your Leica photographs instead of inserting it here and there in your video only to be seen for a second

  4. I'm from London but I live on campus 3 hrs away, this made me want to come back home so much 馃槶馃槶,
    living for the new editing style and hope you and your beautiful mama enjoy your trip! 鉂わ笍

  5. Hi Joan! I'm a subscriber from Paris and I want to tell you to be careful because every Saturday we have demonstrations against the president … many shop is not open and it's very dangerous… 馃様

  6. I love it so much when you insert the photos you take with the Leica camera! Keep up the great work! And don't ever apologize for your vlogs being too short!! We're here to support you no matter what! Enjoy your time in London with your mother!!! Have a great time in Europe! Love ya! 鈾

  7. Are you planning to do anything with your subscribers in Paris?

    Would just love if you did, thanking you in real life is special

  8. huhu currently living in london but due to schedule conflict I couldnt attend joan's meet and greet. I am so bummed. and now more determined than ever to meet you or eddy in the future! #fansincevlog#1

  9. if get the chance next year come to Nottingham in the east midlands that where I live there a charity night in Hucknall where this guy from Benidorm goes to sing there and his name is simon patrick

  10. joan i love your voice so much , it鈥檚 so nice and calming to listen to , i can listen to you talking for hours 馃挅

  11. You are going places and doing so much stuff while still taking care of yourself and exercising regularly. And you're so punctual and responsible too. I wanna be self-dependent like you!

    I'm still in high school right now but will (hopefully) enter college since 2nd half of next year. You make me wanna work hard and be productive and get in college. Thank you~ 馃挏

  12. Missed your Europe vlogs 馃挄. The places you visit in your vlogs gives me so many ideas and inspiration for when I go travelling, especially to Europe in 2019.

  13. i鈥檝e been loving the editing style for both the chicago vlog and this one! the camera quality of the leica is amazinggg… i鈥檓 going to miss these daily uploads after vlogmas is over 馃槶

  14. Been a silent viewer for awhile now, but I just had to leave a comment to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work!! Loving the vlogging style with the picture snapshots in-between馃槈 Also wanted to add that you are one of the few people whose vlogs don't make me nauseous lol so thank you for your effort!馃ぃ

  15. It鈥檚 day 16 of Vlogmas already. Time flies! 馃槶 Thanks for taking us around. Hope the meet & greet goes well. I saw that you uploaded the gift swap vid and so did Eddy. Imma hop over to see what you got for each other this year. Bye for now~ Enjoy your time at London with your mom, Joan! 馃檪

  16. OKAY I WANNA KNOW WHENEVER YOU VLOG YOUR AIRPLANE TRIPS: how are you filming the time lapse of the flight,, like do you prop up your camera somewhere to film it or do you hold your camera to the screen for hours 馃拃

  17. Omg everytime you upload a new video I get so excited!!! Your vlogs are very fun to watch and relaxing. I usually watch them before work and with my morning coffee!!

  18. The ending song 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏.. Ladies Code 馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝 so cheer up when hear it馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄

  19. Joan you have a very beautiful mom her smile really heart warming, you love and kind heart toward mom really touch me deeply, that tell me we should always pay our parents kindness whenever we can, you are beautiful inside and outside keep up the good work Joan thanks for sharing this heart warming video

  20. hi joan! i鈥檒l be going to london next week (such a coincidence that you went there too)! did you use oyster cards for the subway and is it easy to find restaurants in london? 馃槉 PS do you think it鈥檚 cold enough to bring a parka?

  21. Editing and fling in this video was 馃憣馃徑馃憣馃徑馃憣馃徑 made me feel so relaxed and just wow 馃槉馃槉

  22. Maybe someday you could do a Scandinavia tour 馃ぉ馃槏 actually Fennoscandia to include my home country Finland! I'm sure you would love it during the summer

  23. I like the new editing style – combining photos and videos. That expensive Leica did a good job (and your editing skill of course) 馃榾

  24. Wow.. whats is wrong with the vlog quality? Is it because of the leica or because of Joan-shethic?

    Ommo gorllll 馃槒馃槡

  25. @joanday; this is oogielaflick. Thanks for pointing me in the direction to download the audio file from this video. It took some work, as I had to figure out how to download files from soundcloud for free! But I did it, and got the file. Thanks so much! It is a nice piece!

  26. Been to London a few years ago..didn麓t like it at all. The city is not beautiful, sure it has its gems, but I personally didn麓t think it was …nice? Like it was grey and the buildings were麓t that yeah..

  27. So happy that you're having fun in London with your mom 馃挊 I absolutely loved the pictures that you took, so beautiful!! 馃挄

  28. I love the photo quality from Leica and made me want to buy one too!
    But it's probably you're good at taking nice photos Joan 馃檪

  29. Nice vlog but did u really eat kimchi and ramen on vacation in London? 馃槀馃槀 there鈥檚 so many things to eat that you can鈥檛 get in Korea

  30. I'm very late to watch many of your video huhu been busy lately, but better late than never, rite? always love your travelling videos! fave content 鉂

  31. Its been so long since i watched your vlog, cant wait to spend the whole night watching all the vlogs I missed!

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