Bach meets Frederick the Great (English subtitles)

Bach meets Frederick the Great (English subtitles)

Gentlemen… I am now informed that the old Bach
from Leipzig has arrived He may enter… Serene Majesty Spare his superfluous formalities and come here instead Step closer now Please forgive me, Your Majesty, for my poor clothing I was not rewarded any time… Time for what? I would like to get to know the great man Not his black coat He has arrived directly from Leipzig? Via Halle, Your Majesty That’s quite some distance Well I am eager to get to know his art He is contemplating my keyboard? A Silbermann fortepiano It can play loud and quiet,
depending on how you handle it It is new to you? In Leipzig such instruments are unknown? When Mr. Silbermann… I have 15 pieces of this kind, he shall try them all It is said that he masters the art of the counterpoint like
no one else and is able to improvise two- three- and
four-fold canons and fugues as he likes? One can learn it, Your Majesty “One can learn it” He has humour! Give me an example! May I ask Your Majesty for a theme? Just as Your Majesty pleases A theme? A theme?? That is a very fine theme, Your Majesty! Then make something from it! And can he also execute this fugue in six voices? That is not an easy task, Your Majesty It not only depends on the nature of the theme It requires some preparations All right, that’s enough for today Dinner has been prepared But he has to come again tomorrow! I have very fine organs in Potsdam,
he also has to try all of those And show me some more improvisations! Then, tomorrow at two o’clock! Gentlemen… Many thanks

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  1. J.S.Bach ist der fünfte Evangelist. Kein König oder Kaiser kann ihm das Wasser auf Knien reichen.

  2. Los señoritos se creían los más. La enciclopedie. Pandilla de ignorantes y mentirosos. Perdieron el imperio francés en 1763. Por inútiles. Pero todavía faban" lecciones" al mundo sobre el imperio español…

  3. No hay cosa más terrible y tóxica que servirle a un mecenas pendejo y soberbio , y lo peor, es que en el mundo del arte siempre ha sido así, los temas son corruptos debido a las inclinaciones mezquinas y perniciosas de quienes pagan el trabajo y no se ha logrado un arte secular de la calidad que el forzado estúpidamente.

  4. And as lame as Fred looks here, the truth is he was one of the greatest military leaders in history. And let's not forget the potato! lol

  5. Are you sure the English translation is true? In German, the Emperor uses the German pronoun Sie which is the respectful "you", but in the subtitles, this Sie is translared as "he".

  6. Moved me to tears to know that Bach, in historical fact, did extemporaneously compose such a fugue. And such a lovely example, rich in counterpoint

  7. Fred was no musical hack. He was a quite talented flute player. Plus he was one of the greatest military leaders since the MIddle Ages. Also, almost certainly gay, which was awkward (to put it mildly) given his family military background. And let's not forget……potatoes! lol

  8. A very sad court… that one in Prussia. King Frederick "the great" was a dislikeable and pedant guy. Poor Bach!

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  10. what a fucking boring movie about Bach it's not as interesting and exciting as about Mozart or Chopin or Liszt.

  11. A climax in the history of music. And played in a way that I get the imagination, i have experienced this great moment. What a genius.

  12. Meanwhile in German schools everyone praises "Goethe" and his literature 📖 while Bach´s Music 📀 even escaped the solar system 🛰🌌 – thanks to the Americans and Voyager! 🤘🏼! Greets from Berlin/Brandenburg.

  13. No, I am not a fan of "historical quasi-reproductions", but this is really a worthy piece. Of course, no one was there to record the actual event, but we all know the final result. And that is exactly what the director used to fashion this marvelous segment.
    P.S. Oh, but the atrocious lighting! Who signed their name under this criminal deed?

  14. Its amazing, the scene looks virtually identical to the famous drawing of King Fredrick and his musicians.

  15. I have noticed that German movies (and made-for-TV movies), especially from this time period, tend to be much more slow-paced than American movies. You can really see that in this clip, with lots of awkward pauses and strange banter, taking its sweet time to get to the point. I bet that an American version of this very same thing would have been a couple of minutes shorter.

  16. If I could I would have kicked this depiction of Frederick in the rear end as hard as I could for being so rude to Bach. The notes for this video assert that it is unfaithful to the actual event. Why then make a movie that shows another version of reality?

  17. A really hard thing to riff on. It's harmonic minor with a bunch of chromatic notes, not a real musical scale.

  18. Best king that ever was along France's Henri IV. He fully embraced the credo that with power comes responsibility…

  19. Sorry but the actor playing Bach was a casting blunder. Somehow he just does not embody the greatness of the man. Wrong tune too. Just cannot watch it as a Bach fan.

  20. I feel bad for Friederich. He just want Prussia to be cultured and sophisticated, but everyone else expect him to be the Militaristic Brute his father was.

  21. THE greatest musician of all time comes to visit, begins to improvise an incredible fugue on a theme you made up and you just get up and leave for dinner! Honestly!

  22. Its a stupid theme, Bach can make the shittiest riff great, and the guy in this video is ugly and not Bach and the guy playing Frederick the great is a dick

  23. "the Prussian king is shown as an unpleasant arrogant boasting aristocrat, not grasping Bach's genius –" This is a modern, democratic perspective, quite inappropriate for the time shown in the film. Frederick is called "The Great" because he was one of the most powerful monarchs of his age, a major figure in the evolution of German national identity, fulfilled a century later in Bismarck. A king's station surpasses all the aristocrats and Frederick's manner matches that of his contemporary Louis XIV of France. Of course he is arrogant; that is a royal prerogative; whether or not that seems unpleasantly arrogant is, again, a matter of perspective. I see no evidence in the film that Frederick failed to grasp Bach's genius.

  24. This clip is from a tv series in 4 parts from 1985 named "Johann Sebastian Bach" (an East German/Hungarian collaboration). The initial music at 0:00 – 0:48 is one of the King's own pieces: Flute Concerto No. 3 in C Major (1st movement, Allegro). The chromatic theme presented by the King at 2:42 – 3:17 formed the basis of Bach's Musical Offering (BWV 1079) in 16 movements. At 4:17 – 5:23 Bach plays the beginning of the movement "Ricercare à 3". More details in the description.

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