Baby North West’s catwalk tantrum angers fashion crowd – What won V.Point this week?

Baby North West’s catwalk tantrum angers fashion crowd – What won V.Point this week?

Hello, I’m Cristy. Hello, I’m Michael. I’m Steve. Hi, I’m Padraig. My name’s Yomi. Hi, I’m Kate. Hey, I’m Nitya. I’m Harry, and this is V.Point. I won V.Point this week with an article on
North West. She is the child of Kim Kardashian. What a huge, huge, huge honour. It’s Kim Kardashian
West though. Kim Kardashian West. Sorry Kim. And Kanye
West. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already knew who she was. I thought North was a boy’s name, but I’ve
never come across a baby North before so apologies to the Wests. She had a tantrum, like kids do, at the catwalk
of her dad’s new Adidas show, and it really annoyed everyone else. Obviously, the pictures were quite cool. This
kid’s screaming, and you could see the looks sort of from all sides, giving this sort of
distasteful ‘oh my gosh, what’s a kid doing in the front row of New York Fashion Week?’ Beyonce was certainly not crazy in love. Jay
Z did have 99 problems. P Diddy did get his breath taken away, and Anna Wintour, well,
she had a face like a slapped arse. Yeah. Hell yeah, she’s grumpy about it. She’s
got to sit next to some winging little rat. I don’t understand why at fashion shows there’s
so much attention on the people watching the shows, rather than the fashion. I wrote a follow up article about it because
she ended up doing the same thing a few days later. I mean, trust Kim and Kanye to bring a kid
to New York Fashion Week. Who does that? I mean, like waaaaah. She’s just a kid. She’s allowed to cry. It isn’t at all a place for a baby. What’s she doing there? Pay a babysitter. They can afford it. I’m actually not one of those people that’s
kind of really fascist about taking babies places. I don’t necessarily think because
you’ve got a baby, you shouldn’t be allowed to go out to dinner. It’s like when you’re eating in a restaurant
and you see some little brat crying about something. Just don’t bring the child. I’m not like with the whole, oh my God. She
dared to take a baby to Fashion Week crew. Was she even invited? His dad was the designer. Her dad was the designer because baby North
is a girl. Her dad is the designer, so you’re allowed in. It’s the designer’s choice. I don’t know why they thought that she’d be
more interested in boring people walking up and down in straight lines than something
like Spongebob. It’s not the most fun, I imagine, if you’re
a baby. I don’t think North is going to be sitting
there going, “Mmm yeah. This Adidas show’s really really catching my eye here.” Have some sort of play area catwalk, where
they can put on the latest diapers and go and have a wee bit of a waddle around. Maybe
that’s a better way of bringing a kid to a fashion show. Sometimes it does feel a bit uncomfortable
seeing them with their kid because it does almost look like she’s an accessory. You can wear them in the day, and then you
can also dress them up at night. So I think they’re just so versatile. Kanye West did say afterwards that maybe she
was scared and she wanted people to stop being mean to her daddy. She wants everyone to be nice to her dad and
everyone to understand that he’s just trying to make the world a better place, and I thought,
“No it’s not. She’s crying because she’s probably hungry or she’s like pooed herself.” Well North West, maybe it’s time for your
daddy to stop being mean to people like Taylor Swift and especially for Beck this year at
the Grammys. And I hope they allow you to wear some pink
soon. I don’t know about this all black thing. It’s just a bit weird for a kid. Well done, Harry. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed that, then come back next week. You can catch us again next Friday. Same time, same place next week. Remember, you get to decide what we get to
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  1. I didn't know babies were even allowed at the fashion shows, but that's not a place for babies, its absolutely boring as I went to one before and its just a bunch of people walking back n forth, she needs to play. Kim should get a babysitter tho.. that's embarrassing (u can see it on Bey's face)

  2. you are the winging little rat 1:12 Shes a baby she cant help it which means you do NOT get to call her that you disrespectful man!

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