Aus dem Koma ins Gefängnis 🔫 1 🔫 Saints Row 2 • Gameplay • German

Aus dem Koma ins Gefängnis 🔫 1 🔫 Saints Row 2 • Gameplay • German

hi and welcome to the show joining me today is a man who’s done some wonderful things for our community please give a warm welcome to mr. Dane Vogel now then a lot of liberals out there a lot of liberals out there have been saying that corporations like Ultor are part of the problem that they’re destroying America with their attitude of to hell with the community the bottom line is all that matters you know I’m glad you brought that up I have some pictures that I would like to show your audience if you don’t mind now what you’re seeing here are pictures of saints row a few short years ago parents you might want to tell your kids to leave the room there will be minorities in these photos like I was saying in the past this district was filled with gangs hookers and drugs now alderman Hughes great man who was taken from us far to assume alderman Hughes had a vision for Saints Row he wanted to pull the district from the depths of depravity into a brighter future now we adult or could not agree more that’s why we spent considerable resources turning this into this crack houses to corporate parks pimps and hoes to cops on patrol amazing just amazing I think we all owe ultor another round of applause Annie’s a hero I’m not saying that he’s not I’m saying that a man who ran with a gang he was undercover he was in the Saints for a long time is it really that hard to believe that people have problems with him being announced chief of police he’s responsible for sending the Saints behind bars and now three new gangs have taken their place you telling me you want Johnny got back on the street and the ones you know about the program sure the one you get your money this footage was taken last night as the Brotherhood went on another looting spree this time focusing their wrath from the recovering community of Espada people watched in a war as the crazed individual known as marrow led his men on a violent night of chaos with no end to the gang an endemic one has to ask what are the police doing to a brighter future and a better life years ago these serene waters were shaken as mayor elect Richard who’s as yacht was destroyed by a tremendous explosion in what was at the time the second assassination of a major public figure post Stillwater University a place of learning or a state-funded opium den these kids are smoking lower dust a popular designer drug that is sweeping across the city courtesy of a street gang known as the sons of zombie I hit the campus to get Sol’s the students take on this dangerous epidemic as a student here what are your thoughts on drug problem facing this campus oh I’m not a student here I just come here for put sure it was a warm spring day when Shogo Iguchi and his ronan announced their presence to Stillwater one swing was all it took now some misguided people would say that by turning Saints Row into a glass and steel utopia all you’ve accomplished was a displacement of low-income families which you know to me sounds like an added bonus well I don’t know about it being a bonus but it’s like my father said and if you’re gonna build an ivory tower you’re gonna have to kill a few elephants Catholics will come to my name knowing quick leave me let’s play since Rhodes my young padawan Kovac he hasn’t each be here the playstation driver as soon as I skip kinda a fogger kind of office spring off as a video about me mixing sky shelter the stick down and affiliation FS elder the cyber force of the PlayStation 2 guy the trophy scab yeah led FS you mustn’t escape me for an San Onofre PlayStation guy trophies season ash beta two common polish bill aha me and Patrick to become autonomy of Metal Gear Solid fear me in petrified become so these fighters are is each speed hit adulterous all the sizes files cava swap some English others in pas de Guiche Nitin let’s lick dad on the screen is no indicate his bones indulgent Zanna of the b-list slogan at Bayley’s del Aguila miss bus ina bish lakna mukesh math on that I see I’ll explain will really much damage not to that they can over here yeah soshim dying game as oh the earth Elijah that Rosen Munna – sniffing I am passing fear DFS’s sitting part affordable body a Ferguson to resume the PlayStation driver swan-neck give it as aspirin or the Xbox version traffic about pharmacy won’t fail under tuition to give some pockets in the advice in chefs and yeah the only sense yhp la hija passion relative Langer adings had a similar oh yeah of my pile of shame Gaston well let me toss their stack Damas and G TAS and Trey aside not leaping Ivan emitting hip-hop style that’s why he come on Dan Roden VanCamp Saints all the circles one there’s an eclectic blowed as a we fast LEDs built am so up get rid own yes not we offer courts in the stores or tile right the saturation again let’s tortoise or tile for THQ as a most complete alpha key lowest one is a hacked one is the Europe live still love and then let’s in facade bonus havoc attacked okay yes cookies mama cents or expire as experience not to blend this of the Aston permission valley alpha recently soil can convert or knock open border opus loft and um yeah buses mystics is other updates and so I’ll answer listen – gets a column 19 startin I don’t complete knowledge feel each named in Omaha well catch morose then we were an issue of a up um you can make it up each Max Biden mission order by the low flame Azul it over TV under fifty Minuten are dings Fatima animus you own absolutely as a kind of missing link again oh fuck like the game tube let’s get your class and so desert also even Adama I cooked up so early photos done here over shining applause also only from Seema Newton of Adam Gary Bettman mission up colossal harm yeah octal and shit ma zouri skip low-life laws yeah you’ll never guess who’s away you shoot me come see for yourself how long has it been years I stopped keeping track a while ago believe it’s been that long time flies when you’re watching someone breathe through a tube how’s the family my wife’s cheating on me with an altar exec and my daughter sits in her room listening to Aisha albums all day she sure this is a lot of Records no shit God that was out of here alderman Hughes mayor Winslow ie shit chief Monroe all murdered by that asshole who’s been sitting in intensive care on taxpayers money pull the plug lord knows why anyone call the chief couldn’t get through the press has been mob and with phone calls know about the yep I forgot that was today you should pay more attention fuck off how’s the patient thing as they’re still breathing after being caught in a massive explosion I’d say pretty good coming through what happened shanking put him over there I’m sorry about that at least say heard anything yet not yet but I’m about to take the bandages off xodar convent wounds wounds on character ash Karen um I nibs on the head is thus we are getting that is heavy on inoculation yep central Antonius field our desperate oh my gosh like us being couldn’t turn yeah that is not reached in you didn’t hop character you can said blue button the other shots and clicking uh son just I’ve been here home be ceiling at London uh cocasa sh1t Pina yeah that’s it this moody ETSU game he kept some Klein out our momma Dee you okay it’s happy hour and look up what we felt me or how yep so inclined fable feel hotarla go on dear as it is happier much I assure me become when your minor let’s place to Mass Effect dragazine have to have speedy hello and a hotel Vega there’s a trousseau they’re having some – Vicki love you’re right father mama here no vision don’t look good I wanna treaty gives its far father cop stuff the Pakistani shock is resolved I discovered many cancer dreadlocks out neatly in a also their classism it long in half and a tribal stammers instead us here the bullet right you know careful hmm shoot a lung links get hurt nine open spits McAfee up night night night night man links get tired muscles does long way leak oh that’s control lung harder huh lung edema Trish yeah that’s the test Maggie so what’s Maggie okay uh Club me amusing Viet Alaska felt my English nine it is different to attack Lang in them 9co ah it was Yorick Hinton a dumped language meters Thomas okay I was five so yes I was last one not manhood with hurt me it yet also an oval it bad game on code Layton and other links yeah nine dozen scans busy on coop Morris filled our a nice fellas Ankush will make up see that you can stall us it’s coming here of discrimination this is all no constant it can’t wear them all unless you’re me it’s been what’s been way too long since I shot someone it was just like old times I’m just waiting for someone to keep an eye out for trouble yeah jump you possum in charge for a reason sama he love kazuto’s hooker coming my grad school skin he’s in LA adverse school heal hours five indeed a meeting and said to whom loaf rotor come on Mackenzie got Hanson seen it on cooking does askance nipped and it came out ABBA okay when you die and dumpling acting in steel pot homeless done named Danny buddy else boss they’re back gang niched Val if Marie Osmond also close it above ago Steeler you have the standard for you stand thoughts why gangster for the two held a foul still wrong for swing steer Americans manner against the steel yeah a vertiginous how I saw I was a Jewish Messiah isn’t there here deflowered the TARDIS cake yummy am still alive criminal item – I Spit a mirror not bad the commodes is not impersonal document Oh super I got happy p/e yes sir hey that’s right number one yep this past off that – Ornelas podcaster here dad gets often snitches nananananana empathy honey you do not know who you’re fucking with Annie fucka try these on for size biatch yeah just come to air by money good you wish you could have this oh yeah I wish okay nemetes okay oh damn it how much is don’t uncover the streets cotton yeah I was poor search to eat yes that looks like it healed nicely be careful doctor your patients dangerous you got anything you want to say to the judge you better start thinking of it now you’re wasting your time let’s get a holdat Roy hey is it really you do I know you my brother was in the Saint and he told me all about you listen we got to get you out of here well I’m sure if we ask nicely I know a way out yeah then why are you still here I heard you were in here and I wanted to bust you out getting out of you is a two-man job and no one else will give it a try you really expect me to trust some guy don’t even know come on I just got myself shank so I could get a chance to talk to you doesn’t that show I’m loyal it shows that you’re dumb enough to let yourself get stabbed I’m trying to help you you know what I got the last time I trusted someone blown the fuck up you need me the hell I do I got the Saints sure you do what’s that supposed to mean how long do you think you’ve been out hey I don’t know man two three weeks look I know you think you’re a badass but you even know where you’re at without me you’ll be wandering around the prison for hours even if you managed to hide from the guards that long and if you actually figure out how to make it outside these walls you’re just gonna find out that you’re sitting on a goddamn Island and I’m pretty sure you cannot swim the Coast Guard you got a boat stashed here no but I know where we’re gonna steal one all right let’s get out of here yeah we are they in a dusty toy tubers let’s talk a client busy and approached fun damge Swapna oh my god Zor okay else why it must be even mm or Indian Valley hbr no matter of the PlayStation only after the Xbox in Lesson essentially end up in cycle okay L owned that’s why flag fly stylish talk on health tooling out work okay Landers to buy on fan cry for bitches shakers realistic and finish the combo slackers okay let me oh yeah yeah that’s each other yeah yeah only follows guys who that anyone else want their ass kicked we can either try to sneak out through the roof or charge up me again busier though vehicon yet alpha um destitute or spring or declares to royal man each masters and Varma damage was caused in hub owned can’t believe is a story element I think we might pull this off Carlos oh ah surrender our Yong keep trot ah yeah unfurl it put it here SEC is all your time I ain’t Nick it’s not tough huh if I were you follow me I know the way out so it’s come against cuts not divorce makes it does itself can also be incensed oh right okay so I gotta climb these pipes up to the roof okay swingers gtasa yep Ben even women are usually remains rather pointed he was the one in purple right and yeah dad to pin top of the other so what are you gonna do when you get out of here not get blown up he who gets better time minicar this is dynamic our Tamaki home achieve as uncertainty on this to them seal to the exhumed imposing carton last of the postcard awake okay up through to the vegetarian means alibi found get those hands life’s to the olden okay that’s now summon Mendoza Baba from Laura Salmons to automatic I can’t sleep affects Indian do Christ works okay yeah can come out spy on it elsewise okay maybe going out the front door wouldn’t have been such a bad idea after all huh ah yeah yeah son yeah Monica movies as a team of Canora not shorten we’re not out of here yet immersion of the minicar cook was language Oh do I get you out of here I gotta tell you Carlos I’m impressed point Archie Morris twixtor air to I Langston and seal models for health Beauty know better okay that miss Mia so as a man did Shawn doesn’t Argentine adjectives look is just scenario is nice can swap get rid we sense all dessert Abba each club so I’d works by wrapping them illusory terminal no man handful buffer up she thinkin it’s working power into the scientists in opium we can get to the ducts and take a boat at this fucking Island squinting air I’ll zoom squinting oh yeah – shotgun Tom stove we have solution is Hydra ha yes all you have it either then go to my office hello with your nature to be free big data ah ok if sagnik so ok uh yeah we’re hiding off no margins always just obviously wouldn’t man the gun I’m gonna get us out of here yeah was keen on the buffer got this I don’t back bitches off us from cyber cyber cyber cyber yes to dog slobber anything if I pick Oh oh hell yeah more hits like that if we might not make it too short okay Basia aleykum almost home free baby yo it’s not just lassoed on holding up a stop earth Wisconsin party oh I see yes okay Bahamas keshavjee whoo that’s the road it is now Jesus when did this happen when altar got involved the clothing company after he was killed in a bombing of yours altar pick up the pieces now they’re everywhere on TV on Billboard’s in stores have you ever forget me Walter is just look for it Saints Row and you’ll see that fucking eyesore here we are where can I find me at the Saints what are their scenes what you talking about without anyone to lead him the Saints fell apart once the Brotherhood Ronan and Sandy showed up the few that were left dropped their flags before they got killed well that’s fucking great look I know you didn’t ask for it but my advice is to just keep your head down the cops are looking for you and the locks changed I say you just go buy a beer and soak up as much information as you can thanks Carlos anytime yeah on dammit BSG shaft when the Esther estimation is a shaft on each one is angry man condition of Nick a poser yeah I was in my biscuits see pata Steelport hat see this is the sense Stillwater Stillwater steam pot father’s under Stillwater has the extreme endowed wouldn’t try another gang some people at Kmart actually his sons of Carboni Street Saints read on the home to putting on T an anti it was by the liner to heighten inclined or karasuma about a smirk time a smile it makes in foil pasión get else marmots good old anchor as a super-short up

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  1. Natürlich, mach ich auch so nebenbei ausm Koma aufwachen 7 Helis und dutzende Beamte abknallen und dann flüchten, hach ich liebe diese herrliche Sinnlosigkeit.Aber ich wusste nicht das dieses Spiel auf der B-Liste steht :/

  2. Tja, was soll ich nur dazu sagen.

    Ach ja:
    Danke das du mein Video geschaut hast.
    Dein lispelndes Opfer.

    P.S. Und da du jetzt deine Reaktion bekommen hast, darfst du beim nächsten Kanal weiter trollen.

  3. falsch das game ist nicht indiziert (sonst könnts man ja nirgends kaufen) der ERSTE teil war indiziert und ist deshlab nirgends erhältlich der 2. ist nur extremst gecuttet 😉 aber macht nix jeder macht mal fehler^^

  4. Junge, die Idioten die sich darüber witzig mach das du lispelst haben wahrscheinlich selber mega Minderwertigkeitskomplexe. Hör nicht auf diese Sonderschulabbrecher👍

  5. Das spiel is das beste open word spiel ich habs auf der xbox gespielt ess war so geil ich hols mir bald wieder ps3

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