#ASKFRMIKE: Lucifer, the Trinity, and Leisurely Sundays

#ASKFRMIKE: Lucifer, the Trinity, and Leisurely Sundays

Hi my name’s Father Mike Schmitz
and this is Ascension Presents. So a couple weeks or months or last year I sent out a message saying that if you had any questions you could write in the comments section a little #askfrmike. So we got a bunch of questions so I’m going to try to rip through a couple of those right now. So let’s launch into them.
The first question is from Skizi S. or Skeezi S. I’m thinking it’s Skizi S., not Skeeki S.
The question is this: “If Lucifer is the Light Bearer,
since he’s fallen who is the new Light Bearer?” That is a fantastic question Skizi S. Number one: Scripture doesn’t specifically say if there is a replacement for Lucifer. Number two: Light Bearer wasn’t necessarily Lucifer’s job like someone needs to bear the light;
that probably wasn’t his job. His name was meant to refer to, reveal, that he was the closest angel, closest created spiritual being to the Lord and that’s an interesting thing, that point. So here’s Lucifer, his role, or he was the
highest of God’s created spiritual beings. You know, that’s important for a couple reasons. One is because sometimes we think that it’s like Lucifer versus Jesus and they’re going head-to-head, mano a mano kind of a thing.
That’s not necessarily the case because why? Because Jesus is the uncreated, only
begotten eternal God himself. Lucifer even though he’s the highest of
God’s created spiritual beings, he’s still a created being. So it’s not Jesus versus Lucifer as if they’re equals or opposites or enemies. So you’re saying, “Well, then who is Lucifer’s opposite?” That’s a good question.
Well, thank you Father Mike. Well Skizi, you brought it up so here’s the thing: If Lucifer is the highest of God’s created spiritual beings and he fell through disobedience and pride, let’s follow this story, as the Bible unfolds
the story, what we see is, Who is God’s highest created spiritual and material being? Mary She’s the highest of God’s created material and spiritual beings and what happens? Lucifer fell because of what?
Because of pride and disobedience. Mary is exalted, assumed into heaven, because of what? Because of humility and obedience. So if there’s any kind of opposite to Lucifer now, it’s not Jesus because Jesus is God. He is THE … GOD, right? Lucifer, the highest of God’s created
spiritual beings, who fell through pride and disobedience, is in a certain sense replaced, maybe in a certain sense, by Mary, who is God’s highest created
spiritual material being who is exalted by God himself because of her humility and obedience. Great question though. Next question is this, I love this. From leetlelower93 Now I say “leetle” flower because it’s “L-E-E-T-L-E”, leetleflower93, who asked the question: “Does it bother the Father and the Spirit when we center our personal prayer mostly on Jesus the Son?” Great question.
Short answer: Nope, not not at all. Why? Well one is because God is one.
Two because God is love. God being one is honored whenever we honor the Son, we honor the Father and the Spirit. Whenever we glorify and worship the Spirit, we honor the Father and the Son. Since God is one when one is glorified, they’re all glorified. In fact, there’s a Catholic spiritual principle, theological principle, that says that when one Person of the Trinity is present, the entire Trinity is present. So God is One. Number two -TWO- God is love, which means this:
there is no animosity, there’s no envy, there’s no jealousy, there’s no sadness
between the Persons of the Trinity, between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So when one Member is glorified, they’re all glorified. Not only that, they all rejoice in the fact that the one Person is glorified because why? Because God is a Communion of Persons.
He is a mystery of love inside of himself. Now here’s an interesting thing. Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that God is like us, which means this: that God WANTS the attention, that when we pray to God, He experiences joy because He’s like, (Obviously NOT God’s voice)
“Well, thanks guys for paying attention to Me.
So nice of ya.” That’s not what’s happening. So, you know, the Son gets glorified and honored and praised and the Father’s like, (Again, obviously NOT God’s voice)
“Oh man, seriously?” Maybe the spirits like, “I serious …” I can’t do the Spirit’s voice. I don’t know what the Father’s voice would be either. Sometimes we think that when the Son is paid attention to, that the Father can be like, (REALLY not God’s voice)
“Well, that’s OK.
I’ll be fine.” No, not at all, because why? Because God
doesn’t increase when we pay attention to him. God actually doesn’t want us to
pray or worship him so that he can get attention. God wants us to worship him
and to pray to him because of us, because he wants to draw us into a
relationship with him. So if we are in relationship with the Father, then we’re in relationship with the Trinity. If we’re relationship with the Son or the
Spirit, then we’re in relationship with the whole God, not for his sake in the sense of like, this kind of like, (really pathetic “God” voice)
“Guys, tell me I’m good. Tell me I’m loved. Tell me I’m OK.” God’s not desperate, not desperate for our love in the same sense that you and I sometimes get desperate for love. That’s a fantastic question leetleflower93 The last question for today, getInsects25,
and it’s this question it says: “Fr. Mike, I have a hard time not working on Sundays. How would you guide someone out of this to make time to rest?” Fantastic question, getInsects25. Here’s what I’d say. God has made us to work; it’s one of the great ways we participate in God’s nature as we work
just like God worked, but we’re also called to leisure because of this huge
fact: we are not slaves. In the Old Testament, in the book of Exodus, when God sets His people free from slavery, while they were slaves, how many days off a week did they get off? They got ZERO days off a week. When he sets them free, he gives them the Commandment: Remember the Sabbath, keep it Holy which means one, worship God, so getInsects25 and everyone who’s watching this, that means
Sunday Mass—absolutely necessary. We need to worship God on Sunday. For Christians, it’s the Day of the Resurrection, it’s a day where we have to go to Mass—it’s irreplacable. But number two is we need to rest, meaning, doesn’t mean you have to like sit on the couch and eat potato chips and watch football. It means, it doesn’t mean you can’t mow your lawn, doesn’t mean you can’t fix something. It means just rest from servile labor in the sense of this: Rest from being a slave to your work. Take some time away from what
you always have to do every other day and be a free human being, like be a free person. God set the Israelites free and said you have to now live like free people and I’m giving you a Commandment because you’re gonna be tempted to live like slaves and to work seven days a week. but live like me, who on the seventh day, God rested. Here’s the last little quick thing. I once talked to a priest. He worked on a campus as the rector of a seminary, the director of a college seminary. And these guys, like most college students, would rest on Saturday and then put off the work until Sunday because a lot of projects are due, a lot of papers are due on Monday. so they’re asking, Father,
what do we do, how do we enter into Sabbath rest? He invited them to do this: He said it was hard, too hard for them to take the entire Sunday and rest. He invited them, he said, Start your Sabbath rest, start your Lord’s Day at 4p.m. on Saturday night. So late Saturday afternoon, like when we get to have Vigil Mass, that time – 4 o’clock Enter into rest, like put your work to the
side and enter into the Lord’s Day. That could be through play, could be through rest, through family time, through friend time, through just being a free human being, through the night, the next morning get up, go to Mass, obviously, in the worship part and then he said and then rest that morning until
like 1 or 2 o’clock in the afternoon. If you have to do work after that,
then go ahead and do that work. But what you did was you were intentional about
taking some time and setting it aside I’m gonna keep this recreation, this time, this free time, live like a free human being, like someone who’s been set free by Jesus Christ through Mass and somewhere into the early afternoon. Hopefully that will help you enter into Sunday rest a little bit better. Do you have more questions? This is just three that we just picked really quick. Any more questions—in the comment section please just write #askfrmike. From all of us here at Ascension Presents,
my name is Father Mike.
God bless. I don’t have accents of the Father, like
the Father, “The Father, just talking to the Son…” That’s not even right, nope. (like Yogi Bear)
“Hey there. Hey there, BooBoo. Wanna go get a pic-a-nic basket?” I don’t think the Father talks like Yogi Bear What would the Holy Spirit sound like? (whoosh)
The wind, right? “Ruach” – means breath? Holy Spirit? I’m so Bible funny

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  1. Father Mike…I love your videos, but I would love to share them with my family, I would ask you to subtitle them in spanish, it'll be awasome!

  2. First off working on Sunday unless you are emergency workers, police/doctors/firemen etc.. No. Mowing your lawn is work/fixing your house etc.. is work/studying is work. You are not supposed to be doing those things even shopping !

  3. #askfrmike Father, im a 42 yr old, is it ok to watch the chilling adventures of sabrina if im only watching it as a form of entertainment? While of course maintaining a reserved stance as a christian/catholic.

  4. #askfrmike I have a question about Guardian Angels. We all have seen prayer cards with a Guardian Angel walking closely with a young child as a protector. I wonder when a child is walking and is killed by a drunk driver or a child is hit by a stray bullet even when a child is sitting in their house and killed where was their Guardian Angel protecting them. I always wondered about Guardian Angels and their roles in our lives, especially when one hears of a tragic untimely death of a child. Could not the Guardian Angel have moved the child walking out of way of danger or moved a child sitting in their house away from the stray bullet. Thank you Father Mike

  5. Did God want us in a brick and mortar church on Sunday's? Could it be the man with a collection plate that really wants us there?

  6. #askfrmike
    Father, if Adam committed sin because of the devil (the evil one), who tempted Lucifer to disobey? And if there was all goodness and Godliness in what God created, how come evil came about and from where (before the angels fell)?

  7. Father Mike, you have some of the most inspiring, beautiful and motivational videos I have ever seen. God Bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas!! ❤️🎄🎁⚓️

  8. i can take more control of reality by what i choose to focus my attention on or where i go or who i choose to hangout with. and some people are trouble because of their depraved values.

  9. #askfrmike

    Are we allowed to go to different churches to see what it’s like, even if we go to Mass and receive communion that same Sunday too? If we didn’t receive communion one Sunday and went to a Protestant Church to see what it’s like, would it be a sin?

  10. #askfrmike Continuing on the question about working on Sundays, is it wrong for a student to put of homework until Sunday and rest on Saturday? Specifically if the work on Sunday isn't the only thing that you do, so you do enjoy some leisure as well.

  11. Interesting. I’m a Protestant. I’ve always been taught that Michael the Arch Angel is Lucifer’s opposite so to speak.

  12. #askfrmike is it okay to go to Saturday evening vigil mass at a parish far from your home parish due to work? And is it okay to go to different catholic parish's to get a change on scenery? I do know that we as Catholics have to pick a home parish, but I was told in a condescending way by a priest whom I respect, and at the time I was very excited to see him; I had not seen him for many years, that "I should really pick a parish, and stick to that one." I guess, I also visit different parishes to also experience the holy spirit in different sceneries.

  13. #askfrmike I am a mature elderly gay catholic man. I love emotionally a lot, but sometimes I want to love physically too. I am only human, created by God with these wants and needs. Please, your thoughts.

  14. #askfrmike
    If a person born with mental illness and without his consciousness, he make terrible sins over and over again in his entire life, is he a sinner? can his soul be saved? he does not know what he is doing is right or wrong because he is mentally ill.

  15. #askfrmike
    If a person born with mental illness and without his consciousness, he make terrible sins over and over again in his entire life, is he a sinner? can his soul be saved? he does not know what he is doing is right or wrong because he is mentally ill.

  16. I'm sorry but that didn't answer the Sunday question for me I still don't understand what I'm supposed to do on Sunday after Mass is it okay to work or not especially as a mom I feel so bad washing dishes

  17. #ASKFRMIKE I dont believe in God but i would like to. What would you say is the best reason/evidence to belive?

  18. Was not Job 'a perfect and straight man', according the Scripture? I believe that man is over everything. Scripture says rebuke the devil and he must flee. Yeshua observed the Sabbath day rest on Saturday not sun day. He said, do as I do, obey My commandments, He followed Torah.

  19. Mexico was the same way up until the late 80’s. Greedy people wanting to be rich! Now it’s a huge market that many Christians skip Church service because they choose to work. Greedy!

  20. Wow! So much light to my weekend… I Pray to Trinity since I was a child… in my heart God is One…
    Thank you because of your explanations I am willing to love God more and better … and Our Holy Mother Mary… It is a great present. Thank you Fr Mike, I pray for you! Flowers in colours from my heart. 🙂
    I am from Mexico City.

  21. Mother mary is light bringer…she brought the light jesus into the 🌎….lucifer job was temporary so jealousy …

  22. The Bible is a MYTH. As to lucifer and ect. we do not know because first of all the Bible is fairy tales but does have truth. There are demons but the demons or Satan or Lucifer are just beings that are but to take the Bible as whole truth would be the same as cutting your eyes out and claim you still see. the Bible is none sense………..

  23. The Olde Testament God condone slavery and taught Moses how to enslave his fellow man. This God claims to create GOOD and Evil and it is a jelous God. No this Bible God is a DEMON……JUST A DEMON.

  24. #askfrmike Dan Brown patronised that Jesus was just a normal human being who inspired millions. Also that his wife was Mary Magdalene. Do you think their bloodline still exists?

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  26. I loved the how you explained that Many is God’s greatest spiritual and material creation, I believe this, she has all the power against the enemy.

  27. #AskFatherMike– Hi, what relationship does the Catholic Church have with the Coptic Church? Thanks

  28. #askfrmike is Lucifer really the name of the fallen angel or just simply the Latin word for light bearer?

  29. #ASKFRMIKE How did God Choose My husband and myself to be parents of our special needs daughter? She has numerous disabilities. How does God gives us the strength to take care of her. I am her 24 hour caregiver?

  30. #ASKFRMIKE Great video Father! What about horror movies? I personally don’t like them but should Catholics be watching them?

  31. Sometimes when I'm saying my prayers🙏 I get restful and can't concentrate. And I can't picture Mary or Jesus and I struggle to notice them at all and I don't know how to just pray 😟

  32. Spirit became Flesh born of a woman and that's how he could die. God can't die, only His flesh died. God became a partaker of Flesh and blood. He was not a son in heaven except in the mind of God, the plan was made flesh and dwelt among us.
    JEWS – "Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ. Acts 2:38.
    SAMARITANS – They were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Acts 8:16.
    GENTILES – He commanded them to be baptized in the name of Lord Jesus. Acts 10:48.
    PETER TAUGHT – There is none other name given whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:12.
    PAUL TAUGHT – Whatever you do, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Col. 3:17.
    Matthew 28:19 was a command by Jesus to baptize in a NAME. The Apostles did not repeat the words of the command, but they did obey it as seen in the scriptures above. Since Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are titles of the manifestations of the Almighty Spirit and His body, the Apostles understood His SAVING NAME to be JESUS. Can any dare say that the Apostles disobeyed the Lord, or failed to baptize properly? THE NAME OF THE FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST IS LORD JESUS CHRIST. The actions of the Apostles in the Book of Acts prove this to be true…
    according to History
    BRITANICA ENCYCLO. – The baptismal formula was changed from the name of Jesus Christ to the words Father, Son & Holy Ghost by Catholic Church in the second century. 11th Edition, Vol 3, page 365-366.
    BRITANICA ENCYCLO. – Everywhere in the oldest sources, it states that baptism took place in the name of Jesus Christ.Vol. 3, page 82.
    CANNEY ENCYCLO. OF REL. – The early church always baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus until the development of Trinity Doctrine in 2nd century. Page 53.
    CATHOLIC ENCYCLO. – Here the Catholics acknowledged that baptism was changed by the Catholic Church. Vol. 2, Page 263.
    HASTINGS ENCYCLO. OF REL. – Christian Baptism was administered using the words, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS."Vol. 2, Page 377.
    The use of a Trinitarian formula of any sort was not suggested in early Church History. Vol. 2, Page 378.
    Baptism was always in name of the Lord Jesus until time of Justin Martyr when Triune formula used. Vol. 2, Page 389.
    CATHOLIC ENCYCLO. – Justin Martyr was one of the early Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church. Vol. 8
    HASTINGS ENCYCLO. OF REL. – Name was an ancient synonym for "person." The payment was always made in the name of some person referring to ownership. Therefore one being baptized in Jesus name became his personal property. "Ye are Christs." Vol. 2, Page 377 on Acts 2:38.
    NEW INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLO. – The term "Trinity" was originated by Tertullian. A Roman Catholic Church Father.Vol. 22, Page 477.

    Don't listen to this smooth-talking seducer, read your bible.

  33. Mary was without sin? Was she immaculately conceived also? Then Mary's mother had to be sinless too.. The bible says "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" THERE IS ONE MEDIATOR.

    I'm very loyal to Jesus, I walk very close to him, adoration, mass, confession, volunteering at church. Q: when in a dark time and not hearing His voice or getting direction. What else can one do to find Him again?

  35. #askfrmike Do angels have free will and if not how could Lucifer fall by choosing to be disobedient? My husband says that God used Lucifer, his highest angel, as a willing pawn in order to give mankind free will so that we could become willing servants and lovers of God instead of slaves to God with no choice but to love and obey. I'm so confused now. I suppose as long as one loves God and makes him Lord of your heart and life and gives their soul to Jesus that's the most important thing but 🤷 I'm a "details" kind of person

  36. It amazes me that catholics are so ignorant, that they believe the "church" of the God of Abraham & Moses, is the hethen roman catholic church?

  37. Regarding the first theme about Lucifer's replacement… Is it safe to say that it is St Michael Archangel replacing him, since it is the Archangel that is depicted fighting the devil? 🤔 The Virgin Mary is the perfect creature of God, the devil is no match for her as she is queen of angels and of heaven and earth.

  38. #askfrmike

    Why does Jesus have to be present in the Eucharist? What can’t it be a symbol for Him?

  39. Father Mike if is a born again child of God. and born. pentecostal ,but they want to be Catholic why do they have take classes first to convert to being Catholic ?and why can't we take communion at mass if we are already God's children and fully already know that when you take communion that it actually Jesus Christ body and blood that you your taken

  40. Sabbath is on the 7th day. Saturday but Catholics changed it. They changed a commandment who gave them that authority? God made holy the 7th day and men changed it because they know better?

  41. AskFr.mike# How does God Choose who will be come Special Needs parents? My daughter has special needs.

  42. At what age is it ok for kids to be baptized? Meaning is the age of accountability the same for everyone or earlier/later depending on each individual?

  43. Thank you so much, Fr. Mike, for all of your videos! Your advice really helped me to gain more knowledge about living the holy life God has called me to live. They have revealed much light on the dark areas of my life and lifted me higher. May God bless you abundantly in all that you do!!!

  44. Do you know any effective, short, witty remarks you can make after someone says the Lord's name in vain (e.g. Oh my G-d) to teach them that God's name is a BIG deal and should be treated with utmost reverence and to make sure they desire not to do it again?


  45. #askfrmike
    Can I become Catholic if I believe that Christ died on Wednesday not Friday? It seems very clear that there are not three days and three nights between Friday evening and Sunday morning after all.

  46. #askfrmike. I work and manage people at a manufacturing facility that works 24/7. We are 24/7 because the product we are making requires it. We are a pharmaceutical company making life changing and life saving therapies. We work our schedules that gives people every other weekend off and weekdays off in between. How do I manage allowing the sabbath condition in this case

    I'm going through a bad phase in a relationship. He's been acting up hurting me etc…I've tried to leave multiple times but failed. Something in me tells me to keep fighting but it's exhausting. I don't want to let go but the situation is painful. What should I do?

  48. #askfrmike Why did Jesus say he only came for the children of Israel and call the Canaanite woman a dog? Everything that talks about his message being for the whole world comes from Paul and people who hadn't even met him. Why couldn't Jesus be more clear about that if he really did come for the whole world?

  49. Michael, I come in peace and with no disrespect but Lucifer's created equal is not Mary….but Arch Angel Michael, please read Revelation 12:7-9

     Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 

    8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 

    9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

    God Bless and hope you keep seeking His Face, Righteousness and Kingdom daily….

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