Around the Canal Saint-Martin

Around the Canal Saint-Martin

There’s a tiny pleasure harbor in Paris, just south of the Bastille. You can see the July Column at the Bastille in the background here. The harbor leads to the Canal Saint-Martin, via a tunnel to the north. There’s a park on the east side. The park is peaceful and scenic, and very popular with Parisians. There’s a small, mostly outdoor restaurant in the park. This was at lunchtime, so there was quite a crowd. The spooky tunnel in the background is the Canal Saint Martin. On the ground above is held one of Paris’ largest open markets. It runs on Thursdays and Sundays (this was a Thursday). The market is mostly food, but clothing and other goods are sold as well. One of the merchants is saying that his products are seen on TV. The Canal Saint-Martin actually runs beneath us here, in a tunnel. It comes out into the open a bit further north. Fresh fish is on sale, too, kept cold on beds of shaved ice. By the way, one does not barter or haggle in France, even here. Merchats chat and sometimes call out their prices. But the price you pay is marked, and there’s no negotiating. As you can see, there’s clothing and other goods besides food. Tomatoes from Spain at $1.62/lb. Cherry tomatoes at $13.32/lb. This was after noon, so some merchants are already cleaning up. These markets open early in the morning, and finish by 2 PM or so. “Here you are, just one euro,” is roughly what he’s saying. Fresh “organic” eggs, whatever that means (usually it means expensive). Produce here is even fresher than in French supermarkets. And French supermarkets have fresher produce than American supermarkets. More clothing on the right, followed by, hmm, I think cheese. This vent allows sun and air into the canal beneath us. And the area at street level is a pleasant little parkway. The canal returns to the open air at the Temple locks. Many barges still pass through here each day. This is a bridge that swings out of the way for boats. You can see the gap in the bridge pavement where it turns. This is looking the other way towards the canal tunnel opening. It’s not a big canal, but it’s pretty, and not too noisy. Another swinging bridge. I like bridges and locks, can you tell? This little park is across the street from that bridge. A hospital here did some pioneering work on TB, many years ago. Some people are lucky enough to have money AND free time (not me). A singing guy with a guitar and a woman with castanets are on my right. Some people like to fish. I don’t know if they catch anything. Here’s a canal excursion boat going through the Écluses des Morts. These locks are named the “Locks of the Dead” for historical reasons. There used to be a cemetery and royal gallows not far from here. And now the boat can continue on its way. I love to watch these locks! Line 2 of the Métro passes over the canal a bit further north. And just north of that is this artificial lake. Today it has movie theaters and restaurants around it. As well as some companies that do tours of the canal by boat. This is the upper terrace of one of the restaurants. This is one of the original buildings around the lake. This vertical drawbridge, the Pont de Flandre, was built in 1885. It is still operated many times each day. All done! Thank you for watching my video.

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  1. Trop jaloux. J'adore le canal St Martin et le marche' de Bastille. Belle video et belle meteo ce jour la.

  2. Merci.
    Je ne peux pas venir en France cette année, mais je suis là devant l'ordi, buvant un verre de rosé et faisant semblant.

  3. I'm sure many people tell you this – but you do a great job on your videos and they are very enjoyable to watch. Thank You.

  4. Thank you ! My sister inhabits Paris, rue Riquet, and when i visited her we went for walks along the canal.. you have just taken me there again, merci !

  5. I like how they shout out prices! Didn't know sellers still do it! Great video, it's a real shame you seem to stop making more…

  6. i think you are gone – but your videos are great – and the canal st martin is one of my favorite parts of Paris

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