Armin van Buuren feat. Sam Martin – Wild Wild Son (Official Music Video)

Armin van Buuren feat. Sam Martin – Wild Wild Son (Official Music Video)

Hello son you’re ready to come into the air We can’t wait to hold you and rock you to sleep in your rocking chair Before you know it you’ll be standing Crashing round the house like bandits all day You can’t get into too much trouble Nothing’s going stop me from loving you always My Wild Wild Son run free You’ll know it when you’re where you’re supposed to be My Wild Wild Son run free You’ll know it when you’re living out your dream Someday when you leave the house and the open road calls Just know your heart won’t lie to you if you learn to listen close When you meet your queen go get her
Make sure she knows you’ll love her always Before you know it your own child’s standing
You can crash around with them like bandits all day My Wild Wild Son run free You’ll know it when you’re where you’re supposed to be My Wild Wild Son run free You’ll know it when you’re living out your dream

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  1. So happy to finally share this one with all of you: WILD WILD SON!

    Many people ask me what songs of myself I'm most proud of. All tracks are my babies, but some tracks I just have more of a connection with, simply because of the time I spent on it or the emotion attached to it. In this case, Wild Wild Son is about Sam Martin’s (then unborn) son. I fell so much in love with 'Wild Wild Son' because I recognize the love I feel for my own son!

    Share your story in the comments 😊

  2. Whenever I listen to this song I feel very emotional. Because I miss my 3 years old son who’s not permitted to be met by my old wife. I wish I’m gonna be able to have a life that you can run free my son…

  3. Reebok13map❤while reading all the reactions after reading about the terrible disease that affected your wife I got tears in my eyes. I think it is great to see that people from all over the world sympathize with other people while you don't even know each other. we all listen to the same music and that makes us 1 big family. lots of strength and lots of love from holland❤

  4. I hear it every day and I can´t find the correct words for the feeling it causes. Thank you Armin and Sam.

  5. I remember the time when Armin was making high quality dance music, not THIS KIND OF CRAP! Who gives a f*** about his son? This song is CRAP!!!

  6. They never show Asian men in their videos. I mean for diversity they could have had a little asian kid. Covers a broad spectrum white-black-yellow

  7. I am going though a divorce that has shattered my self esteem and my sense of self worth… my ex wife did not want to be with me anymore even though I wanted to try to make things work… in addition to that, I feel an incredible sense of guilt towards my two little children… I’ve been listening to this beautiful song a lot and it brings in me so many complex feelings and emotions… both good and bad… but overall it’s very cathartic and helpful…
    Thank you, Armin, for your music…

  8. Armin, If I wrote this song ( with Richard Durand remix 2019 State of Trance version) I would have felt fulfilled in life, and ready to die! Bless you all and your sweet hearts.

  9. Such an amazingly beautiful song and, perhaps, my favorite from you (though…Flashlight catches you off guard so maybe second favorite.)

    I love that the father is teaching his son to shave using a safety razor. I got handed an electric razor when it was time for me to start shaving. Never was taught to shave which…I feel a little disappointed about.

  10. You really have beautiful videos and songs ever in your playlist and I love very much your music dance trance in your mixes I like moments with you on stage so much take care forever be yourself everywhere you go because need you by you always here for me my special friend and my favorite DJ Armin Van Buuren you make me feel better when I'm sad in my life ❤🎶🎧

  11. Muy buen tema Armin!! Siempre me gusto tu música. Te escucho desde que era una niña casi y espero que nos sigas acompañando con tu música por muchos años mas. Saludos desde Argentina!!🇦🇷🇦🇷

  12. I love this song so much, makes me cry every time, my heart just bursts, love my sons, and soon to be born grandson

  13. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Wonderful Song🎧
    Beautifful vídeo🎹
    Armin Van Buuren

    This song is beautiful , touching and emotional …
    My tears are falling and I just can’t stop listening like after your last set at Ultra in Croatia I was crying and crying until I finally fell asleep.
    Thank you Armin ❤️

  15. This song is for my son 😉 he is 1 month now. Always listen to this song during my pregnancy 😉 thank you armin

  16. Мы все-часть твоих гениальных произведений Армин!!!Где есть любовь и бесконечные эмоциии!!!❤❤❤

  17. 1:34 Armin sitting at the piano like me when i was 6 yrs old figuring out how to play that fucking chord 😀 love it!

  18. This song has so much emotion and I don't have a kid of my own and want one someday. This is a beautiful song.

  19. Standarte northern woman… why must be to nigga?? You think this beautiful woman will have a kid with this man?? impossible.

  20. This song awakens emotions in me I didn't even know I had.. Cuz like I'm always running away for that shit lol. It's amazing what music can do with you. That's why I love music so much.♡

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