Are You Practicing a Vain and Empty Religion?

Are You Practicing a Vain and Empty Religion?

(inspiring music) – Saul wrote to his beloved son, Timothy, concerning the adulteration and obfuscation of the true gospel of the
Kingdom that was transpiring back in the first century. And he told Timothy to be very diligent. Be very diligent, study, or
be diligent to show yourself approved under God as a workman
who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Everyone divides the word,
but we only have the true word when it is divided rightly. When there is a right
judgement, a right cutting, a right judgement that is
being made concerning that which is being communicated. We cannot just take a
line here, a line there, point our finger to it, and
say, “Oh, this applies to me, “that applies to me.” No, we have to understand
the Scriptures in the light of to whom it was addressed at
the time it was communicated. One of these examples we
read in our last episode is found in Galatians 1:8. “But though we, or an angel
from heaven, preach any other “gospel” or good news, “unto
you than that which we have “preached unto you, let him be accursed. “As we said before, I also
say again, if any man preach “any other gospel unto
you, then what you have “already received, let him be accursed.” Now, can that be true in
every single situation? That no matter what church pew you sat in, no matter what religious
denomination you were brought up in, you’ve
already received the truth? You already know the
truth and anyone who says anything outside the primers of your particular denomination,
let them be accursed? That is how this verse is
used over and over and over, in every denomination in
the English world today. Well, let’s take a look
at it and see if this is a correct cutting of the Scripture, that this is a correct application. Turn to 1 Corinthians 12:1, which is Saul’s letter, his first letters to the believers in Corinth. In chapter 12, verse 1, we read, “Now concerning spiritual gifts brethren, “I would not have you ignorant.” Now here’s something you wanna mark out. In your King James Version
of the Bible, you’ll notice that the word gifts is in italics. Why? It was added by translators,
and they let you know that they added it, but
all we had to do is go back and look at the original
word, “Now concerning “neumatikos brethren,” neumatikos. This is spiritual matter,
things deriving from, proceeding from, concerning the spirit. “Now concerning spiritual
matters brethren, I would not have you ignorant.” Now, as we go on, we see that
there are spiritual gifts that are addressed, there are
manifestations of the Spirit that are addressed, there
are acts of dividing of gift ministries within
the body of believers that are addressed. All these are spiritual matters,
so it’s important for us to understand that
“concerning spiritual matters, I would not have you to be ignorant.” Now, if the concern is that
we are not to be ignorant, then there has to be instructions. And there also has to be
a possibility that we are ignorant to begin with and
we need this instruction. And then he goes on to
say that, “You know that “you were Gentiles, carried away “to worship these dumb idols,
even as you were lead.” See, we may have been
misled our entire lives. But the Scripture are given to lead us out of that ignorance by doctrine,
by reproof, for correction, which is all instruction in righteousness. It is God’s will that His
people are not ignorant of spiritual matters, that’s why He gives us His instructions. And He also tells us
that we basically believe the way we’re led. We were worshiping dumb
idols because that is exactly how we were led. We inherited the worship of
pagan gods, as Jeremiah says, because that is what we inherited, that is the way that we are led. As a matter of fact, Jeremiah
can shed some further prophetic light on this
very subject if you’ll turn to Jeremiah 16. Jeremiah 16. It says in verse 10, it
says the children of Israel are going to cry out and say, “Why hath the Lord pronounced all this “great evil against us? “What is our iniquity? “What is our sin that we
have committed against “the Lord our God?” Then, then you will say
unto them, Jeremiah, “‘Because your fathers have forsaken Me. “‘Your fathers have forsaken
Me,’ saith the Lord. “They have walked after other
gods, they have served them “and they worshiped them. “They have forsake Me and have “not kept My Torah. “And you have done
worse than your fathers. “Behold, you walked
everyone in the imagination “of your heart, you just make it up. “You just make it up, and
you won’t listen to Me. “Therefore, I will cast
you out of this land, “into a land that you do
not know, that your fathers “have never known. “And there you are going to
serve other gods day and night. “And I will show you no favor.” Then, verse 14. Because this is an entire
prophetic time period. Therefore, therefore, it starts out. What’s the therefore, therefore? Because you will be driven into exile, where you will question the
reason for your predicament, and you’re gonna cry out
and say, “Why has He done “all this to us?” “Behold, the days are going
to come, saith the Lord, “that it shall no more be
said, ‘Yehovah lives that “‘brought the children
of Israel up out of the “‘land of Egypt,’ but they will say, “‘Yehovah lives that brought
up the children of Israel “‘from the land of the
north and from all the lands “‘whither he had driven them.’ “And I will bring them
again into their land “that I gave unto their fathers. “Behold, I will send “forth many fishers, says the Lord. “And they will fish them out. “And after them, I will send many hunters, “and they shall hunt
them from every mountain, “from every hill, and out of
all the holes of the rocks. “For My eyes are upon all their ways. “They are not hid from My
face, neither is their iniquity “hid from My eyes. “And first, I will
recompense their iniquity, “and I will double their
sin, because they have “defiled My land, they have “filled My inheritance, My land, “with the carcass of their detestable “and abominable things.” See, God’s testimony is that
the entire nation of Israel had grown so bereft of the
truth, that their offspring had been raised with
another gospel already. And any reversal, repentance
of that perversion is good. It’s not a curse. He says that He is going
to disseminate them, to the ends of the earth. And there, they are going
to question their reality. They’re gonna cry out and
say, “Why has this happened?” And then, the Almighty is going
to do such a miraculous act that will make the crossing of the Red Sea pale by comparison because He
is going to, against all odds, bring Israel back into the
lands in the last days. As Isaiah said, “A nation
will be born at once.” The seventh Sabbath of
the counting of the Omer, according to the Creator’s
prophetic calendar. Israel becomes a nation in one day, fulfilling that ancient prophesy. And when they come into the land, it says now in verse 19, “Oh Lord, my strength and “my fortress and refuge “in the day of affliction, “the Gentiles shall come unto thee, ” Israel, when they’re gathered
back into their own land, “The Gentiles shall
come unto thee from the “ends of the earth, and
the Gentiles shall say, “‘Surely our fathers have inherited lies, “‘they’ve inherited
vanity,'” empty religion, “‘and they’ve inherited things
wherein there is no profit.'” All Scriptures given by
the inspiration of God in his prophet. Well but, what they have
been given is religion that does not profit them. “Shall a man make gods unto
himself that are no gods?” And yes. Here, the Gentiles
prophesied to come into the land of Israel in the last
days, in the days of affliction, the time of tribulation. At the time that Israel
who had been scattered over the face of the earth,
had been brought back into their own land after more
than a millennium of exile. The Gentiles will hear the
truth, and will cry out in repentance for the
abominations they inherited from their forefathers,
just as Israel inherited abominations from their
forefathers and had gone away. And when the Gentiles understand,
that they have inherited the worship of pagan gods,
when they recognize that their religion is empty,
the gospel, if you please, the reality in which they
were raised is not the truth, but an adaptation of
Babylonian sun god worship, they will repent, they will turn around. This prophesy is today. This is what Peter spoke
of in the first century as being established in the present truth. It is the truth that is
directly applicable to this present time. It is a prophetic word, a
prophetic reality, that is being delivered right now
before your eyes and that will determine your eternal destiny. The fact of the matter
is, we have inherited lies that were taught to us as truth. I was taught from long
before I could read that the King James Version of
the Bible was the inerrant, infallible Word of God. My copy’s now more than 43 years old. I was taught that this inerrant, infallible Word of God, which is the 1769 edition
of the second edition of the 1611 King James of the English version of the Bible. And I was taught that
every word was inspired. But by the second grade, I
could read the King James and I saw that there was a problem. Jesus, as I read, said
that there was going to be one sign and only one sign
that he was the Christ, the Messiah. It was the sign of the prophet Jonah. Only one sign. He repeated that statement,
and I had read it in every gospel record. It says, “Just as Jonah was
three days and three nights “in the belly of the whale,
he would be three days “and three nights in
the heart of the earth,” and then further on it says
that, “He will be raised “on the third day.” So on our way out of
church on Easter Sunday, we paused at the door to
shake hands with the preacher, and I asked the question. “Pastor, how did he get
three days and three nights “between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?” His answer was unacceptable
for even a second grader. But, we left the church, went
home to feast on a big ham, topped with canned pineapple rings and a formaldehyde-embalmed maraschino cherry. It would be another 10 years
before I even understood why we were eating ham on that day. Another 10 years of reading
the King James Version of the Bible and memorizing
hundreds of scripture. There came a point that
I discovered that history was not just boring dates and facts. History was the key to unlocking
the mysteries in the Bible. In reading the Torah, the
Nevi’im, the Prophets, and the Ketuvim, the Other
Writings, was the key to even understanding the New Testament. In the tenth chapter of Genesis,
we read the only accurate anthropological record of
the genesis of nations. It’s one of the great-grandsons of Noah, his name was Nimrod, who
according to Genesis 10:8, began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a great hunter,
al-panai, or in the face, in the face, or against the Lord. “Wherefore it is said”, in this verse, “even as Nimrod the mighty hunter,” who caught men to enslave
them, “he was a mighty hunter “in the face of, against the Lord. “And the beginning of
his kingdom was Babel, “and Erech, and Accad, and
Calneh, in the land of Shinar. “And out of that land went forth Asshur.” Now Asshur went forth after
the confusion of languages and Asshur built Nineveh, which is the house of Ninus, which is the house of Nimrod. And the city of Rehoboth
and Calneh in Assyria. Asshur built Assyria, that
is why all of the emperors of Assyria, their names start with Asshur, Asshur Ben, et cetera. It says that the beginning
of Nimrod’s kingdom, this Nimrod, who was a mighty hunter, who caught and enslaved men, he was in the face of the Almighty, he was against the Almighty. The beginning of his kingdom was in Babel. Nimrod had a political,
economic, and religious one-world government. The novus ordo seclorum of
his day, in which he was the unchallengeable executive. He was worshiped as a god. Until, as the story goes,
Shem, the Melchizedek, Shem, killed Nimrod, cut
his body into little pieces and spread it throughout
the land of Shinar, which should have effectively
ended the worship of Nimrod. But his wife, Semiramis, not
willing to let this kingdom slip through her fingers
so easily, said that Nimrod didn’t really die, he is
ascended up into heaven and is become the sun. And so, it was Semiramis
who then assigned the priest to develop the entire
religious system, in which they divided the year into the four quadrants: the winter solstice, the
shortest day of the year, the summer solstice, the
longest day of the year, the vernal and autumnal
equinoxes, the days in the year of equal daylight and equal darkness. ♫ Winter solstice, summer solstice ♫ Vernal and autumnal equinox ♫ Amen Then said that Nimrod
has become the sun god and was worshiped by all of the confused languages
of Babylon in the end. But before the languages were
confused, what transpired is that Semiramis became pregnant, but not in a way that
you might suspect, no. According to Babylonian
sun god worship tradition, Semiramis becomes pregnant
by the rays of the sun impregnating her and she
then delivers, brings forth the reincarnated Nimrod at the
time of the winter solstice, December 25th on the
ancient Babylonian calendar, before the procession of the equinoxes. That is when little baby Tammuz was born. Oh, little baby Tammuz,
now we got our connection with the Scriptures. In Ezekiel 8, it talked
about these abominations that were going on in the temple
that the priest had their back to the temple, they
were facing the east, worshiping the sun. And the Almighty told
Ezekiel, “Wait just a minute, “I’m going to show you even
a greater abomination.” There were women in the
temple weeping for Tammuz. Now why are these women
weeping for Tammuz? This is the reincarnated
Nimrod, the sun god born on December 25, why
are they weeping for Tammuz? Well, it turns out in the
40th year of Tammuz’ life, that Tammuz was killed in
a freak hunting accident when he was out hunting wild hogs. Gored to death by a wild hog. And so, they set aside 40
days of weeping for Tammuz, which eventually were
put to be 40 days before his mother, Semiramis,
who later, what happened, Semiramis died, eventually. And as Babylonian sun god
worship tells us, that Semiramis ascended into the heavens and
was named the queen of heaven by the gods and sent back to
the earth on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox,
the day in the spring of equal daylight and equal
darkness, on the first Sunday when the sun god was worshiped. And she was sent back
to earth in a giant egg, which plummeted into the Euphrates River. The egg broke open, and
out emerged Semiramis, reincarnated as the bare-breasted
goddess of fertility and sexual desire, Easter, who turned a bird into
an egg-laying rabbit, to proclaim her divinity. Then, what they did is
then took the 40 days of weeping for Tammuz,
in which the worshipers of the sun god would deny
themselves of pleasure in this life for the pleasure
of Tammuz in his afterlife. And so, the day before the 40 days start, that is when they would have a… Sex orgy. In America, down in New Orleans,
they call this Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday at this point. Then after this orgy, they
would deny themselves, 40 days of fasting for
Tammuz, and then, culminating, when his mother, Semiramis
was reincarnated as Easter. Then they would sacrifice a
wild boar that killed Tammuz and eat ham on Easter Sunday morning. I had to dig pretty deep in
the Scriptures and in history to find out why we were
going home and eating ham on Easter Sunday. The Scripture tells us, “Have
no other gods al-panai,” in My face, just as Nimrod
was al-panai, in the face of the Almighty, against the Almighty. “Have no other gods in My face.” Do not even name the names of pagan gods. But yet, here in the
western world, we are raised in a culture in which every
day of the week is named after a different pagan god. Every month of the year, January through August, named
after a different pagan god. Or… An emperor of Rome who became a god. It’s only September,
October, November, December that even hearkened back
to the original biblical numbering of months. September means seventh, October, eighth, November, novus, ninth,
December, deca, tenth. Even though December is the 12th month on the pagan calendar,
it still retains the name and number of 10 because
it’s the ancient biblical calendar, the 10th month. But we have been raised in a
world that Jeremiah prophesied. He said that Gentiles
would come into Israel from the ends of the earth,
and they would cry out in repentance for the
abominations that they inherited. We’re going to continue reading. Ah, here we are, here we are. Verse 21. Therefore, therefore, again. Why is it therefore, therefore? “Therefore, because the
Gentiles cry out in repentance “for their inherited abominations, “behold I, Almighty God, will this once, “cause them, the Gentiles to
know,” literally to understand, “I will cause them to know by experience, “My hand and My might. “And they,” the Gentiles,
“shall know that My name “is the Lord.” Wait just a minute! The Lord is not a name, it’s a title. In Hebrew, it says, YHWH, the name of the Lord. But following a tradition that developed in the second century, the name was forbidden to
be spoken, because an edict of Rome and then the rabbis
further made a takkanah, they made a law which changed
biblical law in order to save the lives of the
Jewish people who were not obeying Rome and who were
being executed because they were still declaring
the name in the streets, and after the execution
of a beloved rabbi who was declaring the name of
Yehovah in the streets, into Galilee. The Roman soldiers wrapped
him in a Torah scroll, put wet cotton in it, and
lit it, and tortured him, and incinerated him to
death in the streets. And that was the point
that the rabbis said, “Okay, we must preserve life. “Rome is forbidding us
from speaking the name, “but we are going to make
takkanah, we’re gonna make a law “which changed biblical
law to preserve life.” They did it for a good
reason, but they said, “From now on, no one is
allowed to speak the name “as it is written. “They then would speak
Adonai, instead of Yehovah. “And so, the people will
then obey us instead of “obeying Rome, and obeying
us is we want them to do, “obey us. “So we’re going to make the declaration “no one speaks the name.” So that’s why you see
in your English version of the Bible, every time the name Yehovah, YHWH, appears in the
original text, it is encoded behind the LORD, with all capital letters. Capital L, capital O,
capital R, and capital D. Or when it says the LORD and then GOD in all capital letters, then
it is Adonai Yehovah. Any time it is all capitals,
it is representative that in the Hebrew language, in the Scriptures, that were given by
inspiration of God, those are profitable for doctrine,
reproof, correction, for instruction righteousness,
that the name appears more than 6,828 times in your Bible. So that when your English version says, “Praise the name to the
Lord,” you might say, “I would like to praise
Him, what is his name?” In Hebrew it says, “Praise
the name of Yehovah.” When in the English version,
it says, “All those who call “upon the name of the Lord
shall be saved,” you say, “Well, I’d like to be
saved, what’s his name?” Well, in the Hebrew it says,
“All those who call upon “the name of Yehovah shall be saved.” The rabbis taught their
students every seven years how the name was to be
pronounced, even though it was forbidden to be openly pronounced. They did not want it to be lost. But when the vowel pointings
were put in the Torah and in The Prophets by the
Masoretes, when they put the vowel pointings in, they only put two vowel pointings for YHWH, making it unpronounceable. But the scribes knew how
it was to be pronounced. And in the three major texts, the Aleppo Codex, the Leningrad Codex, and in the book of the Prophets the scribes made a mistake, twice, in each one of those
documents in which they put all three vowel pointings in. Until those three vowel
pointings were found, it was unpronounceable, no
one knew how to pronounce it. They are not, as many say, the
vowel pointings for Adonai. That is not correct, it’s not true. Those three vowel pointings
let us know that regardless of the fact that I’ve
pronounced it Yah-weh at least a million times in my life,
yet once the evidence came out and the documents came forth, then we knew how it was to be pronounced. Yo-hey-vah-hey, with the
vowel pointings, Yehovah. And that is why Yeshua said,
if you are given the truth, and you obey the truth, more
truth will be given to you. But if you don’t obey
the truth that you have, even that truth will
be taken away from you. The truth, the truth in this generation, this present truth, is that
Israel has indeed come back into the land, in these days. Israel became a nation in one day. This is such a miracle that
after nearly 2,000 years, that Israel being brought
back into the land and that the Gentiles are
coming into Israel from the ends of the earth and
they are recognizing that they have inherited lies
from their forefathers. That they have inherited
Babylonian sun god worship in all their major festivals. Christmas, is Babylonian sun god worship, nothing to do with the birth of Yeshua. Yeshua was born on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles,
when the Word was made flesh and tabernacled among us. Easter, Easter is the name
of the bare-breasted goddess of fertility, it has
nothing to do with the resurrection of Yeshua. Yeshua was crucified at
Passover, when the Passover lambs were sacrificed. He was raised, and then
presented the firstfruits, when those who are in the grave, came forth out of the grave. When He arose, they arose
and appeared to many in the streets of Jerusalem. And Yeshua then presented
the firstfruits before the throne in heaven as the
Kohen Ha-gadol forever, the High Priest forever. His first official act in
His resurrection was acting in the role of the high
priest in then presenting the firstfruits before the
Father’s throne in heaven. Ladies and gentleman,
these prophesies are now coming to pass that we understand,
the Gentiles understand, and Israel understands,
that we have all inherited lies from our forefathers. We are to come back to the
Torah of which no one is allowed to add one single
commandment, or subtract one single commandment. We are to listen to the Prophet, we must shema Him, we must hear and obey. And if we will just admit that we have inherited a lie, if we will cry out in
repentance, the Almighty promises that this once, He will
reveal His hand, His might, and His strength to the Gentiles. And they will know that
His name is Yehovah. (inspirational orchestral music) After Yeshua’s mikveh, His baptism by Yochanan Ben-Zechariah. It tells us in the fourth
chapter of Matthew, verse one. “Then Yeshua was led up by
the Spirit into the wilderness “to be tempted of the devil. “And when He had fasted
40 days and 40 nights, “He was afterward hungry. “And then the tempter
came to Him and said, “‘If You are the Son of God,
command that these stones “‘are made bread.’ “And He answered and said,
‘It is written, man shall not “‘live by bread alone, but
by every word that proceeds “‘out of the mouth of God.'” Yeshua’s under the strictest
of orders that were originally articulated by
Moses in the 18th chapter of Deuteronomy. Moses was given direct
revelation from the throne room of heaven that there would
be another prophet who would come in the future to correct
the error that men would introduce into the household of Israel. We were all given the order
that no one was ever allowed to add to or diminish any commandments that we received from
the mountain in Sinai. Yet, Moses told us that
we would indeed veer from that straight and narrow
path, and that the Almighty was going to send the
Prophet that we were absolute required to shema, to hear and obey. That Prophet would only do and say what He hears from heaven. And even though Yeshua was
hungry, and though He could have commanded a stone to
become bread, He did not hear that authorization from heaven. He said that “Man shall
live by every word that “proceeds out of the mouth of God.” We do need food for our physical bodies, without which, we would
become weak, anemic. We would eventually die. A man’s soul also needs
nourishment, or we become weak and unable to function
with any real spiritual abundance in our lives. When we neglect the Word
of God, we become anemic, we become weak, and we
begin to wither spiritually. The reason that the Word
of God is neglected is that it is not understood when it is read. We’ve not been taught
how to read the Bible. It’s a foreign book, it was
written in a foreign language to a foreign culture long ago
in a country far, far, away. The ignorant and uneducated
believe whatever their society tells them to believe. “The Bible was invented by man. “The Bible is too hard to read.” Our religious leaders
tell us that the Bible can only be understood by professionals, and that we must obey the
historic interpretation of our particular denomination. Ladies and gentlemen, these
things are just not so. When have we been taught about revelation? When have we been taught
how we receive the Word? Who’s taught us figures of speech? Who has taught us the principles
by which the Scriptures interpret themselves so that
we do not let loose our own idiocy when we come to the Bible? As I’m often saying, most
people use the Scriptures the way a drunk uses a
lamppost, for support rather than for illumination. People pick out the verses,
the number of Psalm bites that support what they want
to believe and they ignore all the other Scripture that
contradict their conclusions. They pretend they don’t even exist. Others use the Bible
like a daily horoscope. By opening a page, blindly placing a finger upon the passage for the day, and reading their passage
from God, let’s try it here. Okay, ah. “And Judas went out and hanged himself.” Ew, I don’t like that. Try another one. “Go and do thou likewise.” I don’t like that one. “What thou doest, do quickly.” We’re going to come to the
Word and we’re going to let the Word speak in
its original context. We are not going to
play biblical roulette. We are not going to ignore the things that contradict what we already
believe or what our denomination has already taught us. We are going to go again to 2 Peter. Again, these are his, for the
most part, his dying words. This is his last address,
and they are to be remembered and that is why we have
them in our hands today, because these are words
that are going to help us shine a light into the darkness. 2 Peter 1:2. “Grace and peace be
multiplied unto you through “the knowledge of God and
of Jesus, Yeshua, our Lord. “According as His divine
power hath given unto us, “all things that pertain
unto life and godliness, “through the knowledge
of Him who hath called us “to glory and virtue. “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great “and precious promises,
that by these, ye might be “partakers of the divine nature.” If we want the divine
empowerment to live a life of true abundance, if
we want true peace to be multiplied to us, we must
understand that it comes to us only through the knowledge
of God and Yeshua. And that knowledge can
only come from one place, the Word of God and our obedience to it. The great and precious
promises in His Word have nothing to do with
material abundance. In fact, if you seek material
abundance rather than being a partaker of His
divine nature, you will be stripped of both peace in
your life and the power to live an abundant life. Many people who make up their
own image of God use grace that it refers to here, as a license to do whatever they want to. And if grace is multiplied,
they think that they’ve got just unlimited freedom, they
just throw it all to the wind. But the Scriptures define
grace, both what it is and what it is not. The redefinition of grace
outside of the Scriptures was epidemic even in the first century. Both Titus and Jude had to
deal with the grace perversion. Let’s take a look at Titus 2. And we go to Titus 2,
chapter 2, Titus 2:11. “The grace of God that
brings salvation has become “clearly evident to all men. “Teaching us,” you know speaking
of, that grace teaches us “that we should deny
ungodliness and worldly lust, “and that we should live
soberly, righteously, and godly “in this present world.” I might say this present
evil and corrupt world. This is the substance of grace. It is divine empowerment to
do the otherwise impossible. To live a holy and righteous
and godly life in the middle of a sick, twisted, and reverse world. Grace is not permission
to violate or disobey the instructions of our Creator. This is the antithesis of what grace is. Jude had to deal with this
very thing with the false prophets with the filthy, money-grubbing, preachers of his day. In Jude 1. In verse 3, we read. “Beloved, when I gave all
diligence to write to you, “concerning the common salvation.” Now the word common is koinos. It is defiled. It is a defiled message
of salvation that he’s writing to them about,
because, and we’re gonna see it clearly, it fully articulates this, he had to give particular
diligence to write unto them concerning the defiled
message of salvation. “It was needful for me to
write you and exhort you “that you should earnestly
contend,” fight for, “the faith which was once
delivered to the saints. “For because there are
certain men who have crept in, “and we were completely unaware of them, “who were before of old,
ordained to this condemnation,” this judgement. “They are ungodly men,” they are evil, “who twist the grace of our
God into lasciviousness.” They have twisted, they
tortured, the word grace and turned it into license. “And they denied the only Lord God “and our Lord Jesus Christ.” And what it’s talking about
here, this is an issue of Lordship, obedience to the Master. They deny the Lord, the
Master God, that we obey Him and our Lord Yeshua Messiah. This is what is spoke
of in Romans 10:9-10. This is the word of
faith that we preached. “That if thou shalt confess
with thy mouth the Lord Yeshua.” Not the fire escape from hell, Not the… Not the one that you know,
“You just accept Jesus, just accept Him as your Savior,” no. You confess Him as Lord. In other words, “I will
do what He says to do. “I will shema, I will
hear and obey because “He is the Prophet,” okay? “If you’ll confess your
mouth, the Lord Yeshua, “and believe in your
heart,” God that is raised “from dead, thall shalt be saved,” so is the saying, “Thou shalt,
in the future, be saved.” It’s an issue of Lordship,
it is not an issue of “Oh, I accept You and now
I give the gospel of John “a pat on the rear end
and I can go my way, “because I’m under grace,
I can do whatever I want.” No, evil men have turned
grace into license. Today, the word grace has
found a new definition in society because it was redefined in modern day Churchianity. You’ve heard the expression,
“I need a little grace “in this situation.” Probably referring to glossing
over a major infraction that cannot be rectified
by the individual. “I need a little grace.” But, the use of the word
grace isn’t accurate here. It would be better
articulated as the word mercy because mercy is withheld,
merited judgement. Such as when a guilty party
throws themselves on the mercy of the court, hoping for leniency. He deserves the judgement that he gets, but he’s saying, please. He throws himself, and it
is up to the court whether they are going to give him any leniency. That’s mercy. However, grace is
technically and biblically unmerited favor which comes from God. It is divine favor that empowers. We go back to the very first
usage of the word grace in the Scriptures entered
as in Genesis 6:7. This is just before the Flood. Just before the Flood,
and in verse 7 it says, “That the Lord said, ‘I will
destroy man, whom I have “‘created from the face of the earth. “‘I will destroy both man
and beast, and the creeping “‘things and the fowls of the air. “‘I repent for having made them.'” In verse 8, “But,” in
contrast, on the other hand, “Noah found grace in
the eyes of the Lord.” The eyes of the Lord, of
course a figure of speech, direct b’nai adam. But Noah found grace. It is the word chen in Hebrew. Both words that are translated
grace, chen and chesed, those Hebrew words for
grace appear far more in the Torah and the Prophets,
than the Greek equivalent charis appears in the
Gospels and Epistles. But even though the word
grace appears more in the Torah and the Prophets than
it does in the Epistles, that cannot be construed to
indicate that grace ended on the day of Pentecost and license to violate the Torah began. No, far from it. Grace empowers us to live
a life separated from the lusts and perversions of this world. But that grace can only
be multiplied to us according to our obedience to God and our Lord Yeshua Messiah. The Almighty may withhold
judgement we deserve, which is mercy, but He is
under no obligation to do so. You cannot demand it. Especially if we continue
to violate His commandments. We’re not under grace, we’re under mercy, when we are in violation
of the commandments of Almighty God. When we confess our
sin, He may extend mercy and forgive us our sin, and cleans us from all unrighteousness. We know that He is a loving God. We know that mercy is His middle name. We know that He wants to
extend mercy but that does not give us the permission to
violate His commandments. When the Almighty multiplies
grace to us, we receive His divine power to be more than
conquerors in every situation, even unto death. In Romans 8:36 we read, please turn there. Romans 8 and in verse 36. “As it was written, “for thy sake we are
killed all the day long, “we’re accounted as
sheep for the slaughter.” No, no! Now is this verse true, “As it is written, “for thy sake we are
killed all the day long, “we’re accounted as
sheep for the slaughter”? That verse is true,
however, Saul is quoting it, and he is disagreeing
with it in this context. He says, in tribulation, in
distress, in persecution, in famine, in nakedness,
in peril or sword, we are more than conquerors. We are hupernikao. We are super conquerors
through Him that loved us. We are super conquerors
through the knowledge of Him who has called us to glory and virtue. And that knowledge comes from His Word. In Psalm 119, in the 162nd verse, we read, “I rejoiced at Thy Word, as
one that finds great spoil.” Do we rejoice at His Word? Do we consider it’s like a great spoil? In Psalm 119:1, “Blessed are the undefiled in
the way, who walk in the law,” in the Torah, “of the Lord.” If you walked in the Torah,
the commandments of the Lord, You are undefiled and you are blessed. This is the testimony of the Word. In the fourth verse of Psalm 119. “Thou hast commanded us to
keep Thy precepts diligently.” He’s commanded us and that’s what we do. His precepts, His
commandments, we keep them and we do it with diligence. Spoudazo, we study, we earnestly contend. Verse 6. “Then I shall not be
ashamed, when I have respect “unto all Thy commandments.” When we have respect to the
commandments of the Almighty, we will be workmen who are not ashamed, because we are rightly
dividing the word of truth. We are not selecting a verse
here and a verse there, to make up our own religion. Psalm 119:11. “Thy Word I have hid in my heart, “That I might not sin against Thee.” Why? Because sin is a violation of the Torah. This is what John, a writer of
the Gospel of John tells us. In the 18th verse, “Open my eyes, that I may
behold wondrous things “out of Your Torah.” You know that there are
wondrous things in his Torah? Wondrous things, the words
to rule and govern life, His instructions. The 34th verse. “Give me understanding and
I shall keep Thy Torah. “Yea, I shall observe
it with my whole heart.” If we have understanding, we will want it. That Torah will not only
be written on our heart, we will just drink it in. Our whole heart will be desirous of it. We will keep it, everything
that we possibly can. In the 55th verse. “I have remembered Thy name,
O Yehovah, in the night, “and have kept Your Torah.” Now even the Gentiles in
this day and age can say, “Now that Israel’s entered
back into the land, “now that the covering
has come off the name, “now we understand that
the name was covered up “in order to preserve life
at a particular point in time “when Rome dominated and
was butchering people “on the streets, but
we’re no longer under the “thumb of Rome.” We are super conquerors. We are not under their authority. We are under the authority
from the King of Heaven, and Yehovah is His name. I have remembered Your name
and I have kept Your Torah. In the 72nd verse. “The Torah from my mouth,” excuse me “The Torah from Thy mouth
is better unto me than “thousands of gold and silver.” Can we honestly say that? Verse 97. “Oh how I love Thy Torah! “It is my meditation all the day.” Psalm 119:165. “Great peace have they
which love Thy Torah. “Nothing shall offend them.” “Nothing shall ensnare them,”
as it says in the original. Psalm 1:1-2. “Blessed is the man that
walks not in the counsel “of the ungodly, nor stands
in the way of sinners, “nor sits in the seat of the scornful. “But his delight is in
the Torah of Yehovah. “And in His Torah does he
meditate day and night.” Psalm 19:7-10. “The Torah of Yehovah is
perfect, converting the soul.” It’s perfect. “The testimony of the Lord is sure. “It makes wise the simpleminded. “The statutes of Yehovah are
right, they rejoice the heart. “The commandments of
Yehovah, they’re pure, “enlightening the eyes. “The fear of Yehovah is
clean, it endures forever. “The judgements of Yehovah are true “and righteous altogether. “More to be desired are Your
Torah, Your testimonies, “Your statutes, and Your
commandments, than gold. “Yes, more desired are
they than much fine gold, “they are sweeter also than
honey and the honeycomb.” Isaiah prophesied and said,
“If they speak not according “to Thy Word, which attest to the Torah “and to the testimony,
it is because there is “no light in them.” He is exposing the false prophets. That if they do not agree with the Torah, with the testimony that the
Almighty has already put down, there is no light in them. Throughout history, there’s
been an observed psychological reaction when some people
hear the word Torah. They have a pronounced and
sometimes violent reaction. Why? Saul discusses this disturbing
psychological phenomena in his letter to the believers
in the pagan capital of Rome. In Romans 8:7-9, this is why we read. And Saul is speaking here. “It is because the carnal mind,”
the natural state of mind, which has not receive
the love of the truth, the carnal mind, the natural
mind, “has enmity against God.” It is literally the enemy of God. “It refuses to be subject
to the Torah of God, “it is impossible.” It’s impossible, it’s impossible for them to think outside of their little box. They have enmity against the Torah. “So then they that are in
the flesh cannot please God.” But he says, “But you
are not in the flesh. “If it is true, if it is
true, that the Spirit of God “dwells in you. “But if any man does not
have the Spirit of Messiah, “he is none of His.” He is an extra on the set of life, a warm body dead background
to the real story which you are a part. Conversely, those who have
the Spirit of Messiah in them, love the Torah. It is written on their
hearts and they desire to meditate in the Torah day and night, just as John did. John, the author of the Gospel of John and the book of Revelation,
in his epistle states clearly. “This is how we know
that we really know Him. “If we keep His commandments.” This is a litmus test. This is the fruit, inspect the fruit. This is how we really know if we know Him, if we keep His commandments. He that says, “I know
Him,” yet he does not keep His commandments, he is a liar. The truth is not in him. The Word of God gives us
wisdom to understand all things that pertain to life and godliness. Of all His marvelous
creation, His Word is His greatest treasure. It is the pinnacle of His gift to mankind. For as it says, “Thou
has magnified Thy Word “above all Thy name.” (speaking in Hebrew) Yehovah bless you and keep you. Yehovah make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. Yehovah lift up His countenance
upon you and give you peace in the name of Yeshua,
the Prince of Peace, amen. Shabbat shalom Torah fans, shavua tov. Have a good week. We’ll see you back here next
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  1. Michael Rood you are so right on the mark,I have learned so much from you it is unbeleivable,keep up the great work.May Yahovah keep you and bless you through out all eternity.You will be called great in his kingdom.

  2. When we ask for Truth, it IS given. Not all at once and not without doing any work to find it. I asked for Truth concerning the ‘new world order’, I was led back to Babel! It took a year and a half of searching, but it is the same history as Mr. Rood gives here with Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz and the Mysteries cult. This is why it is so important to seek, search, and ask! I also was taught as a child that the Bible was created by man to keep mankind in line – until I actually set my face to study it and found even the sometimes poor translation we have received is still too perfect to be a work of men.

  3. Abba Father recently brought Michael Rood into my walk with my Elohim. This video is a true blessing to me. I don't know if Michael reads any of these post's but if you do then thank you brother. I also enjoy Lion and Lamb Ministries here on YouTube also.

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