Are You a Psychopath? Take the Test! | Kevin Dutton

Are You a Psychopath? Take the Test! | Kevin Dutton

We all know about the psychopath’s enhanced
killer instinct, their finely tuned vulnerability antennae. But it may surprise you to know
that there are some situations in which psychopaths are actually more adept
at saving lives than they are at taking them. So let me give you an example of what I mean
by that, okay?  Imagine you’ve got a train and it’s hurtling down a track.  In its
path, five people are trapped on the line and cannot escape.
Fortunately, you can flick a switch, which diverts the train down a fork in that track,
away from those five people, but at a price. There is another person trapped down that fork and
the train will kill them instead. Question:  Should you flick the switch? Now, most people have little trouble deciding
what to do under those circumstances; though, the thought of flicking
the switch isn’t exactly a nice one, the utilitarian choice
as it were, killing just the one person instead of the five represents
the least worst option, okay. But now let me give you a variation. You’ve
got a train speeding out of control down a track
and it’s gonna plow into five people on the line.  But this time you
are standing behind a very large stranger on a footbridge above that
track. The only way to save the people is to heave the stranger
over.  He will fall to a certain death, but his considerable bulk will
block the train, saving five lives.  Question.  Should you flick
the switch? Now we’ve got what we might call a real
dilemma on our hands, okay.  While the score in lives is
precisely the same as in the first scenario, five to one, one’s choice
of action appears far trickier.  Now why should that be?  Well,
the reason it turns out, all boils down to temperature, okay? Case one represents what we might call an
impersonal dilemma.  It involved those areas of the
brain, the prefrontal cortex, the posterior parietal cortex, in particular,
the anterior para singular cortex, the temporal pole and the
superior temporal sulcus – bit of neuroanatomy for you there – primarily
responsible for what we call cold empathy, for reasoning and rational
thought. Case two, on the other hand, represents what
we might call a personal dilemma.  It involves the
emotion center of the brain known as the amygdala, the circuitry of hot
empathy.  What we might call the feeling of feeling what another person
is feeling. Now, psychopaths, just like most normal members
of the population, have no trouble at all with case
one.  They flick the switch and the train   diverts accordingly.
 Killing just the one person instead of the five.  But, this is where
the plot thickens.  Quite unlike normal members of the population, psychopaths
also experience little difficulty with case two. Psychopaths, without a moment’s hesitation
are perfectly willing to chuck the fat guy over the rails,
if that’s what the doctor orders.  Now moreover, this difference in
behavior has a distinct neural signature.  The pattern of brain activation
in both normal people and psychopaths is identical on the
presentation of the impersonal moral dilemma, but radically different
when things start to get a bit more personal. Imagine that I were to hook you up to a brain
scanner, a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine,
and were to present you with those two dilemmas, okay.  What
would I observe as you went about trying to solve them?  Well, at the precise
moment that the nature of the dilemma switches from impersonal to personal,
I would see the emotion center of your brain, your amygdala
and related brain circuits, the medial orbital frontal cortex
for example, light up like a pinball machine.  I would witness the moment
in other words when emotion puts it money in the slot. But in psychopaths, I would see precisely
nothing.  And the passage from impersonal to personal would
slip by unnoticed. Because that emotion neighborhood of their
brains, that emotional zip code has a neural curfew.  And that’s why
they’re perfectly happy to chuck that fat guy over the side without even
batting an eye. Directed / Produced by
Jonathan Fowler & Elizabeth Rodd

100 Replies to “Are You a Psychopath? Take the Test! | Kevin Dutton”

  1. I would dearly want to push him, unfortunately my fear of failure to push him would take over. Is that also psychopathic?

  2. But it's still the same thing though. The only difference is instead of pulling a lever, you're physically pushing him in front of the train. You still trade one life for five lives.
    Why does it matter how you do it if the end result is still the same?
    It's still a case of "The end justifies the means"

  3. I choose to throw my big self over to save the five and not hurt the one.
    The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  4. I believe this one to be a partial test. One thing is to say something hyphotetically, another one to actually do it. With a keyboard many can be lions and sacrifice one to save five, but if they actually found themselves in that situation, would they still do it? It's like Batman: the Dark Knight in the scene of the two boats. The dude that stood up and claimed he would make the other boat explode, thus sacrificing the criminals in order to save the innocents, in the end didn't pull the trigger. Was he a psychopath for just saying he would pull the trigger, while in reality he didn't? Not to mention the ones in this comment section who say that they wouldn't sacrifice the fat guy not because it may have moral implications, but because they simply want to avoid problems with justice (I find it pretty selfish compared to the other two points of views, which involve much greater reasoning).

  5. 1. Do nothing. We have enough people, so five is better then one.
    2. Sure thing. Fuck people.

    Also; in both options I would hesitate doing anything at all, because who the fuck cares about life anymore these days?

  6. Yes.I will flick the switch without hesitation.
    Yes.I will push the stranger over the rails with……. a few seconds of hesitation.

  7. Both flicking the switch and pushing the fat dude over is our responsibility.Letting your emotions interfere is IRRESPONSIBLE and SELFISH.

  8. You fella don't have a single truth in what you just said and you've gathered all your information from false sources which obviously had no clue about the real course of existence!

  9. I went with let train hit 5 people if I hit the switch I get done for murder cause I flicked the switch one guy is dead because of me and I don’t particularly wanna be held responsible .

  10. I’d want to know who is on the tracks and why, if they were scuzz buckets let’s run over them but if family or people I cared about the fat dude will have a bad day.

  11. These scenarios have always bothered me. When weighing up the choice, it's not as clear-cut as assumed – pushing the stranger has far more variables involved than flicking the switch, e.g. your body strength proportional to the weight of the stranger, whether they fight back, whether you get the fall just right or does the stranger drift off to one side and land next to the track and not stop the train at all, whether the bulk of one man is really enough to stop a speeding train, will your actions be seen as reasonable to a judge/jury, etc. As much as philosophers want to make it a clear one-for-one scenario, it simply isn't – your brain will continue to run all the associated variables in making the decision.

  12. If he is so heavy to stop a train how can I push him?!?!?! We can't push suck a fat person…

  13. Well this is stupid because the psychopath wouldn't push the fat guy off because they just don't give a shit if the people die

  14. So what do you call a person that will just walk away from the situation and continue enjoying his day like nothing happened?

  15. Psychopath all the way. But I'd do nothing because killing more means more resources for the rest of us.

  16. Idk, I choose to switch the track and push the guy down to save the 5. Why does it makes me a psycho?? Isn’t how that works, I m saving 5 people there

  17. A psychopath created these dilemmas. What kind of person throws a total stranger over a bridge to save others? Throw yourself off the bridge if u want to save people. Be selfless. I think it's terrible that this show would promote the idea that there is some kind of virtue in killing an innocent by stander under certain circumstances. Tossing a stranger to his death to save 5 ppl is still murder and it's still evil.

  18. Can we find the scientifically weight of the fat man? (I don't think he would stop the train, but if it was me I would push him and find out)

  19. I think the psychopath would not touch the switch and would do nothing in the second scenario because he knows he would be tried for manslaughter and murder in the second case. So tell me why he would risk that?

  20. The problem is is that I don’t think the fat guy deserves to die because five idiots got themselves into trouble.

  21. More propoganda. Psychopaths are not more rational or honest than normal people. They in fact act out selfish agenda thus facts and logic that dont align with their agenda are ignored.

  22. I wouldn't have switched the switch or thrown the fat guy over. If it was the five people on the tracks turn to die than so be it, unless there was a way to save them without harming anyone else.

  23. I said no for both because I can’t change what will happen,just have to let some things be that way

  24. Highly educational. For the first time thinking about psychopathology, this video makes the definition clear to me.

  25. I'd let all 5 of them die, the fat guy would die soon anyways. And I can get their wallets and have money. win win for me

  26. Who am I to decide that those five are worth more than that one in both situations. If you were that one you would say FUCK THEM lol
    So that being said, fuck them all. The universe dealt them their cards it's not my problem, who am I Jesus fucking Christ?

  27. There is something called multi-track drifting. If I flip the switch just the right moment I might be able to take all of them out.

  28. Would leave like nothing happend after watching them plummet to their death.
    They're all strangers in the first place.

  29. Nikola tesla code will help if youre born in 9th,18th or 27th date then youre a psycho. Its secret of nr 9. If you dont trust nikola then. There was interview with einstein they asked " how does it feels to be world smartest man in the world" he answered " idk you need to ask it from nikola tesla".

  30. why does he say that the 2nd, more complex scenario has a premise that its "personal"? why is throwing the fat man (bulk) over the rails to save people, a personal dilemma? if I don't know who the man on the footbridge is, am I to feel guilty than an unknown human died and inadvertantly saved five people? IN REAL TIMES OF WAR, PROFESSIONALS cannot afford sympathy, panic, or emotions. Do the job impersonally, kill the enemy and think statistics, and logic, not emotions or EGALITARIANISM. I am not a psycho. I think brutally but logically but make accurate decisions FAST.

  31. Mam uz pravo na hladania obcianstva, ale neak sa mi neda…myslim ze budem hladat azil od EU, aby som sa zachranil od blaznov, co tychto tu, co tych tam…a uz sa nazbieralo toho dost.

  32. no one needs to die. I can go the switch and flick it leaving time for the tracks to change giving me extra minutes to run over to that one person on the other track and warn him to go away from the track or push him. OR maybee if he really doesn't wanna move I'll take his place and die instead. I'd do that anyway lmao. at least while killing myself i save people

  33. For the first question I thought, i won"t act because it"s not my right to decide the faith of that one person and it"s not my right to choose who die the choice is made by the circumstances. The second question I thought that, I won"t act doing such a thing wil result in a first degree homicide or something and other thant that the fat man is safe it s guarantee tu live but what chance there is a fat man can stop a trait? 6 people die and you become a killer so no action. What this make me? :))

  34. Psychopaths take things impersonally. I would actually call them highly empathetic and don't disregard those with the diagnosis as evil automatically. I believe they are people with a very dangerous gift that can be used as a double edged sword, as all natural gifts are. They can only be intimidating, and while I wouldn't want to marry one, I appreciate their existence.

  35. Isn't the biggest question here that why the psychopath would care if there dies 1 or 5 people? Why he/she would do anything?

  36. Context. Who is the one person on one hand, and who are the other five on another? Are you asking me to kill a stranger, or a beloved friend of mine, or an arch enemy? Same goes for the other five people. There is no answer to the trolley dilemma, for the trolley dilemma itself is a useless floating abstract.

  37. He’s fat enough to stop a train that don’t even sound right. How am I supposed to make that decision it doesn’t even make sense

  38. This is dumb cause it's all hypotheticals..its easy to answer yes to these because yer not in the actual situation.. psh

  39. in theory, sure, you say"adios!", to the fat guy, & chuck him down to stop the train. problem is, this scenario wouldn't work out in the real world because
    A; fat people are enormous in weight ,as well as size, so, in order to lift him up & chuck him down, you'd have to be built like Dolph Lundgren, or Arnold Shwartznegger ( excuse me if i mis spelt the names of those, two musclemen). a woman, or even a normal man, couldn't do it ,&
    B; it is doubtful that any man, however fat he was, would have sufficient bulk to stop the full force of a speeding train.
    you see what calm, cold ,analytical minds us psychos have ?!
    i am currently reading your book, "the wisdom of psychopaths". fascinateing stuff. we are almost like a different species of humanity, arn't we!. i smiled at your description of you'r dad, as a "dell boy "charicter. he sounds as if he was realy cute!, a lovable rogue!. i have developed a fascination with psychopaths &psychopathy, since i discovered i was one a few years ago. i also visited your website "" &, just for fun, cos i knew what the result would probably be, i tried your psychopath test. as i expected, i got "very high psychopathy". ever online psychopath test ive ever tried gives me high scores for psychopathy.i'm not a murderer or a convicted criminal, but i am, definitely a psychopath!

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