Anthony Mackie Invites the Refs Who Cost the Saints the NFC Championship to NOLA

Anthony Mackie Invites the Refs Who Cost the Saints the NFC Championship to NOLA

-Thank you for coming back
to the show. -Y’all was on punishment
for a little bit. I had to put you on the shelf.
-You did. -But I took you off punishment
for New Year’s. -Thanks. I appreciate
you doing that. -You know, y’all have shows.
I go to The Roots’ shows. I’m in the front row like,
“Aah! Quest!” And y’all don’t — Like, I text
you, “Yo, I’m in the front row!” Y’all don’t hear me.
I see you. I’m like, “Yo, Jimmy!”
You’re like, “Eh!” So y’all was on punishment
since we’re not real friends. -No, we’re really friends. -No, you don’t text me.
You don’t call me, dawg. You don’t respond.
You don’t respond. I was in Jersey. I was like,
“Yo, Tariq, what up, kid? I’m in Jersey.”
And you’re like… [ Laughter ] You know like when a person’s
texting you back and it’s like the dot-dot-dot?
-That’s all you get? -You sit there looking at
the dots like, “Here it comes. Here it comes.”
-Yeah. [ Laughs ] And it never comes. -Yeah. It’s cool, though.
It’s cool. -Well, thank you for taking me
off punishment. We love when you come by. But I know you’re kind of
in an odd place right now because, well,
you’re from New Orleans. -The 504, yes. Yes. We are — Yeah. It’s been a rough week
for the city of New Orleans between AD and the Saints, but, you know,
it is what it is, man. We were cheated.
We were robbed. We recognize that.
We recognize that. -You do? Yeah.
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s all good, though.
It’s all good. -You’re actually
going out of your way. I’ve heard that you
invited the referees to — -Oh, yeah. I’m boycotting the
Super Bowl. I’m not watching. I’m having a Netflix-watching
party at my house instead of the Super Bowl. -Okay.
-And I invited all of the referees.
-Wow. -I’m a member of Bacchus, one of the biggest Mardi Gras
groups in New Orleans. I invited the referees to come
ride the King Kong float in the parade.
-Now, that’s a big deal. -That’s a huge deal. And I want them to wear all of
their referee paraphernalia so we know who they are…
[ Laughter ] …and I want them
to be my personal guests. I would pick them up
at the airport and export them
directly to their float. -Yeah. Now, what happens when
you’re on the King Kong float? -Well, it’s King Kong,
Mrs. Kong, and Baby Kong, and what you do is you
take the beads that you catch and you throw them
into the mouth of King Kong, Mrs. Kong,
and Baby Kong. So, I think that,
if they ride King Kong, they would have
a pleasant experience… [ Laughter ]
…in the city of New Orleans. -Do you think
people throwing the beads, their aim might be off?
-Of course not! Because King Kong
is like two stories tall, so obviously they’re gonna
aim for King Kong and not the referees. Why would we hurt them? [ Laughter ] Obviously their vision
is so good they can see the beads coming.
-Oh, understood. Wow. That is very nice of you.
-They can’t see nothing else. -That is very nice of you to…
-I mean, you know, I just want to be hospitable.
[ Laughter ] -“Hospitize.”
-Hospitalize. “Hospititalize.” Welcome to New Orleans, homie. [ Laughter ] -That’s so nice of you, Anthony.
Thank you for that. -Oysters, beignets — all that. -Last time…
-Gumbo. Etouffee.

98 Replies to “Anthony Mackie Invites the Refs Who Cost the Saints the NFC Championship to NOLA”

  1. JIMMY FALLON YOU HAVE TO INVITE DEAN AMBROSE FROM WWE TO YOUR SHOW,BECAUSE I HEARD That ambrose want to leave WWE please invite him and ask him 🙏

  2. This is probably going to be the worst Super Bowl of all time, especially when my Saints got robbed in the NFC Championship… Anthony Mackie, keep representing the 504! WHO DAT! 😂❤️⚜️👌🏿

  3. Fuck ya if ya hating Whodi, say that then! Keep repping the home town My brother. Duck them refs, it’s still WHO DAT all day!

  4. 0:36 And THAT’s why I type my responses in Notes and then paste them into Messages and THEN send it👌🏼👌🏼……I’m an introvert shut up.

  5. 0:45 when your siblings have taken your favorite snack or soda face😂😂❤️❤️

  6. can’t wait to hurl coconuts and all my beads at those refs heads. as anthony said, “welcome to new orleans, homie” lmao 😂
    the 504.. man, we. got. robbed. i’ll always love dem boys, though. who dat. here’s to hoping brees stays another few seasons so he can bring that second ring home that we deserve.

  7. i don’t blame jimmy or the roots for not wanting to hang out with this guy he just exposes hella people on tv for the whole world to see?

  8. Anthony Mackie fr throwing people under the bus for not responding to him 😂 doing what we all wanna do sometimes

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  10. Saints fans are the biggest fucking babies lol. Y'all won a SB because of a full game of blown calls. And then your congressman thinks it actually is important enough to bring to the floor during a government shutdown. Man, get a grip.

  11. Good idea, let’s invite especially Gary Cavaletto. #60 From Santa Barbera, Ca. he was the referee that had the best angle of seeing Nickell Robey Coleman coming from the other side of the hash mark and MUG Tommy Lee Lewis. See ya’l in Miami !

  12. OMG…they should change their name to the New Orleans Crybabies. That was ONE play. What about the whole rest of the game? I was for the Saints, but God it's become embarrassing at this point. You don't think there were bad calls through the season that went in the Saint's favor? That's part of the game. If they were so much better than the Rams, why was the score so close. YOU LOST. GET OVER IT. Embarrassing.

  13. Thank you #AnthonyMackie … I will be throwing beads into King Kong mouth so they can have that pleasant experience. LMAO #Treme #6thWard #NOLA #BoyCottSuperbowl #SAINTS #MardiGras

  14. Anthony kept it real with them!😁.. that’s what we do in that 504.. call ur ass out but we do it with no harm, all love!!… love my city.. love my people #504girlforlife⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

  15. Jimmmmy when are you going to invite Bishop Don Juan in your show?
    I could have sworn, I seen you in a skit "How to be a Pimp video".
    It was yearrrrrs ago, but you really should invite Bishop Don Juan on the show.

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