Anna Blue- Silent Scream (Official Music Video)

Anna Blue- Silent Scream (Official Music Video)

I’m caught up in your expectations. you’re trying to make me live your dream. But I’m causing you so much frustration. And you only want the best for me. You wanted me to show more interest to always keep a big bright smile be that pinky little perfect princess but I’m not that type of child. And this storm is rising inside of me. Don’t you feel that our worlds collide? It’s getting harder to breathe. It hurts deep inside. Just let me be who I am It’s what you really need to understand And I hope so hard for the pain to go away. And it’s torturing me But I can’t break free So I cry and cry, but just won’t get it out. The silent scream. Tell me why you’re putting pressure on me. And every day you cause me harm. That’s the reason why I feel so lonely. Even though you hold me in your arms. Wanna put me in a box of glitter. But I’m just trying to get right out. And now you’re feeling so so bitter. Because I’ve let you down. And the storm is rising inside of me Don’t you feel that our worlds collide? It’s getting harder to breathe It hurts deep inside Just let me be. Who I am. It’s what you really need to understand. And I hope so hard for the pain to go away. And it’s torturing me (torturing me) But I can’t break free. So I cry and cry, but just won’t get it out. The silent scream. Can’t you see how I cry for help? Cuz you should love me just for being myself. I’ll drown in an ocean Of pain and emotion If you don’t save me right away Just let me be, who I am It’s what you really need to understeand And I hope so hard for the pain to go away And it’s torturing me But I can’t break free So I cry and cry And just won’t get it out The Silent Scream MY SILENT SCREAM

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  1. If you wonder why some comments are missing: I delete comments where the thread goes out of hand and people start to attack each other on many different levels. Here's not the place to mass-attack some people- no matter how stupid you think they are. I will also delete slurs- especially the homophobic or racial ones. If you can't keep up basic manners don't complain when your comment is gone.
    Considering the topic of the song it's amazing how many people literally attack each other for no reason. You'd think there was a common sense of "let's stick together", so please try to be a bit more considerate.

  2. The song is so nice to hear when i am sad,mad,scaed anything could make happy but the song is the ownanything could make me more happy now.

  3. I can remember when I had a lot of personal problems this song was one of my favorites. Is good to see that I don't need to feel like crap to heart it again.
    I just love to enjoy this song.

  4. beh… guardando questo video è come se avessi visto la mia vita, come se avessi cliccato un video dove si parlava della mia vita… ma mi ha fatto ricordare il passato, ed è per questo che per l'ennesima volta mi sono messa a piangere come una stupida…

  5. Why youtube is recommending old videos/songs like this?? Is youtube doing its own youtube rewind? TO EVERYONE?!?!

  6. I love this song and I listen to it 24/7
    My grandparents and family (whom I love very very much) want me to be the perfect little straight Mormon girl with dresses and cute headbands. But in all reality, I'm the kind who wants tattoos, the kind who is bisexual, the kind who wears hoodies, goth boots, and black things in general. They think and want me to be bright spirited, but I'm not. They think i am and want me to be full Mormon, but I'm not. And it hurts me to think about it, but Ill end up having to tell them one day. and its either I'm going to hurt their feelings deeply by saying it, or I'm going to get in trouble for being who I am and want to be. My mom knows I'm dark and bisexual and respects that, but It's my grandparent's and step dad I'm worried about. One of my grandmas pleaded me and asked me to promise her that I would never get a tattoo, the other thinks I'm Mormon and wants me to be Mormon, my real dad asked me not to turn into a goth even though I already am! My step dad is against Lgbtq people and doesn't know that I'm one of them. Sometimes I wonder what my future would be if I told all of them who I really am….

  7. This song hits me hard at home. My mother never accepted me for who I am, and my father has a hard time accepting this. Even the jobs I've had has given me trouble for who I truly am. This song is my battle cry.

  8. (italian)
    Adoro le tue canzoni! Il testo della canzone rappresenta quello che sento dentro di me
    Finalmente ho trovato una canzone che mi "conforta" 💙💜🖤
    I love your songs! The text of the song represents what I feel inside me
    Finally I found a song that "comforts me" 💙💜

  9. Aaaaa essa música é perfeita, eu queria muito fazer um glmv dessa música, só q n possu, já q na descrição tá pedindo pra n fazer 😭😭😭😭😭 eu amo essa música e tô viciada nela, sério, alguém aí q fala português pode me falar se eu li certo e se n pode mesmu, pq eu quero muito fazer um glmv, mas se n puder ok, respeito a decisão

  10. I fell connected to this song. My dad doesn't really understand me at all: He works all day, sleeps all day, and doesn't know my interests, and tries to connects to me. I feel like he will never understand me.

  11. Everyone else: talking about their situations
    Me: ok but why is there skin purple
    Also me: ok the real question is but how did your parents react to the video?

  12. the real you brings disgust to others
    while the fake you makes people smile
    the two sides of you that you cant balance
    but you end up in cycle of pain…

    which never stops, and goes on forever
    but deep inside, you try to break free!
    but there is always someone, who will keep you in your endless pain…
    but remember, that there is hope in everyone one of us…

    your welcome, i wrote the poem myself! boi i spent housr trying to find something that rhymes but also represtents the song XD
    (i am sure the poem doesnt make sense but i dont write poems often so deal with it!)

  13. This is such a stupid video. Like, if ur art task is draw a flower, just draw a fucking flower, it isn’t that hard.

  14. Amo esta musica me idirifico mucho la amooo❤ ayer descubri este canal y ya lo amo demasiado no puedo explicar como me siento al escuchar una de estas musicas❤❤❤❤❤

  15. I know this is kindda weard…
    But I really wish that I would have black hair when Im a teen,But I have natuaral blond

  16. Просто песня о том как современному подростку тяжело в нашем мире "говорю это ведь сама являюсь подростком " каждую ночь рыдать в подушку затикая рот рукой ,да и ещё то что некто не зпросит чего ты хочешь ,радители знакомые хотят зделать из тебя куклу успеха того что у них не получилось

  17. Thats what i really hate about my parents they cant understand me while im not done explaning
    And they just slap me
    I was so depressed

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